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Tommy Smyth on USA's loss to Belgium 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

Tommy Smyth of ESPN joined the show to discuss USA's loss to Belgium.

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As our 3-D and C and I will admit that we so enjoyed our conversation with Tommy Smith last week we wanted to talk to him again out of the World Cup party as ended. Here in the states army joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning again Tommy how aria. -- we're doing very very well -- What is your assessment now that is all said and done here in the states of the state of the US soccer. -- it its US soccer very in its. At top box means keep -- -- -- has as our head IE they up to the next round that in the World -- such. Except it does where a lot of people didn't expect them to -- There is a program that structure within which it. Did -- did you think they did better than you expected them to and did they play. Better than you expected them to. Well -- -- that are. Until yesterday. I mean I I I wasn't particularly impressed with the date yet. And people understand you're very hard to eat that you are part of the pact for well you know maybe I am. In power that not enough this is a in this -- tried many times the nobody had their had. So and I wasn't particularly impressed with it but that finished up I know. Mean. Give Russia and look like listeners like that the -- Because that -- that you put in the bank exceed I'm probably thought hey we are adding Internet architecture that. A note certain the united its structure argument that we -- and being skeptical. But then back into it -- -- what's in the book for the student that he is the war to eat -- -- I never understood that but yet but that up that -- -- -- -- most -- You think in the US should have attacked earlier do you questioned Clinton's news. Strategy at all coming. Well I think -- -- -- -- he would try to attack I just don't think he had. And that that ball stopped attacking template in that it's just yet poem in order elude this. A wounded adamant. There's just that it took this it in the left in the and they are as kidnapping that but I think it is intent where -- the times that -- -- -- you know. It is cautious that it couldn't. But it could get a chance. It there and it apparently -- the -- -- here. I mean it's legal and okay. It unit is extra tight and you don't expect -- they'll actually go at that. The argument that that's the problem. You know if you if you repeated in -- indictment in the -- in. Get connection either direction it and you want to get at the -- to retain you don't expect. Actually do it at first triple and they want the opposite the United States as. The dish -- It's great that there he had not been seen and heard about the back seat didn't at all that stage. And eat -- and type in the US are most of that I mean there were it under each. And he gets to eat and eat at you that a war that sprint opposite a human. Tommy why didn't Julian green played more. -- earlier. -- to break the question it's a very good question. You know we can't judge cutie agree and I don't want equality. Sure beat up we have Benito is sort. It was night it set up by it practically and we expected more from -- -- area of the game that we didn't get it. -- You know sometimes you put it's a bit and again he is different states. He that the broad -- -- it make -- pretty good traction when he cannot. That's the questions and habitat that's you know like you have seen it India or are there. Army has its share these legitimate question it is brilliant work a particular situation. -- what did not teach or bring him. You know at your kinky that he is anti heat check shortest was that he should be on the -- there. It's only hindsight being 20/20 do you think it was the right move to radically change Bradley's position so cold to the tournament. What I don't teach that can learn so much change -- the position I think it was because of it -- United States will be pushed back the -- he. That cop -- but to look back -- had battled the deeper than that and the need you to look at Indiana at 21. Shots. A year yet this year as a 22 shot. I mean that he does that -- pride besides that it that it the seat on Brazil and Whitman the pot belly beast of a re that it but he can't ignore. And I do what you try to get back into at that the backboard so he that it had to -- -- -- for it and it. Even astute stretched from where he should be in other horse. We talked to carried about -- hours. Egypt where he should be it was -- it under normal circumstances. Striking it that he's rule. Watching the slight supports our kids that. As it was a fight back -- cheeky that the that the US Paetec is hinting the chairman and in Germany or count that in in. And the American -- I talk that the best it Brett at first but against pork yet. I'm in what it -- the EU that -- up as much pressure and bad it is that I -- expressions that the re supposed to be that the more. This might qualify as the ultimate second guess but bear with me could the US had used Landon Donovan in this tournament in that game yesterday. Well it'll. Am which you are second -- from I mean does he joked that second yet. And and I keep it dominant yet could it -- -- at adjusting. He sister wife he'll hit for international football. And keep the list kind gesture that where as this in itself rebels do indeed yourself what just popped up on the barge in any -- -- second. This has stopped we're camped even Kim power strident and all the time. Thank you you're listening to the commentary I can't hit either need to attack -- It and that is that a -- -- to began about the fact that the intellect as it is around so much pressure. And that's -- -- somebody you know. You go back and look at it happened upon it looked cheap and it sure does or about eight I respect indicate. Where. You know somebody -- government. -- -- in the net predicting that it -- just speculate that I came up there and and it can part of that -- -- back into the habit of which are stretched. Donna we are just sports on -- after the game said that the UUS needs better technical play. The need to possess the ball better how to they go about doing that. Well and up content coaching coaching coaching coaching coaching and coaching and that starts as a nor evidence. The -- -- a majestic pastor from dad can't do much your dad and meet. I Boris Said and and it's it's one editing it gets into that trouble that this -- I say this but it cottage EM. The change. Because you're in that if you -- to try to reshape it -- your agent your. Pretty -- it for years product and your opinion against the intact -- there. What you are. Where overseas in most countries you're ready to sporting academy at that and that -- would -- -- just get better in Madrid Barcelona. Europe they're in your training against the best players that they have. So if he chipped it overseas. Four years jump start of the chip -- -- product well. And it you have to change something that situations where keen ear and note the -- here and interpret their -- that it wouldn't it. Because the minute it -- it EO rich that's a basic cheers and -- you have to caged heat players. It vehicle backing -- the most to you in you don't see situations where you hit your -- -- he hit the ball. He Iran trying to fight -- -- -- around. He gets to argue on the sixty hour. And an obstacle and on an oak summit in -- -- -- -- Didn't hit the kick -- -- -- and you have to hit the part of either position and you have to sit there and make mistakes. So you can get in the. Tommy a lot of people in the states think that things are changing that as you say things have to change things are changing. In their mind that we will be better in the next World Cup and then in the one after that and eventually be able to contend and win one do you do you believe that do you believe that Norwest. I said this for a long time I -- -- rely -- tranche. And people have that at the end backed up and any arguments that the city surely surely the -- I said that the said the prince is you know. If you look at what the United States you're in a mine church United States and went and eat it comes to get it. It you don't Perry said the you you seal chase has track these meat they're not that web support -- come the other at which he beat the American at eight. Win or met respect and understand. He -- it big. And it spicier it doesn't work they'll give it some of the morally. What Americans think overseas and went to tour transplant do you ever seen by here it's your. -- democracy -- -- -- and the great you know PC soccer. Pre -- you don't and you see kids can't soccer. He needed immediate can't find eleven players they can correct it wouldn't work out. -- -- these other sports can do that -- that haven't beat president the United States it's it's just personal brand. It's army -- a question for me can you think of any solution. To to fix the fact that the best athletes in this country in the USA. Goal and gravitate toward other sports while the best athletes in most of these other countries gravitate towards soccer our best guys are in a -- and professional basketball. Professional football -- the case may be is there any solution to that situation. Yeah this situation as you gotta get all the solution -- you got that you know the solution is the US -- -- it. One star -- whoever it is that it may actually you're read about it. And how can make that -- money and the -- it's it's EU decision Dominican meanest guy in and it actually make Turkey rather Turkey -- rat the or something that's. It's easy decision making your kid growing up and you use your -- it's -- ought to -- actually brought -- -- -- an opening it hit a chance for. What a day and you've got -- sources or. That is the most money each. And our auction at the moment it the United States soccer doesn't give up what money on that sure Rebecca Murray gesture -- east lead EP starts. What what do you do -- come in just curious because. We'd we'd love to fall you personally where do you go from here. Question will pretty DNC get -- -- -- -- one siege. Secrets in the work like it -- -- that ESP and -- -- It carries all the soccer carries. Syria are carried. A lot of -- it carries. -- open doctor Doris -- the competition from her on the court and we short internationally. And the assortment part of initial cause than any ES PNC which is on six actually get back on separate rights that we are. Where we take a look at that -- on the war we just don't approach -- do you actually took a chuck around the work. We have a lot of former -- -- they're that if we checked and -- didn't stop there Boston bench. We applaud our current delegate -- -- -- she need to activities that would -- it matters the retouched. So we've looked good tonight at issue -- -- -- that our cup that soccer would play and we're not making news in the year match. Tommy thank you are much for helping a buddy ribbon and they blow on this US World Cup soccer effort we appreciate it take a time -- twice not once but twice to talk to three dummies like us thanks Tom appreciate it. Thank you very much and looked -- -- Trend -- box and take care.

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