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Mookie Betts on his debut in Boston 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

Mookie Betts joined the show to discuss his arrival in Boston.

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I would have felt bad for the newest member of the Boston Red Sox -- -- she's been in town -- the team a couple of days nobody's paid any attention to him there have been no microphones -- a case that no cameras chasing him around he's been sitting in the corner of the locker room waiting for somebody to notice that he's here. We thought he we'd give him an opportunity for media exposure on the Dennis Kelly program -- -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- young mr. -- Oreo. -- bar and your we're doing fine has as the media crush started to Wear on you because of course I was being sarcastic whip my -- Is that. -- -- but yeah and like the guys. The media Gary as you know kind of take care of so so it does not seem that. Does anyone call you markets. I'm out here is personal -- gotten -- and everyone else lawless bush team co rookie of federal. And they don't they think look -- own terms not terms that are really that are in the same thing. I look at this might be a more fair question askew after a week for a month. After two days it's not a large sample size but what is different than what you expected about the shell. And what is the same as what you expected before you arrived here. The only differences that you know you have the you have that if stadiums in a better lighting. In you know -- -- you have to do you know little better pitcher. But it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you know there are those. Going to be you know -- of the huge difference in -- not. What what position. Obviously you're you don't care you just wanna play if the man became the attendance. When a play wherever you want where do you wanna play. You know that true or have been currently heroin. In Georgia plane better you know secondary couldn't. A couple of holes. Can assure that our. That first ball to center field and it will be looked at that tape or not to be had a do over again I think it was just really an example in experience in that little nook and cranny near the 379. I think the ball actually hit the nine on the 379. If you had it to do over again would you go a little harder to the wall and try to make that catch. Home. You know our that if they would never play but he I've never underplay it out of their so. It -- -- the word -- thing that you have are probably would you know go all the way. Aren't normal inherit that it would. Tokyo's in the stands last night I kind of thought the of the fans are a little harsh on you on that play given. You haven't played -- before and it did you notice that there was kind of a a bad reaction in the crowd. Now I think the you know appearance there very well actually they're not planning being so -- to normal not a not a -- you're actually. I apologize on behalf of everyone the how well how dialed in was -- Jake -- last night in your bets specifically. Well I think he's didn't spot it and that she could do -- foreign at all on an easy -- Well I think he's directory during corporate just for sure is yeah there's not much we can do. That would certainly make mistakes and he didn't so you know. Proxy and for you know pitch -- pitch -- the well below the radar here. The the the first sentence out of everybody's mouth when they talk about you especially baseball ops people people within -- organization he has succeeded and done it done well. At every level that we placed him. Have you failed or slumped at any level of the game whether it was you know Little League on up. Ever struggle. Yeah absolutely it shouldn't matter. How quickly you struggle. Did you analyze. Why you struggled at times. Open yet I mean are you weren't going well. Always did actually it just turned keep myself consistently. But to their credit -- get the -- Only that 23 games of protect and obviously you got here faster than we all expected. I assume even you expected what was that target date -- your -- moved he did most guys have a time -- day when they say I'm going to be in the major leagues on that day. -- and I that are held at the target date. Wasn't really expecting to. Get a call this year so. That you should I mean. But yeah I didn't really have a target date how old war and serve out just Gordon people who can't make -- In -- -- had a couple of. You have the biggest lead of anyone on the team I mean this is and what pulled you aside and said man. That's -- -- and that is one big league. Yeah and sure well first picture of the lane told me believing that the editor. I didn't think the big. Now. They told me you know after -- Arctic air back. It caught stealing much in the minds. I mean caught picked up Michael -- only got constantly thirteen times 88 steals but how many times you get picked off. I think you know what happened there and triple -- think -- maybe. Why you think court. I -- -- -- fiance and you folks feel about getting so much facetime the other night is Sunday night they were on TV more than like the current -- -- desire and they have agents now it. Yeah they're they're really excited about a total. I don't they're going to be used in TV terms of monitor it and it's so they're they're big so cute cute before bringing her. And -- final question for me it's a two partner who was your team grow and up and Hoosier guy. I didn't either Portugal -- they're all grown -- the latest. But I guess I could start election the more. I enjoy election of directors and outlook -- the elect new uniforms. And down. You know. I didn't want to do you have a favorite personal personal really. New -- a lot list you know Derek Jeter of course. Uncle Perry. So our current. You know what spirit of the kind of looked up at him and then as Terry around -- -- you know he has a huge part when I was younger. If you became a favorite -- -- -- now and Lou you're. Helping out so much. So must've been cool that Jeter made sure you got the ball left your first hit. Yeah I didn't notice -- You know. You don't really look like a number of fifty to me what number would you like. When you get when they actually give your choice what are you gonna ask for. -- -- I don't know what he had a partner in the city new England and stick with -- he couldn't stand no -- nobody want to. So these are different unit area here. I don't believe it would it would you have is like high school which number. Aren't always going to have -- though -- seven. Well that's Stephen Drew was number for now but when he's done without that opportunity your eyes on the wrong. -- -- we appreciate you get up a little early in joining us thanks for the conversation and we'll look forward to watching a -- at Fenway Park for quite some time. Our great year Luke any bets with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hot.

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