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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Louie Zamperini Passes Away 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

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And correct not with Kirk -- is on vacation. In oil analyst. Line brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. We begin -- a very sad headline. World War II hero and unbroken. Inspirational example -- has died at the age of 97 according to a spokesperson for Universal Pictures. They release a statement that says the -- having overcome insurmountable odds at every turn in his life. Olympic runner and World War II hero Louise -- Perini has never broken down from me challenge you recently faced the greatest challenge of his life. With life threatening case of pneumonia. It's -- stop. Pneumonia was the greatest challenge of the flight path that apparently did not read unbroken and ethics. Unbelievable -- it looked at this should be an -- money back guarantee. This should be your summer -- in -- -- and and the movies coming out that Angelina Jolie is doing I believe. Sometime in the fall -- -- Is it I was at something tells me it's like a Christmas movie a look at guys like the year OK so between now and then you really need to pick up this book and its long. But man it is a page turner -- -- thriller. But to understand the depth in the -- what this guy. Overcame answer why is is is apps it's nothing short of amazing. So I I I I I call BS on the fact the Universal Pictures said he most recently faced the greatest -- on to -- life. -- he peacefully. Passed away in the presence of his entire family leaving behind a legacy that has touched so many lives is indomitable courage in fighting spirit were never more apparent. And in his last days now just you know gentle background Compton California great -- pocket system. -- while the streets steal stuff being crazy while -- goes back together discovered running was very good at it. And became a member of the 1936 US Olympic track team and lay out a famous team most of -- yeah yeah Jesse Owens out Hitler were watching. That thing that thing. Liberal and running the 5000 meters and it nineteen was the youngest American qualifier ever in that event. 1941. Exemplary any enlisted in the US army air forces it was later -- the Pacific they bomb a deer on a beat 24 the story about broken. Said in 1943 falls -- Perini s.'s air force plane crashes into the Pacific. Now wrap your mind around this. He and two others survived any raft without food and water. For 47. Days well. Before fondly washing ashore on a Japanese island where. Forum on Japanese and assist if he was held and tortured and just unbelievably. Treated poorly. For two years on -- Adam he was first named missing at sea and then killed in action isn't higher appellate body was dead. Nobody knew where he was they assumed he was some place in the bottom of the Pacific. They finally liberate them he gets out goes on to a hero's welcome. And it's 81 birthday in January the former athlete returned to Japan. And ran a leave that leg in the Olympic Torch relay for the Winter Olympics in not. 97 years of age we -- reading has. And and they were trying to develop the dome for 55. Years yet universal had a -- for 55 years at which they finally waited for the children book tip. The pull it off with a Angelina Jolie comes on Christmas Day Christmas Day Tuesday and a dent in the book -- if you don't like it. I'll pay for August -- is no question politely in my career now I am not up -- -- for what senator yet it's under my my lovely wife is the World War II buff is dumb -- very fortunate that you'd rather read that. That some romance novel she read it or initiated great which puts pressure on you. Yeah I had -- right that's a movie I'll wait that I -- -- -- Yeah yeah absolutely lovely she can't say enough about I'm just I'm trying to find the time in summer reading is exactly what am -- emblem and do what I never read novels. I will read this the -- hell of a. Of what BP. With stood. Burst at sea for 47 days in the two years in the Japanese 47 they just beat them on a daily basis in the camp only like you have to stand with your hands that your side and -- would punch you in the face that it would make you punch your body. I'll hop and if you didn't they punch some more and they beat the with aids and made it clear -- -- -- pools with their hands they start them did it was unbelievable. And in the raft. About this first question you have to be. That on like day I don't know 29. Concede ball lands on his head let -- said he -- -- snatches it by the leg. Snapped its neck and they drink seek. Blood -- follow the sharks in the whole thing and and Shane Victorino will not appear to line up because he's getting a strain on your low as sore body general audience orders and an old -- That this guy is going to heaven because hell would be terrified of him. You -- -- go in there and he would tickle or do you just wish that when they were and that rafts that. You know somebody could've told them in 2014. Will you'll still be around it will be talking about yeah he'll be a national hero. At the other end of the military hero spectrum that would be the sergeant bowl board to all the prisoner of war in Afghanistan who recently returned to the US after five years of captivity. Is regularly. Going off base. To dine shop and other chores. I think -- San Antonio right yeah. He's been doing it for at least a week the army spokesman tells time magazine. Adding that was a normal component of his re integration into society. On visit to San Antonio. -- Burkle has been accompanied by members of his reintegration team including a psychologist. August they want to believe that this -- house are currently not normal elevate not made contact with parents now up at -- I would be feeding him -- blood. Yeah yeah -- and see if that can't Dennehy that's -- -- -- -- about what you should do for him up and am hopeful a little bit odd Internet sensation the latest one is Bethany Townsend. I think. She decided to post some snapshots. Of herself in a bikini which is fine by us right sure that no objection I don't know about you -- she's a very direct. However in the process. Bravely exposing her loss to -- bags. The first time and it's gone viral. These photos of the 23 year old English make -- artist who suffers from Crohn's Disease disease has been viewed by more than nine million people. Townsend said the overwhelming positive response to her pictures. As inspired her to pursue a career in modeling. Crohn's Disease as you may or may not it was a condition that causes inflammation and swelling and irritation any part of digest of tracks symptoms include abdominal pain. And a bunch of other stuff would -- be donated an extreme situations like -- and it becomes necessary to remove the damaged section of the intestine. And that the patient with a lot to me back to divert. Waste material away. OK so not just noble one but number two now now now open open. You know what she says the worst part of -- arm haven't class to me as I'm afraid -- by finding choose to go with your bag thanks very much that's not a fair stipulated. Target always -- -- has announced Wednesday. Would respectfully request shoppers. Not to bring firearms into its stores that created atmosphere. That is safe an inviting for our guests and our team members. Interim chief executive John Mulligan said in a statement. Starting today we will respectfully requested -- not bring farms a target even in communities where is permitted by law. Wanted to do now Texas and Arkansas and in Florida yeah. -- -- I would Miley in my -- album would target based on some of the people what's in Wal-Mart. Don't -- -- leveled yet we -- in Texas they think they could just put like like a bike rack in the front but just. He had gone longer ago yeah blocker exactly immediately as a locker just a bit like some courses have like -- you know take a putter leave a putter thing. -- is everyone's got one shore he carried a piece go to Augusta National I think you have to turn yourself. All cassettes and O -- like you go you can bring a guy what does tiger return and a sucker boy that. That real. Finally meet -- Perot yeah for decades old -- Diana Stratton. Declined to speak about accusations. This year refused to move out after she was dismissed. But she has since begun to defend herself with a round of interviews in which she said her former employers. Vilify her and tried to feed her dog who's now. -- well let me and I asked you now claims that after hiring extra in early march to help take care of their three kids in exchange for room and board. Stratton told Bentley she had physical problems that made it impossible for -- work. And she stopped coming out of her room except for meal details editor. When given thirty days to leave threatened refused to leave and accused them of elder abuse and improper. Firing. I was told myself I would fight that whenever tried to victimize me and this lady tried to victimized not just beat up my entire family this is the wife of the husband who hired him. In interviews extra said that -- -- a month they tried to feed her dog food. She gave the kids the dog. And told them to put it outside my room home or dinners evidence that -- stop -- out to dry out it means that we really try to -- would -- -- food yet did but it's. They liked it but doubles are which -- growth it's moist we talked about it earlier. If if I'm a raft for 47 days in somebody had -- -- gains burger money. I gave her. Would you eat one of the guys in the and the raft now biggest -- that like it's -- I would not I would not and they did not know I would. It has been done that is actually in British common law. It is covered that is dead this this is dire circumstance yes that they drew lots and you know that the cabin boy from the ship that sank ends up -- a lot -- They ate him and they are not convicted of -- The whale ship -- Essex. By which does Moby Dick was was based on. It's sank in the furthest point from land on the planet earth. And they discussed that very thing at -- I don't think they resorted to a they had they they would not have enough. Barak realities on the -- well. Good idea because the day why they're kind of -- I wanna quit I would I would do the right it does that apply it to Bermuda cruises and disease like left port just out of curiosity where is the furthest point on the planet away from Pacific. In the Pacific yes it it's they sets sail out of Nantucket went around cape point. And and that this was ironic about a three day cruise -- yes -- -- -- -- way for years as a matter of fact they they didn't resort to this and remember this because. They thought about sealing -- -- heat hot but the war rumors that he had cannibals so they said -- -- -- -- was paradise. Instead of the -- no it's that are going -- they resorted to cannibalism that he'd he had topless native women with wearing only some -- yet we're not big fans of the -- -- game -- would have told taught them and a -- didn't feel it -- look like this lady that that is refute -- you know what the German one. Added the -- They're -- they drop their plans are. She -- drop it. I don't know -- much yeah. Plus this -- -- I don't I don't focus on the looks but I mean if you gonna let someone into your house you've. If this woman is a serial. Arm lawsuit filer all that she is yes she does this she'd just. She's filed suits against their own son. And apparently that's are temporary GM now she went the issue refused to take care of the kids. And then when they tried to -- wrote to -- you can't keep me out this -- elder abuse and now she refuses to leave what would you do that situation. Dexter from the Portland Murray says dry dog food is great the canned food gives me gas. -- -- electrical lines are used 6177797937. Venture into Red Sox GM joins us at 845. Question to ponder this next break. Would you rather have the world know that you were trying to cheat. At your particular profession. For your alternative choices for the world to know that you were little we week it doesn't work we'll be right back.

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