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Lester outduels Tanaka Saturday night, but still no contract talks, 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

After Jon Lester's outstanding performance on Saturday night, a report emerged that contract talks may have resumed between the team and Sox ace. Those reports were promptly shot down by Lester after Sunday night's game. The guys wonder what management's strategy might be, and whether this looming contract situation is a distraction at a crucial point in the season.

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Pretty consistent with the other good news here -- -- performance. Before veterans. Just I don't. For me and our focus from my focus right now is. He's given this team back where an extra. Jon Lester it's sandy doesn't wanna be a distraction. Talking about this contract in mid season. Whatever distraction you guys have been in locker rooms you tell me and it. From a media standpoint as a guy is covered baseball for on time football pro -- time. We love to think media wise that there are distractions to be had was stories like this because world and it becomes a story. It's a good for -- thought about -- thing for us to write about. From either reported in football or baseball on your guys' experience being within the walls of clubhouse. Does it get to a point ever where someone's contract actually distracts. The team. Governor a person is spent on whose contract were talking we talked in words C atomic. What may not necessarily my own locker room but you know is this. Darrelle Revis is playing with jets. You know it's not a big deal is holding out. He's not there then now I know my appointment even when he finished it in every year he wanted to renegotiate he was looking for more money based on -- play. It all -- -- the player now but Jon Lester. You're not worried about Dallas -- he's not he's not he's not drawn attention to what he's not bringing it up he's not. You know it you'll way he'll answers of somebody asked him and even then -- -- about as clean of and answers you can get. And even then. The locker room it depends on -- be a problem if you -- to be a problem like. I should have and you shouldn't lose contract. Lose contract option not affect my play what a point where you on the offensive lines of thinking off the top my head here and there's a tackle. That is grousing about his contract that your playing next to you figure yourself Israel walking up towards the last scrimmage you're being eat yet he kept in the block to help him out. Got this guy's gonna dogged because he's mad about his contract that ever -- your head hurt you don't know why don't I wouldn't know it's more a personal in the locker room situation and working your guy griping and complaining. Constantly drawing attention to himself. Which takes away attention from the team. Then you have a personal issue with it now -- play starts to deteriorate or he's just purposely hold himself out of practice now we have an issue. We have some vision that in most things you can kind of like -- now we need to address this with you personally one on one with no -- -- measure making us all look bad. Yeah I know I don't think that it's distraction in this case you know the stretch would be that he's Mitchell report Alec Revis was done camp. Now you that's a distraction right because when your best players isn't there it's a big east holding out. And you know we Butte is teammates she need him on the field. Or if what you said it is a distraction if the guy -- up there hasn't losers playing like crap because -- his contract but that's an individual thing it's like. You know is as the play you we need to straighten this out mentally kind of get by and perform. Or no -- contracting out was detected a play you wore button cases Jon Lester now. BJP -- we'll talk but he joked about at that outing walking by reported dates and maybe either it's not that given 45 now yes I -- well not so. But Jake -- pitching tonight. Is lest his contract could affect my pitches tonight now. Is -- going up they're doing his thing you know it's it's not that distract anybody. And all I mean it's on the back of the plane on the bus -- the airport says a locker room like three outs for the game will be a discussion with some. Of his buddies show with a -- and joking shore. Well Larry Lucchino walked in the office of somebody else -- locker room it's able to get their take care this it'd -- comments. But it's not gonna distracted team by any means well. We will comes into this is not just. It's not just a distraction for me to infection forever. The last thing I want us. We'll start like tonight you know John Lackey -- -- -- questions about -- me for you know this is a big team win for -- you know. And coming your take two -- three we're getting questions about this analysis. We're not the right you know -- some other things. Just feel like -- Less guys to talk about it. That sort of thing better. He sees it the right thing basically Jake Peavy should not have to answer questions about joblessness Contra report he's about to pitch in the game. And no one really -- -- nobody else's business is nobody else's. Responsibility. So its only a distraction if you allow to be somebody ask you question you answer or you don't you nip it in the bud you move on. Literally there's really nothing else to it now -- got out labors over in -- in his continue to use the media as an asset. Then it becomes a distraction because I don't wanna answer questions about -- on his contract well here's -- got a little bit more glib with the media. I mean. All of this Smart -- but I've been pretty good for providing years I don't think this is any surprise for people. Think that there's been times this year where where I've come out of some trouble tonight and keep he brushed across home plate and things -- big pitches when I need to but as far as pitching well I mean because done that pretty pretty much smokers and. Jon Lester after the win on Saturday night against to not get and the New York Yankees -- area is that's. As close to Linus he's gonna get. Is saying my work speaks for itself in essence as close the line is he's gonna get. Yeah and I think you know off the record tucked in but Yeltsin a team that probably one with -- -- teams do with this guy. Is I think a lot of people outside the locker wondered the same damn thing I just I I just don't get it you know and and -- And I am not so sure I believe it. -- reports that there when they say you know we're not going to be talking about it at all but he shot down -- reports of -- only came out yesterday tweeted and talked about telecast. That it -- have re engaged talks the Red Sox since then have denied it Jon Lester after the game vehemently denied it. And talked about doing this thing after after the season's over. I don't regret we have been talking about that. But the the point is that I think that after what they went through spring training. And and discussing it right throughout spring training with him and his agent and or -- -- given a number heat as they -- same page. -- is agent knows it just looking for. So there's no reason. At this point if they have re engaged to let John know anything. Just let the -- that's what you pay the man for the Red Sox would deny it because it just trying to squash stories which is what they should do. And behind the scenes the Red Sox Nation to sort of when it gets they're trying to lay the ground -- because he says you know the also brick -- long enough to Muhammad this thing out. We need more than that. As we get the all star break that's maybe it's a final stages and three days will be enough because that'll be in the final stages. There's no reason to get back the initial talks -- that get him involved to -- just doing his job. He's talking mind seeing Red Sox. It in -- number up as quick as possible and when he gets an offer they -- John will like or at least get the poet what's discussed it that'd be brought up the -- wolf. We have obviously I think they think she's the risk involved. A shooters involved too. You know we -- -- and get -- He said that sometime. This just I don't want that destruction. Some guys -- obstacles to. Answer questions. You know once again reckon you were. On sources and reports -- I consider this this the last thing that we don't want these guys to. I think entered -- to answer -- well. -- direct this to you guys in to the listeners right now at 6177797937. Is it wise to do anything at all for these very reasons I mean some teams in. Different sports don't do anything during the season for this exact reason you get to a certain point -- get to a certain point in spring training. If a deal -- -- done if not -- it goes to the offseason. Now especially if you're talking about a pitcher with a huge contract looming you've gotten to this stage. Already -- it halfway through the year were just talking about 81 games gone already. Are you better served at this point if the Red Sox to just play it out. And do something in the offseason or I don't -- you don't feel that way you feel so let's boxers cutting off their nose to spite their face at this point. Yeah but I it's the off season again and -- cost themselves even more money than they already have quite frankly I think that they they sort of tried to corner. Jon Lester I think it didn't spring training. And there's their thought was in negotiating with say this is the offer. No yes one account of its final season starts. Went up to negotiate interplay that cart. And now let's flip a little bit with the way Jon Lester strong and I think. Now let's just kind of hold them against it because this -- the way this is the -- DC mentions the Red Sox protocol how it's changed a little bit. I got to sit through it. It's a total at all. We've -- to win. Talk and it's more appropriate and you know we'll we'll flip from realtors -- It's not protocol. It's putting a big team they told me that they don't wanna talk during the regular season -- camp. Throwing Red -- protocol. I won't up. -- into your watching the game did he give you if you're on the fence whether he should get more money whether the Sox should sign him. When you compare them side by side with Tanaka who is arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball right now and you're seeing Lester go toe to toe with him. Did you kind of seeing. The numbers comic clicking after each inning -- hit he's the hit -- after 6000 Jake Peavy -- AM and that was one of those things from like -- he's only getting better and age compared to -- A note soccer 25 to sign a big deal 155 million dollars and twenty million dollar posting fee. So nice and you're comparing Lester to to knock and -- what he's just as valuable maybe it's not seven years but the numbers just don't seem to fit. You know also and as an -- and the better he pitches the worst it's going to be for the Red Sox so what I hear the words. And people talking about -- only saying okay they've started to renegotiate it started to engage each other again. That makes me think that the Red Sox -- packing a little bit. Because they're pitching is such at a premium and -- and pitches are hard to find you have one of the best right now but it showed you how good it can be against the best of the Yankees have. Well frankly I don't care when they pay him. I don't give a damn if they locked him up during the season -- they have to go to the end of the regular season and do would during the offseason after the post season to make it therefore I don't care. One way or another if they don't sign him. They need to sign somebody else like him are likely just as much if not more that's the point I can't get off I know bands. Hate it. When athletes make huge dollar amounts I know the number of zeros and where the discipline the decimal point is in the not a -- Freak everybody out and people get mad when ownership spends your -- -- an air quotes here -- your money -- season ticket holders. Orchids as people walked up the parking by a hot dogs and buy beer you'd get mad when you see athletes make that much money but she also -- he wins. And that's the market right now if you don't sign your ace you'd need deciding mates. He's gonna cost just as much it becomes from another team 617779798%. And that's the thing if they you know you're right now I wanna compare him to anybody to -- and Max Scherzer. You know because he is going in the a year probably the prized -- going this offseason while it's sort of turned as well. We want things scherzer has that Lester doesn't as the year he had last year that Cy Young year. You know Lester never ahead you know twenty and five wicket Q seven year. -- he's always been a guy that's gonna be at 32343. To make 33 starts. But he hasn't put together a Cy Young season other than last year for -- shares -- Jon Lester spent the better pitcher throughout his career. At the same age. -- -- gonna turn thirty I believe next month let's just thirty years all Jersey is already turned down 6144. If he ripped up the 470 which was a complete joke. And just awful a look at the market decide to close even if he started off you know like. Five and 954. And ninety whatever Ford 85 you know like point seven he was a joke. -- maybe get the guy for 5105. Beginning year 85110. You have to go up that 140 range you know six that you get the free agency. Jon Lester right now thinks. That a 1405060. Million might be out there he doesn't know to become one Denny takes it. But if you want to get to free agencies have seen the numbers from the other teams. He's he's not gonna turn down 160 to stay in Boston for 110115. It's just it's not gonna happen francs off from Boston. -- frank and through seven Libya. Guys I think the interesting thing is the inconsistent treatment. Of last year's contract would join us on the recall what Pedroia I think they had an option on hand you're cute album in fifteen. Armed then won a lock them up -- years -- a time. They send him out eight years and they did him a pretty healthy -- And then the western situation that handled that completely opposite way. -- -- offered him a not so help you deal they only want to get short term. On and I would argue that picture is more important and they're easier to replace Tutsis on the second -- and it is Anthony's. So I think the differences and united say it but I think the marketing side that you ordination. Got involved began with their Pretoria -- and my suspicion is they -- are coming off the -- 2012. Enjoy it was the centerpiece of the organization they haven't won that we're here yet. And they knew they were gonna lose their -- very yeah other got the chicks they're armed with cell. Marketing that then and basically -- got a joy and a lot stopped on actually when I hadn't you know Matt aggression deal. I don't know how much that it's true but I do think there are some points of truth to it. Like what the the marketing side ability consistency too well it's just that different is it is to complete different level. Mean you signed Dustin Pedroia. You know which is which restraints in the first place is it two years left. They don't get it that's -- -- -- but the average Jane Olson completed from ball park. -- on average annual thirteen million dollars for Dustin Pedroia gave me years all you want they only care about the thirteen and half million dollars. He's position player -- -- global predictability position dollars generated pitchers pitchers to blow while tell Tommy Johns left and right you don't. You lose the pitcher. With Jon Lester it's not thirteen half million dollars averaging. Is 225. Yeah you know so it mean you're trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So now you know the answers 23 point four million dollars that's a lot different than thirteen million a year. That's the different. Completely different negotiation. Don't you wreck on from Mount Rainier and and -- present -- I I think McFarland out little from a player's perspective what our own talent that don't mean. And unless this is you'd think halfway through the year that. That's borne by the wayside now that he's getting close to the free agency. Well I think the tax -- tax going up. We don't tell this guy was never about money was a -- years you know -- marketed and six guarantee hometown discount was five guarantee. Giving a free agent market be in the eleven point 324 year given 21 point two year. 05 and 110 as a hometown Disco analysts point to a year and it's ridiculous money but the reality is it is there's gonna get 6150. Is not a get. Let me let me ask -- this okay so did they try to play the hometown discount card too low in the first -- yes OK but -- -- the most -- they resigned -- and their own minds that when they swung and missed at the hometown discount early. In the negotiating process this offseason. That they -- in their heads the whole way that we're gonna have to overpay we're gonna have to go market price on. In the offseason well it's a stupid. As what it is a bush trying to get it done because what I'm asking you is is the hometown discount now off the table and do they know that. No I don't think it's -- the table. President of the senate before the season -- it will be -- hometown discount. If they sign him in the next month or two they'll save themselves thirty to forty million before it gets a free agency. Do you think like -- play ball there is it too late now I think if you get one point 2.3 provide access. 110115. For five years in the give much of got a vesting option but the sixth. It gives you -- -- innings in the last year -- video mapping kicks in if that's the case of diapers give up -- -- -- dollars you do not. And it goes to Japan I still think is not particularly funny maybe slush may be not as much bigger in spring training but it is still save money if we get it done now. John -- your knighted for seven. John you -- this. John dropped to -- -- needs some money from Jon Lester certainly get -- yourself on I don't know what happened there exactly packet here of talking in the background that. I think is trying to scream from his seat into the passenger seat with a phone apparently laws but. Call back -- what did you lawyer Doug called from Florida does got an interest in theory about Lester. I don't your -- yeah. The guys about a month ago this same conversation. And anything he -- sign him and sign him now and I spent 1 morning when he -- -- associate. And the bottom line is that they don't I am going to be that you would knock him in New York. But the bottom line is that they don't sign them they're gonna have to sign somebody else for just as much money. To be an ace because that's what the mark it is -- that's the difference he wanna sign. Jon Lester point three million. Or an animated people -- the Justin Masterson bandwagon with the year he's having. But to get a pitcher -- -- -- James Shields in a statement given like 1617 million dollars. You don't Nolte to pitch in this market you know -- to pitch game one you don't know that you win a World Series game in ominous. There's the -- when -- outside the market bringing guys don't know. If he can pitch year we had a guy you know the -- the because spent seventeen million replace him has spent 22 forgot it's a stud that you -- can do what year. What is -- thoughts are about you know. Read him using him as this trade beat disaster the hit exactly what I wanna see stuff like that I shake my head. Because again you're still going to have to replace and so right now you have three guys who are locks. As far as your pitching rotation goes yup Lester Young Lackey and fortunately you still Buchholz. Did you locks -- he's got it guys as far as guys. Right now your Lackey Lester were guys you can count ghost of you those two buckle -- god is going to Wear contract set to it is. I don't feel like he's a -- you can trade because of instances. The year he's having don't seem like that to -- can dangle around get something for me may I might be wrong. Right now yep and other that you have young guys who were starting to establish themselves with the haven't been able to get into any consistent rotation where. You can count on them week in and week out. So the only two guys you could really count on our Lackey and Lester. We know lackeys to contract situation as left next year he easy to go to Japan or is gonna play for 5000 dollar note always either retiring. If you retired and went about about it. But Lester is the only guy so it just boggles my mind -- that they would. They would -- with this guy who -- does everything right says everything you want to say he's been good since he's been here. You can count on them he brings that attitude to the rotation that you don't have from anybody else. So there's got to be something else there because not making sense it just doesn't make you -- and then with the way he pitched. Our Saturday night is a bigger indication of why you just sack up and sign him now I argued you can count on Lackey all the time based what was in the last couple starts. We don't know -- handed me yet. When I mean as history is -- couple starts but he noted that -- thing on every single start bestowed amid three ERA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think that war or go Utah I think they'll war is one of those that you can look at from either into the prison to make your argument you don't Sandra I think it's one of those. Did they try to make war into a completely scientific empirical value and almost undercut their own argument with -- now works. Yes yes it's wins above replacement right now with the replacements yeah but John -- as wall right now as one point nine. So he's giving you one point nine wins this year more than his replacement. -- that they replacement for the Jon Lester is not there and you give him and -- pitcher. You don't cost you one point nine wins. You look at his games he's winning games to one. He's winning games one nothing. What games three to one -- partners why don't like war but I'm just you know it's like a really like. If you don't have Jon Lester your rotation right now I know he's not at seven nick Tennant seven went in games he started. Put a few and have Jon Lester throwing on those seventeen games he's had so far you're telling me. Don't differences not even two games he's the exact -- old -- right now you don't looked at war as a really good statistic because. Their literally going off of the what are they using the coupled with the war than what we -- an average of artists can afford to have starter is everything else that uses Saber metrics undercuts wins for value was a pitcher right it's. An inconsistent theories or not. I I just I just I don't understand -- I don't get it you give me afford half ERA pitcher and throw in seventeen starts and of that Jon Lester is seventeen starts. And you tell me it's only one point nine difference not a chance in hell. It's a five game difference at an average starter in 2005 more games in those stark not one point nine. Jack George Mike Steve Angela everybody hang in Oregon play more as discussed about the Jon Lester contract situation and whether or not. There's truth to the notion that the Red Sox might be re engaging him in contract discussion that's coming up next as well as some very interesting Celtics used to. -- night threw seven to -- media.

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