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Red Sox call up Mookie Betts as they pass the halfway point, 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

As the Red Sox pass the halfway point in the season, they're currently en route to the 4th worst World Series title defense in history. Tim wonders if a blind obligation to defend the title will prevent the Red Sox from being sellers. Coincidentally, was the call-up a Mookie Betts a panic move by Red Sox brass?

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-- all of the other the first major again. Bookie that's grounded to go up to second base in this hurt me. -- thought we see the day Wear Red Sox fans were cheering guy named movie doing something right. Sure enough it happened in the that would have been the highway. Plight of the sports weekends. Or Boston fans seeing -- keep that stick called up and contribute and the Red Sox taking two of three. From the New York Yankees that's definitely the high point the low point for me personally over the weekend is the knowledge that Christian went to go ST Phantom of the Opera because she's coming to the studio -- nothing for the first three minutes here but seeing. -- of the opera song now. -- quite the rich deep. -- relatively. Of the opera Moreno a funny thing is that as soon as I saw. The show on Friday night. I directed Ayatollah you know she'll blow this mulch all over the yard and like I don't download of the soundtrack desolate. I already had it -- half of -- you -- -- all there like you and God's. I forgot -- this is perfect and so the whole problems Dublin -- them push you around the wheel barrel. I'm -- What does it the best or whatever all the songs from from a from a statistical night at a regular news alert there was the couple who sitting in front of us. I start have a conversation with them insured up to date. I got to have witnessed a house. All the all the case of a company -- in the keep -- nice so they house these kids. So they have like 45 kids to any one time. And so you know she's breaking it down and how works and how to command and how to work all the time she feeds them I think it's like Big Ten bucks a day. For food circuit so you have 91 year old kid male playing sports working. And all they give him with ten -- can you eat on ten bucks today now the other eight are. -- down McCabe isn't it. They double down there are so expensive. -- -- the -- is a great job up to date yes it's just that -- artery to the you got. Absolutely two years. Do you still keep in contact -- the family you know you know what I don't unfortunately not as much -- -- my parents do probably more I really should they're awesome people out. Great people I love going down and if I get down -- free night. Take my sundown it to a game it's it's. It's outstanding and it's one of the best on best league's -- right now it is it's the best summer. Legal I think the draft played dive for your numbers were I don't got to get off on it but. It was some ridiculous it was like a winning nine of the first two rounds. Came played a college -- placate league -- before the which is amazing because we think about the amount of college kids separate high school kids have that many. -- the numbers were but it was astounding while greatly I'm impressed that made such an impression on you and the opera stayed with you this. All day and you know it in -- -- to going to the Jersey boys now I'll keep. Obviously keep adding to it there -- similar Jersey boy I don't know what to call it a much rice you wicket. Some other -- policy to the -- a little angel's car about a segment every show where you give us -- theory viewers out there are alerts perfect. And allied. Christian Fauria Tim bands -- viewed -- Amid days of MFB. What about the debut of -- bets what impression did he make on you Lou and how did things get adjusted from year. Yankees Red Sox have a -- Red Sox take two of three but the big story appears to be. In the third game last night rookie comes and plays right field in Yankee Stadium do you think LB is home. As the Red Sox start off here against the cubs. Let's talk the amount -- Fenway. I did that will be -- in the lineup comes out today because the it's. Right feels different animal you know and and -- it quick off the top -- is their chance that if they want. The a similar personality -- feel to me if you want Jacqui -- -- did -- flip flop at Fenway Park I wouldn't be shocked. You know playing right field Yankee Stadium is like playing left field at Fenway you know you put him up there and it's over your head it's -- -- off the wall. Right field at Fenway Park is a completely different animal. I'd be surprised. If he's in right field may be left field you know Indy and maybe novice in right field that that type of set up brought -- may be as senators and it's a job that makes this thing around but. I'd be surprised to be in right field at Fenway Park I don't know if you want do that and tough out there. Huge. Or did you Gupta explains a little bit because while. Krista was taking in the theater I was up in Canada so I'm driving back from Canada I'm driving for Maine was in the game last night. And when I got this morning you told me that there was quite the dispute on Comcast over whether calling up rookie Betts. Was a panic move. And you take me through that little -- how did that transpire because I can't see -- calling -- -- at this stage is a panic move. Weather's helped to be needed with this team right now and the only other option is to trade young guys to get help for now. What strikes me is being even more of a panic move big calling up the guy who reached base 71 times in a row for. Yeah I think this is every do Victorino mean last weekend when it was a setback -- shipped out for a couple days -- -- at Nokia Seattle. And it was a similar situation -- called the kid up or maybe. Oh wait until Monday night's game is over I don't want to face Felix Hernandez in his first big league game. But I called -- up washing Victor Reno is is up their floundering around that AAA and now we got a shot is back he's gonna shut down even longer. As -- -- it's activated he's in right field every day and it's crowded writing because you want brought call you what the platoon of Gomes Inaba. Will allow these are not -- they stop playing and why not call this cued up for two with a two -- three weeks however long it's gonna take he's your best option. I don't see it as a panic move because he's the best option they have. Oh how is -- advances apparent movement that Miami will get a -- was saying that you know it's sort of. You what he did he wants the kidney failure what he also did want him to come up. Did beat up have his confidence he shot at it have to be sent down. And -- so lose argument going back out it was a rock COLT come up oracle and went back down Rocco came up caught fire. Now be solidified himself we know what page in the starting rotation as your lead off hitter of I don't think. Rookie Betts has ever been advanced as a franchise changer -- has as much -- ever -- I -- does lays -- next Manny Ramirez you don't look at guys who are going to be at the -- a 12 hole hitter. As somebody -- could Alter the course of your franchise you look at them as a valuable component. Right and I'm missing something here. Good ignorant to me what was that and look at him as the cedar and that wasn't what was that was a good I agree with you on -- percent in whether. The fan base as rookies coming up it's gonna say this team and that's the wrong opinion that's way off base. -- -- media believes that that's way off base the organization doesn't guys and a cobblestone he's a rookie trying to come up and try to catch lightning in a bottle here for a few weeks and see what happens. And that's what it is it just their best option. So what you do what is called a kid up -- whether it's fair or not what -- comes up. The minor leagues. That first week depends whether he stays up or not and always -- both small sample size but that's just the reality of it. And brought Cole was the example so -- comes up one for three last night with a walk. Good at bat good walk we know got a good guy. To becomes upn has an impact here for the three or four games in a row is gonna continue to play. -- goes one for fifteen he's gonna get sent down and it's not ridiculous confidence because of the road that he's already taken nominees at 77 games above -- ball. It was gonna look at -- I got a taste it didn't work out the so they don't like my career is not over 21 years old I know I got to work on things. Nvidia's next -- gets off to a hot start brought Cole was the example he came up early year plane. Able to affording. It's a good at bats. But he gets sent back down went down at the -- it tore it up and they came back up and at first we can get the report weekly take a model line up. So whether he stays or not might depend on the next week or so. Com and if he goes back down because victory has can be activated second crush him by any means. We try to get lightning and a body -- try to give some energy to this team right now and and to basically. He's just the better option then they -- haven't played Johnny gold against the right. You know you don't wanna do with your exposing -- against lefties. Today in the whole victory no angle. It's like or keep waiting for him to come back now he just got a different girl. In his back and now but things on I've had plenty upper girls. And once you hit the epidural states. The rehab isn't working. And I need the medicine. You need to folks -- -- slapped them right in the middle of that back Polly prefectural -- bulging disk that is pushing on under which is give you that general soreness. You're out again another 34 weeks. And then go to rehab so. Like the cavalry is not coming and middle Brooks again. Did does know how it down again yes shut down in the finger so. I mean it's -- to -- exco. He fits right I mean his first at bat grounded into a double flight saw me there you go. I mean what do the club buddy but he did you know walked he did get a hit. On I didn't see it I heard it on the air described as he made a dive for the ball that turned into a triple from Ichiro is that a bad. Read by hammer was I don't know I was that a mistake that any more seasoned outfielder would avoid -- know -- a lot of people -- -- of that I don't I didn't see that as a mistake. -- the mistake was the positioning he's new to right field through his eyes are in that dugout every single hitter. Right -- you want me he's no -- a shot to right -- a pretty quickly so I look at the coach not a with the alpha guy is an authority Baylor not end. But the guy was he's playing way too shallow left handed hitter Ichiro and it was a much pop in a -- it's short porch you wanna play Shalit but that's more -- veteran type outfielder. He's now in the position he's got play load deeper. A veteran outfit explain that keeping all they do they just turned angle to -- senator go get the ball off the wall. And you know what it's -- gonna being it's going to be a triple reach hero. So the way the where the ball was hit. It was in the gap. So if you're gonna play that shallow. Guys that maybe still more cost collect assets current tick off the rates that are put the ball off the wall by -- -- -- at third base anyways you're playing so shallow he made a dive for that ball in the gap. It -- I am. But I don't think anyone was taken it away I don't think there amount of I think as we go to Walton Matta who was out there and it was going to be triple or. Red Sox answers were we want you to you'd chime in on this discussion. And it ties in with rookie being called up. The Red Sox as you may have seen during the Fox Broadcast on Saturday night. Or in the middle of heading into this weekend. The fourth worst title defense of all time when it comes to World Series winners hanging over in the history hangovers I think in 1919 Sox were one of bomb. The name other what was the 02 Marlins becomes Mike -- with the third one was that was ahead of on the there's like four teams. Worse than them when it comes to defending World Series title after 81 games. We've officially passed the halfway point now. When the Boston Red Sox the rest of baseball when it comes to. The wondered 62 games he's 81 games in. Is rookie bets being called up a panic move is he being asked to be too much of a savior for the team. And is it time to sort of stop looking for these hat hanging moments of this is where it turns around because peep or started do that now what the two wins in New York against the gang keys. I guess if for no other reason then well it's the Yankees but the Yankees aren't all that -- -- You know the Yankees are scuffling along just like the Red Sox are and frankly as is the rest the American League east even Baltimore -- even -- Toronto has fallen off the we keep pace that they were setting themselves they what won just twelve games last month frighten so with that being settled. Noted that Red Sox fans roasting out there right now. Is this a panic move to bring up bookie because you're fighting in skillfully to try to stay in a race that you're still really not in. Based on what history is telling you 6177797937. I don't think the act of bringing up smokey is a panic move. I don't think the Red Sox are acting panicky on that front. They still in its just that the masses to the red -- Yeah the -- is there any that -- is that they're not the map of where they are 81 games after World Series contender certainly says that they are not. The method exist right now would too wild card teams. Says that they are well you know things that you're you're looking for this. This hat this okay what can you hang your hat on OK this is land this season is gonna change this is one -- to start getting better you can really feel it. Last night's game. Actually the whole series and more importantly Saturday night's game saturns and Rocca and Lester we're going about it so here you have to -- is going about it. On the you have a situation. Where your your big time players come up big time moments and it passport to yesterday. Again where you beat. The team that is placed in second. So if you're looking at the Yankees and their second place. And Toronto loses to a row of Baltimore loses one. You just beat the Yankees so now you can sit there and say listen guys all we need to do. Is just a little bit desperate take the Michael the magic Johnson's. Way between at venerable Wimbledon and how our pitchers throw shut outs. Throughout the whole entire series that we have a chance -- but regardless. There in this mix. They may not you the second place team and the east probably won't get a wild cards are probably do you. To win the division and it's right there for them it's not over yet and this is gonna be some you'll see the entire year. Because they're gonna continue to drive by guys who can hit. Always going to be looking for victory and come back draws and trying to figure out how long does is this whole gonna last -- keep hitting. Is for Droid is Ortiz is Napoli are they gonna come through view and big moment like it did over this weekend. And hopefully you say yes. Ortiz cannot be the only guy. Who comes -- -- So bookie bet has got to be guy or not but our Gomes or whoever you have but I tell you it's not going to be. It's not going to be Stephen -- Don't let Lou it's bound on that more but there is that there isn't this what it's not going to be him. We're we're gonna get -- -- removing himself from office is the vice president of the student and a fan club. In just a little bit India -- point that might have changed his mind and go what Paul Bucher. And that the division. You know is the only reason why you feel good I don't think that any of these teams above them are that much better than a Red Sox if at all. To be perfectly honest with I just don't but look at it like -- baseball -- experience -- -- -- -- -- -- the last thirty games. Everybody's played. And Toronto's thirteen and seventeen. Baltimore sixteen and fourteen the Yankees are fourteen and sixteen the Red Sox are fifteen and fifteen. These teams aren't that -- but none of them. And the Red Sox have have underperformed and not buying the injury front I don't think they've been hit with injuries to be honest -- Really don't consider middle but going down a huge loss to that and know what they'll expect from the first place victory -- Victor -- going down. If I was gonna get the victory over last year yet it hurts now -- Napoli lost him for a couple of weeks okay. Do you got -- other teams have lost you know wonder cute daughters and their rotation you know guys -- of serious it is like the angels lost Hamilton for like six weeks. I mean I happily for two weeks and bury this team. You know nobody else around and stepped up and Ortiz had a tough time -- an agent present skiing behind a minute stretch the bottom line is that does that. That the American League east is not good not a -- good and a Red Sox -- just five games back in the loss column against these teams. Now they got -- they got a big stretch before the all star break. All this can change illegally -- -- for you on the road trip open to whatever CRE start losing games. It and get a couple of wins and the attitude just changes. And it could very easily happen against Chicago. You've got Baltimore get Chicago the mean the cubs and a White Sox and gave Houston a thirteen more games. When nine of those things and he could be two -- three back in the loss column. It's just everybody calling for the kids like it's halfway through the season. Don't give up. You give up ultimately this -- -- fighter you're setting a difference between quote -- is calling up decades and rookie. Right now he's the best option you got because -- -- rookie is not only yes calling up the kids but he's also a strategic move that could help right and probably needs your help right now are right on that. Yes no they need them they'd they'd they need somebody at the kind of sparked but the point is that you give up halfway through the season. You know when you look you chance it's not gonna happen. Is Jon Lester blows out. Go if Koji goes down if David pulls his Japanese -- weeks at Dustin Pedroia gets hit with a pitcher bricks bonus brings a three weeks. When you lose major parts John Lackey goes down -- -- six weeks. Then you look at and say we got nothing. I mean we can't afford to lose our ace and -- before hitter to be -- too -- witnesses this is not going well but that's not the case. I just. I'd I'd never felt that was I still don't when it comes to like -- kids in giving up -- in mid August. You know me that's when you look at it to the break make -- -- over -- -- -- what you -- coming out of the you know that the trade -- the all star break but you -- just. Be patient community games a lot of games. -- ought to get -- -- always it seems like they're always going to be flirting with. You know making Iran are making a push to take second place to deal making Iran to maybe take first place depending on how the other team to do. And just like you know you set up those last thirty games you can see if that if Texas continues the way it is and the Sox -- a couple wins here and there. We're not talking about a wild card anymore talk about winning the division. Mean I think that's a real. Possibility. As well aren't based on everything out there are. In the west it be a different bid could be a different story honestly winning it is it is simpler test again in the wild card this all got it. Might be I mean you know you. The Anaheim angels a -- running away at the first walk -- by that I mean they got a four game lead and then you get Seattle. Now maybe you believe in Seattle Big Dig at the cash in mechanical maybe sign about the boss -- that in the trade deadline and maybe that will improve. Why believe in Seattle not really but. Now so I think the point is so. Support for them to make the playoffs it's not going to. Peace through wild card because otherwise cart teams are urged us to the losing its yeah I know Seattle early. But you're sitting there looking at a going okay. You better try when the division if you wanna move forward and I understand there still and it. Dexter actually brings up in judgment here and it too much -- accidentally write -- that would dilute the kids have all been called up. You right. Which you know what. People still calling for kids. If you look at the guys that she nodded as it has not Owens -- still calling for more kids let me read more you want. You get that -- got a hole eagle Bogart's you -- Bradley -- Workman you're gonna have bill roast at some point and you. You've got all the kids in its -- to call up there the better option -- what you have and rookie bets right now is the better option you have. Quick break the next candidate that might be the best option may be Christian Vasquez. But you're calling -- these kids and Jake Peavy get Rosa all right have a -- -- for the kids that they are up here you know me I don't know how many more you want. Red Sox as we come back to wanna hear from you was calling a monkey Betsy panic move or strategic move on going for strategic wanna hear from you or 61777979837. Or Texas at 37937. But perhaps most importantly. When we come back. Is Lou finally ready to wave old white flag on Stephen Drew a DD Mike Napoli homer off to knock a Saturday helped change his mind. We'll discuss we come back this is -- them of being.

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