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The Bradfo Show: Red Sox hitting coach Greg Colbrunn explains his recent ordeal

Jun 30, 2014|

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It is nice secret. -- -- things that interest -- some of which might just it's. Just sit there and still do. -- Welcome to another edition in the draft photo shows sponsored ads always -- -- distinctive clothing. And hope knowing -- insurance you won't find two better institutions today. Our guest will be Red Sox hitting coach Greg Coleman. Who is coming back. Offer medical emergency suffered in Cleveland a few weeks ago has not been with the team. Really a really amazing story and really scary story in regards to what happened near mound that day in Cleveland and and the days that thereafter. And and really how long has taken him to come back and and also the great sign that he was back at Fenway Park on Monday night. Prior to the -- -- game against the cubs. Colbert we'll talk all about it -- call about the incident talk call about the days right after. Talk about the recovery time it really is a remarkable remarkable. Tale of something that he didn't see coming. Red -- since becoming. Really nobody could see coming but shook the foundation the team for quite awhile for that that Craig Colbert but Greg welcome back. It's been probably -- few weeks for you but if you could just take me through. Exactly what you went through BK is we we've got news and we get trickling in new information but he could take me back to that day. Where I guess fuse for -- suffered from headaches and what you're going through and what happened after that. Com do well started about. Those on Wednesday were -- Cleveland in -- you don't invest about 1230 about 121512100. What to get up UMass stuff but don't get on -- bus. And it just felt like my had a bad headache and then my neck of the mother may have had neck surgery in the past whatever and everything kind of tense stuff and it's like -- what's going on here so I ended up on us there's chicken I could get on the bus in everything just keeps getting worse and in my home -- -- affiliate. So -- the trainer in it it taxied onto the field. And at that time I just figured it was you know my next to everything -- and than maybe some got out of whack or something. So need them. Grave when whenever trainers. You know -- kind of comes down the muscles and all. And to be honest from about 1 -- I don't remember and no recollection until about three days later. Italy so and so we gave a particular hospital -- imagined -- did you just -- so from -- what happened to local and what did they say happened to hit the bits and pieces I've got I guess you know over the course the next 45 hours -- whatever. We'll dissect him we're not really make -- cents. Known -- the case to and just not be myself so far about 4:5 o'clock maybe six. This knows. That's team doctor came over -- -- Thank this doesn't. Sound too good I guess -- complain about bad headache and everything's -- -- -- me over Lutheran hospital which was the closest ones stadium. And it cat scans and -- over the blood bleeding or whatever so they rushed me to the Cleveland clinic speakers. You several well equipped to handle that so. From there was and probably the best thing is -- now finding out more about it of all places would be probably throughout the nation the Cleveland clinic for the best places to be so. In good hands and they took care only from there. There was no so there is no signs no warning signs no history of any of this now and go to -- the united as the reserves and final at the world afternoon in you know. So after I gotta ask a couple weeks later. You know Serena on and on and this -- things happen and you know. People lot of people die from it because and they don't get access to hospital rather don't really think that passed them by themselves and everything happened so look fortunate being green and Red Sox and because in Cleveland and you know get real good care and hopefully nothing ever comes of it. When when you kind of come to and they start on you what happened or those days like -- in the next couple days after. You again you got consciousness and they can explain to you -- or those days. -- knows where I mean I guess that that happened Wednesday and my first recollection is like Friday night narrow election there are things from the game on front and I and then. Saturday my point is there and it was like four or five hours and so's you know. Pain medication and just because my head with her so it was a two weeks kind of went by you know my short term memory was good bad putt. The more you learn about it you know when you're in the hospital like diet to -- candidate for greens and not really concerned about what you know you're more concerned with my head hurts me some medication -- And then you know being home for the last couple weeks whatever you look into it and I hope we count. It's -- and -- what the actual procedure was fun and out why they happen and then what's the incentive. -- the repercussions what's the prognosis. Was the rehab going to be and I can only find out all the stuff from my mom thankful to -- -- Well and so when when you're going through now you're here you know what happened you get all the research and everything else. When do you start thinking about coming back door or is there a time where is thinking you know this might jeopardize. A year -- -- career role when when you start thinking about your actual future. To be honest you know once you know get my wits about me probably first weeks -- a week in the hospital for us in on the neurosurgeon. And I'm talking in America case. There and prognosis you're going to be fine. So what's gonna happen you know and get. Finally get to to about my head because of the training and oppression and all I don't forget that under square go home for a couple weeks take it easy you know you can be 58. Short term memory is not going to be okay put the quicker you can get that continue normal life the better off you'll be so. -- -- don't really think about because you know Arthurs saying okay this is what happened on now. Prognosis is going to be fun. -- the rest recovery. Go to your stamina and all -- can go from there so. You don't really have a -- if you remember the day where you said OK I'm ready I'm ready to come back well I mean at that -- -- talked about a week and a half ago looking at the schedule talking. That's and -- and you know site yesterday it was full up and it seemed like come here and he's back into it so just be thankful that the resurrection -- -- -- as a program. Victor doesn't -- so you know fulfilling. The stuff from -- sit and watch games on TV and on there and -- hands. Let's close the master at a certain point I would imagine you watching the games. And the whole stuff has pushed to the back burner all of sudden he probably won't get back and you're looking at game sort of the critical I have heading to a tournament. For a Muslim coach and an and I are watching games here and there on the West Coast for ten days and I'm you know trying to stay awake in effect have got to get some sleep they see the -- you seem. The struggles or whatever they see the good at bats and you know -- -- in the these guys on river basis and no underdog on the right things working through it working on the right things. In my view we're questioned by two -- did give you a different perspective at all. -- than on finding out what actually transpired. Now my -- -- you know. Learn more about what actually happened and the mortality rate and everything and looking you know to be thankful I am glumly at the Red Sox. Also look. My official it didn't. It was so what's the plan now DC talk about easing back into what is it this plane by here or do you have -- set plan. On the this my first day back in on the some of the repercussion from seven. -- -- hemorrhage asparagus was classified -- this -- -- fatigue you'll tired of semantics or whatever announced this kind of built in the tournaments build enough. You know. Brain how long can focus on -- and talked and you know things like that so that verbally but it's a concentration level on focus and using you know remembering. For longer stint so let's just say tomorrow do the better off probably what's the thing you miss the most -- -- -- around and -- around you know. The game in and only do so you -- come of the trillion miss coaches players dismissed don't know. Ball I know what people are glad you factor in in -- lawsuit could sit here suddenly park after. Worried Arizona. Sent to its enclave on -- went back on their Charleston when those. Mean home and all that was nice relaxation. You know what's in the -- have been -- you know on the greatest places in the world especially during the summer. And I it's nice to be senator. Thanks so much for joining us -- thank you.

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