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Three For All- Fisher Cats, Rob Ford, and Belgians 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

The guys continue their discussion of the dangerous fisher cat, the return of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and famous Belgians

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. It is to explain the news at least three or wrong. 333. -- -- -- wrong these days with him at beat. The sucker thing is -- and there are tickets out of it or thought about and only debate. -- -- Belgium and so forth that we won't get some thoughts here but. We get to the free for all it's usually not related to sports material like -- here and there is not -- we're not just sports nerds that don't like look outside of the sport bubble. And I think we did. A good job of that yesterday we got her by talk about the Fisher cats -- 300. Tweets. Coming from people -- -- radical. People want to give it senate -- restored the story about the Fisher that was seen in the Bronx -- -- he's like that man. He went from somebody was perceived to be evil there -- about the world's biggest brat in the Bronx turns out he's eating rats. And now it's like that it's higher Bronx mascot this -- an icon this Fisher. And -- was talking about his experience Fisher cats. Fisher cats I've heard of. I've seen what I saw women neighborhood and I've heard them before the street it's just it's brutal we talked a lot about and sure enough the way here we go go to. For hole with the Massachusetts. Barely twelve year old boy attacked by Fisher -- Now rarely this kid I was at a house. Playing his child home. Any particular hospital condition not a -- immediately known in the -- but it. Now they're calling it a K a mystery while they don't -- -- believe it's a picture of -- but. Apparently enjoy tonight by assuming full. Quote animal came up the steps on the deck grabbed him by the leg. Up -- with the -- -- did not -- this. I don't know -- the boy we're still trying to get it -- -- -- still holding on his leg slammed the door so they suspected animal was a fox which. I don't think Fox's attack humans if they're rabid but normally they're very skittish animals right and it just sly as a fox. Right I mean you kind of heard that before a but now but now apparently. The animal control officer believed that it was likely eight Fisher cat there you go the innermost escaped into the woods. The -- -- bites on his leg and arm was taken to hospital in Rhode Island is no -- this condition of the animal control officer of the trip near the house in hopes of catching the animal. Vicious and here's the thing. Was it you know was -- -- -- is everything we -- every day don't stop doing you know it's not like you just like every tragic yet. Let me take your political obviously that these fish get sort of stick around it. Finish the job they'll pick from what you care about these things I think is. -- there's attract don't care it's under bad don't give up speed -- up. Never heard officially kept my left the last two days we have to. Discussions about Fisher cats would just go back to that it would have really looked kind of Connelly she did -- -- mad they Build-A-Bear may really get out of bishop can't build. There'll be ultimately candidate that they open up their mouth and make that noise you see that -- that you it. Adapting to exchange. Real quick I just don't know Dubai actually sought because. It's at this small -- -- weasel family is. It was wiesel wants to your picture of it out but it also execute it around it three feet do you have to -- to beat three feet long just. Long -- Well what it fishers are making news in. Boston area and in the Bronx. Big news in Toronto -- rob is back awful big DA back in office he addressed everybody at City Hall. It's I don't wanna sincerely apologize not just the people Toronto but every single person who was hurt by a -- words and actions. Does that include the city councilwoman who he threatened to. Fisher cat off. About six months ago whenever roses what was this photo map based I have plenty you know asks. Thank you for that next -- Where -- stand up and you know. Put out there I can say this much we're gonna continue to track the Fisher story. We got to continue to track route or is that you are antagonistic spirit now it's only a matter time before he falls off. What you have. All right so in honor of the US taken on -- and today it may be Canada's research in look at. So famous people from Belgium because I honestly didn't feel like there was a lot and there's some people here I was just amazed that there from Belgium. And the First -- I'm gonna give you hit it anyway what his nickname is. And that I wanna keep you can get it -- -- remember this guy read this nickname the muscles from Brussels. Knuckle here that's what I nowadays they reveal like holy cow what an aunt and AM beef cake you know I don't know what is it. The -- to -- beef cake now this junk -- -- all right Brussels. Blood sport double impact -- -- all these movies probably stop or not sudden death. How about how about this guy. From Belgium yes -- did okay did you know the guy's name. Would mean the guy call me -- -- -- and I guess they're probably joking long enough I slowed. -- -- -- that. What do our investment round was going to go right -- guys. Other part of the the creator of this received here called expert relies is artistically it was they thought -- there's a how about this. Audrey Hepburn. Requisite to being a Sabrina. The -- of old school movies put out -- bill today CBS fox. And how about this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And. -- -- -- over Simpson's now another thing -- requests and Belgium. The inspector on the saxophone. Well. -- Israel Belgium now though I had the I had to pull necked it. Whenever anybody comes -- -- saxophone again play -- -- in light you know could target and it wouldn't have all the answers. First the actors I -- those are -- are. -- -- -- And the creator of hit it. And yes I -- the budget different there's a bunch of scientists. The inventor of speak like I don't know what it is. The first bio chemist who nicely for cancer soap opera -- the and astronomer who invented the big event series I'll let -- -- George of them atop. My father whose government ministries and this guy moving little through -- from Belgium they're great narcolepsy in the crucial for thuggery. Can't forget about doctor doctor a little doctor evil doctor -- from -- but he has Belgian boy yet so yeah I was I was what fourteen year old hooker with -- -- -- -- I've beaten with parades past Summers and Rangel. You know live in the rough life. And there's a favorite people from Belgium police my top five. Stuff but I like it. -- 1 o'clock hour DJ -- is going to join us anytime to be determined based on what happens with the Bruins at any sort of free agent signings were targeting 130. So it should something happen between now and atop the -- or happy in our 25 minutes of uninterrupted sports talk next thoughts. Not -- DJ on at 130 to see if anything happens with the Bruins on day one of additional free agency got some Celtics free agency news that we -- -- Tutu and plenty more to come. On team USA vs Belgium here and at a -- WEEI at 4 o'clock.

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