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Red Sox get swept by the Cubs 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

The Red Sox can't buy a break. Dino, Meter and Jerry look at a tough three game set against the Cubs.

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You know the only thing worse than having your -- pull out. Is have the Denis take four hours and nineteen minutes to do it. Literally and figuratively it was a protracted. Poll last night about ready losing a tooth in the middle the game was just. Symbolic of the pain and frustration and the suffering. That anybody who had anything to do with that ball game went through last night before -- get to that. Let me just say. Meter is a team player metres in Jerry Jerry Horton is in permit to hand and the -- In would be nice vegetables that you are replacing. I've ever once volunteered. To help me out trending. Reading something or rocket refuel report a busy all the stuff. I had a little incident here radical get a it says the review of the -- Africa and all. A great trend and do I thank you tell us that. It. -- -- And he would do that but he wouldn't crap he's -- wanted. I thank you meter for jumping into the -- -- but you know do you know I loved in the leadoff hitter for many years yes so now back of oil back at least for. Who's to say yes it was going to be. How humble he was a ball that you know I mean I know not just the hero does -- wired -- he's a quiet -- here I don't know very humble about it I'll be ready and help out -- different on that -- jump and other tournaments you know children and on the grenade like that and I wanna tell you that. Date your example is an inspiration to a guy like me see that -- still little access. A user friendly your kind of general and I just. Like I took on a comfortable. We can -- a free -- -- since it's Thursday but none of us is going to be here tomorrow so this will be free -- Thursday or eight pre holiday. -- fourth of July he'd show whatever you wanna call it. So from fourth of July centric kinds of things. And men don't you think the -- people who run things in Boston. Our -- row Klecko -- one armed. Paper this morning trying to cigarette -- -- mr. removed that movie is close to or drive when can people command what about -- they may even. Cancel the fireworks tonight that is on the table. It may be pushed to the right yeah -- the concert happens tonight or not at all. The I have to hear -- -- you do it's not about the fourth of July without video to resign. Did you ever -- eight at eight acres 1812 that's the paid media I don't. I don't know what it was written that was your first Clinton and over and congrats to them like yours and Belmont Marjorie. -- well -- government -- it is indeed it is don't. I get that these decisions are made by people -- smarter than me you know oil and also just I could barely run my own life much less trying to control like half a million people what their schedules gonna be that. The storm is coming so they move it back to today. Move up the room erupted today for a problem from tomorrow. And there's lightning in the forecast for two for tonight like -- -- -- to be better to let the storm go by and then land this thing on Saturday. Is that just too crazy idea I don't -- They gave me that you would have all the -- month people and I guess all the Fenway Park people. As well it's Saturday. And is it these threats are not started yet of their game Friday afternoon. -- -- -- Seems like they're ready to do that -- -- gather clothes -- -- knowledge or on a roll like this you know you don't want to stop the momentum if you don't do well let me just -- in some blanks -- double double -- attention Red Sox for as long as their stomachs can handle it. State police colonel Tim -- I loved him in it is -- in as a -- guy really underrated jacket on through on that group of with heavy rains caused by tropical storm Arthur expected to arrive at night. Album left open the possibility. That they would postpone the fireworks portion of the show until Saturday. He said the pop culture takes place tonight or not at all. So you that you need to hear the overture. The fourth of July without -- would you rather do you -- the other I hear the overture or see the fireworks. Tough question you don't put your ear buds yet guys as they could just download it yeah okay that's sort of -- it thought that the United Center iTunes gonna have to see that not about the ongoing threat I tried that once I try to go to this one on one and you redundant. Talk about that I can tell with all due respect to the the the the moral. Fiber and the guts that people display by going to like that events or New Year's Eve in Times Square curious. You're at New York I mean there's not enough money but -- I just was I'm. -- blanket and some of the ghosts and on the grass at the us well. At like 5 o'clock in the morning waiting for 8 PM show and by the way you know the -- Knew how -- -- If it right at the. Boards -- peeling do you think that you out there -- not to. You don't have anybody wanna commit me as a -- raging alcoholic but if a cool full of of the years I could probably. Sued for something approaching that much yes yes you and me a cool filled with spring water. And I might last an hour but it I don't that if I get bored out of my my I don't argue with huge note I'm going to be respected -- the slushy snow note on him Ruble went around it at -- -- check they write in a blender like just a straight up snow -- -- after pulling red carpet nice why. Rule where I understand people get a little crazy seems to be a much. -- -- more mature more we're happy go lucky crowd than let's say the end zones at Gillette Stadium. They serve beer or Fenway Park where they Serbia or concerts where they -- -- all about the damage. Applauded him as -- that what little little Marion Little John it'll -- -- -- you can order through -- that is the Zito that's not a good look at that that Peter. This is such a stick up my butt and it always has been how because. This state was founded by people with buckles on their hats we still think that we can dictate to other people. What they can't cannot do so my point is if it's gets drunk. And they start behaving badly. Okay look at them -- enforce that -- it's it's about the behavior not the action and and. You don't member how like we -- but the republic would fall if people allowed to have. Beers out of public and then they closed off yawkey way and you can have a beer there. Just what the sun still came up in the -- yeah and again if someone actually -- stop stop that -- people I would argue we'd better be a. That there were when I was growing up by I used to go to the old Foxboro Stadium. And it wasn't loading and realized it was going to -- yes it was a -- bringing down as the title order -- exactly like something bar stool would sponsor I'll have a blackout last. No I don't know the Ventura told them I'll tell you all with good people don't want UMass. -- you don't. Mistakes were made -- that's that's that's not on us and it's it's not -- end of the of the business but you know people. Get drunk they act up in force their behavior. Don't just stop peoples of mine mine in our business from heaven appear on the fourth until I. I would say you only need a couple of high profile crack somebody's skull opened with a nightstick. The rest of the crowd kind of simmers down. Right yeah yeah yeah I mean there was the quote that do the strike me as a crowd that is they -- to get bleak based obviously they're not you should not a lot of take alcohol in. It is a more family friendly place it would seem to be that -- -- Jerry in the kids might have Jerry and his wife have a couple Beers. -- -- have to eliminate a -- be happy right. But not not in Massachusetts in any other place in in the world any other state in the union yes but not Nike made -- because lake city. Maybe because the facilities even though they put more parties. Can't handle bunch of people -- -- down her guilt -- haven't urinating every twenty minutes. That might be part of the problem appeal on grass although the mayor says about the sport it's the threats to regrets they are threatening tech product but yes that's like you know. I tend to not go to big events like this -- of any kind including when you mention the mayor I've never been to 180 -- boat parades. Not one I we've been to a few yeah. Based on the fact we had to be -- Wasn't my choice who paid us to be their biggest Gillick correction I did tape a video for EI dot com for the last one of the Bruins won early in the morning actually I was in and out of wasn't that bad but. The first patriots won when. That may or removed all but it is difficult Porta -- -- had a a Menino is a -- problems out of the of the pulled up bodies away every column. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hope that. Would I would that the news reports used the phrase that steered me off the duck boat priest reverend it was lying bottles of Europe. Right -- those words like there is nothing I would indoor that it -- flying ball -- -- area that was supposed. Eighteen degrees and it's that he helped cause the report -- station and the -- tax justice -- I have ruled -- speed in my face and a bottle of your mind and yes even if it's a third the odds slightly out of -- a million people the -- three bottles a year I won't take those three -- -- odds would take. I think the key is in any of these big events is to secure or it's the only way I would do notice the proper vantage point. You know you mentioned the well the most recent -- both they and we saw we broadcast live from the WEEI. Radio Booth at Fenway Park. When all the duck boats lined up along the track. On the morning after 2013 World Series. Whenever. And in the -- what was -- you know we were not among masses right it was a bathroom available. We could see everything it was it was it was. Civilized. Buying. In fact once the duck boats pulled out everybody in the stands -- That. 1000 people 151000 people. Fall walked out on the field walked around Europe reveled it was -- injuries. Exactly but -- the -- catch a problem and also the vantage point was good. They're there are very few vantage points at the -- out or certainly. Times Square. On New Year's Eve in the fourth of July that allow you afford you bet that capability. You'll probably the Hampshire house. As the cup party. Where certain. VIPs are invited that's cut Sheila yeah now you're like the elevator that just don't as you know judge did you know people get invited up there. Our great friend I don't drink water and John Mitchell for the last 23 years. Charter. Call please call vote. And they have this all planned out based stay in hotels right nearby. The bowl picture up -- Bulldog you walk on the boat who drink. It's like captain and his wife are in charge of the -- you -- up do they take out the middle the Charles anchored a perfect spot. Not elbow to elbow was written people people screaming kids in and all that sort of stuff you watch when it's over. Back to the all -- -- yes Bagger at a into your appellate -- about vantage point. It is excited up throughout the and that's the advantage of being a celebrity. The B and -- Jon -- well thank you get that kind of thing happen. Only proof that -- just what -- it like if you get there at 5 in the morning you're gonna be -- 50000. Person to shell last journal. But I always think there's some. Celebrity there's some politician with one phone call who can make arrangements that he could show up thirty look at that. Mark Wahlberg say yes with wonderful called -- a you know an analyst at two all ages can I do show up -- somebody will escort him and John Kerry yourself and -- I'm not that guy will -- all. Trick does this and did it at the marathon which was unbelievable security for all the obvious reasons and finish line this past April. And and you just try to move around there and you get a good elect's seven blocks to come across one -- back -- seven blocks. While shows up with -- seventeen handlers and bombs switchers. Neil back -- it part season and comes governor he sits in the first row when all's right models -- are those people reported that. That luxurious post. Here's the deal with the fireworks. Again. The state police colonel Tim Allen said tropical storm Arthur and over the net. They may postpone the fireworks portion of the show until Saturday -- at the pops concert takes place tonight or not at all. Fireworks mortars. Should not cannot be loaded of heavier rainfall or high winds are forecast for showtime. He said the display should be protected from rain and the fireworks should not be shot off during periods of high -- make it more interesting. We're not in how we're talking -- Foxboro. Nadia. They -- a lot of fire at -- Yeah that the crowd Schuettler until -- gather up wind from yeah yeah -- come up from that covered -- Our. Law. Which now dissected choose careers broadcast the fireworks that -- -- always had it all and figure stuff out though that was a close are supposed to -- hours. Up to the start at 8 PM tonight. They're not gonna let you -- on the lawn until five but you can get -- before that people I'm sure will be lining up early on. And just see you know it's gonna be real easy get out of town today. Store drive closed at noon both direction memorial drive closed at 6 PM. As the Mass Avenue along fellow bridges will be as well to listen to -- one -- sprint for your car run your life and get to the suburb. -- -- shut down in new. -- direction yeah. Is is why we can't have nice things to -- couple. There they broke something up -- -- don't get a nice -- John you're right back at what I asked the question at a moment why wouldn't they just push it back to win leader in the week when the weather's going to be nice to make. My lovely wife said some it will only be they can't get the performers. Then Mike. Autism performs that he has put that thing up like a couple is a member is Don McLean who wrote American pie and I thought. That's I was at Wheaton by the volatility probably. Available Q what is don't willow why haven't told you and we got -- but that doesn't -- of the global Cindy whopper they had her one year and it's like a guy like. Checklist Michael checklist didn't -- for a -- does he regret is tenuous right but -- there's contracts to fulfill with the pop symphony Amber's yet to make you work past. -- -- today you'd think with the union a badge you know how many people because every year they say 500000 people were 600000 people. All these people made plans for tomorrow night right many you know came in from out of town hotel rooms to drive -- on the day outsold and so forth now this. Probably due Friday -- in -- does this -- on by the boards -- forget that we got to worry about the piccolo -- sit -- and if you don't want to run afoul of -- you know little way to union every -- hours you don't have a fifteen minute break up rest his -- those -- of the -- -- and a string instrument as a replacement triangle players -- a battle is it to play triangle. I they started all I've said this forever I'd give me five minutes and I could be among the best triangle players in the world but. They have what should -- have. Like these guys are really the top of the triangle pyramid I am acting out there after the they're bidding wars like the like Max contract try to -- the other half -- It's not firing tribal guys who just couldn't keep that rhythm yet risen Gordon Hayward that -- collateralized. -- -- look at don't call screener he called him don't want active so we know we touched on the Red Sox in orbit and one right back to them now. We touch on the fourth of July and it's not big events. Just a guess what the first person wants to call the radio program once talked about I gave you ten guests don't look. Gotta be Bruins -- -- that's a pretty good -- wrong soccer. Wrong Avery brown wrong that's three. Nelson added that the rock COLT at a for Tibet's five. -- -- -- -- We haven't stated football minister John clusters contract. And ultimately seven David Ortiz pitched an eight the that are guesses NFL. Do when that top hundred players -- we're getting closer. Move. Patriots something pitchers getting close rock. Patriots secondary. Really what our previous night -- met and second the conference conversation. Inspired -- -- important to pick up the votes they would support troops. I love it. I love doesn't make as they get up early in traveling it doesn't have the app that'll put you -- -- dad he's definitely not -- He gets elected a fourth and final or today -- second all right. Nick Fargo's headline they've finally hit rock block. Four hours nineteen minutes when I first read this arrested. -- the longest game of the season up more than ninety minutes -- -- -- the -- longest nine -- game of the season. I'm assuming you were talking about the Red Sox know last -- was the longest nine inning baseball game in all of a Major League Baseball. You know every sport has its problems some which can be solved some of which cannot. Baseball. The -- the baseball games is the easiest problem in the world to address and they want it and -- it's the same. Four balls three strikes three outs to a Manning and nine inning game. That they played it like 1905. Iron and break -- you don't even into the seventies games lasted. Two hours plus hours twenty for a few typical nine inning game I understand when there is. 25 runs scored it's gonna be longer there is no excuse ever under any circumstances -- eight. Nine inning game to last for hours in nineteen minutes they -- Are just too with your forcible things they could do. Kind of like enforce the rule of about the batters must stay in the block about the pitcher must with the New York. Required what is that and I think it's an 182 windows I have a 242 clock that's a good idea academic type and an entity could be violates. All three. Exactly and and figure it ought to be out the box strike two it's never forced net. Never -- first I was also could bring out its called can you imagine -- David Ortiz steps out of the biopsies mess around. Honest and and the umpire says that's strike two Albright going to -- -- you -- that he would have been killed big -- absolutely polite after a how many. Strikes would they call on him before it's -- -- -- to -- to step in and out of the box and and stay in the plots the way everybody. Did for the first hundred years that they openly in baseball. Like why did have to change now I don't it's just been allowed to happen I don't get in the debate in the Bud -- will tell you this is great period of Renaissance in Major League Baseball because revenues Europe. Because that's the television contract right. -- stupid enough to pay all right here's the deal the Red Sox after last night's sixteen to nine loss are actually closer to last place in the east then they are too. Third place skiers in the east. This was the war. Red Sox. Sweep. Getting swept at home this year the sixth overall. Red hot Orioles coming to town and oh by the way. Joseph Maddon last place intellectuals. Are funny rule I think they won five general so this team. By the time we re gather here next week could be -- last place yeah. And and is there anything that gives you pause to say. They're not going to be -- last -- and yes I turned to the most objective most intellectually. Connected managers of all time. To give us a little hope. I think we've hit bottom that stay till after the game you have to sometimes -- -- and this isn't bottom and then. We'll find some new Lynn spears and yes it's a. And had no trouble at all putting Bobby could be -- -- on the third of July as a driver here today in my metro western route cheap. Have met every now and we don't -- back. Back at the and I feel -- a Jeep. I Canada how did you do over it was a little bit tourists are. But a pleated it's funny brought about them what would Bobby. -- said after last night that's probably it. Probably it yet what are you got off the -- does this season feel almost worse than 2012. Based -- based on the aftermath of the hazy glow of the champion. Chip this in this -- worse. It feels like they're playing worse it just hit it in terms of into well they could at least hit it at least drive in runs. This -- I was the first time in safe and that that Sunday night against the Yankees. Wit that their offense actually woke up and they picked the worst possible light to do it right. I at least feel like there's somebody in charge here who who. Knows what they're doing worse like hey you know if in that respect it doesn't feel I think like I did that would -- he said that call that we just played that was a. Quarter of the way to the bottom -- that -- -- -- I got caught part of it you know five dollars but that's making affair and you you did speak of -- to reference and -- I am not psychologically. Wired in a proper way to do what -- Sheraton is going to do. If he chooses to each and as -- -- that I would come on after swept by the -- -- up to the ocean Vista didn't come out he be black. And right in fairly -- mile and a great players -- do they use on his wife yeah you know you had to wait till now yeah you know yeah it that it is hung in there I could have been wallowing in the glory they cubs sweep in Boston but no he's he's not here. But psychologically wired properly enough. Like -- -- rules sound calm. And measured mortgage on Ferrell who tries to rate remain positive. I had my over under on cost post game spreads at this point would be about six and I'm Michael over I could not sit there and tried to. Make something positive but not go off on this baseball team as -- successfully did yesterday. Bigger picture is is still confident our guys. You know that this is one game situation where you know from the mound -- got away from us but yet at the same time. So have confidence and and the guys in our club house. Feel like we we do. And have done a very good job overall from the mound. So from bigger picture aspect there there's there's I think very solid pitching very good pitching and defense. Insider are building right now. And yet we've got to. Look to continue going in Carolina it comes at a good time. The quicker we can put this conflict on this the better. Martin would be brief one to -- one thing Tuesday. I suck we suck use suck he sucks that day off tomorrow. Will see you on. Saturday -- regular Friday Friday afternoon of the creek doesn't rise. All right 677979837. It is a pre fourth of July 4 of July eve addition a Dennis without Callahan -- and ice guys in. All lives are filling up. In any plans. For the July don't -- now on just what to think about it you got some big -- woman yes I do too as it does not -- yes. Okay now and nothing he has driving to the -- Tomorrow are. Not to -- yeah. I hope I'll be there I look. -- probably tomorrow local couple times this weekend yet depending on its way to the height of the storm. Yeah Arthurs just like blowing trees down of the root out picturesque how nice I I met the whims of of tropical storm are at the rate now at some point in the one on the -- -- it was supposed to be this afternoon that's been postponed soul will see by. The -- or we might as they have. They say they postponed yet the fireworks and it's supposed to be Sunday I'd may be that still got to go down on Saturday for some other thing. Ya gonna be easy and a lot of the bridge make sure you pack a lunch AP cup. Yell yeah there's that and fill the -- to throw up off that -- legal world is my year Arnold you know good samaritans on my -- two point per 140617777974. Lines are open. Bench Arrington joins -- I think around 845. Beacons out from underneath the -- I'm not sure I would.

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