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Jarome Iginla, we hardly knew ye. What do the Bruins do now?

Jul 1, 2014|

We discuss the loss of Jarome Iginla to the Colorado Avs and what the Bruins will do to fill their team needs from here.

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Drama yet. I signed with the avalanche. Got a three year deal with the Colorado Avalanche for sixteen million dollars a lot while McNabb was -- -- -- When when the Bruins then they couldn't go beyond the year. With Roma -- It was pretty obvious -- guy hadn't had a great season last year for Boston. And he said he wants to play at least forty he's 37. He's got some good hockey left and clearly beyond one year in the Bruins can go beyond the year you know if he went to the open market. Is going to be there's going to be pretty robust market form and that's what happened 55 million dollar a year five point five. Five point five and fives in the three years of the contract. So now what are they gonna do what the Bruins got to do because now. You've got to replace you need to improve anyway not dramatic radical improvement -- team that. Was number one in the league in the regular season and and and ran into a a Montreal team that was all over Rome was ready for everything they've been brought to brought the table put. They still need to improve and they lose. Drama to look for nothing when they get. Lot tied for the team lead in goals this year tied with Patrice Bergeron for thirty goals led the team in playoff goals. So where -- where would you where would you think about going with such a perfect fit for this team yeah I think they wanted to back. I I don't know. -- easy for me to say here and nurture our award given in three years. Yeah and I'm not sure that he fits with the Colorado Avalanche to be honest with you. I'd given their team's speed which you know he doesn't have a lot of -- his age he's eight he's a great fit in terms of character and goal scoring ability. All of those things. But three years old and sixteen million. Ours is is a lot of money that's a lot of money in you know we said it last week I was in here with jacket Regina -- talking about you know money talks and no we're not sure where he's gonna go but. Obviously money talks and like you said to have disguise a figure in the locker room and the help help that organization in Colorado. It's that the loss for the but the Bruins so. If you look at an art again let again what goes. Jack Johnson goes and that was a surprise to anybody not data I had already said that he wasn't coming back there in Shawn Thornton get to deal they -- to order up and we we've already discussed that. Is there any chance at the Bruins will be active today now -- -- I don't think it's don't have the room to do it. Let's just this is this is not the point then and I'm not talking about the regular contract when I say this. There have been some cool free numbers out there today first day of of -- Brooks -- -- five years 27 point five million dollars he's 32 years old. That -- -- -- five years four million a year from the Edmonton Oilers. Some of the contracts that have been given out. In this first day of free agency and it never fails you know teams have been overpay at this stage of free agency. I didn't think the browns were gonna sign anybody today. What did you think of the Ryan Miller deal. Three years about right Vancouver has million dollars in Davydenko overhead desperate need for goaltending. And they traded away two great goaltenders -- no apparent -- And -- -- maker that was that was that was fun to watch and see and you know Longo is unbelievable and you know it's. It's crazy to see the goalie carousel maker but obviously. You know on the picking up and -- -- is great for the city. We are talking body a city that at one point at bolt Roberta Luongo and Cory Schneider -- the ball away and then had to go desperately find a -- 101000 it's in the year earlier disliked about art so the panic. Frantic deal he got what five million dollars a year is that what it was were Thomas manic yes -- so. This always you know there are more examples of this this kind of stuff in the opposite and in the we could have had another example of it in Boston if if Stephen Drew. Had taking less money with the Red Sox in the offered initially one year fourteen million dollars he waited for something else in the Red Sox from a favorite game two million dollars which is fourteen million dollars parade but -- -- manic. He turned down in February. He turned down -- contract extension from the islanders note the offer was was four. Seven years. And fifty million dollars. So it turned -- seven million dollars a year any signs today. For three years. Was at three your dealings are I believe -- -- -- -- for five as -- yeah I think so and I'll look it up I mean. You don't most of the time I don't know what these guys are are thinking. Yeah Thomas granite used I have and maybe just didn't wanna be with the islanders and and his agent told them I don't know don't worry about it. Fifty million dollars out there elsewhere. Don't worry about it but you know it even. I know I let a lot of Bruins fans were all upset when he and a go to Montreal and and I I didn't to keep it here at all. Now I know what what is going to be said well you know they got further than the Bruins did not -- the Thomas and. In order -- worst case scenario if -- -- And I -- this might be tough which is trying to set you signed a deal. And then you say OK now what do I want to be out it get me out of it out how it's harder it's harder to trade you but. At least you've got your your seven million dollars got -- security in and out the same when you saw. Rick Nash traded. Rick Nash can be traded pretty much anybody can be treated. Whose contract was awful I mean it's just on and on -- goes on and on for days until the end up until the end of time. Rick Nash has a contract. So I know Rick Nash is a better player than Thomas manic. Was considered a better player and Thomas frantic but still -- table. -- it and look they're a bunch of contracts everybody knew that this first day of free agency. In the National Hockey League was going to be nuts and it has spent. There are some contracts that have been that have been signed that you know makes sense to me. There are other contracts that just don't make a lick of sense to me and I've I've already given you a couple of months. I I did not expect. That the Bruins were going to be. Heavy hitters in this first day or so I know Peter sure rally in an interview that he did on the Bruins website earlier today. Said that. He thinks it's more likely. I'm paraphrasing here that they're gonna make their moves through the trade market. And I do think that's more likely and that that's secondary that's going to be a bunch of guys who aren't going to be just the big tickets who went today. And they're going to be a bunch of guys were some are going to be on all crap I got to find a job here. This is yeah this is a tough situation for the Bruins a Libyan. We know you lose you lose your leading scorer you're leading goal scorer right. And you don't have a lot of money and this is why the swipe -- to rally and in Cam Neely are paid the big bucks because. It's gonna take on an awful lot of creativity. That to fill that to fill that slot. So who's the guy going get now I mean who it who do you get we're ghetto who steps. I mean is the only game I've seen the Bruins connected to free agent -- and I've seen them connected to so far is writing Obama. Who is certainly not -- a goal scorer of the Jarome Iginla type com. I -- I think that they've they've got to -- a couple fourth line spots and they will. Assuming they don't want to get that first line right wing which they just lost today. You'd probably see -- Ericsson move from the third line up to the first line in and and hop on the right wing with -- she and and Lou teach. -- find a third line right wing minutes first line right wing net sort of -- given your Macomb makeshift first right I mean. Who's gonna locate Arabic -- take away tangles that again and have who's gonna screech when Eagles that that -- -- You know what Brad I'm glad you said it you know -- we hear this all the time a storm by the argument even if you say -- Eriksson scored. X amount or it can be counted on X amount of goals and now. You'll only have to make up you know ten more or or five more doesn't work that way is the presence of that goal scorer. You have that -- airline short right. Every single night dozens of that guy makes that the defense do something different you got to respond to him because you know what his ability is indeed the drop off from. -- again whether -- -- pretty significant I don't think that can be at Bruins fans certainly wouldn't be happy with that he's there yet lost Jarome Iginla. But you know but don't worry about it -- what he did -- go -- -- that people root -- will be replaced by -- week. Don't think so I don't I I don't know where they're gonna go now at this point. And I know what everybody saying as well obviously Peter surely screwed up salary cap here. And that's fine while wondering well wondering about that haven't here's kitty well here's what happened. One they knew that they had spent right after the cap. They didn't mean they were gold for last year they thought they had a team that could challenge for Stanley Cup and they did. And then they fail and they get beat but the Montreal Canadians in the best record the NHL on the regular season. They spent right up close to the cap. They were counting on a couple of things one was they knew that they were pushing a lot of again was money to this year because they. In order to pay him what he wanted they had to build it in his bonus money it got pushed to this season they knew that they were gonna have to do that we're gonna take a chance. They were also taking a chance about the salary cap for this year. Most people on the National Hockey League expected it was going to be somewhere in the vicinity of 71 million when the NHL in the NHL PA got together. They put it it's 69 million. Because the NHL PA the membership of the PA. Bought too much money when an escrow last year they wanted to lower cap which by the way it's growing their membership. Because what it's gonna do is put guys out of work or so what players' association helped me out here now. Where players association worked itself where the weight. -- are there who want to lower cap and -- Lets players in the in the -- well what they were worried about ways and I don't want people's eyes to glaze over vote -- -- had to do with was escrow money. And how much money from the players' association -- and escrow this year and the players -- it -- we want that money back we don't want like that in escrow will lower the cap number. And the money will come to us directly which well. But now the cap is you know legitimately two million dollars less than people expect. The tough one you know especially speaking in -- from the -- standpoint you know you. You have you know Ericsson coming up or whatever and you leave what 45 million but you have -- Capra and an extra two million you know who knows you get for six rather than four. Anything about this through for the Bruins. Now it in the post season. Arnold this is the case in the regular season but in the post season if you look at this team you said. May need a sniper. Maybe you did say it but I said I still believe that they need a sniper but so they lose they score about a sniper. Necessarily in the traditional sense of Jerome -- he can do many things going among them is here your your classic all around player. The kind of guy that the code. Are really raves about. So they lose a score like that. And it makes you rethink everything. Like I thought that they would legitimately explored trading. -- -- To -- marsh in. As annoying as he can be at times and as provocative with a -- you trade him out trade away another. 25 to thirty goals score. You lose again -- now the pressure is on. Pressure's on them cheat the pressure's on Riley Smith preaching crazy I mean I urged her around is that. Is that realistic -- out almost got him into an Ericsson. Can anybody emerge. From that group and be something that they really haven't been. May I guess the only guys can. I mean the guy the -- -- -- -- -- -- that group -- just mentioned the guy most likely to score thirty goals next year. Is the guy just talked about trading away -- yet he's the most likely guy to give you third or maybe they're back to trade him naval. You can't think he's too valuable. Especially now -- if he wasn't yesterday is today -- again with three year deal with the Colorado Avalanche he's gone from the Bruins. Question is where they'll go from here and I don't think it'll it'll happen today. We're gonna -- take a break we've. And try to make connections with Taylor and we think we've done that will talked Taylor Twellman next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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