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Brad Feldman analyzes the upcoming World Cup Match vs. Belgium 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

Brad Feldman, the New England Revolution Play by Play announcer, breaks down what to expect from the game this afternoon.

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On up -- we -- to -- out. -- are steps that we need to get Bradbury Brad fell to witness Harrington revolution play by play Brad how are an excellent criminologists. Let's -- join us again -- -- While -- was trying to get his musical selections on there I was re sitting in my own and where we stand in this debate that is now drawn a line right down the middle of the studio here. -- of the opinion that who you beat along the way in the World Cup is the bigger deal than how far you've yet. Christian hire more of the opinion that yes while upsetting Belgium today it would be a great accomplishment for team USA in terms of who they beat and it being an upset. It's a bigger deal in the eyes of Christian enemy that they get the quarterfinals or beyond to truly polish team USA soccer to the next level soccer fans like to say. Where do you fall on that debate. Well you know I think in terms of public perception is no question that the deeper you go. Then the war people get off board and the more the perception is that is that American soccer's widget in reality. It you know every game as a measuring stick it to be equality. Side like Belgium. You wouldn't say a lot about where the sport is right now because to this point the US. Has done very well in terms of getting in managing you know results but I. You know that you look great against -- they did what they had to do. To keep the score close and they haven't played great soccer's that they could. Beat Belgium and do it in in a positive way. Then I think that soccer people look at that and say yeah we've progressed further than people thought so. You know I think in terms of media know overall fan base that I trust on the fence here that he got inserted to meet two different questions you know I mean. The other is that there's the marketing side and then there's the actual soccer side. Yeah I guess my point Brad was you know that that is the decrease in -- final sixteen team thought it was agrees maybe that the worst of the teams that's maybe debatable but. If they get set up to whether playing Greece and moved on. Wouldn't celebrate that is much if they beat Belgium I think getting through the group of death was an accomplishment that a lot of people don't becoming pick a goal and a certain pull. And and be one of the two best teams that should advance in this this bracket that they -- the fourth best team and it it. I hit coming and they're definitely murder force in people's perceptions just getting out of that group. -- huge accomplishment you have to give a lot of credit but to the coach -- Clinton for that. Don't hate on Greece too much I think they're the worst a watch of all the teams sit in it it it with the public session Honduras who underperform. The Greeks have a lot of experience good players they just don't play very positive volume -- up the man against Japan you know elated that they. They just don't -- They tend to not attack although I got together there -- Japan had a man sent off the video. I agree sit in place for you know maybe one goal in the game so that they're not bad they're just that's a watch. I coach you column now totals are -- who started it. So that it is -- a precaution ran a promotion so Brad do you so Jozy Altidore looks like he's been cleared to play. What that hamstring issue -- big east actually gonna have an effect on the game his team going in there to -- seen a guy come back so quickly from a -- like well. The terror or an athletic trainer I would say the 1516 days that very short term around. For -- hamstring. Listening to the professionals they -- people. Think that that would be a big ask. And the closer you get to kick off the more you're hearing the Clinton may be using this as. Eight equal way to distract Belgium in terms of their preparations. That album it just beyond the bench in the eighteen man squad and and not used in less is an absolute emergencies like one goal. The game. You know. But there's a big part of me. I'd say -- the last 24 hours -- per clear up proclaimed available a lot. Who would love to see Joseph at the end there at that target -- the hole up for the guy that you can you know get the ball to. The team playing higher up the deal which has been missing for the US's as well Clint and he has played for stretches especially in the first two games. You know yeah like they really support or use the -- And even see much of the ball against Germany. You can get -- target for like Joe's in there is it's hugely you can only -- 45 minutes sixty minutes but the flip side is let's say. You know he comes up -- after fifteen minute that you -- discusses the substitution. And this is the game but could go 120 minutes so that it is a dangerous. Dangerous game to play so. I I I can't predict. Whether he's going to be used I think the most likely and most sensible scenario. Is to keep them as the source that the Joker in the deck in the hole but you make in the third so let's say you do rebel war. Extra time. And then he can't -- I think you're playing down a man so it it that it's the top one. Right the late in -- Christian -- that you can we can speak to break you one point one date minimum right hand is not right. Dad not ICI tigers -- -- gonna have an impact patties is way too soon relays held a bit just -- editorials Roberts seems like -- -- -- here we haven't seen him yet. But quickly on the -- -- close we came out. And wasn't I guess happy with the selection of the rap I think it's a French rapid Algerian -- is out here yes -- and speaks French. How big of that issue is that for the US players to have a -- that doesn't speak English. All the supposedly he does speak English -- intimidated to just head games it's just planting seed you know Algeria don't want the you can say that the US not. Algeria out in the last World Cup and maybe the perception and is that the Algerian may be politically you know I don't want to get a -- -- I think -- disable all the guys because drawn dissident who I want. So I have tried bounce the scale of one will come at a press conference of course the world media he's Islamic big deal about but that but he wanted to just to plant the seed I think it just. Just -- like job that. Rest but I went and Brad on as our guest here in 937 WEI quick apology here Brad just let people know our interest in the NHL free agency to signings -- Christian -- off to Pittsburgh -- -- hold true to the Canadians -- a couple Bruins. Rivals in the Eastern Conference getting guys early in the free agency period but sick he was soccer Brad I do wanna get the penalty -- thing a little bit because I know that something that we're gonna touch on later. Outward you fall on the debate over penalty kicks coming in to determine World Cup players you gotta do something right these games might never end. And you got to figure out a way to advance the team's. I'm not as opposed to it as most other people who are soccer fans seem to be. Well not every by the poster I I think that there's really. No other way when they tried the golden goal you know the the sudden death in overtime. What they found that it had the opposite effect of what was intended instead of attacking more to open the first five minutes. That the weaker teams the over the team that was more fatigued. Tended to fit in defensively even more you know and so yeah there's always penalty kicks on the horizon you know you'd -- if you go. It's separate it may be for the World Cup. Final ready who is you know very unsatisfactory for a lot people mind before when you have Brazil Italy game. Went to penalties so maybe then you do you know extended. Extra time but it. Yet you can't what you -- -- get these guys -- one of the reason -- -- the US didn't perform up to expectation against the strong Germany team that they had. More than that -- I -- -- days' less rest and I think they were really worn out after playing in difficult conditions against Portugal. And so eat -- -- that then. It would it -- it would just fall apart if you didn't and these games 120 minutes plus penalties is already a big gap with these guys just as fitting condition that they are. It's it's. You know people -- -- 67 mile the game and there's a lot of contact and I think that he would really. You know that the quality of play as you went deeper in the torn to start to fall apart if you can and with penalties although I agree keep you know it kind of Russian roulette thing and it. It it in in some cases it feels very unfair. Know -- real quick on on Belgium you hear a lot of things about this team very young very talented maybe the best years are. Are are are coming up here in the near future but the weakness in that back lines in the that a lot lot of midfield as play invective may be an experience. What what they've done is they've had to move central defenders to wide positions although. It's not been all bad -- target and play a left back he can really play anywhere across the back line they -- injury concerns coming in and that helped the US big time. That the company their best defender. Odd is probably gonna play but with a a groin strain and the weather Dempsey. Where outdoor. Or both. They can put pressure on companies very efficient. And very strong buy it you know you get him one -- one stretch -- man and then. Thomas lover Molly and it is injured so. -- the only thing is it like let's be realistic. They have got lake -- at the -- and Daniel and Bruton who plays -- for. For Byron Munich and the law -- turnout -- these are still big con defenders coming in the back -- One -- one other thing that ultimate beside young and talented is pretty deep and you saw that against that South Korea when they started -- they played. A lot of you know second stringers who are. You know name players their midfield is terrific that guy Aden has dark. Big time to get poppy can disappear for 85 minutes and then he popped up and until he saw that against Russia. Didn't validate it may be injured -- penalties -- -- -- that they have Marilyn Bob Delaney a Kevin to Bruno complained of -- the midfield. They have one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament. This guy got people -- lost so -- set top Belgian team. Don't you know make no mistake but the defensive side. So you know issues that you that you talk about our our big pluses for the US economic exploit them. Braddock got out -- and 3120 seconds when he announced -- -- US an extra class bold. One you believe that they will win now like to Brad and they are like -- people to get out this video lottery will open up out there before the game are. 3:30 yes start 4 o'clock kick. With mayor hosting I had excellent thank you very much replica of anomalous thank god that is Brad down -- the rest play by play man. Here on 937 W yeah --

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