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OK State Men's Basketball coach, Travis Ford, joins MFB to talk about Marcus Smart, 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

Former coach of Celtics 1st-round pick Marcus Smart, Travis Ford joins MFB to talk about what Celtics fans should expect from the strong point guard. Among other things, Coach Ford says Smart will be a hard worker, and will improve his shooting ability.

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Pleased to welcome right now to the program markets martz coached in college from Oklahoma State we promised that would have mod for you today during the program has been kind of to join us right now here in Boston. It's Travis -- -- for thanks for taking some time to join us here in Boston how aria. -- -- Great pleasure guys think revenues are. So I think that Marcus would be pretty happy stay here Travis and you might have the same reaction that despite the fact that everybody knew him so much from what happened at that instant melodic that has not been talked about a great deal here in Boston spent a lot more X and O stuff. What he can do right now as a player what he still needs to work on with his game. Are you happy that you see in the narrative changed a bit from us on knowing markets based on what happened with that incident -- -- the fan. Local question -- -- great point. That seemed like it has passed there no doubt about it for good or. Almost felt like. Maturity air force second of course all of precursors that all that was being talked about who I hated it for the kids -- no question made. Date in the first one that would have been a virtual and that learn the lessons from it. But it was a you know just my moments are to respect moment signed it does not -- -- markets what awaits its wholly. As you get learn and and and it you mentioned people start to understand the personality and character. It's a questionable in of those terrible incident but he learned from but I'm glad everybody's -- you know what I would do with all these. General managers. For the last. Or who the last month or so you know it's funny they would actually start the conversation out all of we're we're not gonna ask you about the incident where we were over there we met with Marcus we know that not hill and it was great to hear that good if you. And I'd minutes -- you'll quickly understand. That should not you know. You know I'm sure coach year that Danny Ainge. I don't know maybe he was one of those GM's hopefully that that did talk -- was -- -- and he was focused on concerns or anything. But markets mark. -- They they love the competitiveness. You know mark the winner. There's not many players period. That I've ever been associated with it. Visit is that competitive -- -- he is on a daily basis he had a motor that just doesn't quit I mean in practice I don't care it's. Second day at practice the second part -- the day or day after game. It's all about giving it everything you guys trying to win every real whatever it is he's here. A lot of people. Marcus is just you know he's a warrior. And I think that's what impressed them the most. Are talking to Travis Florida Marcus martz coached from Oklahoma State cowboys now coached. Marcus I think surprise a lot of fuel when he decided to return to school for a sophomore season. Or that whether some things that he specifically want to work on before he decide to enter for the draft and of those things were there any improvements that you saw. Good question yeah it -- the option become -- let these group. Would have been a top probably three pick her apart -- great. Coming out because this year's draft going to be such a proper to collect at all then. That would -- you just don't know market Smart. You might even think Andre eagle I bet he loved that. But you know there was the lottery will be paid yet one reason you want to work -- -- shooting work on ball handling. All. The sport position is very natural -- -- -- that we maybe he'd never really played point guard they got a local state -- To brighten their day armed and then you are going to be the point guard. Any obviously had an incredible. To see -- But you know who would in any danger recently stated he just you know he wanted another year college just the whole experience. Of being college didn't get elevate to the processes coach. NBA record anywhere. Yet that's about all the mainstream that's what I wanted to but why not do well what can I have one more year college and still go to India thought that was pretty mature and as far. -- who was one of things that come up but the shooting right -- sit well with Kia Rondo can they survive both guys but without a great shot from the outside and then you -- -- well it's more about decision making -- timing of those shots may be. Where the issue for market Smart college we're where where do you think he can be as far as the shooter goes in MBA. Well you're right they market has great four and -- percentages are gonna go way up I believe in the NBA. He took a lot of buckshot for a there's no doubt about -- a lot of upshot. And obviously that. It was gonna is gonna picture shooting percentage greatly. But Marcus is -- good for you got to live in the gym. I think key role be a very good shooter I think you'll -- And Oprah. He derby god is gonna take a well agreed every single game and just be no appreciating. I don't know about but he will become a very good shooter you'll -- -- of the great form and technique. Travis -- -- -- Oklahoma State basketball coach he coached Marcus Smart as a member of the cowboys of course drafted by the Boston Celtics. Before last weekend in the first round of the NBA draft I want to follow up Travis on what Lou last year about with your conversations with Danny Ainge. Did Danny ever at all bring up anything character wise with Travis the shove or not and secondly. What did that conversation largely focus on about where he shortcomings may be and what he needs to work on the most. You know it never came. It never came up with the Celtics whatsoever. So -- I don't picket city being you know Biggio -- so much and the organization is so much time now. That they get the -- with the players prior to the draft whether it be. Starting at the Chicago combined and then they bring a -- and Chicago are Balkan brought a man twice. So I think they did you have any questions they never brought it up to me watch. -- I thought the Walter McCarty outta college teammate of mine obviously Walters somebody who I know very well I spoke to a couple occasions. And now I had more correspondence with Walters connected with anybody. -- coach Tom. Do you think that Marcus is going to be used to hearing his name his full name. Be used as -- this sat at an exhibit a that you coached them out -- that right -- you tell us that that's the way it's on Google appear. What I everybody you know that what that did eligibility at. -- sodium rip my best years of my allies are in Massachusetts and maddening at the bottom of our ultimate my favorite. And I couldn't absolutely gotta love it that would opening the -- also I think it's good for human I think it's good for the Celtics. But I don't admit it's gonna -- at the -- good news to prayer in its name called little bit different but -- got a lump all the I don't think any question about it. Coach you said earlier that you brought -- Smart in Oklahoma State and and made them into your point guard now there's a lot of course Mikey Enron on the court the same time opposite when you don't. Take a point guard sixth overall play them both together Kenny. Play that do you think at the NBA level as in NBA point guard -- Record. You know Parker. Would be the person and you watching play a social spewing up there -- the goal. Spent many years I mean you feel like pink and it's six. Korean epic four. He can play multiple. Position you know -- play -- it doesn't matter -- that the war under the -- that -- it doesn't matter he could play making it makes people rounding better. You know I loved him at the point guards but the reason we made a point guard. We needed a point guards that are but he had. Unbelievable leadership. Abilities he's great at leaving vocal lead Grady leading by example. And he -- as well the best. Beatles and understanding of the game when he's on the court but I've ever been around you really understand the -- these -- -- Work through terror and ordered to second in advance. As well as I've seen a player in a very law. I you know. He could score the ball well up the play at two guards but he'll be be a great point guard will be a point guard who can make people better. I don't think you can -- -- market at this point I mean his career. You know or what position he plays when he's on the court he's gonna help you wind up and be competitive. Thirty more seconds if we could Travis -- your former Kentucky wildcat yourself you must to get the nine year -- mater how about James Young he gives a quick scouting report on him coming up from the wildcats. So they're reaching that potential I think his best days are ahead -- they think it's a great fit other Celtic. -- he can do so to speak more with great guy. Little more concerned -- -- bad break but I think it Egypt gonna continue to get better and better and better and I think they got. The best 12 -- areas in the draft usually markets and James you know those two together going to be phenomenal. Let's just face -- -- take some time -- know what's the offseason and I know you're still busy though so thank you for caught up in a given us some insight to Marcus -- draft choice the Celtics may we really appreciate it. And upload or Darren law. Great kid great person they could care reform -- don't like guys. -- well obsolete Travis thank you very much. And that's Travis Ford -- the Oklahoma State cowboys.

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