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Flopping is an art form 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

John, Gerry and Jerry opened the show discussing the absurd flopping in the World Cup.

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Inside radio stuff for you ever such men and join this program we never could line 88 comfortable eight catchy. Name for this program that included him Dennis and Callahan and Manningham -- -- and and in hands on the -- we couldn't we couldn't come up something. Really hit the like -- -- that could open and now now. So -- crop we identified the problem many that was the problem it was OK till we got here getting rid of men hand and adding our. Our guest here solve all the problems world -- -- what do you like better. Did Jerry Jerry and John show the Jerry John Jerry show it works on Jerry Jerry Jerry Jones is it. John John John and Jerry squared. How -- every square up but how would we spelled -- -- -- -- this -- spells it wrong I don't. There's a reason for that I'm Nike new and I was a kid in school first grade I started to -- -- with AG in kids that that's silly girl -- So nice that it's done with a have a -- the problem is she ended it with a with a little heart out back so that's how girls sometimes that tiger -- arm but yeah I just ran out of a confidence vote tech and everyone in my family's name begins in the -- that's -- I don't think he'll mind changing your -- at this point just just. I don't I don't want every unity -- so this is just what he's and yes just widger dame -- Gerald. It's Gerard Gerard yeah and that energy yes and and interesting fun fact I was semi named after my grandfather who is Jeremiah -- was too which is a great name. But I would have been ten years old. Win that song came -- joy to the world yeah. Jeremiah visible -- my life would have been older. Every kid in school my friends what it is that apple for durable -- and I by fifteen in LA declined to towel with the rightful itself. Thanks mom -- definitely the last minute audible at the line of scrimmage. At least picking and if you were Gerard yeah it should be GE RR -- your purchase shape of you for having in particular plug yourself in changing that. -- if you're ashamed to be for a lot of pizza -- -- -- -- is still a -- -- Fortunately they've they've passed away before and -- not writing for a smut site I'm date that it looked to see that but they David tickets will be a promising that all there. Yeah -- you write for -- saying yeah. Added that it it something that they don't go on much but there'll I don't Wear a -- not not at all about it you know. I I think they Semih like you but I've got a son in in high school who. I I cannot -- who's -- mortified I think because all. I don't know if that's your target audience right its Kmart target audience we started out we weren't -- and -- like thirty year old cubicle workers. Com I wanna say. Then it's sort of became college kids and now I I I think we're moving to the middle school right break -- -- but what truly is -- high school years yeah I think he was so embarrassed that. The decision to make and I know you've got other outlets from time to time now -- of this and are available on this grand stage decision to make as to whether you're going to. Risk Ralph. Of the soccer. Oh soccer soccer fans soccer fans of the soccer -- does and he's right I'm not sure which way Ford's gonna come down. My suspicions if you do anything other than talk good. About -- if you talk bad about soccer you'll risk the wrath of the Twitter universe. Not to mention deal to a. IE I can say I worked with dale a couple of weeks ago while -- it was a game all we did a remote from my cheers Diana funeral hall and we survived. In spite of the fact that I just don't like sock away one bit I don't like this I I like events LE eighty big event I mean for cried -- there's nothing I -- more. Then. Hollywood celebrity celebrating themselves but I'll watch the Oscars right I feel it's sort of anything I can mocked and ridiculed I'm I'm all for. So I -- sort of follow. The World Cup 'cause it's an eventful you know the legacy -- every one is to Winnipeg is also. Right now as it has nothing to do with soccer and does nothing to do with soccer it's a big event we'd love big events. It's like in regard to this already you know an hour work sick a bit flat. Are we swimming fans because we watch Michael Phelps. A gymnastics fans because we watch her rhetoric -- once every four years I watched curling. For real I -- it's it's on one of those separate channels as you know kind of obscure as easy Shepperd -- do. Do it because there is like hot Canadian moms in the air and you know -- a sport that I look like I could do. As I could have a cigar to be awhile due up I'll watch that crap but it does it mean. In between those four years and tuning into what do and it would play if the US and then to say all the teams in the and they knock out round plant crops instead of soccer. And it was a world championship and the people gather in town squares and they. Nine billion viewers on ESPN at the same thing right we wouldn't say while the country's really pricing across her. An event and it's a big event in an appearance this it's the biggest sports event in the world was really yeah yes it's on TV -- I know that ESPN does the first five minutes every sports and no matter what what else happened in the world and you would. Yeah well better remember that the rest the world loves the beautiful game. But all that god forbid you -- that's -- one moment what we've been called the intimate of the neighborhood of maple yes -- sausage. If if if if and for number reasons the first to me is that the we're supposed to pretend. That what the US just did is this unprecedented. Accomplishment. And it's really not they won one. They tied one they lost one they got outshot two to one like fifty some points on them. They finished 31 out of 32 teams in shots they got dominated in the last game. And everyone have to lose in Germany one took to the streets to celebrate like shoot guns in the head if what we're just adapt to the culture. Shoot guns in the air to celebrate and -- and you read about this incredible accomplishment can pick and what they do they beat. -- right here let me help you out deal bludgeon me into submission. With this no yeah you know referred to Belgium anymore well. -- might but. It's it's not publicly it's not that they Eddie wins and losses and tie it up they lost their last game and advanced. A gold Jerry to say it with me. Was to advance out of the group opposed to say it matters not how it played it matters not whether they were lucky unlucky with a look good -- it couldn't control the ball to control the ball. All the matters is advancing the debate got it all that matters is dancing that's true. But they've done that three in the last out of last four World Cup yeah right. This is not even close to unprecedented -- we -- is -- you know a precedent that about it is that ESPN has decided. That we are all going to live and die with race US team ESP and has done it by proclamation this is something you will watch and you will love. And if you stop and think about what they've done -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then they choked against -- -- have it -- one and they choked and then again dominated by Germany. And all the stats. They're not good and now we know the odds of -- weak dollar. Nonexistent but. It's almost everyone's kinda plan a power play a role does not mean everyone's being. A little bit disingenuous. Berg is not along for the ride Jerry and the US soccer fans are not going to be happy with Bloomberg. What US SE 26%. Chance of knocking out Belgium in the World Cup match tomorrow. Bloomberg sports projections based on such -- -- criteria. As a group stated results players scoring quote and defensive abilities injury squads elections and managers. When the US entered this month long tournament they were 200 to one odds to win it. Those odds of narrowed to 921 which by the way it was sixteen teams remaining. Fourteen longest odds of the sixteen remaining teams Brazil's the -- three to one. The US by the way overall as a point 6%. Chance. So like I'll say this to you know and you guys can agree to disagree that -- the World Cup. Then they have -- how effective they win this game tomorrow then -- come -- -- I'm not that easy you know like need to be. Someone supply me with a couple -- is actually be blue robot named -- flowers to ID flowers. I'm they'd done nothing. To this point they work as -- -- at the top two of their group out of four. Hit the net and that for some reason you you pour champagne for that you celebrate in the streets the one week ago they got totally a -- Portugal agreed on in the just blow the yen. And and that's too bad that they are 11 and one. And so far they've been out of the 300 minutes that played in a place to went -- picked. And we -- in this the soccer. Hardcore soccer fans don't get is that they want this to be widgets sold Batman. What their promote -- team that's above criticism. It you there are no negatives it's they want a bull -- get this that the soccer world treats its teams its players like. We treat our college basketball coaches at the Harvard College basketball coach that did something wrong that had a lousy game now. You you watch the coverage and it just he's still a tremendous job with these young kids I think he's got a he's sort of great thing what this program and that's. Like that they got one shot on goal in ninety minutes against Germany and afterwards you if it was treated like a win. Like you know that there -- Ride -- world today five minutes because that was -- and time here all the time. And I liked up by the way I love. As surprises that's why I don't wanna know in the game is gonna end right just does one guy in the world with a big idea and he doesn't have to share with the -- -- billion loss like wouldn't wouldn't. There was controversy when Ronaldo -- -- -- and then the other guy and his men and they tied the game. But like two seconds left well we here at 35 -- heads up the so that's one Jerry all right and but it don't you think that it these should be old country he may be there was any time left him again I was keeping the clock accurately. And the US guys who flopped and dragged it out in added time. Didn't get any easy at all they would govern all the place dragon get that little rests if they didn't do that -- and all the wouldn't have any time. If you heard -- I heard this from one guy who's a truce -- -- guy and I assume he's he's correct. That there's there is no definite time on the clock. That if if the teams in the scoring opportunities that the ref apparently can keep going and at the ball is rolling around midfield -- had a hell with the actually back it up and go all right Randall and Artest put it and -- But it's weird how these things -- -- century. Arbitrary. Decision by the finished. Oh this the -- -- Mexico. -- and dine with their team. They just loss. And assume that all collectively alleged today. Because some flop some fake from the -- large Robin just took its silly dive that every single and I -- -- billion people watching. All one billion of them knew it was yeah -- And because of that Mexico's out. Does not -- I. Observation do you come if you guys agree. Soccer it's a cruel game. All -- -- -- -- its cruelty I mean. Why don't they just stop. A number of all the family -- -- -- -- -- competition with lesbian American looking right at it. Two people just stop -- Why did you stop. The -- Honest to god and everybody IC -- tweets and all the soccer fans tweet and that they don't like it stop it. Stop -- I think announces say -- Mexico is out because some. Drama queen from the Netherlands and and the globe as the paid a visit to diplomas color at that picture. This is why I -- -- people in Mexico and not as many use the couple weeks ago costs them money -- -- the border. Advocates. The poster kids all. But whatever it is -- hundred million of them are like suicidal because of this clown. -- -- That picture looked expression on his face look at the hands of the year and you -- should be the B level to which they dramatize it. Makes it even worse now I know they think that the more. Flamboyant. Right -- -- why didn't they look when they fall down. The better chance there is that the officials say yeah that's apparently and you get a penalty kicked. But doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose that photograph break there is his mouth is wide open as it has been shot with a an elephant whole arm both arms out the side and and the original guy Rafael Marquez this. -- -- And this -- official from Portugal. Acquiescence is okay. Call the penalty you could have the game backstroke goes home now but it isn't this clone. Acts out like this and they Mexico goes so there are upset in Mexico but. How does a lot of people upset in Arizona -- that's while the Mexicans -- announcement is huge reaction in the streets of of Tempe I'm -- and an LA it was not a happy day yesterday now and that's fine if you get outplayed in and all that but from what I understand they weren't outplayed. This game hinged on this clown. Diving I mean if that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're soccer god that's why do you want it. -- so random it's seems so capricious does it not so cruel and and and it'll. Major League Baseball now can't lay claim to the one thing that could called itself the -- the sport could. The beauty of baseball news it is only on timed contest in the world -- know LB the World Cup one time. Mexican head coach Miguel Pereira said after the game. Today it was the man with the whistle. Who eliminated offs from the World Cup. If a referee invents a penalty you -- the World Cup. I hope they have a look at what happened and that this gentlemen goes home just like we are. -- picked up at the lake and hopefully that's not with -- suit and -- area where that too chubby guy. And I don't blame I don't blame I mean this. This is comical but how it's always Brit hasn't this been going on since all of us to do the was a World -- I guess there are literate doesn't run as I always I think. It wasn't as big a deal before the games on TV. How are on TV in the replayed it in their you get to see this -- do that. I assume before TV wasn't a big deal but I've found someone to you know who thinks but flopping is OK I. Correct use that everybody loves soccer hates flopping that's not necessarily so true that's not necessarily sell. Most people vast majorities say yes get out of the game reasonably don't get out of the game. Lawless links you personally -- For me diving is a skill it's a tool that's good diving back diving. And it's no more cheating then two putting somebody or a professional -- holding somebody back at all those different things. -- disease -- in scale just fell Sosa a good guy ever bad obviously worked if you haven't countries laugh I'm in the world's last minute. Marian Robinson -- and -- yours. Because that's how the game was cited may -- -- to polish its delicate diving. Or something you know. I would as the guest it figured he does that's part of the -- of the -- -- -- acting school in New York all out. And a lot ski there. Maybe they have soccer players coming in its initial you know summer. Cool I mean you've coached -- we coach football we will run tackling drills will run you know. You know. Ball handling. Drills maybe like soccer they just think today we're gonna work on flop why wouldn't it works. Texas a point now perhaps flopping in the NBA. And guess what you get behind -- yeah they went to -- and -- about 55000. Dollars -- flop in the playoffs. Little act this guy gets to advance in the world cup of that. Yeah they -- -- -- -- a lot at an hockey. I I would hope they start to do it in if these about a football because we see in receivers you know a while for passes and try to act like they got their arm grabbed whatever and it's just. It's it's ugly to watch as a fan as a as someone who cares about the game -- should want that crap eliminate al-Qaeda to want you know limited handled the Illinois can say. We don't like it either wanna. Well we'll stop it once it's hard to stop you the different culture is that in hockey they're almost ashamed of it when it happens on the ice and you almost sure. Almost ashamed of your own teammate when he doesn't. It's not looked upon as mentally yes and I know that you know the Bruins would publicly chastised marsh land for flopping. But look down their nose at that crap they don't. Really now. You know who referred to one time Marsha N news or -- and this guy in this Robert apparently doesn't like and yes -- gain. And gas we know line. -- you one time seen one of these guys even if they go down legit even if they just get tripped up going after a ball -- -- you want them just bounced back to his feet. With no roll it around and are now pretend that it's bounced back. After you know of their day act this whole thing -- what what they don't get the pedal on the stretcher for the American guy. -- Wrestler wrestler and he jumped up. They brought the stretch out that is smelling salts and everything and you know on the and that is the work that you know with the song is that in to -- And then about a minute later. He jumped literally jumped up again. I'm fine just as -- about the met about a -- edges split when they got the -- is going I want you have to be there -- like the trainer Mike is they run they get the bag in the stretcher and everything where they'll pretend you're. Sick you are. You're about what it's like it's supposed to protect a way out let's go with everyone needs a rest. Got got carried off over the weekend but he sat up on the stretcher. They get wrapped his legs -- like you know swallowing closed and elated that I Manger and he missed an Atlanta on the ground couldn't move the handle like lift him up and would BM. But he did -- -- he sat there and that would not because he couldn't get off the field and resultant power. When I got on the sideline. He stood up and walked over to the bench and let us they have all those little more upbeat and well as more feet epi pins like a lesbian Brothers -- -- -- that you know a little higher to scare me I think you're still wants to go up to the sideline camera don't fall and that's through and got -- the structure and walked to the bench. You know what when I was a kid we had a guy -- that the Steve Thomas who is just a bear of a man just the lunatic we will playing street football shirts and skins. He -- after a guy try to to an -- on the street on the pavement. In he got up faster than any one of these guys who just like slips and falls yet but everyone knows that the refs know trainers now at the TV guys know it. And a -- Texas a disgrace except Alexi. He says it's let's just like opinion we got from this guy right there that's that they release the flop and something interesting is happening right it's it's a negative and everybody hates it but at least it's something I said it like this as an event. Until they actually. Kick off point drop the -- guards who got a jump ball -- however they start again once games start them I can actually sit there and watch. Without doing some other things and I -- a computer like if you actually just sit. In watch yes because I've got to around the bend and I've taken the iconoclastic. View that soccer flopping. Is the reason to watch I -- to entertain not for me. And I I'd rate them. I rate flops from one to ten at its -- if I -- tell what you -- imagine in an axis happening I'm actually go down over the course -- ninety minute match what any time somebody ground all of that ocean floor and out every couple but it gives you something to do our scorecard. I don't want to pretend I did not one that. This should give like all war. Rightly so ever -- has them -- he must all the floppies -- on the -- -- you could -- come review each one yesterday and -- or rotten tomatoes yet. This database so embraced lately -- up at five. Right because when they're not flopping is certainly not scoring. It's just I don't -- an offensive zone and they just kick in its side right well let's put in long. Long the doses of that on Friday because he invested on Thursday. And he was we were gonna go to the enable automatic believe but the you know would let us know that that was the most and was tedious pretty boring the problem that the alluring thing is though the pressure's on some I mean it just matters so much. That there might be rookie kick and Seton every game from kooky thing at the goes in the net. And you go home for an answer this too literally there against lives on the line this Mexican game right. I mean their analysts wrote their lives are over or I mean. -- up a group of guy in Brazil I -- the other -- had a heart attack during the extra time will shoot out or something like that died. Watch and watch soccer is the that was and now I almost a mile life after a couple of patriots suitable site. Like you know what I I eat ice I kept hope alive and and managed to come through with a lot of therapy that this guy actually dropped it. Does it say about the game itself the technical aspect of the game. That a guy on a particular team and fall down and lay down. And the rest of the play continues. And there's no great man advantage power play if you can -- hockey. If Marcia went down as an example and stayed down and they didn't blow the whistle and they continued to play with the other team at least get all I don't know shot off at that point yet the man advantage. Why doesn't I don't soccer. And and it's the sure don't really the band and had to shoot -- hockey. And and soccer I guess it's is better at soccer at least it'll and the game yes you know you're right if they did over his -- David sudden death it's still be going on right that the Mexican game where the whatever it was Greek -- against Costa Rica. By the way I understand that there -- real soccer France -- that big fans who watch these games but when they aware that it was like he and Sonny has today. There was like that most beautiful summer day yet gonna have you. Acted I could give that up for an American game and but for Costa Rica crickets -- sorry. All what does your heart I know Costa Rico is a country by -- like part of some other country. Full disclosure. I'm glad I I I took. My lovely wife in the in the little point -- we went down the coast Rica back in April school vacation right beautiful country. Nice people live not that not impoverished its agricultural L friendly -- of people that were talking about surf. -- that was toaster thing it was -- -- you've got to be common result place and Costa -- okay very nicely I did not want to make that clear for the judge and my probation officer I was nowhere near Tom and Gisele you can't be -- at intruders are out there he has his guys oh believe me I know ha. It's bulletin for the ideally we'd sued I would have been I would have been but it sounds got a that he never signing little vacation land. It was I what I -- to -- -- close that was the thing I want it goes somewhere I don't want really you didn't leave well yeah we took a couple trips it was beautiful we went up river they had we monkeys climbed -- -- heads we spent an alligator -- -- it was it was great it beautiful country could be forty talking about the soccer down yeah. And so I sort of have a dog in that fight and Canada for the court to become just his leg and just think there's there's people in nude on the that'll be happy soul a couple of Saturdays ago they had their first game. And it was three in the afternoon I sat down to try to watch it lasted a minute and a half coaches and I put on the US open I put -- round three of the US open as -- said I'd rather watch. Forty year old guys in loud pants looking over their putts then watched the ball right back and forth like tell me what the result is that telling -- You gonna watch tomorrow you yes you Belgium I I'd go watch I think I'll find an entertaining isn't weren't compelling. Because if they lose they go home right to advance all ought to do sign if you make sure all. In Jerry Phillips today unlike last night when they lost and then got stuck -- is celebrate formula. It's at this time -- go -- that matters some of these has never play in the World Cup again and I assume. Michael Bradley. Enemies not. That you carry him consumes the next World Cup right done. Is he's probably Josie and he's already been the parliament misery shot yeah and out euthanasia. -- -- I'll watch I'll find it compelling the human drama will be worth watching the sport bored as hell. Was it as yet telling. And as interesting as watching the smoky bets Arab began last night yankees I was pretty good husband broad based on the fact that it was a network game. Based on the fact it was the Red Sox yankees and based on fact it was Yankee Stadium the mom dad -- -- Louis. Interest to have a rookie cam on the family unfortunate the game took 6027. Minutes or ruled that the Red Sox and yankees. Have to drag and how can they can't just play a game not specifically but there was a rule that says if they play the first two games of the series under three hours. The third game has to be over three and a half that's out at. As if they've become -- watchable is gone from -- and one of the the the compelling. Spectacles and all sports to. Yeah you dread even avenue turn one and I Sunday night media -- free thirty day the time which means today and at 1140. -- Mean does anyone find that OK. Okay it would if those schools of work to do anything to go to bat -- -- 38. It's not -- were almost four hours. Now it certainly not what should the pitching coach come to the amount. No one's asking I look at it Larry Rothschild every time Papa the dugout grabbed the -- with a and expect to appeal Larry Rothschild you got -- out my life. It's almost you wanna step to be fair equal opportunity -- bashers. In such an insane rule that the catcher in the pitching coach -- locker anytime they want. And 50000 people in the stadium a million people -- have to sit there and watched his eighty in the jacket about your lead to limit it to once every after. The catcher. So once every half -- we can watch the pitching coach tomorrow yes eighteen times. Technically you got his work out in eighteen times and then the appeal has become an additional -- to someone. As someone -- to say this is exhibiting last night's game. Just it was just dragged out every inning like we or all. You know gripped by the pitcher pitching coach manager in whatever anybody. Wasting our time. But there was. A momentous event. And I need to read it to you from the newspaper win week comeback that made the three hours of what was -- again reading 38338. All they're worth and live a little right kind of what you gonna -- -- I did you know again well I -- I screamed at the whole Family Guy and also call on my father -- you know there was some bullish. One of those moment what most unexpected things I've ever seen in sports when we come back.

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