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Taylor Twellman live from Brazil

Jul 1, 2014|

We preview USA and Belgium World Cup action with Taylor Twellman of ESPN live from Brazil.

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We're not set its -- just getting on with the group stage I don't wanna go more on this woke up and -- some because it's the last opportunity. So new to make the most of it and -- shouldn't -- the -- our ability won't get a positive result. Clint Dempsey. The US team. We're still having issues making connections with Taylor Twellman and in Brazil we aren't giving up there I will tell you that the the lineups are ran. For both Belgium in the United States a couple of things that jumped out at us one. His company is playing the captain for Belgium there was questions about whether he'd be fit to play. But the one it's got you puzzled got me puzzled got most American watchers puzzled is -- Becker and Al Geoff Cameron and coach's decision. That's supposedly fit you know no injury issue and you know for all Cameron's -- in Attleboro we're happy that he's gonna get an opportunity to play. But the surprise. This is truly a surprise. I think that I think personally come backer man injury engines have probably -- the two best World Cup's of of the United States along with an hour. Just very shocked to see this but maybe it's the coach's decision saying hey look maybe you we need some fresher legs and -- and just Karen can can possibly give us that's the thing if you have one -- game -- Kolb recommend but still Becker and playing as that's sitting player as he has with Salt Lake and as the as the the national team in the World Cup it's. It's repulse policy. It's just it's it's a surprise for those of us from year. But we'll get the opportunity now to make connections were hoping this will work at -- -- to nova in Salvador Brazil. Our buddy Taylor Twellman joins us on the AT&T hotline Taylor we've got a -- night from the -- here joining us as well how are yeah. Our leader board not to rain on the we're trying to figure out the whole the whole back -- to the bench last year you got any ideas. Yeah it's real simple. Will be when looking at a child back and started Alter games played extremely well. But when you're in the group stage dictators. You -- you're looking ahead you're looking trying to get at any point today. Against the Belgian team that hadn't played at a 100% they haven't played their best soccer yet. You have to go to the web chat camera that scheme under your plan that went against Panama in Seattle. The sense that vitriol I'm not surprised by the change at all and I think you can see more of -- -- sensors. A tax and the United States mainly where. Do you like right but -- I want at last able interchange Clint Dempsey I will be more votes for a street street as opposed -- -- -- wanted to play in the group stage. Taylor it's Brett do you think you think you see a lot of the same tendencies as we as we played against Portugal. With Fabien -- again -- throwing in an overlap and. RIQ. You have to be careful against Portugal Bobby Johnson went. Hide because Cristiano Ronaldo -- inside now at -- target. Will not content side is much because it's Belgium plays with two front runners which it looks like it will. Straight into -- -- be extremely careful not going highly Gannett paper and in regards to exploit that in -- all of that. The United States would make eagle sports audience indeed that it and arms. The product of that he gets forty overlapped it allows him to hear the -- -- inside Egypt that's very calculated. It. And then -- percent -- the right shall there bull market ball. Taylor take into the mind of -- Klansman was there gamesmanship involved with his announcement that Altidore is available today. War -- actually believe that Altidore. Could be available today. You know Michael uninteresting question you know -- I was watching yesterday on my latest album Arctic. Compared there's a lot of -- is it not. You know it purchasing cards are Tom Brady starting over Matt Cassel gets all -- soccer so different you know it even if you happen -- -- world. You have to have all local players on the field I -- -- -- interest in almost odd that. US soccer wanted to make its announcement that -- it's available are actors in the reaction he had. Only fifteen days since he had injury. It -- -- and trying to have some gamesmanship. I'm not sure bulk of what that concern whether natural EnerNOC. You think it's possible you'll see him come off the bench. Oh -- -- you ripped it right because now regular kinetic art to bring in what eventually happened slowly. Had that it thought harder about an hour training policy used warriors out any options you need your ordered. Extra time or whatnot argued would give yourself what if he's that third -- And I -- who played with and then I think you can -- threat however. He's available so who knows what can investors. Aren't that a lot and extra time you go on a penalty. Have a thirds you wanna use it on him I could see that but I think it's huge -- people in the mall and because he had actually tried it yet either available walls. Do you think the US game plan changes of with -- talked to out of a lineup. And -- -- you think let's talk you out of -- lineup changes the way the US -- the other -- have you know obviously said that they're gonna play with too high now with him out of the lineup do you think it changes anything -- bees there and. -- Now I don't. I think Geoff Cameron will do good but Derek -- What we've seen throughout the tournament you obviously Michael -- And that the astronomical -- but he won 23 point six mile most of it or recruit -- so that put in the work the sensibly. Two WOK what what -- call -- is that is that you're in about Nazis. And what you're doing what and is let's say it's wonderful home so he won't start the game. Both contributed. Polls after the certainly it's gonna all four -- -- -- after that point they started slowly so. I'm really not surprised bigger and saying look I'm not a lot but get after teams that look into the house and -- innkeeper and get better legal. We're talking about this earlier referred -- came on and if I'm mistaken correctly and you won't have a problem doing that I thought. That I that I heard you say that I've heard you say. That Michael Bradley hasn't been as bad as as people have made them out to be in this tournament is that correct me if you had to give an analysis of Michael Bradley throughout the tournament what would be. Michael it's absurd it's absolutely absurd that there are immediate numbers. -- and Michael Bradley should be let them. I -- Michael Bradley at that number and struggled but. That's because the majority -- injuries he is that only option and that goal figured there's no target orbit and Michael Flatley. She's not the plane or you haven't had the best tournament. -- -- -- ambulance mr. Johnson's great termed it in my -- and the putt here. -- concession numbers. Michael Bradley had 85%. Of possession at all three instrument -- at lower than sixty -- so anyone that told me that Michael that was lost concessional. That's not true it's acted in the final there in most clinical moment. Michael Bradley hasn't been good so good in all fine he'd given the ball away at that time. So on that fair criticism but anyone that's in Michael Brantley should be on the steal it they just don't know what they're talking about. Taylor we talk with you before the US got a game I asked you to give me something back just hold on to have my one crutch my soccer -- so -- could be talking and -- -- it with the intelligentsia and in sound like I know what I'm where I'm going to. You told me that game. They -- Beckham and I think you made the comparison of Beckham and being Zdeno Chara. You know just watch what he does to David Beckham is not in. What do we look forward to know that the US is doing OK in the first 2530 minutes vs bills. Belgium has a part of individual talent Michael what they haven't put it together about the area and for the United States because -- that you put it together watch out. There'll be a player on the field Saturday not only if he's playing in the heat on the field they'll obviously know what -- stroke. What you play and they play a little bit more direct and not gonna -- prompted the united is it not played anyone in the World Cup yet. But it played with two front runners. And that have been a little bit more direct and that's going to be the matchup between you know -- doubts Omar Gonzales. Is the highest paid American that it detonated under in the week. Or region emergency defending. Anything yet here he went there ain't gonna have these very good because -- actually got to match up. Against one got a big dog jumped on -- a little bit more physical I think the first 45 asserting that it will be periods in each sucking balls. Also strongly from Belgium United States left to be on the coast. Final question before we let you go where is the edge in goal Howard or -- walked. Who called hits. While -- -- legal under quite there yet but. I don't know. It. To Greg gold standard and occupy out -- -- your enemies more -- Across the line could swap that he'd never lost that game from Belgium competent who -- aren't you obviously took that article Madrid. We get pretty good except for the young age. It's going to be carry -- and I will say that whichever goal keeper plays better in this game because in that stadium in fort Gaines. And 41 goal to get one of those will be better than the other -- went. I think all of America will be watching about an hour from now have -- that. Our board rejected an -- Brett have a go -- LC -- that is that Taylor Twellman will be calling the game with Ian dark. On ESPN at 4 o'clock the United States against Belgium if they can win the game. It will play Argentina in the quarterfinals that game will be coming up on Saturday. It's dale and Holley our third man in today as Brad lighten the New England Revolution. Brad and our third man brought to you by Suffolk University passion as a requirement. Not an elective.

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