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DJ Bean breaks down the first hours of NHL Free Agency 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

DJ discusses Shawn Thornton's new deal, and the on going negotiations with Jerome Iginla

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I don't bat last month but it absolute coin flip. So I guess that the -- my ball berth. I have a work. Disappointed but it is already. Great great experience he's had unbelievable seven year period so. Other so we're very excited to decided it was not well -- Shawn Gordon and DNC. After the bruins' season ended talking about the prospect of leaving Boston which she hats. Shawn -- is now a Florida panther. Chad Johnson's day. Western New York islander or one yet islanders for two -- 2 years joining us right now WB -- dot com DGB and follow him on Twitter. At DJ being years. Covering. The free agency movement on day one and joining us right now middays with an FB boomer -- Christian Fauria and Tim bends the best of your knowledge DJ is -- again was still out there is a freeagent. Yeah I mean until basically this is the way I look at it. Until you hear he's left he still there and until. You see the Bruins -- some kind of salary cap space he probably isn't coming here. That's no way to keep on these and -- say I'm sorry -- -- the only way to keep them. Salary are learning that more or less flu like they're looking at five point 69 million dollars to fill the roster that degree although -- include. Group that includes net. And to a lesser degree of include Catholic Archos ski and and Frazier suffered you can you have to go to your roster so. I really look they can open up some kind of states that the either give out that her to essentially work for free or. Further elude them. So DJ am looking here -- some of the other signings and the storyline that -- and I've been focusing on some of the numbers and I feel like I say this every year on day one of free agency I can't believe with these guys are getting. It feels like about. Less what you're about as a player and more it's about just it's your turn. To -- right on that. Yeah totally I mean I look at some of these -- that I felt good to great job with the -- they've been able to make the yuck that's at today's via trade. And then they just signed and ski -- in line me down the stretch there with. Without a lot and I like that the current like the idea of getting those guys with the pain and -- formally dollars a year or -- love. I've been -- -- got a five year deal worth four million dollars a year like you don't know from one week. To the next week what that'll hopefully it's gonna give you committing to him with a lot of money for five years. -- -- inning as at least set in which usually out of control and right now it's out of control. So a DJ if that they don't sign a dim I mean is that the simplest explanation simplest solution just moved to Louis Ericsson. Back to that top line. Yeah pretty much Christian like you don't happening it's not like it's kind of like -- Shawn Thornton when they decide they work in production on board. It wasn't like. They're gonna let sort of walk and then go side another fighter they were going to lose him same with Jarome Iginla if you leave Iraq to go and sign the first line right wing. One because those guys are really gonna be out there that they are there to get way more money. They can't afford to go inside somebody else so the move up here in -- means you're getting paid in the four million dollar range so. He gets -- -- like the first splatter anyway you look for liners in Dallas. They would move it up. It will -- I don't like about that is that what is what it would do to crawl sort of -- on the third line. I think that the -- kind of pride themselves on having got depth on the third line last year in if you suddenly take away you really good player from the then. Step backwards. DJ do you think that do you believe the Brad marsh and will be here. Next year when the season starts. Yet I do. Really until until you hear otherwise the peace so. Everyone would like a lot of people the believers and all Patrick Marleau garbage can -- it like a couple weeks a month ago whatever. They were like polio -- city's market -- guy. General and for whatever reason when you're surely says something the -- he would apply like he. Either declined comment or give you an actual real information so. I honestly don't think that he's the guy either gonna move if they do move somebody I mean I still like to look at two guys. Chris Kelly is one. And -- -- -- -- -- to take its contract and who don't mean buffalo suddenly is like signing these high profile are these are character. Regions they get they upright job they treated her for just Georgia's eighty -- like that would take a month. But it's either getting rid of a guy like police contract or it. Move and a garlic Johnny boy chuck knowing that you have a lot to -- -- and outright insult and hear what he's reading you next year. Lastly DJ it sure does sound like you're not believe in the redeem for -- talk. Now so like I -- it's not that I'm not believing that I mean that it makes plain sense. But again I just wonder what they'll be able to give them vs what other team to be able to give them. Yet and looking into some wonderment for bodies -- again if Gionta is yet and once he four point 25. Would -- some of the other guys who -- camel -- it was the number Camilleri on the I would -- it. Pride -- what side he was 525 people and five and two point seven and a half and I see any estimate that but he could sniff that it that's for sure. Elliott -- like yeah I mean again I look at a guy like like I'm getting four million dollars. The four million dollars a year you can increase the in this market for for what a guy like him -- he's not gonna go to Korea 25. Thirty goals like I just think that given that it's the season for overpaying for guys not to get -- -- At an absolute steel look you will it become your production. These days a shot or not only doesn't lead the Eastern Conference which are which he did but he stays within that division in Florida like you know who's dropping the gloves -- sharp -- next year. I don't wanna see -- And I mean it will let you think it depends Lou on the what the bruins' fourth line to get a look like it was good to be out on the ice at the same time as some or maybe Kevin Millar maybe Adam Quaid cutting or very there but. Yeah I could hurt or shot or I mean as a guy who. In his career never gotten paid million dollars and given even. You both to make -- million dollars in the first year block and yet you're deal paid about one say you either million or one point one million. In the locker cost a lot of money in the last year the suspension cost a lot of money so. He's got a one point two million dollars a year in a time where people are saying that you roll. Doesn't really exist in the NHL. You'll get them on a good. You shuffle I take -- back at diplomacy going Kevin Miller. Humans and -- now obviously not only on income outcome but that would be against England ball -- what -- a fight everybody embossed would -- -- year. Tears you -- throughout the others. Yeah it takes like TJ appreciate it Davis posted here and there look at. Yeah I don't -- -- DJ underscore being that's a follow on WEEI dot com keep tabs on free agency in the National Hockey League.

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