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Butch Stearns has some fun with Aqib Talib story 6-29-14

Jun 29, 2014|

Butch discusses the mistake a Dallas police office made tweeting out that Aqib Talib was arrested last night when it was in fact Talib's brother! Using Talib sound bytes is always fun!

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The Boehner is it appropriate song to start this final -- you decide who had to the ball and where you wanna take that literal reference. Text of the pointed out to us checked Twitter because Aqib Talib has been arrested in nightclub in Dallas there's the story on the Denver Post. That Aqib Talib has been arrested in them right club. In Dallas well this was all regionally put out. By some by the name of major Mac's guarantee go to mean and Matt Loper on Twitter. That's at Butch Stearns BUTCHSTARS. And Matt is Matt underscore upper. Just am an animal -- low power I would vote three tweeted it out and nice work with this map so. There's been a tweet it's been sent out more recently. A hash tag breaking correction. That it wasn't Aqib Talib was arrested in Dallas last night which is rather yeah Q2 the 31 years old it was a rest. And that it was on to say major -- Garrett who's a spokesperson for the gals we. My apologies to keep the -- original information reported was incorrect well. If you now on social media these days what's. Interest. And on. Is the immediate reaction and the immediate reaction is as you expect. If you read some of the tweets underneath and it's on all its jets line. It's pretty interest most of them saying. Raking really although it says in -- lawsuit masks. On Wednesday you just don't wanna be sued. I don't we have seen mandated MI to Wear him and I anybody else on -- wanted to -- it says oops. -- it says thank you for the updates any status on a booking photo. For -- at this point and now there's a lot of reporters. They're jumping in on this so for example. There's a reporter it looks like a radio host by the name of Steve spader who says at -- DPD we'd like to talk to you today. Either by phone or Skype can you follow me so we can direct message you and set this up well I'm sure Max wants to jump right on call. Right now as it was like being out element of -- The value meter and that right now. Another -- says you should be ashamed. Another it says check your facts before hand this is how a lot of lives are ruined. And there's a lot of stuff talking about lawsuits. So again. Oops just doesn't cut it. When your look. From experience. I throw a lot of things out here on a daily basis when -- -- show here. That in a normal. Conversation. He shortages get him out there and I'm not completely accurate like for example quoting coming to America instead of trading places but when your spokesperson. For a police department. NN national sports figure like -- keep the lead. You're announcing that he was arrested. I mean in -- in outlets that I can understand if you were replaced it again this was hockey. It's football in Dallas. -- -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the right now it is kind of program at what level is it okay. For the Dallas. Texas police department. Football league player and a national figure in the sports -- Koch is at what level is it okay for them to do. I get this is football in Texas. Last time I checked the Dallas Police Department is bloody history with Dallas Cowboys players. And things that they've had to deal -- Michael -- days are gone. There's still plenty cowboys in the news so at what level is his OK on any level at all. I think Max and Dallas Police Department are about to find out from the two leaps and what perfect he would just step to a microphone guy you know it's okay. As father man this is is the and that's ailment to relax have -- -- bar he'll not seen a man and a fine and dandy a young lot of us -- to make a play. AB and KC -- now through Macon plant on Obama's. That's fun. Can you see and -- to a podium soon insane -- -- I felt that the the effective. -- and Macs are good. It was that was my brother it was a me my brother is in trouble now now let's not only am my brother's in trouble but me Macs ago I can really bomb and let's go to Tom in New Hampshire -- Tom. You I'm gonna. 000 you know -- I'm doctor -- -- 24 million to sit here and not particularly. You know who went to this years ago with these long long term contracts. Where we were strangled the beyond belief and some other doctors billed -- -- You know and accurately because when the World Series last year did anybody forget that Lester was one of the big twelve for nineteen. But I'm not gonna talk about it at a traditional but look at him on the field you've come. With it that's -- about six -- seven week stretch why he would do it. It was not a it was. Getting it yet he was he was not an arm he was not horrendous. For that well on okay. So he made 33 starts last year. He pitched 213. Innings. OK he had an ERA in the American league of three point 75. He went fifteen -- eight he pitched much better than that. In the post season he struck out a 177. Guys last year I mean at what level was he horrendous. Are you know you -- what I don't you -- -- -- you said he had a horrendous stretch. Of six or seven game. No he he was he was he was on Lester like the human pulled his game -- I'll give you the game Lochte did. And let it do a bit much and yet another computer bought. What is -- still like a social and -- -- hold -- hold not pulled. Let's take a step so -- said right off the top. That you would not give Lester 24 million mainly for her -- mainly because we've been through this before you don't -- strapped them with 56. But -- I don't wanna I wanna stop OK -- -- -- not all of us a couple of questions unanswered question let me ask you question. So do you wanna give anybody that twenty million dollars. Forty million dollar all Detroit former -- don't want anybody you want anybody for five. Or longer deal at huge money do you want the -- to do that with anybody. It would depend on what you are talking about starting talking about starting pitcher. I'm talking an incident but yes I would not gonna get to Kershaw could not gonna get you give it to. I would give anybody wanna put him out in Newport Internet so would you give it to -- -- merit -- rarest type player. That type of money I would be more inclined to give it totally better. And what they give it to a printer. Especially pretend gonna be about 31 years -- you want sit here. You know John what a good pitch -- not secret cricket he was great -- -- ripple stretch and play out. Do you agree that he's there. Do you agree that he's the Red Sox ace. -- what it already -- -- our literature -- find that's the opinion Tom but mom to stride I'm trying to get to the point where. What are you willing to spend to replace him or you just willing to bring the kids up and see if somebody can become last year. What am I willing to spend well let's let's let let's look at how we could do it. I would deal. An -- that he's going anywhere this year a technical lightning in the bottle I think the division being bad this year which really just is that last year at issue that the Red Sox. Partly managed to win about eight to ten games border they probably should have been a regular season they've been a fantastic in the playoffs are. Let's not pull out all the pivotal people gathered at a Grand Slam or not he would probably 205 to Detroit. So. I don't know why -- discrediting the fact that they won the World Series not trying to get I don't know I'm trying to get to the point of what you be willing to spend on an -- Of your staff -- always the ace of the staff from what are you willing to spend. -- -- cards -- -- evidence to put argument here -- current product available. You're asking me what I take anybody that amount of money. Unlock it and say it typically happens to be the. I didn't ask you got Tom and I. Asked you the question what are you willing to spend on an ace if you're not gonna give Jon Lester. The money shall we given the money to -- and Hoosier based next year John Lackey. One of the young guys who your number one starter next year. I don't have hit it -- yet. How much -- into. Well you know here's your choice and -- are some choices in and you can come up with -- -- answer your choices are to take someone within the system already. And anoint them as number one may be it's lacking next year because you got a 500000. Your other choice is to go and try and sign somebody is a free agent but if you're not gonna give last for the money how much do you think Max Scherzer are just some margin. Are gonna want by the way so Marge is not a free agent you can get him in a trade this year she got to give up stuff. Pay him arbitration eligible money and by the season he's having this year that's gonna be between ten and fifteen million for one year next year with no guaranteed -- here beyond. The problem the problem is Tom the problem trying to get -- in some common ground if you that's fine if your opinion is. You don't wanna give Lester or anybody -- other pitchers that kind of money. That's the money that it costs unfortunately either get or keep an -- unless you wanna just keep developing young guys like the Tampa Bay Rays. It's an opinion that we of course I -- at on -- -- than today but he's the Red Sox he she already agreed to that. -- -- direct talks saying it doesn't make him. Eight so define any level but not to debate I didn't say -- was on the level of the best pitchers in baseball and I don't want a level of -- -- debate also be able I don't I told my ideals and no 128. I don't know what would -- at the top of them are young it -- you know nineteen win season. -- idea to go ahead. We finished fourth in the Cy Young finish fourth in the Cy Young the year he won nineteen games. He's two time all currently run with him in the back to give love and forty million dog I didn't say that I a year ago Tom I say that you obviously don't wanna have a conversations. Arbitration would support a disagreement -- -- but you put words in mine out. I would give me what I have an assembly 24 million don't -- and I didn't say the -- Artest and I didn't say given point four million dollars a year. I said I give them twenty million dollars a year I started a hundred our goal is high as a 120 and yes I would give that to Jon Lester and while he's not quote in Tom's words. Among the best of the best pitchers in baseball while he's not Clayton Kershaw he's a guy that despite wins and losses which by the way can rank with anybody. In wins and loss as he is 634 winning percentage -- one on nine and 63 but if you listen to me enough. I don't -- wins and losses as the number 12 or three -- I'd rank whip ERA and strikeout to walk ratio would struggle to walk ratio were tied to whip anyway. So when I look at Jon Lester and I see 123 seasons of more than 200 strikeouts season four seasons more than 200 strike one IC. 123456. Seasons. Of more than thirty starts including the seventeen he's made the issue which by the -- leads the major leagues. When I see 12345. Seasons of 200 plus innings and another 191. Plus innings in 31 starts. That's a horse. I see a guy with a career three point 70 ERA in the major leagues by the way despite his 97 record this year he's two point 920. With seventeen Major League leading starts. That's a horse by any definition he is the Red Sox ace whether you like it or not the simple debate is what that's worth. -- If you have your finger on the trigger of paying the Red Sox and bide their actions. They don't think it's worth. A 10220. Million dollars which to meet with on the category of quote unquote hometown discount. So if that's the case then what are you doing with last. According to Tommy argument on the money well it doesn't solve a lot he's gone that and you get a draft pick great move on. Maybe it turns in and real and again who maybe turns into John West. Go to John in Atlanta hello John. 882 and probably continues some of the disagreement I think he'll probably end up losing Lester. Sort think probably treating them. Might be something we'll have to do carefully I don't. I don't disagree -- on that John because arm by their actions what what. What makes you think that they're gonna keep them by any means. I mean Lester to knock I agree yeah I think western. And darker. And the Yankees blog that in -- into another Ellsberg situationally you don't -- released. Be part of that kind of bidding war. Yes so I mean don't let you know we've done this is Red Sox fans forever. And some of -- bunch of phony but but it's real now meaning that. If you're willing to let Jon Lester walked our our bench Harrington and Farrell and the powers that be a they all stand there right now sand. Yeah I would be okay if if the Yankees overpay and give Jon Lester a 180 million let let them. Use up their payroll we're OK with that though they OK -- Jon Lester in Yankee uniform. Yeah I think I read at least they're talking about they shipped in in their mentality away from my sluggers in the outlook toward the you know the guys should you know that should be and throughout the whole in this and I want. On base percentage guys. And I can -- your question. How's that how's that if that's true how's that philosophy. Working now right now the team that scored an American League worst 302 run so far this year. Right no doubt I I I -- -- couple that with the fact that there is shifting their financial slots due to an -- I think lets you -- pitcher. And it could do a lot -- Roger Roger clemens' side like whether it's his career type of thing but. For another team but I think that they'll probably look I would like to see a three way trade like be more specific overcome a three way trade would include. Prospects for the Marlins. And the it is the team picked up Lester for the stretch run would you know prospects while we we could pull up stand. Type deal that. You know for a David Ortiz. -- -- So whenever whenever we go the Stanton -- John it's a very simple question. Let's put on our Florida Marlins hats shoes and thinking caps why again am -- giving up. A 24 year old guy leads the major leagues right now after five full seasons in the major leagues of progression every year who might be. The perennial MVP candidate the next Miguel Cabrera Mike -- for the next five or six years. Why am I giving him up again now one full year year and a half before -- it's free agency. Also the same reading gave up Cabrera is eighteen. Because they can't print and you know that that that's that's a season and a half away. Yeah you're right you're right I mean what I'm saying is there's that -- I didn't do my research and have to give -- a thirteen but there's that seemed as -- Stanton. You know emerging stand in that could. Could throw that into John you don't need them. Quite honestly you don't need to do your research you've done. 'cause that's the Red Sox they have Henry Owens they have Zander -- start there and I'm listening from the Marlins. Yeah I mean -- the Marlins. I would not take Bogart Bogart on that project as you go to -- -- out infielder and he does not power. Now Henry all the -- arts now now -- -- Red Sox lose -- -- -- -- going to be. But what O'Donnell all the problems -- so you're saying in your three team deal you find another team has the prospects in my counterpoint -- that was. Start with Bogart's and Owens and if on the Marlins now homeless and those are top prospects -- -- -- interest and so whenever they become. They become that Puerto was the one that Cleveland targeted to that was willing to give up CC and he didn't pan out. Hanley Ramirez was the one that the Marlins targeted from the Red Sox -- Josh Beckett and Michael and he didn't pan out. So if you talk to me about Bogart's who's already in the major leagues and always and now you add in one of those other guys Renato Webster dealer -- whenever. Now you've got you don't need a third team I guess you're right I guess the question then becomes are you willing to give up that package. For GO collar stand I I go back and forth on that yesterday I noticed today -- all I. Logic conducting. I think the Red Sox any one of those pitchers to. Cannot I think that obviously always -- -- -- one let. You know Brian Johnson who is pitching great from the left side you departure writing in the air. And you also have free agency in there. Less than 24 million dollar type pitcher that you -- look or as well like I think you need a big poppy middle line -- -- Urinary John I guess I find it hard to believe that the moans and do it but I and thanks for the call to good and I find hardly the moms who do it now. I think as time gets closer to the end of 015. Obviously the pressure comes on this is -- -- going through David Price right. Mean Tampa mate David Price may be out there in the Dodgers may acquire them before the trading deadline is over here. I think another break we come back rich in Amherst your next. Anybody else would like to chime in at 6177797937. More Sebring getting him major Max -- -- from the Dallas. Police department or Aqib Talib which would be a lot of fun. If we can get a -- to leave on. Before the show came right no your African -- which -- but he didn't contribute additional lot anyway. So the lifetime rating fell borrow he'll not seen a man. Rebecca Moore -- lifetime rating fell borrow -- not seen a man.

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