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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - One Year Wonder Edition - 7-02-14

Jul 2, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the departure of Jerome Iginla from the Bruins after only one season.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Recent news because one his wonderful but isn't it. It's -- effect on me. Populist channeling his. What are the rock and roll the -- to the game like that stuff. -- -- -- Google Earth. I mean a thing. But. Obama. Up me. There is good that. Very clever -- it was a video the media. Cartoons -- -- written that he and I covered all of you think about the reversible nature. Take on me what I got that now. Funny thing secondly that it or not I don't know. Take me on unrelated to make me off -- off are all very. -- -- -- Or four brought you and and T and TAT and T ever more than 99% of all -- building you better network I know Andy's been dying for the opportunity to remain -- -- but the memories memories that come flooding back where you don't advocate for Tom -- he started saying so. Let's that I did before report today -- I was still mention we're taught him one year wonders in Boston. To -- in the success which we've BOQ and screw after one season debris -- so how yankees tenure in Boston he remembered for. Scales. Takes. -- expect. -- scale I don't think -- I remember tenure here will be remembered fairly fondly. Certainly not his fault that they've bowed out in the second round of the Montreal Canadians he led the team in playoff goals. They had offensive issues throughout the lineup in the Montreal series but he was one of the people perform tied for the team leading gold in the regular season with Patrice Bergeron. Led the team in playoff goals. Had a perpetual smile on his base I mean was. Look like he was -- -- the time of his life here got an opportunity for one last big payday and grabbed. Well -- well -- -- you think a lot of people be excited about drama I definitely think about. His year in Boston. It was pleasant in the regular season. And it was a flame out the second round of the playoffs I think the pressure is on this dash right now if you can actually -- and I must actually being dominant man or man. So the pressure is on him. Good to come up where -- -- something special because you've got to replace to -- -- production. With not a lot of money to work with you don't have you don't have that much money had to. -- important it was pretty pretty impressive. 2013 twenty. Or as memorable as general McKinley -- -- is outstanding -- points since his 2013. Fourteen season wise I think that he will be better remembered for 2012. And thirteen. We said thanks but no thanks. Went to the penguins. Think that I should know by the growth in the playoffs I think the Roma Connecticut's -- but it we'd better remembered the -- -- the Bruins for that choice -- number two -- -- -- Into 110 -- and signed the third baseman and Adrian Beltre to a one year contract -- wanted 321. With forty homers and a 102 RBI with the Sox before bolting. For lucrative contract with Texas for six years and 96. Million dollars -- that dry. Well it's. Bad mom first birthdays now Beltre in the Red Sox win for the first time. Rated show. Yet those that those wedding proposal home runs well why don't you love me and I hope not there yet I think it was a blast to watch going back. I like the whole production had a -- WWE thing going with the a -- all run and they pretend like you're gonna you know -- it could touch his head now in the right touch in his head and -- IQ thanks. Not punch somebody. Really entertaining player to watch I think he'd be as good as it was here remember it was coming off pretty bad season. And Seattle which made him available for the Red Sox in the first place a one year deal and he got certainly helpful. Reform act contrary kick field that was just I'm pleased that service. Number three -- three. We are the Celtics winning in 2008 but do we all remember who the glue that locker room wants mr. -- big game James Posey contributed the celtics' latest championship. Before leaving for a four year 45 million dollar deal with the then New Orleans -- No we do is let. Seven decades ago itself is free throw line things did not sit back from big -- what's he gonna have to do something final seconds Roosevelt where. It was right from the eighteenth straight -- hopeful hopeful we'll get you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- what did you do the -- what you go through. He was like it was like Charles Bronson too. What and a smile off one of the hot at an hour manhunt. I mean I don't know -- the real thing it was a real thing they -- -- and you -- was really inspired by. Like James Posey wasn't just felt expanse to expanse of any sport all over all over the country I think the commissioner of football Roger -- Was inspired by James Posey because he now. Lives those hugs on draft day Roger Goodell is just standing there. -- waiting for guys across the state and the outcome -- well. Directors mr. yesterday. I'm still received a bit more subdued does -- -- and Gary Bettman -- need to try. But he just of the -- cold fish and changed again I got a booming I don't know what it's all about what you know closing words today. Posey was an important role player for the Celtics they had one of those he went on about. Operational seasons. Tommy -- -- an aboriginal season so much but it was one of those years it's hard to do sports does build it. Yup -- prove it beyond that instant things so I had everybody hits the same time there you have a got. Yeah -- Eddie House. They had big baby. He had Shrek and donkey get -- -- opened -- about -- was later but of that championship here. Yeah at all you know we feel that their whole lives on tape around as a PJ brown later this season Iraq. Never for any. And Mary TNT one hit. -- one year wonder that day the patriots had a huge splash this off season signing Darrelle Revis to one year contract worth about twelve million dollars. So -- -- resisted the latest when your -- or will he remain Foxborough for multiple seasons. Just a one and done Tommy -- it reminds me of Wall Street a little bit of 1980s version -- -- -- how many votes he was -- behind. Because at this point zero Revis is entering the point of his career queries. Pocketbook is fine. It's his legacy and he hasn't gone -- equate -- in one AFC championship he can play in the AFC championships as long as Tom Brady Bill Belichick. Again I'll say it's 5050 but -- that by march it'll be closer to two with three or four. So you think he's just that I think once full product plays out and he sees what happened here and how different is he might he might have a little won't -- it. -- follow up question. Is there any chance that Darrelle Revis. Plays under the terms of his contract next few. Get this it is a very slim chance it's up to twenty million plus but we've remained flat -- one year. Deal for him I mean how much does that is an -- it's beautiful. -- resigned of them quarry to get some stuff them Tim Jones -- I tower so Plano a little bit more. In greatly in marine probably not. Particularly that. I I think Tom hit the nail on the head for me with the whole legacy thing. I mean you're just gonna play one year with with you know nineteen different teams in a row. Does that come a point where -- -- you know my house you know you don't rent an apartment here if I place you live and yet. That's the biographical -- for now. Actually you know more settled down. -- all holidays and let me ask you this Michael you know -- of very well he knows him well as active throughout his career. -- pileup which does highlight underestimation regrets turning himself into it when you wonder what other franchise would be. He football basketball and how will be advised to -- Revis. In the end. I don't think he regrets it Alec I don't think he does -- all think. You know it tie. I think -- looks at people and and says are you have to evaluate me is a football player polygamy as a football player. You forget about who -- play for and I think he considers himself. 01 of the best to play at his position in his era. And he wants money. You know you look at you know you look at somebody's guys -- and they want they want the best of both they wanna be recognized. For their talents but they also want to be paid. For anything is -- got his rings and got his cigar money appearances and then the money came with Doral it's been it's been flipped. You know he's he's made the legacy to a degree as a great but will he ever view yeah it's different for a cornerback is different for defense to -- in an offensive player. In terms of your legacy because it's almost looked as it is if you can control but that stuff. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number by the way -- good job. Andy doesn't normally do this -- young band does and again he got into what he was he was very good that. And yes I like Europe raising I chuckle out of that she -- -- -- should be choose grew in smoke. And -- got to do it that way it's and that and that be the whole life and that completing the entire process. It's a sexual preference -- -- -- oh now now it's like please reference you get invited to somebody's house for dinner and you know wouldn't wanna stay for a couple hours after you do that you -- as we are actually choose one bill. That would --

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