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Jun 30, 2014|

As we head into July, NFL Football is getting closer and closer and the stakes increase. With the August Draft Season directly ahead of us, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson, the Chief Writer from Rotobahn.com take a first look into the current (ADP) Average Draft Positions of some key players that are currently undervalued and could be bargains for you come Draft Day. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Kenny Stills, Martellus Bennett and Marvin Jones top a list of players you can target as good values heading into your drafts.

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the fantasy football podcast on Jim Hackett your -- and I'm joined as always by. For -- dot com it's -- Davidson. And now we are just about to turn the page to July here in this Tennessee football podcast it's all about. The pre season -- it's all about the projections and you are ready overall I don't. Yeah. I think that's a lot of rankings -- our projections on as a go to a. The projection of world tirade. And the thing about that is I make it at some point you just don't get it done. Because you can sit there and tweak and adjust and I mean you'll never -- yeah -- he's been there for six months working -- these things on. And and by no means am at this point are they where I think they need to be quite honestly because. There's so much more -- -- learned. About the 2014 season before it starts. I mean let's face it. You know look at look at it -- -- Campbell competence yeah you know who built it from what -- -- who knew and then. It and when it as if you don't win the whole thing came. That's not what happened to ease these slots on member accompanied by his deputy DDT opening an apparent last year not many. Now talks there in the early part of the -- right that's. And yes not bad you don't have their reasons for that is -- we still think he's a pretty good player Kendall prompted -- you know the people saying I can make the team. He's got a better and 5050 chance it if not a lot better. I think there's a lot of things like that and a -- Agreeing in the nice headline -- a lot I saw him last year I liked. I'm frankly his little faith enough there's a lot of the end it was a bit surprising to me but yet he was nursing. A lot to do with with the -- yet what the patriots are doing offensively they obviously got a lot more conservative the end -- came back that change some things I think. And obviously settlement became to have such force that. The and the running back. In the running game she is change the complexion of all they did things. Amateur that's how the patriot troll and can be mentioned in Tennessee. You know what they do this year and then you know speaking of guys who had. You know crazy mad precision because that ended up being just a really a big waste of time. Actually felt. Yeah right now we're talking about and it was a song that you are saying good habits you want to -- what are you not to and it appears on the jets. Exactly parallel how the mighty have fallen since training -- there he went from the next big thing in New England to the jets' third tight and let I -- and by the way so it felt not a -- young. -- -- the ball too sure yet you got to remember not to get too excited about the reluctance. Hey before we go and yet doesn't -- -- at the season's all about that that's what this podcast is gonna hit on and what we talked about throughout the entire offseason but as we start to. Breakaway from the deep offseason into the close to the open and in the time of Tennessee football owners. Just like start to light up or about a month the way. I've got some great news we want to welcome a new sponsor on the podcast is always welcomed by our friends at Mohegan Sun. But also like to welcome our new friends a draft thestreet.com. Jesse draster dot com will be -- up podcast and our expanded Tennessee football content coverage. Across all of WEEI there's a lot of news Pete and I will be hosting a show every Sunday morning as you get up and you can't wait to get -- Tennessee fix and start thinking about a line up what you gonna do gonna be there for you on the FM stick on FM 937 the Tennessee football hour in August. Which is the prime time for the draft seasons in the month of August will be airing at 730 to 8:30 in the morning. And as we start to bomb go deeper into the season will be airing at 63730. In the morning on Sundays and -- be showing up on the NFL Sunday show. -- longest running football show in all the market here in Boston. You'll be doing a Colin in -- the live chat it'll be doing on Sundays so take a listen to all the stuff the podcast is gonna stay. If nothing to worry about their preference of draster to making it possible. In -- in -- in -- to be able to expand the content which are really excited to bring to you. Yet it's gonna be a lot of fun and then. Just more time every day there were spent W yes there -- two football it's good stuff. Yeah articles I went articles live chats Collins into the live programming with. Our show happening on air we're gonna have streaming opportunities throughout the season with Tennessee football nuggets of the day all great stuff to keep you just. On your toes with what's happening. Pretty much in real time across south Tennessee football from the pre season in the offseason as the pre season all the way to the end -- playoffs so we're excited about in the. I -- -- and things are gonna -- up but as you said I mean July really is. You know it's it's that it's the pre August it's not August but it's definitely I I think in July is the last three or four years -- really. It's it's a lot and people often at the Coca. It's time to get ahead of things like I think there is a fantasy football owner of one of the things you don't want. It's August to roll in and then you've got people when -- league talking about things that. Our foreign to you -- that that's never a good feeling going into the draft so as the NFL has evolved to be a full year sport. Tennessee football almost certainly has as you get into the NFL draft and all that in the Columbine all that stuff but now July. If you've even got the projections for the four. Major positions up but -- now. Humanity we haven't always done projections. Because. We don't feel that there absolutely necessary did. To draft well I mean I I know they're not because that one too many leagues without -- -- Are people been asking for a and so you know what -- we can do projections I -- we do them we just never really -- -- before because. Quite honestly. They can mislead. So we like to add extra context we like to have our rankings really. This is you know this is your rewards you taking them in you know all things being equal. And then obviously we've we tried -- average draft position as a way to strip in strategize certain players absolute you know -- an example of that right now like. I have Michael Floyd I think on my list ahead of coral -- It's close I mean they're they're both. Both players that I really would like you might yeah Tennessee and died too young players like lie. But what I'm doing and a lot of these traps so far this year just to give people an example. I'm taking Patterson head of Floyd because when I do it -- and getting Floyd. But if I can exploit that Paterson just because -- ranked ahead of Paterson I don't ever get Paterson the next round. So that's that's the way ATP can help you when you're drafting. You -- say I want this guy sort of server -- and maybe he has but if you can get him in the 59%. Of the time right. Take another highly ranked player in the third be patient. And maybe pull the trigger around early in the fourth is a guy you just have to have but. You know as you and I've said that from the -- many times but it's the only way to truly get maximum value is to wait to. Extra man and I am a big believer in tears you know you Kiki obviously target the players that you want to -- like players. And has a lot of -- you can probably build a stronger deeper. In terms of depth. -- Tennessee football roster by exhibiting a little bit of patience which is you know really hard to deal and I know a lot of our listeners obviously are in the sports and in sports are always. -- to be aggressive and probably a little bit of aggressive by nature in that system. To hold -- general hit that breaking balls really -- Yeah it's -- it's it's. Another thing that we Wear out a a -- we Wear out -- no Major League right clinical -- the -- so you know ADP. May mean nothing in your particular week if if if there are based owners who nearly got paying attention to it. And and you know you know for example market value of anything. They had to be a market and -- nobody nearly uses GDP and it's worthless on. Well maybe not -- source to give you a little bit of an indication and you know behavior by. I mean you're not playing a couple weeks or anywhere we know everybody in the leak yeah. I know there instinct and no way they think -- too fast yeah so in in some evidence some of my -- are also okay ADP says there. I know this owners gonna do that. And now I'll go that -- so -- -- nearly as important if you're illegal you don't know anybody that ADP is crucial right. A carry on but it's a combination of both its culmination of it personal scouting and you don't macro -- so. -- It's interesting in and say we with all that said. And articles and up -- a bond for about a week. Or so an early look and eighty. Projections -- projections but. Kind of the science about how you come to that conclusion when you get people as the -- important factor. Let's work through that article actually I think that's a good idea but just before we leave the projection -- get back a little bit. But the projections and I say this in every projections article but they're not rankings because they don't factor and so many things -- potential for injury. Insurgency within the depth chart players to -- -- from other players and you know the dominoes fall when when things like that happened so we're going to be. You know. Making minor and in some some cases maybe even major adjustments to these projections throughout July and even in August. Because you know in in in in July were gonna find out a lot of stuff trickling and policies and activities are gonna you know you're gonna hear you know quotes from coaches you know something will be rebuilt some things will be made up. You know it'll be up up to -- to decide what's what and then once we get into training camp we're gonna have preceding games are actually gonna beat these guys I reform what surprised some more -- were gonna we're gonna get. Hopefully good information from -- -- -- writers on which rookies are practicing you know with the first team in and that kind of stuff for what -- indications were we can. Become more predictable in terms snap counts and things like that and I won't Alter the projections. And and then the other big thing which I think it just mentioned but. Injury. That's and it it's the biggest factor that the president felt the. And I've -- if you look at our projections. About Michael Crabtree -- happy in the projections that I'm not factoring in suspension for missing games in the projections. You know it because they know he's healthy -- the only players were downgrading for injury in the projections are guys who currently are healthy. Got a factor in no one's and its future injuries are unknown door -- -- predict injury with projections don't we start valuing players are rankings. We will do that and for those who are familiar with the -- have been with us for a long time. You know that when you read the skinny. It'll say okay here's player we projected -- desk but we're downgrading them for explains that yet so that's what we do. Absolutely and and -- the point if you look at the tide and projections which just went up on durable undock on today you know rock is number two. Obviously not factoring an injury is and he's just you know but he is the number. -- -- actually be the perfect exempt yet on it last year if you go for those who remember we did and our goal. Actually the -- and exciting -- McFadden. Matthews. -- the third entry from back it might have been Jones troops but we -- I think it was John Street and we basically said we're not -- and these guys yet. Because. BA and that we had some effect only one out of three these guys can do well. And we're not gonna try to predict which -- it is now in the middle of the trapped we can take guys who we consider to be blocks. Or -- based -- wouldn't call it the turned out Matthews resurrected his career last year. Which is quite. But two out of three we were right out. Yeah and so easy he's been sees is a scary person to try to draft him it. I'll -- -- was injured out the -- I'm definitely leading positive on Ryan Mathews but. That's actually did help people afford -- we couldn't see that coming last year we saw broken collar bones you know ankle injuries a lot of stuff and and by no means do we now put him up there with all yet this -- -- stay healthy now. But he has shown he can cut so I definitely think he moved the needle in the right direction. But even on that team. Aren't as they're going to be a continuation of that program -- they -- it I -- -- surprised everybody Lester myself included I did not anticipate they're offensive line play improving. Two degree to the degree that it did I -- it's quite honestly it was shocking. And -- had a loose and I -- see that level of participation that audience and on offense for M and you respond -- -- -- I mean I. -- human jobless benefits and -- but yeah and to vote and what is going to be trickier this year because a lot of people. -- You know remembering that they need to factor and Donald Brown -- who if he stays healthy could take a little bit away from both guys there I'm not exactly sure likes. India has decided to go after don't brown but he's he's you know anybody you possibly Lester he. He clearly outplayed Trent Richardson in the so that's that's now three headed backfield they also have some younger guys. -- clearly Matthews I at this point is back on that team and keep playing particularly would still have a lot of upside. I was talking to a very respected. Finishing football voice yesterday. And he thinks what has an RB two -- PPI this year which I you know I think that's a reasonable assertion that's not I'm not looking to make that move and I can avoid it right. Because I'm a little concerned that it may not be the exact same paradigm. But there's a good chance he didn't -- about. And that's a good that's a good -- -- yeah and that that's a good segue to. The reverse of that which is the ADP article you know and taking an early look at where the value is in terms or what did you see yeah oh sure that it's. Thing I think I think I'm clear in the article right I mean it's if these things hold up. Then we see these guys is value this but we will. Obviously as we do our you know rankings and so on and so forth will continue to address all the players in this article. And you know. Are they still holding up to about. Chair now but it's it's fluid -- -- that football's fluid and and as such Tennessee football as flu itself. Let's -- a look at some of the people on and has a lot of potential players that could break out. As always and you know many are have the right value so low some high you -- you cited if you don't wish. We don't really rank these guys so much is each guy's an individual case and we do the reverse drafting thing which dozens upon that we start with a higher ADT's working down. The lowest state. Right right. So who says a couple of kind of jump off the page and when you read the article. In the first person you're profiling is Justin hunter the wide receiver out of the titans and his -- 168. It wasn't a -- article. Now that argument now hope. And I got to say and it's. But a week yeah yeah articles in the probe of the week it and I mean I'm not much has changed but you know just. Actress -- actually has gone higher unit once 71 not so easy even a bigger value it was that we reached. On the -- Justin under secure we really like Davos for those who read brought upon pre draft last year he was our Johnny Bravo. For. It really brave veterans at the sounds defense this suit and it does fit it. So the question is you know like the brave bunch they gonna need to you know use all those. Studio gimmick but that the -- -- to make him a big time receiver we don't think it will -- the the question with hunter is. Is he going to mature. Is -- going to. Become a complete player. If he does. This kid could be one of those receivers we talked about at the end of the first round beginning of the second he can do that. Big an impact. Because he's big he's got the thing about hunter is he's got quickness he gets off the line well he's got burst in addition to the long speed. If beauty is if you watch some of these big plays the way -- Accelerates away from smaller players is impressive than a rare thing for a big man he can also get up and high point of football. And he doesn't regularly -- high point of football to meet a little bit of an overrated still. And and everybody talking high point the ball well you know some guys intentionally don't I'd point the ball on there's more than one way to do it but collectors very good at it. And he does it when it counts community that it can be the first to -- the jets Lester it was I mean I popped. So you. You know now with -- out of the picture yeah. English you really want to buy into. You know. Well I mean of course quite honestly the only thing that really worries me about hunter older than his maturity is to court. I was gonna say yeah do you think the fact that Jake Locker is one of the depth number one of the depth chart right now is. A reason that's keeping his eighty. Blow. To the problem of locker mean it's not just that I don't think he's very good. I you know I -- like literally do a lot of years to -- that's the same way I think a lot of people -- 2 o'clock -- his first put a likable guy that. He's high energy guy a good team based -- all that all that stuff. But he needs but there's two huge things he needs to do that he hasn't done yet he needs to prove that he can be accurate consistent. Is -- dig -- there. And any needs -- available. So you know I you know buying into Jake Locker is tough but having said that. There's a big difference it -- between being an efficient. Between not being efficient and being a receiver killer EU. I don't think you clockers necessarily a receiver killer that's apparently with a guy like hunter. You know it's going to be you know. You know going after ball downfield. Figuring you can be an area controller with this -- -- some ball he can make big plays. Even on poorly pro football's. But the real question with Carter apart from the quarterback thing apart -- maturity that adding a third -- it's it's you know Nate Washington. In the at this point Tunisia -- mean that the titans are trying to get hunter out of Washington on the depth chart. You know I don't know what to say -- He's a guy that just local way and he's about what could -- play disciplined way clearly. Now it seems to have what he's got a -- his judge that the stats. That image -- -- that they need to feature hunter -- that offense consistently because he's the player that until the field. He's the player that other guys can work off of you can -- them if you put single coverage and Justin -- they should be throwing the ball to have a whole lot. And tested it pretty good draft pick on him a couple of years ago write him in there they. -- Lester yeah yeah. That dire -- Good thing about hunter is if he's not a lock. Because you don't know you don't know about the offense you don't know things are gonna go well Whisenhunt. And the quarterback situation there's there's plenty that can go wrong with hunter which is why -- push them up into the seventies the eighties certain tax. But -- player right now I will be pushing him up he started. That's the one thing we're waiting for. And even if he isn't. You know last year he played I believe about 30% of the -- gone off the top -- don't -- appreciate that about right. Now if you please if you just accept any -- snaps yeah. Which unfortunate war of the snaps he's from and the steal credit to those much production there from -- -- you don't. But the key thing is to get on the field for a guy like that step and if if he gets split snaps -- basically doubled playing time even if he doesn't take much. From the Washington -- so we're pretty bullish on him doing a lot more this year the best thing that can move him into. Predictable. -- or wide receivers three status would be making a move on Washington spot so that's that's the thing to watch but even if he doesn't. Even if Washington's been projected starter week one I think -- the kind of kid -- by week three -- can take that job so. You know he's definitely barring a VW why -- -- or you know something that. You know it's just very clearly negative. He's going to be one of the guys we want people to typically drops this year. That's complicity in in and do you think in where is the EU in terms of his value. On draft day. You know he'll be bush should be well around like when you're looking at your wide receiver force could estimate. Yeah I mean I think. I mean at WA DP right now is what it is so right now you can draft and to be sure if there's fixed receiver and having a McConnell leader in. So I mean ADP is crucial for him I think that ADP is -- -- I think it's gonna get closer. And exactly excited he's positive he doesn't move up to at least 150. Yeah out into physically what we're about specifically to. Coming into the exhibition season three season when people really get eyeballs on it is on the field that's what's gonna happen. I I really do you think this is accused a bop bop. Now I did pull up the stat. On the snaps he played 31% of the snaps question abruptly 27 -- experts snaps. He's right about 60% of the snaps now. For a guy like him. If he's plays 60% of the snaps he can be assessing impact. If he'd just taps into Washington. Snaps at all and I mean I I my personal viewpoint on this and I think you're gonna see Kendall Wright Washington. And hunter. You know three receiver rotation yet. And I think they all get a barrel. It's 75%. Something like that because they're gonna obviously I'd take under violates some besides sort of a certified. You've got too many steps are you excited to have you're gonna have to edit it do a lot of features through receiver sets so that team with. Right in the slot. So. That's just image of the league too mean says so I think there's a really good strong probability of that happening. Yeah and I think that you know. When you know one thing to factor in well actually you know what I was gonna say -- you have fought back very much but we don't really ought to go back a look at some Whisenhunt told offenses. In terms of you know how often -- -- receivers two tight and that kind of thing but. -- you know at the basic thing that hunters this is a big time talent and I mean big time he got. Got -- this kid might be -- that this -- got everything you look for in terms of play making ability. Think you know on the outside -- Hoover receivers with the speed I mean you know this -- got four force B line. And you can absolutely fly and he's got burst on top of that didn't get up and catch the ball and if you could -- the player that's got some used to room after the catch which you know you wouldn't necessarily expect so. This is definitely a player to own in larger -- to sit in their late definitely go after just an honor worst case -- agenda cutting him best case scenario is in between the second. Receiver yeah that that's what -- -- looking for later -- -- not the upside guys and that's not a brutal bunt strategy is all about. Speaking of upside. The person you've got listed. At nine this is very perplexing to me within ADP of 144 to date. Marvin Jones I mean. -- -- -- and yeah I mean this guy looked at Marvin Jones. Has moved up to Yahoo!'s decision just got forced spot in the forties this is a relative. Standing next to AJ green and Cynthia -- just I don't mean this guy I think is I mean I I would view it's very excited. To get him anywhere around his current ADP. Yeah I look -- Marvin Jones did it unless you're gonna buy into the idea that he could lose his job. And I don't see how the -- that. Yeah I don't see how that goes goes places he says he's going well what there's a couple things working against right now it's all. -- yes it's just people are speculating. That. With Jay gruden gone. In Q Jackson now running an offense. That they're gonna go to more of the -- ball control. Run based offense. And then people are looking at you know the fact that they took -- Jeremy hill at LSU in the second round. A lot of people really high and so we would be one of them -- talent standpoint yes. -- I think what people are failing to realize that these good people are doing to looking at hue Jackson's careers play caller and the drafting a bill. And they're jumping to conclusions like that since today is about to go conservative on offense now maybe that's true. But if it is true that I would like talk to people but right now -- for the last couple years because if you wanna go conservative on offense YU building around receivers -- you know. Why AJ green -- Tyler fight for right while you building all of this this weaponry. If what you wanna do it from the football so I I don't think people are correct in terms of yeah -- brought -- more. But I think what people probably missing is that they're running to set up a big play often. And I think Dalton. Maybe doesn't throw as many completions of last year but I think his. His yards per completion will go up yeah I think it's quite possible that -- it is a great or good down. And you know. And once you once you start running the football effectively and they will be able to do that. It's gonna be really hard for teams to do all these weapons again Marvin Jones as a -- he. He's not -- adopted AJ green right on that you get your attention that -- -- talent -- you know. All by themselves and. Adobe also to -- these people are saying or the -- the conclusions they jumping to you know you're all so this couple things happening at one. It they're neglecting to look at where we are in 2014. And -- football has evolved. And and his second point that you brought up as. Looking back at the -- and how they've built their team to kind of match with a league needs to go what they need to go as a team to match the league can be done -- said. And also to like you know it's easy to pigeonhole people on the past -- I remember when Parcells came to New England. And all anyone I've talked about it's going to be three yards and a cloud of dust three yards and a cloud of dust forty do we through we have more passing attempts and any coach in history at that and it. With a 93 patriots so. I get very. I don't like it when people like get down labeled -- -- based on their past six. -- -- I think the went there if you know this because I label people. That I disagree with this particular label on -- you're right about Parcells saying I mean you don't -- And -- probably even more right of when when you go to the ballot check I think you know look at Belichick had no. As small track record and you know -- -- -- -- Belichick wouldn't be any good yet -- I'd be in the Cleveland that was it. The other thing with you know with -- -- Jackson thing is. Huge actually did is it an aggressive downfield got. Ideology you he's he's -- He's just he's a vertical attack diverse spread attack guy and I think that's where the difference is going to be. With Cincinnati this year they're going to be they're gonna they're going to be trying to push and pull the defense -- spread them out. Is that could be good or bad shot at a we'll -- I mean -- defense stayed up to stop but it's probably a good thing. But I do think that group whose offense last year with a less than ideal for Dalton. Just because you're putting Dalton the police -- you know it is if you you know it quickly throws there fine it's -- -- open. Find -- but Dalton does not drop the ball and -- -- EU. So I like this offense for him that it could you should be trying to open players more often. And they have been and you should have clear reads in the softens it should be a lot of doubt as to the balls go we will play. But but if if if this guy. You Jackson could run a good offense Carson Palmer who. Is no rocket scientist you know greeting defense now. I think he can work football as well they're different quarterbacks but there's some of the site and some of the same drop. S strong arm and and in the bin they think long think wrong type quarterbacks. Yes so you know I. To meet Cincinnati's offense I wouldn't draw conclusions just yet I would be careful about trying to play you so be careful about trying to -- you Jackson because. None of the teams that he ran in the past. Had talent like it's one. You know I think yeah -- TJ Houshmandzadeh was a good receivers not AJ green has some opportunities you write a new plant. Similar among the giants actually there's several parts but I mean in Chad Johnson was how little football player but again not AJ green you know umpire mark. -- -- star in his superstar. And and we're talking about a team again I think they've got to. Type events that would start for most -- team. So this offense this tactic they're double loaded at tailback BenJarvus green Ellis. Is one of the big non stories and we I didn't Project Green -- I don't know where it's going to be yeah I don't know what they're gonna keep them to connect -- But he -- interest and player in terms of you know the guys -- a lot of stats the last couple years and we do you know you can build a field support here. But anyway I you know Marvin Jones. I mean I walked and scored three touchdowns and one game last. He's -- he's a reason the red zone threat. And you know he's they've got a a vertical offense well today across the field. Just just just so you get the point I'm making here. I think some people are holding out against them right that he put up our stats and a couple of games. And that's fair for looking at it in terms last year but people return members since last year into -- is -- to Cleveland Browns yeah. So we know that's I think the player that a lot of people were expecting BP could do it and and you know the cost Jones a little bit of time. You know meaning if if they're using I forgot the slot maybe -- start using the little guy outside a little bit that kind of thing. I don't. You know I -- a lot of jokes and now that he's gone but I just don't see anybody. Really. You know able to push Marvin Jones out of that position I grew up in that position he's. He's going to be a viable guy that period and he -- again we're talking just so people. Remember what worked so we're talking about a guy right now is gonna EDT of one fort. So. You know this is that this is a player you can wait draft. You know backup running backs and still taken measures certain receiver really late yeah deeply and that's you know. That's tonight single the one guy that you can I mean if you look at their depth chart quite worried about. Nolan and -- Hamilton hasn't soccer yeah I mean I can monitor new beetle one guy. Pop up and noise you know you have to receive who -- good football player he's got nice talent but but to me -- a little bit more overall player. And I think they will split came in there but I think a lot of the time we can get across necessarily. Well from what -- political brilliance into the slot and you know mix things up. You know -- -- -- and you may be fighting I for for snaps is legislating Joseph interest now. Now not so I'd like Jones to his you know oftentimes when you're trying to kind of beat the eighty. That has that high upside he's a guy you can kind of speaks that's going for you from they want you know he can easy is an -- People don't ever skated to the very good football player and he's he's he's a relatively complete receiver admitted they brought him along slow but I think now to tell us. He should. I don't think there's anybody can take his job. I think about it on a team where he's going to be getting. You know he didn't look and stop the -- teams can be double and AJ green. The tight and demand attention on that team how often as Marvin Jones concede quality coverage you may have a matchup advantage. You know. 75% of the time. Death for someone to look for and done it yet and in in in target dictation. And look for guys like that and another receiver on the list. That destroy that that pops up by you know this this is a guy -- just. It seems like it to me everything. Since you started touting them in his rookie year in the offseason. Everything just isn't going the right way for him in yet Kenny stills ADP has won 25 at that -- -- -- Yeah yeah I don't get still ADP at all. And it would surprise me if he moved up one he's won 24 now. You could be a rapid rise or do you think I do. I would think so but the thing that's working against bills from any DP perspective is that the -- excuse me the Bosnian there's Brandon Cox news. So I think everybody is sort of move -- is gonna -- still. I doubt it could. You know I think cooks is gonna come in and he's gonna take a lot of -- -- action he's gonna take a lot of Lance -- action he'll steal some of Robert Meachem to action to reduce mutual I think you know very much role player. What I you know edited I don't think there's any doubt they're gonna use branding coach as much as they can't. But he is on rookie -- and you know. The one thing we said about still Lester for those were listening to be ready. -- -- you know I don't know how we -- to the fifth round we don't know -- couture could very confused -- why he was a fifth round pick. We have as a second -- third. But Kenny -- with a guy who will block. You take a hit he'll make it tough catch you know to make stick -- -- to it and he's any good deep threat I. Did you need that kind of football player we knew we would be drafting and we run at a healthy yet and -- One thing the people they don't realize. I think there's a tendency for some folks to think still well he didn't catch a whole ball to his rookie year. People think that his playing time. Is in line. You know maybe with what his statistics were in terms of catches -- touched down production was excellent. For rookie league. But his catch total on the common opponent appeared so happened right. Bubble global. Still I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd wanna see classify touchdowns last year. -- right that he does -- -- actually down only 32 receptions so a lot of people just aren't impressed with 32 receptions. But but folks for anybody out there was -- in this category did you at around that's on those 32 receptions. 641. Receiving yards -- That's twenty partners -- You can catch and I -- -- -- -- -- use him more. I'd intermediate -- he's not gonna be just -- big play machine. But here's the other key thing that people need to know but Kenny stills last year can still -- 60%. Of the offense suspect. For a kid taken in the first round the play that many snaps like to me yeah the rookie right bet that. -- point you just made daylight can. Brees likes him Payton likes them that you know well that this kid this kind of play so election I think he's gonna regret. You know if snapped totals probably go from sixty maybe seventy yeah I don't think he's going to be an every down player because the saints. Really don't use. The only guy is an every down player of the saints -- you -- even Jimmy Graham comes off the field. Yeah and so is another factor to -- with you know Sproles is gone so there's a visit dimension that needs to be. Replaced and I'm obviously they've got a replacement there. But I would think that kind of shifts and adds to the receivers totals I would think it somewhat. It's that this Sproles saying they're exposing very. Half player this year professor purposes because what. It is extraction. From the saints is gonna mean and then I think people are drastically overestimated with the Eagles and do. I think the Eagles brought him in the for -- I think -- brought him in the certainly to have -- -- on their offense which -- Kelly doesn't care about vanity production. OK can I mean you can get out there I think people have this idea that scroll -- play the same role for Chip Kelly that he played for the seeing. And be careful I think I think you're looking at. I I think I think you're seeing the end the parents brought them. Just incredible to to bold statement but that is just -- you know where the where the numbers come from. Good news sells some -- while I mean the idea I mean that's -- that's the point -- -- -- the start taking LeSean McCoy have to feel so they can run there and Sproles. I assure you they're not yeah he's good insurance policy that's -- -- -- -- -- -- an insurance policy I think I think the insurance policies are more pure running backs I think hold of the guy that Chip Kelly looked debt figure a lot. That guy's a good football player. That guy can run our tailback spot he can play in the slot for us he can he can obvious solution. -- all these different -- trust plus she hopes in the kicking you know in the special teams area where there'll you know had some issues last year remember that -- Sheila Jackson. So they need an impact -- return at one more option now. You know Sproles to me. I don't think they have huge plans for him but they're not because the plans that are gonna make fantasy owners hat to them. So be careful -- I mean I there's no doubt I could be wrong. But I would not bet on me being wrong. -- look this is pretty bold statement I mean is that it happened and he's he's an old player. You know I mean I think over thirty LT. Let me give you an -- yes he's over thirty -- -- it is exact date but -- Eight against ball hasn't lost much and I think -- you know I think that's the reason the Eagles. Went after him. But the Eagles are looking went for politics yeah. And you know I think the way for them -- Darren Sproles -- football games is to use him. You know. As it's Adelaide offensive player similar to what distinction done. But again are there as many steps available and so he's back field compared to the saints. I don't know if I I you know I think should be real careful there and start you know getting into that an outsider what. Let's. But luckily for a minute while you're you're the connected look at some things which is non you know back to -- know that void will let let's you know let's look at Sproles. As we didn't have seen him in New Orleans in that offense. That was -- just to give you know the reason the the difference ultimately 31% of the opposite of that -- 0% while just 31. As much more prominent the year before. It's an injury lasted -- did not. Nothing major let me thank you -- game I think. What you're you know there's this thing that makes their work something is 71 receptions like he's a PP our creation. And -- you know. If you look at his seats statistics he's about 75. Reception guy. If you think there are schools is -- and 75 passes and chip Kelly's offense I -- sorry I think it's smoke and. But what I how iconic came to that -- as you know I don't. I know you missed that putt -- on. How we Q how we can't even get on this topic is. All right that number right seventy passes -- soul on that offense doesn't that speak well for the receivers the remain pick Alex still love upside in you'll and so they generally. See I sort of feel like they're gonna divide the scroll roll up a little bit I think. Brandon -- I don't think may be. What does this thing saying you know what we love the -- disposal but it's sort of screwing our -- -- -- -- I think they want to redeploy audits routes. I think they wanna use cook as a just -- you go to the hybrid player I don't picket line up as a running back but they do you think he'll do. Some of the things he saw from Sproles. And I think the other thing which I spoke of being in. And you know some of the things we've written on her -- -- sure ready you know we seem to think I feel the same. -- interest and seemed that he didn't do some power running but it's good out of the spread. They're gonna spread teams out run the football I think you can see more of that -- secure Robinson and Mark Ingram are gonna play more this year. Learn more Mark Ingram Gloria I think so I -- that -- particularly Iraq I mean I I think you Robinson are both excellent runners I think there underrated runners. In democracies let's control staying healthy. A lot of people feel like he doesn't fit the that's the -- yeah. Who we -- create a great many things particularly in Tennessee football that this is one where we part whistled -- He's square peg enough sense to me I just don't see it with him I don't see it. And Ingram the carrier Robinson's a guy who I think works out well my personal opinion. I'm not sure I understand the differences between the two players in terms of what I -- I think. You know it is CP I think when you talk about fit in that offense to go well he doesn't play like you're confident player and Sproles. Yeah that's true but do you want those guys river wherever every down players and -- -- So let me get back to back -- -- they've always sort of broken down with 34 guys all the different rules all beings which I don't feel. Yeah that Thomas actually I really Reggie Bush on those guys yeah so I. But the -- the ball. No not true I became acceptable. If you give -- circuit. So I I don't know it's it's it. A kind of -- players though but I hear I guy -- mom. I'm here where you're coming from I just I just everytime I see in him on the field with the -- -- it looks very predictable to me like we're running the football. Yes and the but kids but you could -- the same thing about -- Robinson last year. They you know they both basically ran the football and didn't do did not do a whole lot else on anything -- -- it. Ingram I don't disagree that includes a little bit of an odd fit for that offense has the power -- aren't sure. But I don't know. I think you know they -- the first round. We did for a reason I think if you want to power I think I think this saint like the idea of having a big. -- back back there because they like to do a lot of different things in their run game. And they like to use the running game to set up what they're doing in the passing game I mean they're constantly running play action yeah. So I think you're gonna see a lot more play action stuff with Robinson and Ingram. In the base offense first and second down. The people I mean appear possible really kind PPR reps now the reason you can't really -- could set a career -- catches last year and schools on. And Sproles is Gossip Girl well. Pure Thomas is going to be key you know is committed to do better this year no way it's not happening. Anybody who thinks Pierre Thomas didn't have a better here this year than last year I. Respectfully. I think you're not. You appear economist at Lester to me yeah Thomas is. The big east where -- -- and that's why the saints are changing. Because -- can open last year. Everybody said that's the problem fantasy football sometimes would only -- years younger you -- fantasy -- in an integrator for the saints yeah. Okay -- really -- homicides here averaged about I don't know and we averaged under four yards a carry and I believe the average about six point two protection. That's not a guy wanna build my offense -- -- You know so if you look at what to -- it's been done since last year Sproles is gone. I think promise moves more into disposal than anybody else but I think it's gonna cost and slaps you. OK I think Robinson snaps are gonna come up. If marketing herself -- -- steps are gonna come up I think you can see more running on first and second down and they're gonna be throwing off of the the power running game and they're gonna spread people out three and four receivers. So you don't -- -- that there are gonna keep Colston stills. And branding coach on the field with Graham Baxter based often -- if things go right right so. You lose a running back before backs off the field. -- the full back on the field. Then you -- a receiver so it's gonna be -- to see how they play on first down how to play and second down how they play at second and long. I don't think it's gonna be the same also offensive paradigm saw last year so I'm not saying you're saying. We can predict with accuracy what's -- apple with the saints. -- what I'm trying to say is be really careful about about thinking that you can. Yeah and that's also. Try to extrapolate last year since -- to this year saints' offense they made some they made some changes and the changes to me. We're not a random. They also it is also so that's considered too is that that they need to make some changes new entity and -- -- can compete at the level wanna compete out or you know there's -- -- -- -- not so long ago. But do you want do you lecture yeah but didn't do it's I don't think you're right I think they look at it in a certain -- I think you're right because I think they're looking at. The last game they played. Against Seattle. Saying okay how we don't we need to be to win that football game because realistically. Go to the Super Bowl this year you probably have to get through Seattle at Seattle again or sisters go out the other yet. So yeah I did I -- think there's a measuring stick thing going on and I think they're saying or thinking you know. Screens to Pierre Thomas. Against the niners against Seattle you know -- win with that. It's just not -- you know. So it Brandon Cox to me it was a big power move and say it's part you'll find out of the good or bad move but inning Brandon cooks. The future is the future that offense. You know and engram and still. You know Colson can still play he's got a -- we don't expect Colston to really regressed a whole lot this year just maybe a couple percentage points. You know we she's just that's just a little bit but you know. You know I was watching from Saint -- last week up of course look pretty good. Yeah I he surprised me -- -- I was looking for a decline last year and alienating get it. You know I I mean. Think in -- should be okay but you're talking about a -- had micro fracture surgery so you know it's incumbent -- -- micro fracture you're looking at that slowdown you'll always look for maybe. You know a little bit but you don't put those guys to me a look at your early night. But you know. Didn't doctor we we can kill that contract -- -- -- probably go to -- but I think the thing about the saints is be really careful. In terms of assuming. Do not assume anything like the patriots. You really can burn yourself making assumptions on what they're gonna think. When you're gonna do that's interrogate him. I'm sorry that's a patent trademark. Yes now he likes to be unconventional I don't look at you know look at them onside kick at halftime suitable a couple of years back yeah unconventional. Absolutely. I've seen that one since. It is halftime right now. For without him. Right right. I remember the bill onside kick. The titans. But I think that was one position after that in an amazing comeback came and said yeah yeah. They didn't get a quick conflict to connect team but yet very rare and I wasn't super old pal Bruce Walton around there Fredricka it's a bomb. But anyway I can look back back to the point which started on which is Kenny stills. And we see is step percentage going out this is catch total going up. Which is touchdown total going up his yards per catch should come down a little bit but he should be third receiver this year has been after the fourth. -- makes cents. Let's look at a couple other offensive players on the eighty. That you've got highlighted here is Martellus Bennett tied into the bears. Right now is ADP's 134. And we've talked in previous podcasts many many times. Of how the evolution of tight end position has become really. Us ROC star studded but the impact studded position in terms of Tennessee and this is a guy that does to me is part of the top of the classy young. Not that and by the way it's actually. -- he's won 37 now it's gone down there and here's the thing about Bennett died just finds just hysterical I mean. Eric you bronze being taken and that's crazy thing got a I got your mind taken parakeet gone ahead of ourselves than it. -- actor is being taken -- -- I like back hurts but that's the big projections. I mean. You know. What I guess what confuses you will what is why is it about Martellus Bennett the capable. An ally it's an easy guy who's done it it's a good offense and he's got a prominent role in it. But the track record and these huge good target now I don't get it either. He's got a good quarterback and great offensive system -- got to. Re ridiculously talented long receivers. Who are going to demand extra comfort right -- -- Stallworth and swan. You know Marshall -- -- and they're really good. Yes they're really good really good. It really good so. He's just tickets and passes on the -- right so what I mean let's face it how can defense until we're told that it. We can't agree. They're not going to go to the beach it is going to be good -- the other one the other. So yeah if -- be a joke we can get up and quickly agree it's easy. I mean again. What are people mean what would be the reason to be down a Martellus Bennett he's not injured. He's not going to retain the team -- I didn't change quarterbacks or offense right to no brainer. And they're picked her tight ends -- -- projected you know there like eight or nine at least projected day ahead of him and. I'm happily wait to get him happily sites that you -- Just in general I mean I can tell you probably what what the deal with Bennett is. He had to appreciate and stock last year a lot of people don't realize what he did there's people out there that didn't draft him. You know they drafted tight until the people who know the Martellus Bennett are people rewrote Obama people who really pay attention to people who ended up with another team. Yeah it's you know if you haven't last year like I had great food -- the but anyway. Our interest and I yeah -- that's a position that. And by the way I don't all the people in this west. I think Bennett is probably the biggest block to move up along with Russell Wilson. Yet or a -- Somoza in the next obvious got to talk about eighty 121. It is it is easier Super Bowl winning. Championship quarterback. Doing all well and it doesn't in his hands in his head his feet. Do you think maybe that has something to do is it like -- so I think sometimes the guy who wins the Super Bowl fantasy footballers like that there's like a collective which -- Smart. Just take a guy with a Super Bowl with its. Yeah they -- Flacco was GDP went down after with a super ball out there are some justification would bet that -- -- member of the complete with a Super -- GDP went down it was certainly. Yeah so I. I do think there's something to. It's too easy to like the quarterback who won the Super Bowl last year yeah so as you -- wanna be Smart they would think they've found something. You've also double the amount of people playing fantasy football and for years so -- learn all that much dumber. Right at the population are there any billion dollars relatively speaking we are Smart you -- my -- and in general and our listeners yes on course. But yeah I mean does that -- -- Russell Wilson in the article I would let them are you freaking kidding me yeah but the but it's -- -- -- that they not let me. Had a good point in the article but talking about. There is some probably some trepidation because of the receivers in rankled. Google with but I mean and you'd -- irony. Nobody saw a -- it was any good last year and ourselves and our sort of value the company lost gold and play well which candidate yeah. Have it both ways yes and it it's a good thing and it is -- to me and I I'm sure I'd say this an article. I'd give it. Richards -- Norwood people aren't. Up to speed on Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood people are looking at Seattle and they're going -- no tight end. Which again they're neglecting Luke Wilson do you think comes up a little bit -- shared hopes and there. But they're saying no real established site and you know Percy evans' injury prone and they lost Goldman paid other just gonna run the ball here Wilson's and the other to be conservative -- blah. There's some truth in all of that. You can find the truth and it does also -- the truth but -- -- right place. Right here's what they're missing one hey wanna -- and stays healthy and he's beat even apartment gets hurt. Jordan and keep people don't realize just dealt with someday they will you lose a lot -- go from -- -- Richardson that yes thank you. You know do you get the hybrid player that you want to hand the ball off to -- But in terms of making plays downfield making. You know third down grabs making big plays. Paul Richardson -- big time -- And until those the F of those who are a little confused Paul Richardson is anyone -- yes isn't great assurance sales and he's also lay out. A three NFL draft scouting report jam. Bob wrote a bond pizzas nice article on him as a receiver Colorado we like -- a -- He's -- very -- nine name it's not like your typical. Flashy. Wide receiver -- he's pretty flashy on the field like them. Yes so like if I don't there's a flashy name he would be -- sections Dixon expects. -- yeah I didn't think -- -- the guy I think you can compare Richardson -- -- although you know Richardson probably has better outside chops and help those. So. You know what patchwork. Anyway so Russell Wilson are. A way that Google should continue well we're talking about politics Seahawks are too conservative well. OK I support to option not to consider the dismissal of right. On the way. And by the way everyone talks about the running back position is dead it's all the little brother were the best games of football Seattle's -- system -- they draft Serbia running back you know. You know maybe. And when they did a pretty good job until last year. Yes so maybe they're running back position isn't quite as dead as some people think it is it's just as we said a couple times Lester it's gone toward evolution to. You know we're not out the other side yet is is is I think the case. But Seattle. Have they've been conservative. Last year the year before yeah but beautiful -- as a rookie. So -- without -- OK just throw it out it doesn't matter last year matters a little bit but wait last year. They can have a -- So they lost their big offensive centerpiece before the season started yet either suitable for faster purpose -- -- didn't exist last year. Now they're gonna have part in the average it's in the gonna have Norwood. It's still your guy right oh yeah so if there's a Hoosier guy that these. A couple of Coca. But how are thought about the other receivers but it. Well a lot of them like. -- -- -- -- all of this guy to resign his only playoff roster but -- He tried to China expects I technically you're due to fund a New Zealand to say to me. It. What you can do I know I can't I know you can do this I know I think -- -- it's not until reluctantly it's on. You what the first name yeah. Yet Doug Baldwin and capital Doug I knew that I was there. If I do -- -- -- like -- physically seen him. -- that was the dollar proposal to a Troy Brown looks like the -- is clutch. Yeah he's he's a playmaker he's got heart definitely -- and that's the thing they've got for these guys. Can I don't press on instruments on on Seattle Bellevue beat you miss a little progress and he was used the word conservative there's also another reason you know they -- on the ball. It's effective -- they're effective when it. Then there was the ball pretty well last year and you know -- about -- actually -- on the offensive line and the other thing is. Although I you can take unnecessary offensive chances when nobody can score on yeah. If you can -- recipes a little bit different is the defense going to be as strong in the shares Lester we don't know and again. When you're talking about conservatism. It goes back to the quarterback and now we're looking at a quarterback who was. Amazing as a rookie took a deep into the playoffs would get a Super Bowl his second year yeah I -- call me crazy. I'm thinking Russell Wilson might not be under wraps this year I think -- Russell also look at the played pretty much. Wide open football it's losing to beat Brodeur with a field no they're not. I think it comes at a camp a little more swagger on -- At -- -- would you describe the Abbot did but you don't -- -- he walks taller than his five foot eleven body would allow -- to and or you might even be shorter. Question is gonna go and throw the football a little bit more and I didn't change your attitude that we will wind up and all you want to do yeah it's well and the other thing is I mean it's. And there's everybody when you in the Super Bowl everybody puts a book on. Everybody looks at the Keeneland Super Bowl so Christiane that you can't just come out next year and change nothing. You're gonna further this system writers here one Wilson familiar to Wilson our inability to your three Wilson I guarantee you it's going to be a little different. In addition to that. Marshawn Lynch you're looking at a guy like it hasn't carried over the last thirty years it's he. You're they're not gonna just -- -- guy into the ground. So it's you know it's very possible. Bit this year you're looking at it seemed worth the Seahawks will throw more on first down and you've seen them in the past they'll -- more on. Third two that you see him in the past Russell Wilson the more he drops back. The more the four point come into -- yup yup so you know the idea that Russell Wilson is the 122. Player fantasy football. That would make him a top fifteen quarterback again non starter and a twelve team not ready to Q do you want a -- And Italy great. Let's subtle move was -- another quarterback seemed division. Called cap predict is on this list. EDT you know -- yeah some very very similar now it's uninteresting. White -- -- wants to -- I mean I fight yeah I mean I Catholics too low as well but I'm wondering what the disconnect is why people. You know -- -- -- this goes similar to Seattle they were on the ball a lot. So wide that the people buying into -- so much more than wolf and I don't know really the type that some ranked similarly I've got cabinet -- some by a shade. Because I think fiscal a little bit more open on offense because they've they've added so many weapons. Against you bring in the Bruce Ellington Stevie Johnson. You know in addition to the stuff you already have if you don't plan on opening things up a little bit enemy. The -- people is seeing that but. I think there's something to. Don't talk about capita growth of the cabinet they're not capita relative to Wilson right but at arms you with but with cap and relative to wills. There's something there whether it's. The fact that he's got the -- old. Mom a little bit of maybe you know some some good news -- and yeah like and -- -- -- -- perceived higher pedigree there excuse me I don't know. -- -- and I mean to me they're they're similar pedigree having Wilson is a more. Conventional. Quarterback in terms of throwing motion that kind of thing. -- may be a little bit more media tent attention grabbing you know -- Maybe maybe it's only been in the Super Bowl now I mean who knows. Cabinet has the media's. He's got that commercial entity. But the book the book it doesn't have to have both guys who we think QB ones. Now believe and I don't have Wilson and -- pushed up into the higher part of our rankings is because of the division they play it right. I do worry a little bit about certain matchups there. I mean I you know ideally your quarterbacks -- playing Seattle and simply speak to and so when I look at cabinet and Wilson they are quarterbacks where. -- for two reasons -- think their quarterback I'd do wanna have a second option for and then beat because I can get them in the eighth ninth tenth eleventh. Well sometimes you know something to them so late they're easy to back up -- -- afford it. Like a pivot and that's one thing I think people luge track up. If you're taking your first quarterback. In the eighth ninth or tenth round. Although it's real easy to afford another quarterback which -- next picker to -- clear that doesn't. You know if you if you go underground iron Rodgers you've told yourself into the and take circuit's first round and writers are not gonna get very upset about the people they can -- Manning in the first round. -- in the first round early second round. I'm not consider -- everybody -- don't like them. Putt. You've got holes distilling your roster when you do that. And yeah I think we're used to say is you're -- to chase other positions through the middle yeah you're looking -- when you're in the twelfth. Thirteen ground pursuit on our man I need to find a running back uncontrollable. You're not taken aback at quarterback so when you take. Drew Brees. It's very likely that you're going to be in a position to pull the trigger on Roethlisberger should back right you can have Alex Smith the -- and probably because you're gonna. Have to be taking upside running back through the middle that trapped. To try to fill that -- you probably haven't running back on May be receiver. Maybe cook political running back quarterback cornerback running back and I don't know what you're gonna be busy at the point yet -- society trying to build. The boy yeah. Yeah so that's you know that's. So when you when you. Personally draft this year I've been trying to draft a lot of different ways trying to figure out. Where I end up at certain points in the draft cannot. In I have to have sort of surprised but one of the things that's been working is the old traditional. Draft. Strategy. Running back running back running back now. Is that going to be the way we tell people to draft an August I don't know Woolsey will still working on -- we're still looking at ADP. Blood and and this is true by the way is standard and keep PR. I'm not just saying this is standard I mean I'm doing this and keeps you are as well as -- That's PPI packs a lot of taxes his gets the ball on the back. Well yeah but at the same time in PPR it's easier to fullbacks in the middle rounds. Because of the wood heads sure okay. Now. The trick. Is going to be. Obviously you wanna maximize everything in the things over and a lot of it has to do it where -- -- OK now if you're drafting in the top like. Five or six slots. I mean if you don't start the running back from those spots. By the Dolan duo but what else -- to don't come to -- have a decision. They're expected addiction it is an act com we'll try it -- -- -- -- -- relative situation that's. The top five running backs. Actually get the names like Jamaal Charles LeSean McCoy Adrian Peterson Matt Forte. Eddie lacy goes to the top five running backs on my board right now in both formats. Okay. And the order that quick frankly. With the exception of Forte who for me is the first. In performance. I put him as a fiscal burden in PPI think he's arguably as good as anybody I drink all the deals in performance and pushed back a little bit. But in performance Eddie lacy I think you can make your -- -- regulation is one and a little psychotic but. The -- is so good. Eddie lacy is so much better than the other accident scene. There isn't any now we've got there is that they brought the there is a big jump a big drop off when you look down the list. We need right about that right even to even to six and in Monte ball you know right. Either format it's -- that the topic. I think I'm looking at McCoy and and to. Those guys -- look at it from me. Especially PP are now in in a performance Peterson I think is right there with some and I think at least he arguably is also in the discussion. So the top five -- -- just it you take if you take any of the top five pacts with your top five fact I think you're you're you're rich you EU. And what helped you out especially PP our address is people who come in and pick Calvin Johnson had a lacy and sometimes even ahead of Peterson and fortunate. So this expect to work force. If you real lucky some jokers taken quarterback up there and you immediately see the the seventh that. Definitely -- and jumps on AJ green. They're Dez Bryant -- demand comes as the one yeah generally see high in the round yeah. So look if you start -- -- one of those running backs it's a piece of cake keep their -- its interest thing. If you start in the first half of the first round and you go running back. If you come around second round for the most part the receivers will be gone. But the various is that AJ green the Dez Bryant's. You're probably not get those -- you might have Julio Jones the people scared of the foot and accents. OK maybe and then you have to make that's their decision -- I wanna buy and on to note of what I mean you know if I've got. -- the first round of the mechanical -- on the second I'll probably take that risk yeah. -- if -- in most situations. When you come back in the second round. He you'll -- receivers have been cleaned out now you can still get a Kolb if you want and you can you might be able to get -- Shawn Jeffrey in my delegate Jordy Nelson. For me. If DeMarco Murray is slipping yeah I want to DeMarco Murray if you know is planning on balance there. I have a rough start not take a Levy on -- -- zones don't know mark I mean I. You know what I will watch Doug Martin appreciate if we really get a feel that they're actually gonna just play all their running backs. Maybe -- downgrade Doug Martin. My personal take as well as those coaches have all the sort of back in the field it's gonna be real evident that Doug -- the best one and and you won't get the most laps by a fair margin I still think he's got. For him to argue won in solid RB to value. This is performance PPR I think it's more interest. But those backs in the second round for me. We're the only receivers gone very hard to pass up so look what's happening to running backs right yeah now we get into the third round. If Andre Ellington is on the board yeah it's really hard to pass to Andre Ellington in the third round I'm looking at Andre Ellington immediate Vincent Jackson type player. Chris Jackson Chris Johnson and yes thank you Chris Johnson at this point is slipping so far he really yeah he would -- I've got him in the sixth round a couple times. So is you know even though I think you're right on Johnson I think are real and what Johnson is -- training camp got got us here with the jets -- to get jets. You never know freaking jets can do so as much as I think Johnson could have a -- each year with them. You do have to account for the they're the jets and who was -- it took so you know do. We're gonna get you know I'm -- a hole qualifier and really deciding what I wanna do Chris Johnson until August and I see with the jets are doing. But I I'm leaning which -- but the but the point usually meticulous -- you'll get him before and that's to solve homelessness -- job just taken in the fourth and you might get him in the -- Just a hostile conversations and has been about the average. Draft position and and where the values are where there. I got a little market value of these players. When I -- him not to value the market right value on so do you believe. Yeah yeah on so again you get into the third round yet in this scenario I've got to running backs. But and again as an import distinction McCollum. Most silly I play if I can start a third running back of the -- yup if -- -- illegal doesn't allow you to start a Serb running back. And I don't think taking entry running backs early because a little bit right of it done this year propositions earning -- starting lineup. -- he could be you know then I mean obviously usually need that they're back at some point and not just for -- weeks. But at the same time. Topic I -- get your bench 50% of the time spent the past couple of potential stud receiver for the tough to do so maybe hold off to afford something like that. That's if you're running back can't -- -- with flex play. Right exactly. But in our case in my case where every league I've played it allows me to put it -- running back in my lineup. Again. You're not taking -- running back surely it's extra running back shortly but you'd do it if running backs that are. Really good players that there so I can get CJ Spiller Andre Ellington in the third yeah. I'm gonna do it. You know because then what happens is I don't have to take 5050 swipes at running back to the middle part of the draft when other people are taken Danny -- -- -- taken Eric Decker. Yeah yeah and you know it and has a milk and so many good receivers up in this rookie class coming out. It is community. Ocean lie so be Smart and we talked about the sort of an off season podcaster earlier in the year is that you know what. The draster as you really hasn't changed got to build that foundation and as you starting to do. You know offseason drafts and and just in east you rooted their own -- decided that to see it materialize that way. Yeah. It's. I I really think that. Folks need to focus on. When you're when you're building your team. Have to think what the ramifications. Of my earlier on decisions. It's one thing to say oh I love London that the three players they just took a lot of ball but what are you now. Forcing yourself to do. And what have you closed off. You know I mean if you it'll -- -- somebody takes Matt Stafford in the third round it's perfectly defensible thing to do -- okay. Well maybe not perfectly but it's defensible. But lots of but just to meet personally. But it's the seventh round in the current bowl system on the right yeah and -- and you can't take him. Because -- -- yeah I mean it was just really. I mean you really can't afford picnic faults. In the seventh so that's the thing when you close off position you close off the potential to get higher in value -- that position. -- have to look at the ramifications -- actions now when you box out running back early well what's the cost of doing it. Again remember our scenario we didn't pass and Dez Bryant. We'd pass on Julio Jones states they were taken between our picks so what we're saying is all right we're gonna continue to build running backs so let's just. Same scenario -- -- take three straight running back like into the seventh round. Trent Richardson still on the board -- -- know what Trent Richardson but it was centered around. If even if I took four running backs early I can still take him. Yeah and -- exactly and and with Donald Brown gone in San Diego may be his role increases. Yes I mean look I I personally I'm leaning towards buying back into Richardson now because it's something I want to too close. But I mean if he's going to be a fourth round guy. Considering that he's back with good hands. Who can be a factor in the passing game center. I mean to -- As you said proximity AJ green about proximity to Andrew Luck yeah now that you do have to throw in the alma -- a factor so for the colts. Very important pre season T yeah because if you hear all of our -- just going crazy preceded -- the best player in campers and I think it's. They get to go to there wait a minute. Richardson probably didn't get out of the box as well she may have if you're splitting time Bradshaw. They -- sort of thinking of the inevitable inevitable Bradshaw injury. So it you know then we may be looking at Chris Johnson started -- -- was delivered but he won't draft them trade forum. You gonna he's got a little brutal September. That it could be a similar scenario with Richardson where. Am not in love with their -- might be -- the Bradshaw. I mean how many times as much pressure -- -- data through week seeing lately. No not not very many times I will say this as we're talking it's on Saturday get excited because. It's if these -- is different NASA nations that one you have to expect that. But this is different vaccinations that are really fun about Tennessee football watching it all -- -- the -- stories to. Take a look at and it's only June 30 so. Which we're turning the page to July and down the site to not be doing these podcast now again as are now into the thick of the offseason on a weekly basis the podcast will be here at WEEI dot com available. Are false all off season season long and then -- is to recap the out podcast is now. Going terrestrial radio gonna have an on air show Sunday mornings during the football season actually starting in the pre season. In August it should be fun. More details to come with that in terms of timing. We're gonna have streaming content every day here at WEEI dot com Pete's gonna be calling into the NFL Sunday show I mean it's really really ramping up so. Our goal. As a Tennessee football hosts and experts. Is with now boredom on dot com -- WEEI WEEI dot com just give you what to you when you needed in terms of a lot of decisions your pre draft decisions. Getting access to projections and drop the live -- little -- dot com now and just feeling you filling your head but also was at Tennessee football knowledge. Yeah printed on the should do or are we gonna do we're gonna talk about. The apoplectic Johnny football coverage. Ha -- I'll give you a couple of as he -- goal of the community. For next week entities he's an excellent. Hello and I mean everybody it's it's it's. I mean I admit I'm not happy about Johnny proposed behavior but. I mean not only concerns is that what -- -- like you know like most of these other guys have to break the law. For us to get upset with them but apparently Jennifer post a little party rice who think he's just at a party he doesn't explain thank you guys a plane ticket to Vegas and new loans. And to our revenue if know what I mean it's not Kramer -- I mean it's it's it's a tacit arguments and the Williams and she's on a birthday. I mean I you know I I I don't see. I didn't look at the I don't know if you saw a picture with the money. Yeah who's going to look at little upsetting I mean it's a little. Is that a little bit of the Santonio Holmes edge to it but the problem is this kid is so much more competitive than a guy like that. You know I mean Achilles Smith who's making comments today like oh yes Achilles Smith you -- someone whose opinion is not really interest in in the that is what happened to me I looked up. Boston a dictionary is a picture of Achilles Smith so. Put -- -- -- I needed to avoid it ridiculous that made it sound like you know I didn't go to Vegas animated it's -- -- he was no -- himself idealistic I would enjoy even though in college theaters. Anyway that's what commands well. I just think -- that we throwing a little bit extra risk I'd prefer. That he was playing -- more close to the best year but at the same time. It's just unrealistic to expect 20/20 one year old -- you -- -- -- yet that's our decisions all the time right exactly so you know I. It's it's sort of like people. Where everything he does is over analyzed he's -- need -- right now we're aiding and abetting in that it isn't you're done about it. Yes I think I you know it's one of those things where you know in this country -- popped into -- thing where like these are true or false. And -- for a while it is true or false. You know I think some of the stuff is the media just not being -- ago and over covering imminent death people that your visit spoke. -- -- as as the ball turns my -- watch but I'm sorry if you watched it prudent or camp. And I mean our actual thing. I you know -- to meet strict of the Catholic Italy it's time to get things done if you eat either to get things done tiger has got -- outside Windsor. Yeah I I think you're right I had a good feeling about and I don't think look he's not gonna be squeaky clean the whole way through but -- -- -- -- present on -- will. And mobile sale -- with the coaching staff and the Obama coach who signed up with yeah. This year and the next week or let's talk a little bit more about Andre Ellington that was some good information in this week. And yeah we're really looking forward to doing more and more fantasy football this year it's gonna be exciting. -- great we're gonna wrap it up now. And we we dove into the eighty. We alluded to protect the projections but there are almost. Other projections for almost 300 players rice just short of 300 players. Quarterback running back receiver tied and the four key positions. Projections erupt there are analyzed and ready for his topical articles too about. What to what we you might look for with the Minnesota Vikings offense and chip Kelly's don't -- well under appreciate yup -- a couple good things to look at rural Von duck on it and stay tuned here WEEI eyes and said podcast every week. Live chats on Sunday calls and on Collins on the NFL Sunday. Our show Sunday morning -- a lot to look at do you think you fact actually we'll be back next week firm times and appreciate the time Pete thank you very much and thanks awful listening. And a big thank you are friends of Mohegan Sun. And draft thestreet.com our new favorite best friend over here and WEEI. Thanks so much Alison -- about.

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