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The Bradfo Show: Talking Bruins roster moves with DJ Bean, Turtleboy

Jul 2, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by WEEI.com Bruins beat writer DJ Bean, as well as Boston sports fan/blogger Turtleboy to talk all things Bruins free agency. With the B's recent moves, the conversation turns to where the Bruins might next turn and what kind of dent losing Jarome Iginla and Shawn Thornton might make.

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-- -- I'm Bradford talks all things that interest. It's my chance. To sit can still get another episode of this and to deal would -- show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of Brad -- show's sponsor has always -- -- distinctive clothing and -- -- doing insurance through the finest institutions. You'll find on this planet and today very special Brad -- show. Well -- NHL free agency in full bloom we have in our presence in studio in the -- -- show's studio. DJB and beat writer for. WPI dot com for the Boston Bruins DJ say hello it's up very blessed to be here to head and then men on the phone we have. The voice of the fan. Her little boy from internal voice sports dot com on average Bruins follower an avid follower of all things. Boston sports turtle boy what's going on earth so it goes for the -- -- Back as though we get right to it. We're gonna get right to Indians because today we could be talking about World Cup that's fine is enough -- too depressing to yeah I mean this who we were moving on from Belgium things about it Wednesday. So it. So in regards to the Bruins there was a lot of news to come out today and the first thing -- -- in -- time ago asked DJ for users to go run through the bullet points of what happened Tuesday. Who sign that we should know but don't don't bit don't bother with a riff Raff. This talked about the most important things to happen today. And then target terrible I ask you what was your impressions of how you feel as a fan. About the Bruins when you go to sleep tonight compared to when you woke up this morning -- DJ for us what happened today. I love the Bruins a bunch people -- the Canadian side Jarome Iginla to Colorado three year sixteen million dollars Shawn Thornton. Two years 2.4 million dollars in Florida couple not a great signing it and not a great allocation of cap space for the pit stop and buy it for him but they need to get to the the cap floor so great news for everyone they get a good. Experienced leader and thorn in Fullerton gets paid good for him that's more money than -- army here so excellent great news for Shawn Thornton happy for him -- side Chad Johnson -- what the islanders he got two point six million dollars over two years another case of good guy go to a bad team. Getting paid Austin the Bruins were gonna bring these guys back surely said today that debate pretty much decided yesterday that they weren't and number again we're back. And again UN he got paid sixteen million dollars over three years he's knocking away a cup in Colorado probably not but he got -- different. All right T boy eternal boy what do you think you guys I said when you -- your head on the pillow tonight. You feel okay about how things are transpiring. In regards to the Bruins were older does all of these stopped. Expressly give -- give -- the deal is the only right right that the guy does that make you nervous does that make you one easy -- -- you just have blind faith in the. Oh of course it does that feel terrible -- again. It was. On that he's got a -- I get stuck on. One of the worst lines are seen in playoff history on that top line and I think from the -- -- -- Claude you know he doesn't exit lines. -- -- -- Iginla line. 67 combined -- more than in the studio which which creature combines. I feel awful I think he's better and I think he's a winner I think he would -- -- blocking out the back awful it is what do you -- Will you raise an instinct point post season allies and he did that routine that was teaching -- to -- dispute they -- one of the -- I mean I can definitely take you back the last 1015 years. And save some truly awful while that that the united builds up but as far as the playoffs go if they were to have moved it begin off the line. You look at it did what he was one of your best players in the in the post season but who's nuts in conversation -- Smith so if you put him on that Bergeron line that you almost punishing a guy who really care noise from the post season. In rallies met losing delay is a huge huge loss. In your lips don't you would kick alone -- on it -- -- opposition's. Best stroke difference side. If you could potentially just don't back down -- Marcia did not think. You got it up here how to open up and together at least put in with the doctor and probably some weaknesses yes. But the that the pipeline that's -- our third line -- -- the line. Whatever can now. All right so episodes so the answer is in in -- I agree -- mean this that's all assaults either stick together or be security force USO if you love the third line in this great news for you because that third -- right wing we. Ericsson does what he becomes he's now with her two friends -- teaching coaching he's a first liner. Unbelievable. Did you try to clear from. So here's thing like this is two years -- -- -- the Bruins cut out to sell people on Louis Ericsson. Last year it was awesome because people worried -- -- Sagan people already get a Motown. And they move them. And generally the fans are okay with that they've they've since come to cutter of open Joseph the fans -- -- that they love the idea -- Erickson at. A quorum court underrated player and given that this city is gone it's rocks off on watching Patrice Bergeron -- thing. Wouldn't underrated guy you was they were slate tablet Ericsson common. Obviously this season people forgot what concussions are in all the look at where the ten goals and they say. That he's terrible is not a good fit that's not true -- loves a good -- would call sort of birdie there but now it's less of this great team that has surely give already you know these guys. Has Louis -- and we'll see where it fits in verses. Now -- legitimate like that they have to sell people on the fact that he is for real rough first line player which is what he wasn't Dallas and I think he can be but I much if I were them I'd go and fight another right shot though because now do we -- -- any. Right shot wings. On. There roster right now -- top so their top three right wings right now which the top two are definitely Ericsson and Smith a rough shot -- doesn't quit she is head. -- he's had again like yes and had left shooting right willingness to speak -- important. Yeah because -- -- back. I think there right now they'll take him back. I mean a better than -- better than -- alternative but. I mean I think it's important they are -- to be out yeah itself. Who -- the told I mean brought just concussion wiser in July and -- A concussion and -- as well. I don't -- it and see -- -- ignored and being Arctic warrior quality job. I think that Nathan Horton kind of wind he's. Great guy wish all the best I think that he kind of wanted to fade into obscurity and that's why you want to go long term deal off in Columbus but I I don't I mean. Look you could have written Patrice Bergeron -- years ago and said that he would only have a couple more years because -- -- so it's funny helping hope things go work out that way. They -- so before we get into how you're gonna fix the Bruins after an Aussie players out on wanna get into the guided -- -- it doesn't make differences on toward. And and now we have the image of sharp -- in. Wearing his daily cap on on the streets of South Beach bright and it's been affected so. You know we know it's on -- analyst here and I do think this torrent Thornton got a huge huge break because he was shot toward totally right. Yeah -- -- and he was a seven is the fourth liner who stayed in that. And any team for seven years straight that's ridiculous it's televised every year terrible as a -- and -- you see it that way because it DJ looking at it through the the purity of watching hockey at the ice hockey writer. As a fan do you say you have to have a -- -- yeah oh no doubt that -- can't they accept any for Warner actually that's a that's all it's almost all of the appointees friendly. -- -- and artillery during the Giant Eagle on that the Bruins to a couple but yeah I know -- without the other well yeah. Give lefty pitching I would say I will say that over the last couple years between. -- Burton. Andrew Ference now drew only give -- in Chad Johnson. The Bruins have found a way to lose some extremely. Friendly people. Well that's that's that's gonna -- on gifts -- Yeah that's very important its preparedness are extremely -- article with a look at our Chad Johnson citizen as a personal that's straight super so. It reminds me you I was listen it is the quick aside guys and those with that Dave O'Brien to the residents broadcast the in the game he talked about Jackie Bradley. And Jackie Bradley had you know rookie -- is here they're really good friends maybe they'll make a difference. Nice extra hour fastball by -- -- who plays directory. So anyway -- gifts to us that back I -- -- -- sharp -- for site because. Is sort of -- want to stay here he gets the two year deal which I guess -- would ask you guys would you ever have thought this sharp Orton would have gotten a two year deal. Probably did it it. It was an outside there all possibility I would think fit. I mean people are saying that competitive teams are turning away from having. Like these not a -- goods but fighters and guys with less skill on their fourth lines they wanna get. Quicker and more skilled. Just the Florida Panthers are not the not a competitive team they I think you they're trying to kind of changed the culture there they've got a lot of young guys. And they wanna have good people that Romans. People that we're trying to build its own self. Horton and get people to come the arena Tim Thomas slightly last year at this India ought to be a bit ago with a lot of you can watch importantly. C'mon yes well there -- circuit -- the ambulance and either way either way as long as he gets paid well until they get different. We we don't feel good arm hard and I'm not surprised that he would end up at a place like Florida if you told -- two years. In a competitive market it Montreal -- that your -- Right. Is this the last contract for Shawn Thornton. I think he says they want to play two more years at least and now owed over the last few months it's turned to. He's just so I wanna play multiple so here's a weird question that in in terrible you can answer -- the Charles Horton -- You say who cares about fourth line guy. Ball who takes the place of Shawn Thornton and maybe that's a broad question not just talking about the fourth line guy plays once in awhile but takes the place of sharp -- The -- Well some other group that -- pull off the street you know I think I'm being shot forty nice guy articles don't forget the 2011. One cup. Thornton had very little to do with that with Tyler state -- -- bogeys and double our exports dropped from. Certainly interact -- Game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. They were getting their asses kicked in the first period and then code put the rule I don't per shift. In for like the first time all game the Bruins kept the puck in the offensive zone they're putting pressure on them and then -- -- within a couple minutes marsh and -- Europe. -- ended scored that first goal so they yeah I mean the I'm -- kid stuff they need big deadline certainly had a big impact on a playoff from. I didn't think about. No he didn't he's he's so like -- state two or three. Look so Olympic area. In the -- episode mid cycle it was the last three of the Tampa series ended the first water the first two so. Five talking upper right at this came up before the civil war there and then I forget who was back from closure on it -- It is yet to make it short about who they're gonna -- sport and he you know -- great team player about it but he did it. And they vote that that's why I get my point here is that like yeah it. That is when they put back in the lineup for game three -- like and that's another thing you point do is take -- sync and out of lineup and putting Jordan back in. For game three was like a big momentum. Shuster well the good news is that we've established it's our authority as the heart of gold yes we all three of us I think you said that. But OK so let's move on this this doing to what the Bruins are gonna do now we've had this day of losing guys to turn to avoid your perfect world. Is there one guy that you want or even one position once skill set that you want. Somebody that can actually you know that the proper ball park I mean somebody that can actually hit it wide open shot from the that -- -- with the current lack. Electorate and say it was a guy that lack. Obviously not eating at a tricky but we would. You know -- talks skills that it in the political around -- In the collar off and tell them. Which loudly and that's -- But eventually you have to score in so be right before connecting again and again they're People's Court -- -- the support. And that it is. About an Olympic. Ultimately it's not the end of the world I mean the NHL is the one we. We're hearing your -- you can be competitive. In the playoffs and extraordinary -- and look at this year I think the Rangers were in the conference and mortgage. And king restriction in the tapping. Routinely became one copy to doesn't -- -- eight feet. -- or will we blocked a lot. Philadelphia 2010 or 78 Stanley Cup this happens routinely alternately. I think -- -- Lot almost what -- elements in hockey. Goalie have to get. Well so important. Regarding the whole score thing people always. Forget this the Bruins were third in goals last season -- for the Duma. That was what the deal also if you take away again love what we -- where we -- expect to go from there exactly even -- -- even if you get if you subtract thirty girls there's probably gets to be top ten years attractive and so still doubted that it is ridiculous goals so how do you replace TJ beam. How do you replace the game was goal with the -- -- you have you don't do -- is okay attitude is that a problem it's. In the Eastern Conference ID on this is so last year. You're good enough to get to that -- files we all thought and they didn't score and against the Canadians policies and they missed a lot of opportunities you're right turtle boy they were not scoring. Well what do you think you can probably Tokyo Richie and -- -- how big was that silly like Derek extra -- you said so much less space to do what accuse. It was obviously a bigger challenge for him in that series and it was in Detroit. Against Detroit. But as far as replacing it that production goes you can't go and -- another thirty Eagles scored the reason we did not side Jarome Iginla was because they didn't have them play you do it so. They can't go and find somebody who. We'll do the same thing -- got to move up -- exit or make a trade and hope for the best. Well so give me some you'll either is not one name. The -- you being the cap colleges that you are due today. Now there's not one name you say that I might be able slide in in May be right now we're not looking at him in the in the scope of this. This goal score. Could potentially be something that could really help. I'll give you one -- Frazier who he's gotten unbelievable shot may be the best in the organization among their forwards certainly with the give Oregon now he's probably got the best among. That their forwards. The penguins for years like. Leave the team that they can plugin. Guys who have -- really good skill set with the other great players. And -- scored timely goals media if you play a -- Frazier type with. A David -- Maybe he scores atomic goals just from being with two other really really good player so he's kind of a dog of course they can put in there and maybe he could be a 20/20 five goal scorer. That's not cabinet thought it went -- all the the Republican of Jackie Bradley -- -- -- the replacement for Jacoby L Barry. It's an improvement. Right totally it to mean it's it's not ideal but I mean and I. I hit the whole cap jail term thing but really unless they make a lot of trades then the their hands are kind of tied here I think the move that they -- made if they wanted to was to get rid of Chris Kelly move his contract but even then. He still would have needed another route to a three million dollars for they would have been able decided Jerome Iginla type so. -- doesn't I moved to be made out there by just going on -- somewhat gala or. Whoa what's that. -- -- Was sold to armadillos cap hit is going to be five and a half million dollars jolly good techniques 3.3 million dollars if you trade improved budget draft picks and everything. You're giving up somebody who. Mean at the end of next season he's a free agent he's gonna make a ton of money look at all of money that these bad luck -- defenseman are making a new market right now. Johnny boy -- a really solid right shut defenseman who could play on the top pairing and a lot of different teams. He's gonna make -- so do you. Give that guy wave or do you Mickey preemptively cut your losses knowing that you'll be able to afford him even if you do that you still have to move another contract before you can afford Jarome Iginla. All right so the last question I ask you guys -- you talk to a movie you know the contract and we've gone through. Who they lost through the potentially dead or not -- because of the cap polity. But Brad Marchand who came up earlier in the off season and there was some rumor surrounding him those rumors were shut down. I'll start -- turtle boy your perspective you don't it's LB debt whether or not Brad Marchand that he traded. But what you wanted to at least explore a deal in regressed Brad -- or is he too valuable especially with the gimmick gone. -- -- -- -- Archie Bunker and Lucic oh great it's so hard to -- Physically he broke Marsha can be show me what you have to be we'll never forget them and feel like I. -- -- The right time could put a popular spot. Truly amazing what he's been different. Why are you gonna get that Marchand are gonna get it jerk that we've seen the final act where it usually is wanting to Europe -- -- backing up was all square in the -- is another -- if you're just have to do not that you contribute very little. Ultimately. You know it's really caught on because you don't know what -- -- I would treat him I'll I'll pick one and Brad Marchand is going to be. I think party's VP -- So each year ago and each year I -- Brad -- for thirty goals and he's yet to hit that mark yet he came close a couple of years ago he had 28. But he's a guy did it again and you brought up that the streaky -- -- this year he was just her terrifically streaky. If he's consistent and we've yet to really see it for a full season asides from that when he 1213. Or 201112. Season. Then he can get to thirty goals that being said. He's not I don't look at him as the real core of this team which is. Chara Bergeron Moochie engine and Rask. So aside from those guys in the -- creche in there aside from those guys of course she should be willing to deal the guy like -- the right opera comes along. Yeah but as you well that's easy to be willing to deal any human being right stand -- What might buy it is by no means the problems that they need to get rid of in order to make this team better OK we are you know well -- in it gave. You might not be the problem but if you dissolution. That's very that. It was unbelievable. How could I just -- your mind I -- -- slowed up as you were saying that because you realize how cool your but the sound. That he's not the problem but he's at the salute a low. Let's go into next year who would you guess would lead the team in goals last year I thought would be a good luck or a martian and and which way to go so as the team is concert right now. I mean -- a candidate -- is an eight. Sure they got result I think that your big huge sheets it and -- And sells -- -- part time they have been. He. Can't really critical at this thing we we've seen in quite some time. And you know what I'm gonna put it can help frustrating. I mean I -- it's the first -- Jacqueline I. Show like the three guys keep marsh and creek scourge in -- and. You'll open it up from time and then you're just aired TV and then it's like what is wrong when you -- the guys -- of course -- Certainly -- like. They're beyond pushed hard but don't understand. A -- if you feel better or worse about the program that developed -- that you did at the beginning of this podcasts. Are. -- -- -- -- sure I feel the same way of the DJ just brought this on news of the Beagle dose -- reality play I don't know a thing as a bad thing but it's. It's it is the reality in an ID -- why don't you have a good point in the hockey you know there's a lot of parity you can still win by being a lower seed we understand that. And there's still one of the better team. Did they let their five best teams the NHL I think that's a great thing to give DL we're here right now to oppose help because you get so mad when I would say. There -- one of the two best teams the NHL and you would. Lose his mind how could you suggest they're not the best team yet if you're one of the top ten teams and the HL if you if you said terrible what if they're one of the top sixteen. Teams DHL US do go and you got a chance so. And giving it happened I did you know I. Don't think it. They'll take being one of the five best teams -- HL are -- as good today as they were yesterday -- But all parties to Crist. -- earliest who who who really -- visited today is they -- yesterday could be what's the the toll keeps going -- not as good as I once close. Turtle boy what so what I always thought Matthews what's -- what's the -- your crop in due course where. Where are you at the podcast we've talked about the Bruins eternal -- sports dot com great website. I want you European unity guy your voice the fan was sticking your crime as we speak. Our outlook -- a stake in the micro it's too predictable I mean we've -- -- -- before people complain about -- -- It's terrible soccer and really identity consistent so offenses but they're -- sport. Can't even say anything negative. About soccer without them call you in the hope there and you know are you -- Americans. And you don't understand soccer it's like. Americans in general are ignorant but -- it. For well automatically my ignorance. Nevertheless. My biggest in the world cup of love watching it with their playoff teams so far not a single underdog has won one of these yeah. All the group leader as long. There or something wrong with well you watch -- a couple of bloody RC US Belgian game today right in and yeah yeah it was a great story or not done a great story from the US -- wasn't rates too -- yet they could have won today. Yeah but it kind of optical electronic -- it was it was you talk about -- no upsets well as a reasons of upsets because. Don't you have like a hundred shots on the US you're correct. In vastly superior team you're I think taller than average. Because I -- It's all the players played basketball. Soccer and so -- corner kicks the United States such an advantage. Then -- -- what -- is that every Petr they're much keep that better but it was like under the two or something ridiculous like denture. -- this is your read a -- usually think little country. The Connecticut of Western Europe literally cut through between France and Germany. That doesn't even have an official language be the most powerful nation quarter. That it. Our actual status and missed the World Cup because the final -- the Associated Press photos they've made the don't make any bones about it they're gonna find the hot looking to help me out there are -- but it with a body pain in the of the country's collars and I've I've noticed that every photo that's puts on the -- yet dot com it's like click here for soccer news. -- -- -- old. Little soccer news you say -- boy this is that what they call I don't -- While all about age and that that. Are terrible over thanks again for joining us always a pleasure eternal boy Tuesday's I think I like this -- of that total of -- And what -- we can DJB. Nazis. Who you think about that right. -- way we're going to be windy anyway so it terrible thanks for joining us DJ thanks for joining us and will do this all again as we close the season. We'll talk a little just to have closed for the season and talk about something else to your music -- -- rednecks and we you'll be closest seasons non moral closer we'll go with baby steps -- you're music guy. But what's worth your music. I know you name that would make sure they aren't able. Nice -- country mile up there there are what we do we reduce the karaoke often you're overnight tonight. Whoever does so will it. The -- quickly WEEI rents went up until like planet Mikey -- and stuff right cunard it's not that's the that's the -- ago. I don't -- is there going to be but is there something that involves a little about a little inside. Inside radio slash podcast DJ terribly -- yet agreed idea tell me your ideas that you wanted her role as -- in. The in the National Anthem gone. No yell like singularly then then what if those offices across. That map with this this this today. OK hello is so when the Bruins were knocked out of playoffs really what I wanted to I really don't listen -- this night out well we'll all you will. We'll try to execute it in the member you'll find in bad times are we this'll do it anyway that's another -- show thanks all my guests for joining us through halted. T shirts if you Ari -- I saw fidelity certainly all be getting teachers select yes -- and so have a great day and thanks again.

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