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Celtics Draft Pick James Young talks to MFB 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

Celtics first round draft pick and Kentucky stand out calls into the program to talk about joining the Celtics and his amazing dunk in the National Championship game

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With the seventeenth pick in the 2014. NBA draft the Boston Celtics elect. James Young. -- Oregon next we're talking more Celtics basketball again thanks to Travis Ford for joining us the head coach the Oklahoma State cowboys who coached market Smart joining us right now on the hotline is James Young. The other draft choice from the first round by the Boston Celtics -- number seventeen heard Adam silver with the introduction right there. James thanks for joining us and you just got a heck of a -- an endorsement from Travis Ford the former Kentucky wildcat now Oklahoma State coach you like your game -- Marcus is game I think you two are gonna. Go and work together as members of the Boston Celtics now -- your rookies going forward. Obama but I wouldn't connect the world of course I mean we have thickness and of course what definitely helpful but of course. Affordable to have a bad game in Canadian open would definitely look where it says it does get it to -- to the Goran -- If what it was like a sick -- get it going twelve loses his glory. With the way -- is now a lot of guys play with one another view Marcus might ever played with one another or against one another. We actually have matter matters. -- general -- well of course. As we've been doing this group provision would have if. Were you able to. Talked to coach cal part about your decision to leave earlier I mean you're one of the youngest. It's the youngest person in the draft would what -- that conversation and -- what was the advice that he gave you before you decide to under the draft. There will be very very difficult I mean. Look I'm not going to be easy. The -- everything and that's exactly because it is. That's competency is gonna order we're. -- -- -- -- that the draft prospects. Process go the way that you thought that it would lead when you came out did you think this is about where you're gonna go did you think you're gonna go higher when you fell did you fall down to where you thought you would did you move up at all -- again trying to get a sense from you. The bouncing up and down in the draft for the so many players did did it got kind of go as expected for viewers or anything that surprised yeah. I mean it had to about the -- -- also a little bit it was. It in succeed so they do about them down but. Mom just you. Their position that suggested. We started definitely send. That it wouldn't be in this position. Doctor James Young seventeen pickle overall Boston Celtics formally Kentucky Wildcats in James it is seat. Coach -- talk a little bit after the draft this local reporter -- in the things that you bring you know just. The length is three point shot the athletic ability how do you think your game translates argue that you've got good to be comfortable maybe in a three gets maybe cern team. Did from their risk of and just -- that we helped me. This is Laura who come up because we -- We're. -- -- Plans and definitely definitely that the list of places he's. This was not like that played -- -- before you. You know they do. Parsley get drafted last week and sure enough the summer release about the start first game selective against Oklahoma City Thunder. Any idea how they're gonna use you -- if they told you what to expect how how quickly. Do you think they're going to implement their offense and and have you Marcus mark even talked about that. We have not really -- Tomorrow that position at the written word you know. And and and indeed it is. What this system. -- other structures James Young with the -- 37 WEI. James when you saw your name pop up with the Celtics what's the first thing that jumped through your head was that a team you wanted to come to was there another team out there that you thought might take you instead. How would you think when you saw Celtics in your name associated the first time on draft night. I'd definitely want to -- -- what I speculative my last visit. Me coach really had a connection it definitely got who is so. Let's definitely want to come when I got this. I got my -- quote very surprised and happy. Glad the -- -- to support me and human resources. -- -- You're pretty good idea that they were there and stimulus -- a lot of communication with the pre draft. From there with the weather. It is -- -- elect uses -- my game courses as being in it is. Mrs. So what. They believe. At James have you been able to watts a pay attention to anything the Celtics have done it will measured over your team grownup would do with the Celtics anywhere in that ballpark. That the fans most it was mostly the pistons -- this well from. I was. But it it is it is his current. That the game was awarded the bears were. Now we're going to. When you look at that when you look at like guys in the NBA right now is or god you can point to and say OK that's the type of player I wanna be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost all of great. Greatly offended she -- very low and -- as -- -- this this aggressively. -- -- -- Lamar into. It's that you do. Finally James just for second year since I know we have UConn fans listening here in New England you take -- -- the dunk against the Huskies in the finals. I saw this -- -- a five million the first time you've been asked this question but I just watched again on YouTube users flashed up their very quickly. Have you got drafted and it brought me back to finalize it I got asked you what was that like they forget your lefty per minute there it. -- the guidance. Who led to my left foot slipped through and that the lane was wide open. The first thing was he -- I think you double you know when he did a shuttle. Go to rule out that you know we'll plumber. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you landed you stuck the landing and I can just see your face that built as good as I think it feels that net. There is so great of news of the ultimate -- that my own life and first Matt -- that tenacity he would ever get we'll. Was James thanks a lot for joining us best of luck in your Boston Celtics career we're gonna enjoy covering you and thanks for taking a few moments to join us today to talk about being drafted by Boston. Background -- that's James Young here on 937 WEE I've.

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