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Three For All: Fisher Cats, 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

Fisher cats invade the Bronx. Lou's son, Mason, picks up a dead bird. Christian deals with nut allergies.

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled -- Renaissance man -- -- -- at least three or wrong behind number 30 yeah it's kind of three threes overall venture. It's three overall these days with him -- beat. -- -- sponsored by divisive ballot instruction he needed new roof they've got you covered. Lots of -- construction. For all your roofing needs to use those guys which Americans of Pittsburgh with -- house and try to sell. That's neither here and there. Chris what she tells the story from her personal life instead of all personal life Youkilis and so I'm not all personalized -- -- -- -- must not personal life and you're -- -- that personal things that occur this weekend want to share for the. Like mine is ice is more about public service announcement as it should be so -- have a eighth grade birthday party at the house and it's -- -- party. So probably be the most important thing to host of that pool party should need to know if you're spending your kids to. That pool party how heavy of Moroccan airlift from Christians pool that's Port Authority and power and most important thing in this is coming to the -- slam tennis -- That's the most important thing. Have you ever so parents drop their kids off. Hey he is little dogs don't fire okay so little -- jobs in the pool -- -- need to be pulled out by the lifeguard. So not only little Johnny put little Billy -- and we'll see any ideas what it says my kids to any party. Pool party especially if they could not afford to -- the extent to pool party known from the with a life jacket. The other issue is swimming wings are -- so the float seats. Most kids a lot of kids nowadays have these -- To have two kids come to party. And both of them have not allergy. So sure enough we'll get -- -- -- -- like activity definitely it would be -- is that it might have not to like well but you're having a hot -- and Obama. And then we do not having any case pledge of a nut -- -- for your odds are. I don't know I don't know there's not I don't know it was it was -- -- -- Biden knots or any -- you know manufactured it. My point is that. A lot of responsibility. Hosting a party yes OK you're reliable guy you're liable and if they're -- -- -- then if some guy at the nut allergy and they start you know bombing -- -- mile -- -- they start swelling. I guess I just found it. Crazy. Parents are dropping off their kids. With no rules no information about what -- -- kids to have like for instance the dog tag five index card around their neck adopt a dog that that's. On the Hubble -- are responsible fair. And we drop off my Gator Bowl party -- little Johnny by the way can't swim. And by the way he he -- allergies as well thank you need this this -- this is -- whenever you have an apparent apparently do. Right op yeah I thought it was crazy assured us boots a kid -- in the pool. Thinks he can swim. -- -- market think you can swim -- a lot of yeah I think he's just -- and -- notebook lifeguard at the tomb and it is pulling this -- I would call -- My house you -- -- -- oh yeah. Protest movement that that's free -- this. I'll click it I. Not -- I have to do what we always something going obviously eight kids boys and all jump again they'll think they could swim. They're not my kids so I didn't have them do the rock test which is like if you -- my pool and you're like under five. -- be ails them down the bottom of the pool pick up the rock and bring it up so I know you can -- your own life and babysit somebody else's life. None of them to do and a five year old ever do that. Yes I did a much wider wars in Iraq notes that -- and a big US sub like always then there's a 35 pound yep all database and here -- -- -- -- look at my point is. Mix them you have a -- -- yes -- did you have a pool party. Make sure -- become a dog tags. Which what they can't cannot -- just in case somebody you know anybody diner and. And your guys -- they go back prepare. I'm not drop it might hit off. To be -- analogy to peanuts. Without telling you yeah well we can't swim without telling yes oh here's a light jacket who does that. -- -- the parents wow are there on the topic of responsible parenting here. Lou can you tell us about your son run -- with the -- this would belong to grandparents. Two without it gave it my play in -- house and he says. My my my semi father in law says you know that -- where justice. What he called their round would never factored into a window fly in the window he's dead -- affect Arctic. -- -- that's not a dummy he loves birds. But an hour later Mason think hey dad look at this it turned a corner with grant -- holding onto -- -- -- it is fair. Hands the patty it OK I don't bare hands and you look at what if you have a -- what you -- -- want to avoid catching bird with bare hands bird flu right that they don't they don't -- -- diseases at all it just get a good -- pick up dead birds and he's holding on this. What -- that was like a big one and and edit just got to dangling out that in dumb and dumber is what I was thinking department honest with respect. You Kate so why I can't even get the words out of my mouth you but it dropped that before your mother also an echo of the mother -- that what -- -- or -- So the bird gets dropped to bring in a man you know washing up everything they've -- it comes -- get these little rubber gloves and now. Literally holding it -- that her with a model that these rubber gloves and I certainly loves no dead -- nobody's patting it like it's like if pat is he's like look he's inspecting this whole thing. Rapid Edberg at Basra and go what we're ahead hazard there -- pets in the Malone house. -- a dog named Louis yes you -- the -- reaffirms what I loved that dog was. -- -- -- -- -- good pitching hitting me off I couldn't change it anyway it was a comfortable it's still a couple for awhile and that his most Jason is dog named -- Downing Street Louis Louis Louis an immigrant workers like I -- and asked in just August himself -- in baseball players college did you find Bedford village do you think -- -- -- bare hands. It's it's. It's not something you -- do my contribution for a referral also from the animal kingdom did you guys in the storage you know for the brought this weekend that actually had nothing to do with the Red Sox yankees series. In the Bronx for months now they've been chasing a mystery animal. There's been this animal has been roaming abroad and no one knew what it was a rod. It was the size of a dog or a large hat this is freaky but it ran very awkwardly. People thought it was the largest rat -- records so what they were doing what they were trying to get photographic evidence. Of how big goal rat population probably gotten in the Bronx. At a couple pictures to get out there Twitter and on the Internet come to find out don't know -- wasn't rat. It was a Fisher. Old pictures like a weasel out of that and Nancy -- Fisher -- -- and nasty so the fishers go into the rocks because it's fertile hunting ground. Normally these things are upstate upstate New York a lot of -- they're coming all the way down from upstate and on the rocks because the rat dinners. Are so good there this Fisher -- actually been quite enough business for how -- don't know how big is the Fisher are we talking like a mongoose as monitors and a small cat. I don't get -- very long. In entering into everything out of I got -- I got in my current post your job on a web page and get things and that figured things. -- -- I don't receive a Fisher cats are ready to I don't go to this horse just took a small bear cubs all that thing is nasty dude. You don't want any part of that -- their mean. They're terrified what's the other -- -- which is awesome nasty the only part of that and if there's one of those there's more those out there that you want and I don't play squirrels in my trash sort of watching movies and let loose in the backyard go to the NFB page -- days with -- B and we've got the -- story posted this video of this. Detectives have no life jacket. If my expression to get the analogy of how. Gets -- that's that's the one way to defeat at Fisher died -- repeat it. Six was 7779797. Coming up 45 minutes worth of on Europe to sports talk on the way featuring act. What it needs. Travis -- head coach of Oklahoma State he's markets smarts. Take culture -- was that the cowboys both talked about the result extra -- coming up -- visit them at the --

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