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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Arod sued 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Actually it's not headlines with -- minute hand is on vacation by the way Jerry have you noticed the text machine. There's a grass roots movement it's like it's like a forest fire. As well -- we missed -- -- that that atheist. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people wanna get you back in the some people juniors access -- chairman by net realized how much I enjoyed meter dump the other boob princess it's like about his view we asked you leader. Wet when you come back full time so they can reassign the pain in the ass atheist would approach it like when they replace. Leno right with Conan and it was just such. Such discipline rules and now. That eventually they threw in the Tulsa OK will bring James comeback about the same way doesn't it does like it to a lot as I said the last dollar zone as minutes fitted very effective. There. You know you love the big not I think he's done a good job. Could you are huge but you returned to do this and get up at the looks happy or client kind of happy and that's despite the development well -- yeah. Level of definitely well arrest I get up every day I announced this sort of the not so important real. -- -- the little woman let's Mexicans -- she's cool -- hello we have an opener. -- He's got no job he's got a rare rare though yeah it made it do its -- while she ideal pair. I had him it's like 55 -- apparel maker by my mask. -- -- Yeah two week that the US soccer earlier or not. But. I'll bet you a lot of that the kids are already gone. None other that there there are the school Voyager we suggest that Jerry and that was when they don't have a car -- -- go in the schools that a little boxes. And then what that does is -- it's I do you got mastered this it's finally got that cool show one NASA which I have to. Actually. As we haven't we have interviews. Look I -- by the way which can take life is great New England okay here's what you have to do we get a exclusive interview that we talked about last them is Alex opened the product -- loves him who and is that on as the creator of comic creator writer of Family Guy as head headed to yeah ways to die list. This that litany of he's a Hollywood -- she got. This will be on you attitude Jerry today so you -- -- -- -- our life is great channel today. And on YouTube channel you can get the rest of the interview by signing up to our website -- life is great any -- down. Like this rate in any dot yeah yeah obviously don't like his great viewed at golf but I'll try. Try trying to aren't that Allah so it's as a bring back meter bring back meter dump deal. -- number one I'm not even Jewish and I want meter back. Somebody I hope it's a woman from the 617 -- metres of in my face. -- yeah okay it's right there all right. -- -- rested lions without men and has brought -- by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. I guess the worst -- having a loved one relative. Commit suicide. Would be to have the relative commits suicide and blame you for driving her to do well we get -- what 24. -- excellent now. I thought that was part of the episode and missed Monday -- call it's awesome my mother and so called siblings writes Nancy -- Who is Julia Roberts half sister. Left a suicide note kill herself in the bathtub and brought the ball but other so called siblings get nothing except the memory. That they are the ones who drove me into the deepest depression I've ever been in read and written note I've suffered through this disease all my life. Albert never been this bad I burst into tears every morning because I wake up. Just so you know America's sweetheart half sister Julie Roberts is a pitch well all she wrote this and are vulnerable so -- -- -- -- that Leo that. -- -- -- By Alex Rodriguez apparently hasn't paid his old medical bills and getting some ones. David Cornwell who represented Rodriguez in 2013 by Genesis -- ago. Intends to sue A-Rod next week for nonpayment of roughly half million dollars in legal freeze. According to two sources court well and his Atlanta based firm recently notified MLB. Players' union about their plans to file suit next week. In US district court in the southern district of New York. Era Welch on the attorney -- hear much about it it erupted nobody's coming back he's coming back yankees are almost as does its. That's almost all -- it's easy to -- course just the lack of steroids meter on. And I had this discussion at the game the other day and a lot of people were talking about that is that the lack of steroids yes. I think it'll just last your lack of storage the only guys in hitter Nelson Cruz and David Ortiz. And check out. In my contrary a knife wielding homeless man went nuts outside ABC studios in Times Square yesterday. And the clear that he wanted to kill Michael Strahan. Andre Johnson. Who aren't -- and out of Houston yeah little. Drastic mentor on Andre Johnson pulled a knife and made threatening remarks about Strahan the New York Giants football legend part time cohost of Good Morning America. During an argument -- a security guard near the show sidewalks -- set entrance at 8 AM. Johnson was instantly detained by police and authorities recovered its -- rated night at the scene. And. Each person and Michael -- -- price Gary's situation. But thanks to the past actions of the NYPD which was quickly if you order a if you were going to attack a celebrity. Like with a serrated knife to announce would Michael's story can be anywhere until -- -- so now do you bother anybody. He's got -- it's an expert likable I -- -- -- -- that's that they put that to -- go back and read some of the New York Post stories about him and his wife. And his peccadilloes aria Alia we on the show he's thinking -- it was a -- but he was a little -- a little OG and oh let's not there yet to -- -- -- It's not a line -- -- p.s on the rug and now he's so good -- -- -- to Iraq. I know I selling most parents SA -- again against jemaah Barnicle. I have the greatest dog. Not only does not in the house. If he goes outside taken down he goes in the bushes. And I want them. And -- -- you want your neighborhoods also used the grade -- -- i.'s own yard he won't go in the like on the lawn he has to go in the bushes. You know everything seems like -- -- goes for the second Portland and a return dissident. Ole miss -- -- you never have to discipline. Never ever so good. I did I've had previously had dogs. Did things like that yet lack months newspaper on the on the nose and nose a man who flexed his strength by allegedly beating up his. -- There's been arrested -- James works 28. Was caught by palm beach county police officers after they say he'd probably punished -- rabbit but violently squeezed it. Where all the rabbits survived but has very serious injuries officers separately bought was set at 3000 dollars at the -- -- yet. -- what -- we were left it probably on the kitchen floor. Like choking the chicken business and it ran on rabbits but to. A halt to this in the story -- the rabbit you know started. Sure it's yeah. Like he just wasn't unprovoked so much viewership and you're rubbing your rabbit rather than -- directs that -- the rest -- -- punch punch and -- five. So he's around my neck. And squeeze the -- A lot of time to do and -- I brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network or lines opened 617. 77 point 7937. Tommy's at the -- Smith. Listening to read the full -- -- -- and -- -- so unlike yeah Alexio Bob -- -- he takes this team to task he points out that there. Not anywhere near the level of these these world class teams. It's not necessarily in you know I don't toss it seemed to Brazil's league on -- -- close. Despite the records that are close. As far as skill apps available EPO guys that tells you they're pretty true comedy EPO guys -- the US. Tim Howard. One Tim Howard that's one -- I think that's one. The one that I know poppies will join us at 805. Had a great opportunity if you get a -- hearings begin within -- -- they -- yells at the top yes that was that that was the changing it begin. Expecting those in begins over and the US advance for the next round. But that's the -- but funny you know -- upon what you want yes sometimes you get a sometimes you don't.

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