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Buster Olney, ESPN: Red Sox Clubhouse is frustrated with Lester contract situation 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

Buster Olney of ESPN discuss the contentious Jon Lester contract negotiations, the Red Sox chances of making the playoffs, and the possible moves the team could make at the trade deadline.

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Joining us right now as promised to start the noon hour on Wednesday as is always the case it's buster only from ESPN and espn.com. Buster brought to us by Suffolk University Toyota of Nashua and Mohegan Sun. -- and extend receive Bryce Harper you thank you were just given -- absolutely have to go with here about the course from harper -- the lineup and where he should be playing more everybody else should be. Playing is this is easy hot. While I've never seen anything like it in covering a Major League Baseball and I was trying to think back to being a fan of other sports. In a fight -- in other sports and it probably happens -- most in the NBA because let's face it the players -- the most practical power. There's only one guy can hold the ball. And you know when I was a huge Lakers fan as a kid and I remember Magic Johnson taking a -- -- head in his second year. And basically hang out about it either in the west lead and of course magic one at that time but when you have a player who's 21 years old in baseball. Are saying and it could take anywhere from each should want -- like he just said. You know -- answering the question -- we -- to -- a lineup well if it were me. I think Ryan Zimmerman should be there you know to say it would be left field he said should be. In left field. And he mentioned he thinks that Anthony ran -- should be at third base. That is really really eye catching and you know I'd give Matt Williams credit. He -- a military family. He's very structured personality. I'd be willing to bet that behind the scenes that word should probably grated on him. Coming from a 21 year old but yesterday came out he told reporters say there's no rift between us. I get break is back the whole way but I gotta believe that behind the scenes conversations might be a little bit different. All bets as though private conversation yeah. B well at the gas now the other thing is. Would help private conversation is between Jon Lester and Boston Red Sox -- so -- report. So today ESPN baseball quickly refuted by Lester in the Red Sox I don't believe. That you would just make it up and I think it's at the point now maybe early stage re engaging -- with from wrong. It is no need to include Jon Lester until it gets serious where where does it stated in which come with that report. Well it is no question and Andy in at some point. It recently the Red Sox indeed you can argue it -- on Saturday night he would need a week ago wouldn't do you have any way to read document trying to get that thing. At least you get to a point where they're putting an offer on the table but I think the worst of the barn door I think it all but over the Jon Lester is going to free agency and I think the only way to play. Circumvent that is if the Red Sox do with the Phillies two years ago at Cole Hamels and say. Okay sorry about that. We're totally wrong and were willing to be the top of the market deal. For a 140. You know 150 million dollars and I think there's no chance of that happening. I think that you know the Red Sox effort the last couple weeks. You put an offer to automate the bottom line is that those situations change I really believe this based on talking a lot of people know Lester. Including some of that cry about it they'd gone to him in spring training -- that looked. Would you do something like five years in a 10010. Million. Which. We -- in that context. And just and Clayton Kershaw getting toward fifteen million Felix and an 875 million dollars last year that are that are that are. That would have been nice -- air teen friendly. Middle of the road deal but that's not what they did. Now it maybe that in this current effort of trying to put that -- you on the table something in the range of hundred million dollars gets what. That that you know timeframe with three months ago he now happily through his glad he didn't. Before becoming a free agent on top of that Homer Bailey who is a fine pitcher but he's not -- Lester. Got a 105 million dollars from the reds. So the landscape has changed. Quite frankly I'd you know -- if they weren't firing -- -- issues and I got a seven million dollar offer. From the Red Sox -- probably be in that they may be in the same mindset which is you know what. We're not close. Let's not talk about it don't give me an offer but but not have a distraction now. That you played out the in the beaten in an outing you have to bet against the other team -- my question going forward is. Given how important to the -- Is it in the end and went across the Red Sox a whole lot more grip and because of how important he is. Then it would have been if they'd just given that offered to bring trying to. -- all wasted money that's actually less than a pitcher is not as good and doesn't help -- not quite a Jon Lester mix of comments that over the weakened to a congress -- a kind of a snide comment when he said well Red Sox protocol we don't talk during the season. And from what I heard there was some pressure at the end of camp almost like hey listen. Is this is our offer what do negotiating a camp and the Red Sox I'd almost trying to corner him -- now and he's kind of reversed that and today your guys that won it's that would not talking during the regular season. Did the Red Sox try to -- quarter against can't get this thing done. Well I think dad and I I don't know for sure if that's the way it was presented to it's I mean let's face it the two people who know that for sure. Are whoever was talking with -- -- -- is represented in exactly how that -- but I. I can tell you that. That there is any level of frustration on lesser side. Animal that John himself for people around them because I've never. I've been around a negotiation that got more attention from other players in the team in this -- talks the frustration level. Of the other guys on this team and the Red Sox about how this is played out -- at 89 point five that Japan. Because they don't get it on and I you know there is -- perception among the other players and it seemed that the Pedroia contract last year. Are almost reached at the expectations of Red Sox ownership and let's make it clear you know that the front office. In a lot of cases of the one's dignity and ultimately we have a project this size this is on the Red Sox ownership not on you know bench Harrington and his staff. But there any feeling among the Red Sox players some of them at least. That the Detroit contract reset expectations. Four Red Sox ownership in what they could. Get away -- is probably an unfair afraid that it probably appropriate. In terms negotiate with a role players because Lester set in the wintertime he wanted to stay with a Red Sox. And maybe the Red Sox ownership was in okay so we gonna give it a complete -- the way Pedroia did. Now that that that hasn't that hasn't been a -- it's worked out. And -- they kind of frustration among the other players that this has meant finished and they understand. That what it would mean to the team if in fact -- -- -- signing with another team which seems to be distinct possibility at this point. -- -- Listen every week we talked to you when we start talking about how Boston can get into the wild card race how today though -- maybe even win the division. But now I think we're talking about this the wrong way because here I am looking at the schedule I'm looking at the other teams and eastern division and not get worried about a Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees have lost more -- the rays have won seven of their last ten. Should the Red Sox -- more word about but he's seen last Nelson especially seeing how well the rays have been playing and what their capability is maybe Dickey get the wild card spot maybe they could still win the division. -- well I don't really think that it's hard hit like project that would any of these five things we gonna do because they all have such. Awful flaws I think the one concern now. He did the reds keep the Yankees and the Orioles. Yeah that probably gave you the Tampa Bay Rays is. The three teams who are in the front in the American League west are gathering steam and they -- moving the way and of course what that would mean would is that. If you're gonna make -- play out at the American League east as of today. The most likely way -- gonna happen is to win the division -- the only way perhaps is going to be by winning the division because the Mariners keep getting better. And better and better I think -- now. 38 and 25. In April 22. The top three run differential in baseball now are all in those American League west means. -- Oakland one Seattle to the Angels a third. And so I think that that now becomes part of the calculation if you Tampa -- with David Price he would hit the Red Sox. Not UPD yankees you're looking for starting pitching is. What do we trade assets to improve this team when actually it's now make the plants -- probably. Shrinking because the wild card spot one that might that might want to go out of that division. We can always trade away a pitch -- caliber Bud Norris again Giancarlo Stanton former what. But yeah of -- our -- -- cost her you don't Monica's blue and I and Kristi we've had a fun time with this Houston Astros story I'm curious from your standpoint which general managers do you think have the most explaining to do when it comes to some of the offers they allegedly were willing to take for Bud Norris when he is asked to block people out there. Guys and it's been interesting the last couple days because people in baseball bat in that sense I would AJ Ellis that. That the Dodgers catcher yesterday and said that Greinke was all of this considered you know fascinated -- the internal conversations -- -- -- I didn't think that what we read in that report. Reflects what you hear from general managers all over baseball. Where they are saying making -- so difficult because. In the current. And it generally you know it generation general manager -- -- -- -- of money ball. They are -- -- started out -- had the most ridiculous proposals so you know if you -- eighteen and you call. You know the answers about Bud Norris. What you get back is giving huge three best prospects. And that drives people crazy. And that's. Kind of what you see -- those who didn't and that and that in that leaked information that goes to request come out and that happens all the time -- baseball. It opposed to waiting used to -- trade do you know a couple general managers go out and have a couple drinks. And maybe this way they do now is better but it's certainly more maddening it certainly explains why the pure trade made when you read those documents to some of the trade proposals are not. They're ridiculous though one more -- of balls and throw at you you're just because I do think other -- that David Ross got JP the other day that those get the best out of Jake Peavy was auditioning and it just kind of the way I looked at -- -- Jake Peavy. To be traded maybe make one more start or even the coming weeks and and who would be possible buyers. Well first up -- they have been having conversations or at least they were they did last week which is teams nationally just basically poke around -- he would day. Might be out there for them. You know I gotta believe that I don't have specific information that the Cardinals are involved. But there are scrambling to get back into the rotation because of the injury to Michael -- and I mean Garcia and and -- is. You know someone that they're gonna know I think the Marlins are -- that are are looking for help at the back in their rotation those 22 places to meet. Would make a lot of sense to Atlanta Braves are scrambling for some help -- the back and because they've had some injuries as well. And I mean let's face it if they wind up trading Jake. And the way to deal would work would be that the reds actually -- a whole lot of money they probably get a CC plus prospect in return. I didn't know who dug the -- people who weakened that they feel like -- there are mechanical -- it is. Engaged to be made and it's -- like -- -- he's seen it in the fastball velocity that it's not like -- stop it completely disappear. And they feel like that -- breaking ball can get better with more refinement to date given the other -- in the rotation that they may. Decide you know what award and moved him at some point. Buster thanks -- for coming -- appreciated as always have a good week we'll speak with the again next Wednesday okay you guys -- I think that's buster holding. Not a -- WEI.

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