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USA is eliminated 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the end of the World Cup run bythe USA.

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There's a possibility. That if we don't show proper respect this morning kind of like going to a funeral if we don't. Hawkins subdued terms if we don't seem sort of down in the -- we don't like ESPN. Have our flags at half staff we're going to release criticized at the end of the US soccer run world -- so I'm going to feature that. Racial pride. They -- courage issue are shall fight they showed determination. The moment they were wonderful. They just. -- alien advocate and value to the gallon and governmental yes yes you you can be one without the other -- and they were now resilient and Dina and don't forget never quit never quit I was expecting an analyst who that they were just walk off the field I'm out here coach we we tried lost. I love this idea that they get credit for -- the end were -- me wondering how much tag is left and that's what's. Burrell all lights I didn't know what did but it because usually you can but it and -- six years ago and is here. I used to have to wait the that was the Dino soliloquy was like three minutes and I had to pick my spot at three did as much. Easy going now than it was back in the day yeah yeah yeah this is an emergency you know I can sense that yeah. He's tapping his com media is that is actually -- -- Still married. Talk about a month about -- they that it wouldn't last I had eighteen days did you then you lose you lose. Whenever you're ready should go with some of the headlines that's a good one at this yet in this morning's all the stories. This is a friend Dan Wetzel. And Yahoo! headline US is -- effort. Not good enough to compete with World Cup lead to the gritty but I agree yeah as you know course and Jurgen Klinsmann as youngsters provide hope. Where US soccer New York Times. They write that 1994 yes. New York Times wild ride by US commitment but soccer is the winner of soccer is the -- Based on the costs of newspaper that's alleged so it's -- New York Times. It is headline in the globe Americans leave much to savor. In a 21 exit from the World Cup. Much to savor -- it's. Almost like we have to live. In and we settled pandas make pretend this make believe world because. I doubled checked you know what back its online. They went 12 and 112 mile an incorrect they beat Ghana and as an and they just showed that the hander from Brooks of the bench. And in dark. The play by play guy -- very good said the US just stole one so they stole one on this. Poor downtrodden country did at a but no electricity that has elect and and who's captain was -- the coach around with a broken bottle in the hallway I -- And having. Who has had that didn't have -- enough electricity to watch the game this poor nation. The -- in the next World Cup. I thought it was Russia. As a Russian -- -- -- yeah and the one after that is that's Conner got a Canada that the act cutter which is going to be interest and by that. By -- the US will be. You know probably favored to win at all but I I'm -- ING in ecologists say enough about it was enjoyable I not the first 75 minutes -- always. Which you know like the last money in the overtime. Was -- and laws it was suspenseful. If that pressure was on. I mean one when Warner house Q would you go askew one -- Q1 a little while -- on Rondo quiet when one no missed the net. When he had a chance to we all become a national hero and blew it I mean it was a really intense exciting moment. What we I'm not sure ESPN's aware this year we lost. We lost. I believe that we -- done we -- all you need to know and you know amen -- numbers guide you in the attacking third. The US. Had 49 possessions the entire game compared to 147. Now or else. And it was total domination again. That's two games in a row Germany and in Belgium where we look like we weren't playing in the same sport they would just on a different level. And -- -- and we should do casino evil thing I'll -- my Jim you is Judy Amal. So what we're supposed to do. And we're supposed to say what do valiant effort. We got to -- -- they tried art we got our ass kicked for two straight games and philosopher Tim Howard they lose -- will get we all right we have a great goal a great progress in the war the best US -- ever. The best US soccer player ever -- Dan Wetzel. Writes the most accurate line I read an -- everything this morning Tim Howard was the only player who could match the Belgians in ability. Was the next line. He was the only one as good as they were. Belgium was bigger faster and more precise it's bench was deeper its options more robust it controlled the game it dominated. It was so the best US soccer player ever it's his goal you alluded my more so he Mercury policy goal keep -- right just keep this -- and hammer. This magic man this this miracle worker in the net he was phenomenal I agree. Without him. If you just have an average guy back there it's seven what's the score it's at least seventy probably do little -- -- 71 and -- -- Germany probably scores were so that -- blow me we just got. Our asses handed to bush for two straight games. Here's the un American part this is this celebrating. This complete domination is on American I'm winning and Coulter -- it feels an American. To say. What I could try. You know things they played hard to -- and well as Chris Rock likes to say. That's what -- -- and do stuff post up play actively and you get orange slices for playing hard and they got emergency -- That is devastated and surprised I found out. Because they lost the previous game. An advanced. That they lost this game and did not surprise as I should say -- was gonna happen and I love that the atmosphere in the knockout round. I'm in the first round is we were when multiple different to go to all these equations. We if you win -- go home if it 1010. Hits the net. They advance this March Madness base that's the greatest heist in sports history but they advance. That would be wild and we would have what 45 days -- the -- Of listening. To this. I wanna compared. -- hate those comparisons but does. This information. Department this. This project at this propaganda machine yeah machine is propaganda operation. Known as. ESP and tell us. How phenomenal the US is play and where do you go to get the truth on this sport -- -- I'll I'll concede some of the soccer and dance and soccer fans. Are telling us the sport is making great strides I would say great strides. But I learned a lot about soccer I learned about the players and learn to respect Tim Howard if he wins and SP are not seller I will salute him -- little -- and Tim Howard was great he deserves to be on the cover sports analyst and he will be April. I didn't know any of these things month -- so yes I'm I'm learning a lot. But if you want to know why we -- At this game week ago. And Wetzel Yahoo! Sports is headlines orders says -- US's greedy effort -- not good enough to compete with the World Cup police. That he's he's telling is that they are a level below are clearly a blow to the Belgium just made the quarterfinals. -- only the second time ever -- even sure we played the now they have nine players in the Premier League that was eleven. I heard nine you could be right I mean -- better -- a debate against Argentina. Belgian does Belgium does against Argentina I think our objective but at the one blowout. How the US they -- advance -- messy and -- -- messy. Just hold the ball he's what the US indeed I learned his name's William -- -- -- and well not Lional. You're weird Tommy's -- -- Smith drive an insane how the US needs to possessed the ball more right to become technically sound indeed a Rondo India Chris Paul they need a point guard needs some of the complete through the middle feel they do and and that's -- in -- could do and that was impressive. I mean to hold it on the feet whatever the term good friend used Landon Donovan once Josie was not. In all anymore I think so I think so yeah I think if Landon Donovan is is in one windows position yesterday he puts her back and easily. -- -- Communist Julian green I don't think he's like government America at the -- eight -- American jobs through it and that made him qualify your American team German American he decided like three weeks ago he was American. But that's cool if that's what it takes just five -- the if that's what it takes that he once had a layover the you know Micah LaGuardia old account. And I said the bases that you wanna play of the US soccer team. But we -- asked describe his wife says I'm learning occurs when the last three weeks ago where do we lack of not entirely sure. But is not an athletic ability. We lack in soccer skill and Landon Donovan you know for all his. Issues. With. You know. With explaining things athletes. -- it on the -- he said we don't have the skill we just we have the athletes you know we can run. We can you know I assume we'll have size and all that. But we don't have soccer skill we can't -- on which term you use the ability possessed the ball possessed the ball we can't do that. And Donna. I think that bad as you know we've we've been talking about progress and are -- making progress as a soccer country I think. Over the last two games you've seen against Germany and Belgium the real big boys that that's the level we need to aspire to win. We always have that competitive piece that fighting spirit but now we need to start developing the technical players. Being able to possess the ball and attacked better so that were the team creating point five chances and not the team that's on the other it's easy for me -- say sitting here it's easy for all of us a comment about that. The reality is is takes time I mean Belgian players have been being. Developed at a high level for many more years -- we have same with the Germans and with the Argentines all these guys so. We're doing the right things where we're making the right strides Major League soccer is done an excellent job of producing players and giving players an environment. Where they can grow and get better but it takes time and we need young players like Massey. Like. The -- -- players like this -- see who make a big difference in the real games in the in the big moments. That are consistently contributing when we get to that point. You add in the spirit and the fight and all that stuff we've always had and that's when we have a chance to really win a World Cup. Everything from Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports and he talks to Klinsmann or -- clones it's about that very subject quote. When the talent gap is difficult to discuss. We are trying at every level and every corner of the country and outside the country to develop more players for our team for our country. The US needs an alpha dog they need a few of them actually writes. What shall I know another quote from -- it's not only physically. And technically but mentally it's a completely different ballgame at this level. We still give it a little bit too much respect and our end when it comes to the big stage this is something they have to go through no matter how many. Years it takes and he never attack. Name -- one point when they. When -- -- hundreds of 217. Minute mark. And in the windows close out -- -- -- you're in you. Liked his game and you -- soccer your site and around will want to talk all soccer gets -- Adventist calls accident -- a -- I wanna get into the some point -- you know what the real. Dynamic here that it's a play. Revenge of the nerds this is a real revenge of the nerds thing where guys. Like in no offense -- you know on loan. Guys whose mothers wouldn't let him play football and get knocked the -- camps at. Or they went to these little private prep schools and they didn't really have football you know guys. Procter adamant. What is best. That we're. I'm not demeaning to say I know like Jerry I don't just say they're there aren't nerds the elect a Mike Greenberg spoke Colin -- Who you know I really don't know. And never liked that but in the translates football you know football was just a part of life the parents would allow what they weren't allowed on the climb trees. They weren't allowed to play it almost worked on -- and you know on. Its since they were four they played soccer in the thought of no. Given them to play football was never -- so finally. This is their day in of this as -- with -- Chris is old the child the day that he's you know. Just reveling. In this in wallowing in this moment because. You rarely soccer guys. Soccer nerds rarely have their day this is their game and and god bless them. But there isn't real revenge of the nerds thing at play here and there -- this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at dale on -- He's he's like striking out. As it is sought preemptive strike I gotta get that one of those casualties were. It's at the operators. Somehow brought this to bear yeah and now the football UT BOL haters. And rejoice and don't you agree with me that you -- and you know -- RD in a ball league oh like Mike Green that are one last week on the station Jack Edwards he -- -- Edwards total soccer and little. And knows the game and play the game that I played the game and you know obviously he's skinny and small and and -- that was his sport culture is very good very good and analyzing it pertussis is moment and they don't want that they don't want it to be. They feel like. If we say in Regis release this and we lost that your that's a step back they cannot bring themselves to say. Boy we got our asses handed to us in two straight games in in three of the four games I watched every minute of every game okay. You can't tell me that we played up to the competition in any of the game except Portugal and a macho Portugal's prime that aren't. Yeah there are now yeah and that's what sets these soccer culture apart from every other sport and Jerry talked about this you know last two weeks. They want it both ways they would be considered. That elicited the adults table Thanksgiving dinner but yet they don't wanna be criticized. Like. I don't know the Denver Broncos were where they got the grass is right in this horrible but it is not allow -- not allowable. To say anything negative about what we just saw it in your analysis has to be. Give port Orleans prized it like to the end of pinellas wait till they want you Michael Carr writes about this that in your post. Criticize us like with a Mets criticize -- like with the Yankees the Red Sox down like the Red Sox. It's a -- that I got emails from people angry at him because he was somehow it just. All caught up in the joy of US sought yes they wanted criticism. It's like they can't have a both way right. And and they have not reached that level if they had reached that level people would say. We just got nominated and winning it dominant week we gave the pig that'll. -- American greedy that tries valiantly fought out to -- and Amanda it's insulting to me that we the the the we get praise because we've really -- delete and postal. You know what you'll what a weird how soccer guys like I put -- dark in this category. Like when it gets to be true enough and they think it's over -- -- -- -- -- to -- what are often. And you think they are watching the Red Sox when they're down to nothing you know it's over what the medical I I I agree that it's appeals over. Then you flip a switch in new attack and I don't know why I guess and not like Klinsmann waited to attack. You can do for ninety minutes because in and they are pretty good pretty good at a counterattack and you know who made the best portable -- -- when he said. It feels like the US is playing for overtime maybe even for a -- -- just another way to say that which are not allowed to say they play trying not to lose or how that worked out. With -- prevent defense up exactly -- ended up there toward bombarded. But it's not a -- plan if you're as. As overmatched as the US I mean I would have a lot of pharmacy tech earlier and a much sand in the first minute but how about halfway to the side and I have a question for captain or coach commencement where it was Julian green the rest of the tournament. He wasn't actually even get his citizenship until halftime you know the -- he was finished -- exit it was. So -- honestly -- open up the paperwork that's a good question. And there's a feel like does that kind of nepotism -- not as Bradley's but just as. Guys first published and elect. I'm sorry -- there are a million American guys who are could be better at the job Michael Bradley. And if you wanna look in the right place you'll find the criticism Bradley he's just not strong. You know you look at these -- -- scandal week and it's pushed off the ball he's not strong like some of our guys you know what look what Chaka. Like like -- scored the second goal. French it was very fresh now I heard the -- who yeah I haven't heard this by I think I know what's going ago. After the game Bob lead. What is on the dais with -- in color and lawless and he asked each of them to give the headline I guess essentially what's the take away. From the US World Cup experience. Art I think I know it's -- turnout. But I headline on this Casey. Yeah it's gonna have Tim Howard's name oh yeah there's no question since Tim Howard keeps the team minute but unfortunately they just fall that little bit short I mean that's. Sad but that's the story what would be your headline. Get a read a newspaper headline on this game. Just physically -- team is not enough that would be my head he can't face it did Atlanta -- yeah. And physical ability he need the technical skills just. I think that this was a better version of ourselves. But there's still opposed other parts -- -- -- door gone. Better version of ourselves. Mature that mr. dutrow -- what does that do better version Grasso saved that for Whitman has acknowledged his -- pushes money hand over the edge analysts attribute as you know. Why did you know we drank -- was. -- boy went to practice. Great guy you know he's got a good presence. When the words come out that there worthless that marsh well Y off yet it's. You -- has more at bats but maid -- you are soccer. Simple question. Could the US of attack like ten minutes earlier fifty minutes I would say yes. But -- Clinton's answer would be. We have to defend that was well we're gonna get beat over the top. If you if we showed our playing that way -- -- -- anyway I don't I don't bet that I'm just tell you what he would have said well I I I'll -- this one bill. Nets who -- good soccer term that he. Nets that goal yet. Pockets at the deep pockets that -- has given about it but how. Much did in the match -- you put that much in the match. -- -- -- that -- in the match. They steal. A game like no team has ever stole -- game right they -- in a game that they were in which they were totally -- of -- as you say. One -- scores that goal. On our genius because we've turtle or you know we went and any subject you brought him on wonder -- this unless the sub. When's he gonna sleep again he's going to be -- Betsy in that elect the next month and the ship but anyway. If you attack earlier aegis that the counterattack and they don't even more right yes. -- -- a lot man that was exciting as hell when they attacked there was the final that. Shuttle machine so I mean obviously soccer is gonna make some new rules that -- only is the most exciting. Like ten minutes of the sport in the sport's history. And nobody knows when the game and and and I kept waiting for three minutes left -- about the better of the clock was yeah. Sense of urgency I mean and then it ends and they go one more minute in the coach goes nuts and it was a what do you mean one minute. One minute watch your language close my son Ben Massoud that you just at the -- I feel like -- Jermaine Jones owes me like twenty minutes of my life back. I never spent more time watching intently on the food outlet and a light on the field. As your best player to manager is not a power to what Tim are the best best to see ya what holds -- is not the alpha dog. I'll pick up now they need an alpha dog now he's he's had never and it's it's never been more evident comedian on the -- Neil broad yet they need to -- yes he asked a Rondo yes you know -- Smart. Calvin Johnson I mean they. They truly don't if Michael Bradley can be when he best players that you're not get the best that -- -- That's the thing on Twitter and we give it to you when we come back from this break. All of -- I don't know I give credit where credit is to get -- back in my hands. Where they went through the best athletes in America if they chose to play soccer. We -- with this team yes and by a large they were basketball players and they were football wasn't Calvin Johnson Alan Johnson was the -- -- and -- he's got like you know nine mile wingspan -- and you know. Elevate third -- nine RC absolute white -- guys Larry FitzGerald -- imagine any AJ green printed Marshall brand -- any of those guys in net would be so the -- and taken Natalie from Tim Howard. But I don't think any of them even try and if they tried could they be Tim Howard would they beat -- -- I mean skydiving. I like him he's got guts yes and he's -- big strain in his head of the bat what's going to be next World Cup 3939. -- -- years left but Tzipi yelled deal. Whatever and and I think he may give it another shot in 2000 is that too old to play in the -- them and that's old. Who else do you are out here and result that diesel -- 61777979837. All my answer to they're opened at the shore close -- Craig ran into all the top World Cup soccer. I'll give you this. Story that I told you about we get back and Tommy Smith. Will join us at 805. I was very noses. But I mean you could see it without even counting passes you could notice that he he just didn't have that. He didn't have that big advantages and in today's global what she is well okay.

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