WEEI>On Demand>>USA's run in the World Cup is over... where does that leave soccer's popularity in the USA?

USA's run in the World Cup is over... where does that leave soccer's popularity in the USA?

Jul 2, 2014|

We put some postmortems on the FIFA World Cup for the USA team, and wonder out loud if Soccer in the US has made progress, or are we back where we started before this whole tournament?

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-- right there you know he really had -- itself hats off to the way we we we should be proud of ourselves as a young group. Tom will be back -- we're hungry we've tasted what it feels like to play against the best players in the world the best players from around Europe. And hopefully that's more. At the age of thirty behind the break out star of the World Cup from the United States' perspective is Tim Howard who by the way. It's a very good keeper in the English premiere league. Place for Everton played against. He's teammate -- Kok who who scored against him is one of his teammates and Everton. But he is easily the breakout star for the United States in these World Cup games. Look he was magnificent yesterday the most saves in a World Cup game in fifty years. That's -- that he was yesterday and previous to that -- need to keep the numbers aren't correct on that I don't remember any stats I think was what they said so it may have been the most. Here's one interesting thing about about that is I was watching this I'm curious what you get when will look like in four years. The little one year old anyways rally people and one went Jermaine Jones is young what I. Have given a crap. And I even heard of yet one. A week and a half ago now. But now I actually have an entry -- somebody neighbor blossoming. US World Cup play. Warm national team player which I wouldn't and and -- of the things that's public rose and it's I was listening on the way -- Two and it be and they mentioned the analysis. We will get to the point and we and we are passionate about -- just say hey we got a acquired -- idols. When we will want answers as to who screwed up was -- the Michael Bradley giveaway for instance against Portugal. That was a problem was it just a great pass by Ronaldo. That would typically I think we're I think we're there I don't I don't because we're not seeing enough of it on the ESPN. Post what you. That's on them that's on them we've been here before us and dale earlier. -- the video we now give a crap we said it was set yesterday. -- why did it feel different. The US. Playing in the round of sixteen wanted to feel different in the past when they've done this before they -- in the round of sixteen before this is not like always uncharted territory for the US. They don't know how it feels to be here of of course of course they know how it feels I think there -- people. Very serious followers of soccer. Who have given soccer analysis over the years when we choose to listen to it or not what I understood what -- -- they've been doing it for a long time I think it's just time for. The next level for the US -- in terms of how you feel. After. Your team gets bounced from the tournament again this is not and it's unfair. Let it in England they're not saying. One way you know on the the interest in soccer is is there and that's a positive don't because they were killing their team right I mean they haven't they haven't won in in 1966. Left and they won. The World Cup one long time they expect to win expected team to compete at a high level. And we got to get that point where we expect our team I think there. Expect a team to be better than this. I was merely curious about the sport before now I actually want the answers -- I'm saying. Hey you know it's and I'm not just I would I would like to see what happens next is before it was just a curiosity. Our Robb -- field rod you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly. -- listened to you for -- -- -- -- -- operators in the awareness or soccer. Are -- your debt of gratitude thank you listening we appreciate. That the -- let it happen right now outreach. Okay. We. We put on the United States uniform and -- that you represent our country we expect. The economy and I sort of distinct saw. -- -- -- in because. My National Basketball Association. Predicted big sport collective. There's probably what 8000. Players leave me. Baseball basketball hockey and -- exactly convinced. That point 5% of our population. Prohibits. -- putting together a world where soccer team and re not no action because somehow we still underway the couple with the Michael Phelps. Somehow we still underway -- about Carl Lewis. Or are. Or Shaun White whatever the case may be rejected. Do you know but rob do you notice the difference between which just you just talked about individuals or rights you as a frozen -- all the time now. Although that you're carpet and I I -- -- problem here's what you're black I thought that was there an apology -- at a -- the apologists. And read rug rat in America now characters through stop there. And where to baseball. Basketball. Or will fall into -- that didn't happen overnight. The NFL has done a phenomenal job. Our marketing their product. And rootkit wants to become very NBA has done a phenomenal job of marketing mix up their product illegal block. His shooting and suits on -- I got to interject here when you're talking about the lower level of of sport news sports right now because soccer is shooting into youth football and baseball. As has across. In a profound way. So -- it's. That notion of the professional level impacting youth level of these. He's not actually accurate terms of weather -- robbery you're one Major League Baseball soccer cuts into it this will continue this trend based on the world -- Best highest -- is two different conversations because. You're right you know a lot of people playing soccer lacrosse now and and not going with football or baseball in some cases. I think he's saying. Not only are you playing it at a youth levels and now this is beyond your youth wellness is beyond high school this is something you can do and you get world ride worldwide. -- recognition and you war. Well compensated. If you wore that guy in soccer just like. If you're that guy a football or basketball I. But I do think there's a difference to go in and where I disagree with the caller is that. If you wanna play football the best football on the on the planet is here. If you wanna play baseball with all due respect to the Caribbean countries have right here and Asia it's here if you wanna play basketball it's here if you wanna play hockey here. You wanna play soccer it's not here. It's not even close to here are the best soccer in the United States. And and it I mean no disrespect to the people who play MLS and our friend Brad mightn't. It's it's a pale comparison to what you see in the Premier League or Syria off. Or any of those European leagues so the best players leave. If -- good enough Geoff Cameron from Attleboro is playing for Stoke City because that's where the best soccer is in the world. And you never get to watch that highest level as a kid you know that eventually you know it's a knock off league which is the MLS again. He -- all the respect with the level of respect it's a knock off week it's triple in the highest league theories. And I think also with a caller. We're not at the championship. Level where we're at we're having our coach come out and say we can't win this cup. So at any other country is saying that in the World Cup where many many countries have if your coach says that the World Cup. Then you're probably not coaching the team so. We're we're not at a championship level but I don't think we're so. So far out of it that it's just like all the US is just not able to compete we're not the we're not. Work panic in the middle. We got dominated in the last two games have dominated -- Belgium we get dominated by Germany and I Knoll was only a one nothing score right. But really we got dominated I mean the the best teams in the world. If they had found a way to beat Belgium and I said it would have been a big upset that they had done it. They were gonna have to face Lee in a messy next and Argentina. And and it it was good you know and and I don't want -- I don't want to getting away from what they did. But compared to the soccer powers of of the rest of the world it's not even close yet. But not soccer powers rest rest the world and that there's something in between like the US is a joke is when things don't know you're right you're right. The Belgian game wasn't as close as -- appeared to be in absolutely Germany was as close as it appeared to be. But you still have to go back to. What they did against -- yet they did against Portugal. And and that is progress. So they're they're not they're not quite it at the top five level but they're not bottom five either how to make that next. It's a question. Probably importing more players who were born and brought up with the sport in other countries like call those German Americans who were on the team this year. You know young people who -- were born of American servicemen in Germany raised in Germany played all of their youth soccer in Germany. And then came -- your -- and honesty Daewoo will did not have to be a soccer genius a Messi. Maradona. Who comes from America who is the best that there has ever been the most creative the most. Inspiring because right now and Donovan okay. But there has to be in next generation out there -- if there was a messy or Ronaldo or you know one of those. He would be playing no we wouldn't eventually every four years he would play for the -- but he gave it to him he would be the most compelling figure because the goalie that's nice but he's gonna -- Yesterday being the exception. Four occasions a game to shine. So it's hard to -- here. You know all youth exuberance. In the sport to a goal. -- a result basically an American born supply is yeah this thing. And I heard it could have and I heard got Smart on the stations were PetSmart collectibles some form caller Dicky calls then added that it will take up to -- question. One more question got but he was talking about it he said look. This is not -- this is beyond the coaching issue now this is. There needs to be a creative. -- Like a grass beautiful game like grass roots player. Who who is American born he is me he starts off his playing pick up soccer from the stand lots. Not. Interfered with by coaching and then he just comes up -- he would get that shining star there needs to be a guy like that. Four US soccer and they -- I think that all around the world but not for a. Johnston Rhode Island you're next on Sports Radio dale. Had got indicted on. Go to -- -- point here that last phone call me -- I wanna go on a total different directions. But. I mean. That thing is about soccer I don't think about the World Cup to me and how many cute sports fan in my family is that you -- Stan -- Where are Super Bowl and our. Stanley Cup Playoffs so there are World Cup's in the record not for me so much for the MBA playoffs and the World Series. But the World Cup this kind of like the Olympics does sports every four years. We don't like soccer ball and between -- and and then you know what in the World Cup comments we all get into it we all -- -- -- place and everybody get together only for our country. Well in our -- we kind of know that the US did not number one which is fine. But its way to kind of feel like we're pink -- You know we're picking up -- -- -- and you know all we don't want to root for our personal but it happened and it really putted up like that but you know. It's -- -- -- number one and soccer and I don't understand why everybody up -- out about it. You do bring up a good point why don't we why are we so concerned about it I mean if if it if -- if the extent of our soccer interest if you're a normal Bostonians you know living here. If if the extent of your soccer interest is loving the World Cup every four years right on down at City Hall plaza and -- and tolerant with everybody -- Or in Kansas City or at Soldier Field. That's okay isn't. No it's not okay because we're Americans what Americans like to do Americans. Like to compete even Americans who aren't in the sports. Our competitive it's that something competitive and business I just just competitive by nature then. You talk about the American sports fans you tell the American sports fan. That. You're going to be in a worldwide event a worldwide competition and you're never gonna win it doesn't fly right. So now we're we're competitive that's why that's why it matters. 6177797937. Its telephone number dale and Holley broadcasting live from Fenway park at third man and today is Tom. Passion it's a requirement not an elective. We're broadcasting live from Fenway Sports Radio WEEI. I have in them media and a bit more quality and in their program. And Indian -- -- often a game like this today and you've got to give them -- -- events and this semester not going forward. It was -- Klinsmann after yesterday's loss to want to Belgium. But it ended the United States World Cup. Stint on the on the little curious about this because our body Taylor Twellman has -- work and you know -- a great job at the games. They released the announce teams for the quarterfinals and -- -- to play by play with Taylor is doing one of the quarterfinal games but Taylor's not working a game. Was he just their for the US. I think so they're gonna movement of the studio do you think I hope so push loyalists to say I have. Absolutely need to move them into the studio and get PetSmart stuff from from Taylor told me ask you this that about about American -- Do you believe in his. Vision. For US soccer long term yes and and you know I I knew what I I know that it drove people crazy you -- one. Hated his honesty and how forthright he was the beginning of this whole thing. And and unfortunately I know that we as Americans don't like to hear that even if it's -- we don't want here. But he was he was dead -- I mean they just. And we saw the last two games it would it would have taken a miracle. And -- Wanda hit hit the shot they would have had their mere idea right right they would have had their miracle thanks to Tim Howard. And Wanda -- ski and he missed the show. Well I know I gave them my I was given him a hard time. For a long time. But now I'm I'm cure I think I do believe in it I think they're believing in the vision that he had -- basically we Jurgen Klinsmann Hussein is. What you see right now what you guys expect from US soccer is not enough for me. And in what you guys think is a great player -- good player. On the international stage is not gonna get it done if this country is ever gonna win championships at the very least. The very least he has whetted my appetite. For 2018. Because I wanna see if he can count -- back up the the arrogance -- arrogance. How -- arrogance from a from a from a championship coach I've certainly seen enough of it up close. In this town so. It if you appear arrogant and you can back it up you've got a vision you know what you want done and you can get it done. More power to eight dollars if he asked -- Mike on their rep. And maybe that's part of the turning the page for the program is when you have a coach who comments today and we're not enough. Bottom like have you actually ever seen a successful coach. Whether it be Bill Belichick Chuck -- And we need to agree coaches and I focus on football but -- similarities profound between the greatest coaches of all time. In that sport in their tendency to say. Not good enough. You're not good enough when not good enough we just wanna game here's all the stuff we're gonna go over that we can't do well enough. Because we're not a championship level and have a guy like Clinton's and I'm not sure if the previous Bradley. Who coached. By the -- name yet and not gonna say I don't know they had that -- kind of I mean Americans don't save that stuff European coaches say it all the time yeah. But when you do say that you usually generally get a response that's -- -- found the soccer people. Nicer -- maybe soccer peiris. Who. You know reflexively -- You can't say about -- -- him in good enough to win can they win this guy now of course they can't that's challenging team in -- -- not could not prove me wrong. Make me I'm wrong because I don't think you're good enough and I think all great coaches do that at some point to a list. I wanted to respond you know what I wanna I wanna see I wanna see what he had -- you know Tom you talked about some of the players you wanna follow individually. That you were introduced to in the 2014 World Cup now going into the 2018. World Cup so 2017. That's a August. September. 2017. Now really start to pay attention. Two to the 2018 World Cup to see what the US has in what are the pundits saying about. US soccer I was a grown since the lost to Belgium in 2014. If Jurgen Klinsmann. Can take US soccer to the next level I'm very excited about that I I don't know. I don't know enough about. Soccer to compare him to ten other coaches and and and what what their approach would be but I'm intrigued place. Notably go to jail I wanna watch it went over the next four years -- -- -- -- I'll watch out the door and how he comes back and -- Tim Howard progresses we're like Tim Howard can't go to -- -- Tim Howard -- NBC sports network weekend morning Saturday under the umbrella there Comcast and -- right and they've got that he Premier League games they doing great job with them by the way. I've been watching since they got the package and they really I mean this sincerely. They do a great job. Finding some of the other European leagues it's harder now there's a network called. BI and they've got the Italian league games and -- on your cable system you can find them that's got to search that's things you have to Muster rats are you gonna go from being casual fan. To an interested in which would -- SP the next step before passionate for it so yeah yeah -- at the final whistle. I tweeted Downey who worked. All I tweeted -- was talk. My tweet immediately got favorite -- and re tweeted by boat there what's going on what's gonna with Bo Derek -- -- -- with what does Bo Derek. What does this new. So does the policy does it out I'll watch from the likes of how law all because I. -- fictional -- -- in 2014. Sheila good -- each -- astronauts are real good about right for a woman operates that she's -- very well. And I went in and I just -- -- -- deal because she's very attractive to. And that's what I mean the bottom line job. Yeah only 53. -- 00 yeah all right what he wanted to what do you wanted to play -- -- where their ballot. And -- can choose to go -- to -- more on those movies that yet again. And -- more like 51 yet so she's only 53 QQ and that she did re tweet yesterday. And favorite it might tweeted she agreed with me shock. And since you direct -- to. Say about that that two adults. 6177797937. -- telephone number it's -- holly and Tom -- current broadcasting live from Fenway Park right back the calls Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final are dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI we're down here at Fenway Park -- our body. Tom eat current Comcast sports net CSN and we talked to John Ferrell earlier in the program first hour in fact and we completely understand their folks who work. Working and don't get an opportunity to tune in then so why will tell you that our final drive today as it is every Wednesday. Is the managers reply and you'll hear some of the things that John Ferrell had to say about the Jon Lester contract situation. The struggles of Zander Bogart's in more that's coming up on our final drive at 545 today or thereabouts. Back to your calls we go at 6177797937. The AT&T -- minus 37937. A by the way one -- Twitter followers says dale -- Derrick towers over human probably wants a restraining order after the inappropriate comments he made a few minutes ago. Inappropriate comments that I make. What inappropriate comments personal -- -- over dale. And and the other thing is. She's in love with them so he just let you sleep -- the appropriate comment or stroke like -- here not from -- you heard jealous you're jealous because Bo Derek does not follow you on Twitter she does not read tweets you -- -- you all the stuff like she doesn't. Portfolio all the appropriate stuff came to break anyways -- you know I. Talking about it. Word here and talking and getting book reports and and prevent -- from from Tommy current stuff like that we share your wife does a Twitter users who. Rivalry don't -- she does not I'm happy to report. However all of my kids do so would -- art I'd stuff. 6177797937. Billiton Framingham you're next on Sports Radio -- Yes I doubt about the suicide -- Michael. Might well -- real here it won't stop that nonsense. The only reason that people -- interest in this it's becomes the US won the first cup -- weren't all in the first couple games. If they lost those two games nobody would. 90% of the people put a -- -- It's that think that. -- think about. 200 US sought that out on the team in 2018. According to seek re. Well bill I'm talking to a guy here and Tommy Karen who says he's looking forward to seeing some guys blossom. From the 2014. Team 2018 and the speaker for myself I said I am interest not the PS I don't. I don't wanna say that the people are gonna do this people and that's it I am intrigued by Klansmen and what he's gonna do with US soccer in what is gonna look like it will be eighteen Connecticut united to a. -- know you're coming up yet again next week. I don't want to know one this year the Red Sox are going to be I don't know about that you. You know the Houston next week no one's gonna know who wins the World Cup and the humans and watch. I know you're not got a lot of adrenaline that you don't -- doesn't. The pet peeve of mine bill that would hear your opinion is your opinion. On its own absolutely valid. You know you're not really fired up about soccer OK but why why do you why do you feel. So much confidence to say that no bodies. He's into an all. Out and be mature already like why are we don't have these kind. -- next week. So sure which bar. Any part where -- spa. In Framingham. Boulevard Framingham -- -- lock people into and Framingham residents of the world as we Brazilian -- right okay. Right OK okay it's. Out of the picture that. Anybody else they aren't saying I'm in trouble can put. It wouldn't even a -- And the -- is gonna look around and there's going to be about eleven people who aren't just looking at their Fries we'll watch him screen. Music into what those people watching because here's the interesting thing and I'm not. Saying it's a completely all wet. But as I was saying I was in the Fort Lauderdale airport with a flight coming back to Massachusetts on Sunday night. People watching coast Rica vs Greece -- penalty kicks and nobody was walking off. To get a coffee will use the bathroom everybody was watching it not seen everybody's going to be -- but people do give a crap and it's gonna last awhile. But -- it like it happens a lot around here where someone who. Doesn't like soccer. Doesn't care about soccer will never watch soccer then says nobody cares about soccer. -- you Michael your point was exactly right you'll dole bill I don't doubt what you're saying I think you're sincere you don't care you'll watch. But I got news for you you walk into a bar in Framingham next week and there's a World Cup game on Red Sox game on you'll get cigarettes. It turned Red Sox game why. You have a quiet that no one who's run around the team US saved a lot of Red Sox game Scott's -- Spurrier next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. Again I actually get a -- basketball that's. A good thing. Though. You know what course the trip to me if I'm reading too much candidates but you know what I thought I'd it was predicted in me. That any clearly made this straight he has. I'm sorry make that pick up part because he had traded mine down the road. And I think that because if you really wanted to build the team in the draft by adding -- guard then I think it would have peaked in nick stopped it. The -- just to pick later because you beat. Perfect compliment to Iran the guy is killer outside -- to break out and opens up things. He has you know. Mark with a volley excellent free throw shooter so captain plays it into the game and Colin people around the president -- speak it handled parent go to line. I needed they talked that might keep the -- know which copper but that he would Rondo. Yeah I mean yeah. Yeah I think I think if they were if they were thinking of building around around you're right gap -- I don't think that's a -- did you think about what they've done here so they took the took market Smart. It took a point guard at numbers six. So it. You're not gonna take you guys six and his and his weight formed. To develop and market he's not gonna sit there -- -- play somewhere he's not two guards got good size four point guard. But you move him to guard. Now he's undersized. And he doesn't shoot that well so you're not really plant to a strength. He's at point guard him you also today. Paid. Avery Bradley which I'm I'm all for you paid Avery Bradley eight million dollars a year there's a two guard. You drafted in the two slash three in James Young. You've got a guy in in Jeff Greene making nine million dollars a year he's a three slash four -- maybe three case and those guys are starting to add up. -- it. Some somebody's somebody's out of the mix and to -- -- now. I agree that that Rondo looks like the one who's cheers -- up quickly but when you talk about the descriptions of the players. I don't disagree with the fact that if you're going to draft -- Smart he's a lot closer to Avery Bradley's one game. And he used garage -- -- Bradley is to guide is a guy who's flawed because he's not -- course slash -- can be petrified. And you know what as he won. From what I've seen a market Smart. He's not a fear playmaker he finished as well he's a big guy is a better point of it but I don't but you don't see -- do you have a sub one. It marked as Smart and you have a sub two when Avery Bradley -- hybrids if you wanna have an interchangeable back -- that's one thing but. You don't and the -- excellent plus defenders. Yeah I would think you know Bradley did a lot better this year you know Indian people. Than people maybe you saw hung up on 2013 twelve and thirteen I got there about fifteen point game. Now -- is a great no. But -- he had a he had a DC the year is a much much ticked up ease of use was a much better shoes and anticipated him -- what you don't he turned a corner as a player. Is when they figured out that he's not a point guard. So they've let me first start off they were running and you playing at a point in. When Avery Bradley was playing points at such an athletic. Athletic guy when he played point the second hole made it. I -- Malia dribbling the basketball. You know talent hunched over dribbling like -- looking for somebody take the ball from them and it really freedom up when he put America to. I don't know. What what the grand plan is that I don't think Randall's a part of in the something else in these guys they're one of the breaks here. But some of the stories story about Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward from the jazz is a restrictive free agent played college ball at Butler for Brad Stevens. And I think he's I think he's a nice player review. Cleveland Cavaliers supposedly. Are preparing -- Macs offer. For Gordon Hayward so we talked about Rondo and hey he's not gonna get back -- contractor most of they run those emboldened by this and says hey go ahead Hayward do -- thing because all it takes is one team to see you as a Max contract player. And and did it happens I think of Rondo leads the Celtics. Somebody out there will give Max contract. Speaking of recruiting pitches and basketball. Via Carmelo Anthony world tour has cracked me up at. He goes to Chicago first and the -- to dinner with everybody -- -- -- there Derrick -- there everybody's there embrace him. But the best part of the recruiting trip Michael was he goes. To the to the United Center and the shown in the facility. Derrick Rose reportedly held a private worked out for Carmelo Anthony. To prove to Anthony city's healthy and ready to go the start of the season in case Carmelo had doubts about whether Derrick Rose was going to be you know game ready. The point guard on the Chicago Bulls pretty amazed held it worked out foray and unrestricted free agents have been Carmelo goes to Houston. And they put a great big huge sign up on the side of the building in Houston and it got Carmel. In Houston Rockets Jersey number seven years. The problem is that Jeremy Lin's number and he still on the team always he's got no but what ages and tends to -- at all. -- on the side of the delegates party recruiting pitch for the. Imagine that stuff you can imagine Derrick Rose. Private work out for Carmelo Anthony for Carmelo says okay that's what would you draw the right now been passed away where I'm gonna be -- -- do there. But I took a two -- Passed away. Go to a metal past how you -- -- each issue and don't you may see a huge ripple impacts because that's what you will be doing. I'm playing with -- -- actually think karma -- a great fit with the bulls. -- that great fit for that corporate him and for them. And I and I have a feeling he probably knows it's great fit to I mean supposedly the dinner last night on the tip -- goes there and Derrick Rose and everybody was there. I that they have the whole organization their pitch in and moon and I don't hey come on Anthony I don't either you know for all the. Times people you know. It's deeper analysis that we get around here from some columnists around. In the Hillary guy's name names there it's on you know with terrorists. -- deeper analysis on Carmelo Anthony -- -- watch -- game besides from what are the people. Shoots -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for a tough go to national championship as a freshman year he went for a top -- on him. Is GO lackluster Andrea but I think there comes a time when. People don't spend -- he's not bad basketball player. No not -- -- simply take great offense at best he's been great that he's a different version of Bernard King better. For saying that converts it last week that but that Carmelo Anthony is better. It's better I said it better than you -- and god you know often someone from that year it would -- with Hillary -- -- directors. And I can miss was viewed very well. And Chris some cell phone hey Chris I don't. I think they are very complex. Slightly odd couple points -- -- a little -- -- are some I am -- -- one of the top five -- will -- in the country. And I think it kind of relate that Europe viewpoints not spurt is. I think a big -- EE. Soccer no we don't have. We data we have over 300 million people and country -- more that we are so he soccer player a lot of -- -- money when. Odd kids are growing up and girl playing sports sport then there develop and what's what -- -- can. When it comes to that point out which one in my get a tax money probably going to be one of actors at the side. In terms of how much it costs or how much they will be paid. -- Partially quote it is I don't think it's considered how much they're gonna make until there in the twenties. Because I'll play well of course until exploit because that can prepare years I believe you me. And and I and articulate now because. Because Alpine snowboarding it'd. Significantly less popular and which will be my second point and everything out to be out of pocket I can't get -- on the -- by not -- -- yet it is. Not popular -- generate any revenue Q if I win an event. What do you do with it and go back toward the great -- live up. The second part of it was -- popular. On. Alpine snowboarding -- Epic and very unpopular -- aren't growing up and I have to. Check the sport that I like more or which one it could be seeing more. I for most people are gonna go to the -- idol and not and a half by which it. Where what -- you have a house that's relate to that -- -- -- let's bring about a soccer -- soccer is is popular is not popular in your opinion -- None is more to the. I gotta go back toward worry of the many people people are going toward. Speed. Based on our baseball football. Basketball because. Off. Their popularity -- it interesting for me me. That they -- Nobody was watching snowboarding -- I mean -- you want I mean I can't different she wants I've seen 1560 I've seen a mall I can't differentiate between -- -- somebody's hand sticking out. It's not spectator friendly while it's also another one of those sports like World Cup. But I watch every four years. You know when it shows up the Winter Olympics. And and it comes on on NBC -- at 8 o'clock on a Wednesday night and -- okay what the hell. I'm here anyway I'll I'll watch it and I would be dead if I tried to help -- -- -- Easily whereas I could police are completely and. But I think I think in terms of you know that I don't think that argument works anymore with soccer. Chuck -- media coverage in the media coverage is outstanding. For soccer and it's all over people are paying real money we talk about fox and how much fox. Paid for the right to the World Cup how much money the insane amount of money needed to get Gus Johnson's agent Tommy current. The amount of money that Gus Johnson is making now to learn to learn the sport on the job. He does not know the sport he's learning it. But they have invested a lot of money in soccer I don't think that's the issue it really comes down to. What you'll like it or not I don't think they're even at the point now. Where they're trying to convert people that that's that's not happening I think they they realize they have an audience. Where they can justify. Paying top dollar for those rights because you'll get your money. And you think about it. I mean guys like Taylor Twellman. Other guys they may get picked up pat fox right now ESPN is gonna do a lot less soccer fox is gonna to a lot more soccer. NBC the other the NBC sports network is doing the Premier League and other things. You almost see the talent shift to where the games are going and moving around it and that's that way all the. It's funny you two armies that. A number of guys are going to program Comcast's sportsmen -- and in the revolution. Sporting Kansas City game. I still might not watch it because of -- regular season soccer game will mottled mean to seem level of competitive. Fever pitch. Like if you tried to get. Person from Europe who have watched a baseball game. It's a come on I'll watch this fascinating. Colombia's main game between -- rug out early July game between the cut. Holy crap when they sayings of the seventh inning -- but what if if it but it -- the World Series. If -- the World Series everybody that electricity around it yes he would etched on the players' faces in the presentation is different. People talk about the greatest basketball to complete plan has been the dream team practice schemes leading up to Barcelona. If you want to be down in that -- and didn't tell me who the players weren't -- when nameless faceless players. I might it might take a few minutes commuter realized what I was watching them pretty avid basketball and because it does have to come with a -- and sometimes it does have to come. With the -- knows it and all the pre game. Posing looking at the Cameron for -- and rhymes to know what to beat the suspect -- was -- -- them. Meetings soccer pedestrian. One of the real world update for you -- I told -- they're moving to the fireworks show up from Friday until tomorrow yup which is a big enough problem is it is Saturday. No no I think what they're gonna avoid Saturday this is my opinion only. Because when the Red Sox get rained out here Friday night and they're gonna get rained out Friday night they're gonna play a doubleheader Saturday. Can you imagine. What it would feel like down around here with a double header here and the fireworks display these yet so I think that's why they're avoiding Saturday but I just wanna warn you. I got a notification for mass state police on my phone their closing storage drive tomorrow at noon. Noon now most people try to get out of town early you know beginning of the holiday weekend and all that stuff but you're gonna have hold -- -- people headed into the city tomorrow. And they're gonna close -- drive at noon tomorrow we may just have to sleep with -- -- -- we just -- we just maybe you know bunking in because we may not be able to get out of there. But just to warn people down and in that part of the city tomorrow. And they're gonna close the Longfellow and those bridges at six tomorrow. So it's going to be a nightmare around here more. About that WEEI movie night tomorrow six -- 6177797937. -- telephone number were broadcasting live from Fenway Park it's dale and Holley. And our third man and Tom. Our managers -- likens up at 545 Sports Radio WE yeah.

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