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Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Jul 2, 2014|

We speak with John Farrell live from Fenway for our weekly state of the Red Sox chat.

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Joining us right now as the manager of the Boston Red Sox John -- brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire. And Mohegan Sun could see again gives you guys all seem like you've been away for months and months and hasn't been that long but it just feels that way it was a long trip out west you know we go 46 and ten games and then ironically pick up. Some slumps space and in in the -- here in and we come home where we felt like go before going on the road trip for part of Roger felt like things are -- -- force and my gosh we -- and we we face a very good pitcher in area two nights ago in the offense has been challenging to get things started get a jump start. Sox at Fenway Park I mean this is a hitters park and you guys are comfortable here your team was was built to play at Fenway Park. And if you had a good start to put your finger on and I can put your finger on all the troubles otherwise he wouldn't exist but -- -- to put two fingers on some of the problems -- what what what would they be. Well Michael what we've had some moving parts of our line up there there there's no question about that we we've integrated last night having four rookies in the starting lineup that is the first time in quite awhile that the Red Sox have done that that's not to say. You know or point the finger at a certain group of guys as the reason why we've we've scuffled to score runs consistently. The one thing I continually focus on and will remain focused on is that the opportunities are created yes we we left another ten or eleven men on base last night. We're in situations where those bases loaded two out. Opportunities. And in and seemingly the one thing that jumps off the page to me is is that two out RBIs situations and that's the one that. I can make or break a given night and and we've been on the short end of that. Probably a little bit too much when you get that. And I think -- -- referring to the inning in which you generated content with two outs you've got the runs going you push people across. And I look at that it was the bottom of the lineup we eating at the top of Steve -- mention this on messenger on. When you have those guys the younger guys mixed in together and Stephen Drew scuffling does it all makes sense when you put my lineup together and say you know what. Maybe help break up this group of guys so they don't press as a group and they can feel as if you look at somebody can pick me up coming up behind me. Well the only thing I would say that Tom is that humility you you ideally look to build a top. Have your -- with your on base percentage and you're gonna get at least another at bat or guaranteed another -- for those guys sort of got on base at a at a greater rate. I typically take the approach of top you know top down a break you know rank combined on base and more. Top to bottom out ways so to say that's you're gonna avoid youth -- you -- you know pinpoint when a guy's gonna -- about well -- not. You know -- I'd like to have a crystal ball a little more often but still we believe in the abilities of the young players that are here. There work ethic is that the be has been outstanding and we've seen flashes whether it's been brought -- has been very good in the leadoff spot or Jackie Bradley whose. On the West Coast trip showed signs of being more consistent at the plate. -- -- -- -- Bats right now where you know I got it is flown through the minor league system so there's there's going to be some youth that we got to contend with and with that comes growing pains. And I guess what I'm driving at is the confidence and mental aspect of getting to the point saying OK these are the things that I have to worry though because while you do have that. On base percentage you know one through nine and line them up that way. Because whether it's. The younger guys with the older guys when you're not generating as many runs people would have in my estimation you know me a tendency to maybe press. I think that's human nature or competitive guys want to win and when things don't happen sure there there's the wants it. And the desire to maybe go above and beyond and I think that sometimes when we get ourselves a little bit of trouble and that's expanding the strike zone being a little bit too aggressive on the bases where. I'm a metals mistake may come back and bite us that was the case last night in the second inning. You were or were were -- No -- or try to make some things happen and yet when we've been able to pass the baton and and in the game in New York where we were able to make some walks into the offensive. Approach. It results of Iran's that's also predicated on the guy on the mound and what kind of stuff -- kind of commanders have -- given night. I'm I'm I'm not trying to make excuses for you and I know you're not trying to make excuses for you but how much did the loss of great -- hurt your team he was gone from month these back now. To some to some extent you're hitting coach and he was gone for a month well I think any time you have continuity there there's familiarity there's a consistent and a familiar voice. When you remove a guy that is -- and you know so hands on in a daily routine yet there's gonna be an adjustment is gonna be changed but to say that. I even when Greg is here he's not a batter's box with -- as well so our guys are well aware of what their daily work routine is and how they prepare each and every night. So to say that our preparation has changed. It's change in the matter of it being a different voice with the same information is useful in the reason I brought it up as I -- two after the game talking about center Bogart's. And taking what he works on in the cage and even early hitting if he's doing that. And not being able to take that onto the field that night what's involved with with taking what he's doing in the afternoon and bringing it out there X 750 well anytime you talk about an adjustment there there isn't you know you're working on -- muscle memory so. -- the speed of the game shows up there's going to be some reversion back to added to the old habit. That can be said forgotten man on the can be set for -- batter's box and in working through that and being patient with a young player particular. To have some of that work sinking in and take hold that's where the work in the focuses right now I was under. When asked about two sequences last night first the start with AJ Pierzynski. Did he think he had a home run they just have a lapse there what what do you think happened. Where it looks like clearly he's not going to be a -- to second base and he runs right into that out what would be the story when -- He obviously drives the ball good this high off the wall and I I don't think he. Took for granted it was at a ballpark. He may have felt like he was gonna care Moffitt and then get -- hi how awful hard. Warning track obviously not the case -- from it easily at second base. And final play of the game. A what did you see there we were talking about it earlier. Every replay we saw one replay it looked like Pedroia actually beat it out the other replays like it was a tie tie -- -- runner I guess what what did you say well we -- from the -- Out and keep in mind that the throw to has got a one hop Rizzo and his angle is off towards the center field so we don't see it from my vantage point we don't see where the when the ball actually goes in the glove. You hear you get afoot at the bank oh we've got a challenge remaining. But once the call is made has was on the field by Jerry meals in and out called then you've got to have conclusive evidence. The inconclusive bringing in instant replay is reared its -- many many times so. Unfortunately we use a system that's in place it doesn't it overturned when you look at that way too had they articulated the the notion John that. It has to hit the glove and you have to see it. You know banning tobacco -- because right there I could see what it would say conclusive. -- on replay it looked like it was still entering yet you know what that you don't they have schooled us in spring training was basically they'll take the video to where they see the ball actually hit the back -- the glove and then the back it up one frame so the ball -- actually entered the glove it's with in the grasp of the glove with a glove is closing around it but it's not actually hit the back but. That's the way it was explained last spring training. I wanted to say wait a little bit to some of the younger guys and you know -- -- bets coming up the question and I had is there will be. No -- much conversation as he scuffles. A police up too early you don't don't don't forever. My feeling is yet to be able. A little bit tougher because you're gonna have to be resilient anyway and even if he ends up being sent down at some point and in my ask you to to theorize on that but. You have to have well a level of mental resilience. One way or the other -- that. What it one of those things you evaluate for young player when become the first completely for the first time is how do you anticipate they're gonna handle struggles every player's gonna struggle initially. If you feel like they've got the -- mentally and they're able to handle the the focus and the attention that will be. You know centered around them if they do struggle and if you feel confident about the person. Set aside the performance in the abilities if you feel confident about the person you know it'll help that. That's more evidence to say OK now's the time because -- of performance he's told us at every level. He's excelled at it and he's ready for next level of challenge in that ends up being here in Boston. Well no I think that goes along with with -- Zander we talk about him earlier and some of the struggles he's having. How do you see him hit and it's it's a question we ask -- every week how is he how is he dealing with this. Personally. Well wanna cares -- and so was he frustrated absolutely. You know this again that that takes a lot of accountability for his performance and four has worked. And when it doesn't click for me you'd you'd see a young player wanting to do better. One to feel and certainly. Talks about and acts as though. They are I feel like I'm letting people down because my performance we we just try to continue to stay focused and even keel. Because we do play every day of of what is the work and how -- Preparation -- it's up to game time. And know that. Over the course of a long haul some of these -- about actually you know morsel. There was a media report over the weekend about the Red Sox re engaging the Jon Lester citing contract talks he was asked about it. Got a little upset about even having to answer the question. Are you concerned at all about a distraction in your clubhouse with things like that. No because this was even brought out and coming out of spring training and I think Jon Lester handled this as well as anyone could've envisioned he's pitched exceptionally well it's been. You know with the exception of a couple starts where they've been bumps along the way he has been in -- compartmentalized and and put the whole personal side of his situation. To the side and has gone out and pitched very well force so the fact that it has brought up the questions are asked that's probably commonplace for guys and his status practically having in the free agency. Were hopeful and I know that every effort is being made to make sure he's in a Red Sox uniform and you know what you put on the table much you can ask you another one offering but. You know Jon Lester is had a great career here and we opened the finish is yours while he's a very popular guy in the clubhouse and you hear guys in the clubhouse even talking about it making comments about it. And I'm sure that doesn't help his situation at all in that regard keeping focused on what he needs to focus. Well I think the way John has handled this is a clear message to everyone in our clubhouse around him knowing. That his own knowing it you know everyone is aware of the guys contracts that situation terms of what you're there and where when free agency exists. And the fact that they can witness a guy going about his work in a very professional way keeping things private as he does. He's an example by which other should follow. Some teams have policies where they'll talk about contracts. During the season I think the Red Sox initially said that out of spring training all the talk about after the season and there was a report from buster where they re engaged. Jon Lester is it you as a manager. Would you prefer that contract discussions that happen during the season because it does affect the clubhouse -- -- we're talking. You know -- I think the biggest thing is that every situation going to be different -- I know one thing because of what has transpired we don't have a blanket statement that OK we're -- We're gonna rain -- at the end of the season when free agency opens. Dustin Pedroia was that way with his situation last year so these things do happen. And I think there's a lot of Smart people in the room when it comes down to it and -- get this thing figured out. While moron John Lackey tees. Under contract next year and -- at the minimum basically. Anything I can ask you about veteran British you can land on that because that's that's a sticky spot up -- mean. Everyone's contract is in place and then you know it's been well publicized what was his goes -- with an option here because of the injuries cause and missed a year. But. Once again he too I think it's handling the situation equally to a Jon Lester isn't. You know. At 35 years of age he's pitching exceptionally well is keep himself in great shape. And looking forward to -- and former Islam for our almost heat inside and question they get up today comes to us from then -- of Woodstock Connecticut -- asks. How did you think bookie -- did in his first few games in the majors and what the circumstances around your Major League debut. Oh having to -- charitable -- before at this eleventh inning against Milwaukee Brewers. That was the last I left in the bullpen and just so happen -- our closer pitched two innings I was last one left -- -- you get an inning work and ended up coming out on the right side of the game. I think Milwaukee is handled and managed his. His at bats very well I think he's shown -- an element of calmness in the box. He's shown very good bat speed. You know there's there's not much swing and miss and I know or talk about three games in -- -- at bats but I just think the overall demeanor. In managing the at bats taken some borderline pitches -- I I go back to a Q apparently in the game in New York. It took him borderline 32 pitch for strike or for a for ball four. And just the body language he exudes in the boxes impressive for a young -- John we appreciate time is always good luck to yet there thanks guys appreciate that Red Sox manager John -- joining us Sports Radio WE yeah.

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