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Butch Stearns talk about the young guys - Mookie and Xander - and Lester's contract situation 6-29-14

Jun 29, 2014|

Butchie gets back in to the Red Sox and the hype surrounding Mookie Betts. We get a nice scouting report from classic WEEI caller Ray from Lynn. Butch also talks about Bogaerts and if his problems are related to the Drew signing or he's just in a rut. Also, Lester and Lackey - are they sticking around for the long haul?

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-- in the future. Little Springsteen to kick us off for the 11 o'clock hour 1108 Boston. Now your regiment PB what's up James. And what you say you know it's good. -- you get to the so that as a regular shut up because we can marketable grease -- so they. Event that is not around I'm really into this World Cup final you can watch negated poetry. Yes some of them my daughter graduated this year of a -- -- aunts and beyond this immediate. -- coming going to watch the TV a little but I loved World Cup soccer. -- what that the first thing that I was over the drafting doing but I speculative buy. Actress. If you blink who got which you know the election the first two. Again I think you have to just start with it are around Owen Bradley back and according to bullpen. He believes they will be to start the season so yeah I see him some planes from off guard I mean I see him getting some minutes to find out what this kid can do. And if you don't like it could help also qualities that it could keep the championship game so I think. Although it was a pretty good draft well Kurds and I think we won't know look at football which he -- -- -- -- have -- -- -- -- Well I mean biggest question of your Celtics fan when it comes to the two young players sort of as a broader question are you expecting them to win next year at all. Are so if you're not expecting them to win in your temper expectations. Then you're expecting the young guys to develop you're expecting to -- -- James Young. Can score the basketball so to speak you're expecting to see that market Smart. Can play both guard positions compete like we've heard about and may be defend. Like Avery Bradley right if we start seeing the development of that stuff and all things are possible. -- -- -- -- Go what you think the -- was so long term contract you know. I don't know that's a good question I mean they're sort of banking on the fact that. You know that they signed him to a deal that he won't wanna go to free agency -- like the experience so much I -- it to me. That direct question would be intriguing if they win a Super Bowl so another words your Darrelle Revis and you came here to win Super Bowl and you do. -- -- first year. And -- twenty million dollars to do. And you got the national exposure. And now all the talk about Richard Sherman this offseason being on the national stage from the Super Bowl is now focused on Darrelle Revis and he takes to -- it was the best defense -- back. Is it hard for you did not go to free agency in trying to capitalize on that. Chris you've already won it or or you say you know what. I -- all things being equal I'd rather stay here or relatively equal for whatever millions. As an NFL player I don't know. So intriguing question I do know that Tony's in Bridgewater hi Tony. Let there that are out there -- you don't -- rather good. You know at -- all that's been with erect our and I Everett in your voice directly. They fixed it scored who are allowed to yours and not so I mean strict -- just like or ourselves as a lot of ways directs arts. -- great help themselves. Now but more importantly -- 2015. Year old what you -- derelict in the right now right here right now. Take he'd be a great -- overall. Who would help the -- start with more right now. -- -- Oh of blood but by Hannah wants Eric. That's a good argument because the reason I say Della -- Is that we don't is is exciting is he is -- said three really good starts in two just low key ones. Peavy is that guy that if I worry contending team I would want right now. Down the stretch because I know what I'm gonna get from him I'm gonna especially from a National League team he's much better it's the national nominee gets -- Gonna get a 500 that you would afford an opportunity to win I know. They're gonna get six innings. You're gonna gets a strike out you may give up a home -- or so you're gonna get me to the bullpen and you're gonna get some quality starts down the stretch just like he did. Leading the Red Sox into the are helping the Red Sox get the playoffs last year. That's needed here -- -- which what do what do I say here's here's like there's so much -- weight on the threats are right now like you're. Like I would tell -- and the duke has put seven -- eight guys in the caught into you know incredible like you know you get what you care for the right now. So Tony hang on much if you're from him which he said. You're saying if you're the -- such you should be sellers right now right. And are not necessarily what because you can help -- addition by subtraction so you -- do both of these you're saying you can do both. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's -- -- hang on if you're doing both as it causes a difference to me if you wanna quote. Try to do both and then selling it you're selling that everybody's on the table Lester Lackey Buchholz PV. Victor Reno but he's not healthy. The focus should be more how I'm hoping it would go to put up like these -- how this is gonna -- that took out that -- yeah. -- -- -- I don't want a commitment -- -- more like he did it get to a win it's absolutely ridiculous. That. I told you chime in the you'll remember this when they brought their their spirit so that they are that this -- ball out where -- Thought it would help me either the court that are usually -- fox sixty he can walk all the -- It's not exactly accurate he he is over the he he did go south the right the stats prove it but he had about a two week period after the one day that he salt replace the best baseball season. So I think it's more than hit a wall I don't I just don't buy that it's all my goodness 21 year old -- -- -- can handle the pressure and you messed with his head he's Daniel -- are. At what the pressure which you can hear all the pressure it's a ballplayer with regard -- before there's -- -- -- -- not Daniel -- to me. It certainly not Daniel Bard still what you I don't know why we're twenty years old I don't care or -- Do you think you'd think that told you think that -- Zander Bogart struggling which by the way. Is that Jackie Bradley proportions right now as well as Stephen -- you think it's it's all because they master this had brought in Stephen Drew. I I think that that's what -- that -- -- they want you want. Repeated shots which could take off. We might not because shortstop next year Devin Guerrero might be there short. Okay for -- -- go to this is what the year structured and you're all right got you all right guys -- put through all the records you're good enough to stop the he could play good dirt they -- here which when he came up yet not play very very important that we got the -- so. I don't know -- -- -- you can go back in time to look at these forty year old kids but you know look at -- well at the beat. Here he can't be do so. I guess all that shifted around is really hurt Brock COLT at the plate to -- Could -- in Iraq debacle lockquote what you're -- the current -- so cold come -- block call it. At all -- For Obama -- bats he's gonna play shortstop third base outfield that's. You know where they had a mess on his head. What will make it I missed part question what this kid like he's all about the -- there to about fourteen rep mark Everett the parent but 2014. A normal thing. I don't stewards got to. Tony I just gotta agree would you point that Zander Bogart's is so screwed up now because -- signs even drew I disagree with that. What did a Bogart's has gone through at all rookies -- throw. Well right now it's gonna let. Six weeks at the -- of middle America that -- side. That will yeah. Sure I disagree. I disagree can stop we've gone through this before I disagree that that's why Bogart's are struggling right now. There's no question in my mind bought. They're at their equipment for a -- up to lock up with a -- what it says it it at that at all that there are. What's that it will hurt their people kept an -- I didn't deny it I said that's not the reason the reason he's struggling as he's a 21 year old kid -- sidewall. All that Erica and I -- It it was like it's a big equitable I set this fire -- you can't go out. With prospects that he got all one could be up here right now we're directed the wall parent whether you know. They're going at it in cart and now there's only. You're all over the map Tony why should always be up here in the -- If he's the next car and he's he's -- ten in three. As a starter he's pitching multiple innings he's getting guys out he's dominated double A triple -- the next spot you -- put him in the bullpen in the major. Bryant started a full credit -- -- I started in the bullpen any of these guys might. -- layoffs in the bowl and he didn't. The important in the bullpen down the stretch they -- Darted down the stretch which it woke. Part of the bullpen and so are well back at what I disagree tomb that some are in the playoffs in the oaks. Are you so so let me get this straight owning this is where I don't understand you sound. It's okay to mess with Henry Owens and thrown in the bullpen he's -- -- top of the rotation starter but it's not okay to mess with -- Bogart's authority at the major. That best would hardly know what do you think that's what every -- and -- pianist. What you told -- he's going to be the future start you to hold your grooming him he's progressed at every level and right from the bull. In a team that's owned on the bank. It's time to look at these guys. -- and look at the statistics and got lost rather than the ball and act that. Football -- all the way out. Art I got to move to -- just. I think -- all over the map today that's all I I don't understand how. One argument is good for Bogut but they're not for Henry don't go to raves from when his next irate. -- how -- you don't -- -- yeah cooking scouting report on that sort publicly seen played three times this year between Belgrade Tripoli. On almost all of his powers to the -- side so. And this scouting report I suspect quickly will be pitched him. Inside but off the plate don't -- pitches on the inner half critique and do real damage via. He will take the ball -- on the on the outside. To the opposite field but he generally -- the ball matter which he doesn't really drive the ball with authority -- way that is. To meet the biggest weakness he -- I believe he's going to be -- very good player but. He may struggle early because I suspect Major League pitches will quickly figure out that. The best he can do going the other way -- this Angolan state -- him Italy and he can hit the bottom ball puppet doubled or tripled to left center itself. I think that's how they will work him but he's an exciting players he gets on her as he is. He is very aggressive I I shall not -- -- somebody will pick him off. On because he'd take to really be beliefs and he really pushes the envelope so. If he's on first and it depiction and Derek -- he'll be standing at second base believe me he he's very aggressive but. He's just got to learn you know when their goal and which whom he can be aggressive and with whom he's got issue at net lead upbeat he's just got to learn it by getting picked off once a place in. But anyway -- a literary. As a hitter bright so let me give you some analogies. To me easier under Bogart's has that looping long swing dot almost Ted Williams is slowing down on the ball line drive. Yeah type swing to be. Well Jackie Bradley has made contact in the majors yet but you know he sorted. Drives the ball a little bit you're telling me a Brock COLT is a guy to me who drives the ball. He hits line drives right yet sees a slap hitter but that's no disrespect but you slap it all over the ball -- some rookies not like that Hussein. Well on the inner half -- has -- more palatable. But not on the -- to have money out of half. He plans to. The basic. Equally with the ball all pushed the ball the other way. The -- AAA Vazquez has a beautiful inside out approach he he can hammered a ball to the opposite field. That's president hammered a ball the other way. Why are you saying that that flip as a compliment or criticism in other words delaying it. As basically criticism now but I do think he can learn to be they hit the ball with more tardy getaway I'm simply saying that. He's got the whole package with one exception which is. Major League pitches I suspect. Will pitch him away away away and then show him a pitch. Offers the inside corner to get him back looking inside and then go back away away away that would be my. Guess as to what they gonna brokers. In double A AAA went pitches try to challenge him on a year and a half he crushed the baseball. So before -- let you go re gonna take a break. If if I'm right. If Jon Lester is back quit this team somehow next year right well let's forget Lester for a second but if I'm right that they're gonna start the year next year. With two or three young guys. In their rotation to me it would be Workman. -- rose and then it's a question of having it start the year if it's -- or somebody else in Europe winning. I would the guy you like I have drawn to line out didn't like him before but I like we're not on now so we're not also mean would be the next guy to -- into the rotation what do you like about. He is finally learned that needs. About 67 and if you throw the ball with leveraged down you know. Gators struggled to get the ball in the year he is he -- learned that. Driving a ball downhill which -- fastball leads to a lot of successful he's been very good now for the last two months -- xxx. -- rate thanks for call -- talked to there that's rate from went quick break we're back with more it is the 11 o'clock -- -- a beautiful Sunday. Here on WEEI. You can join us at 617. 77979837. -- -- spoken with. Steve Buckley from New York earlier this morning covering the Red Sox -- -- -- -- debut. Last hour we also spoke with Steve bull -- from the Boston Herald. Who told us among other things that he believes -- on Rondo will be in a Celtics uniform to start this season if he had to guess. He believes that he be Bradley will be any Celtics uniform to start the season if he had to guess based on the fact that despite the eighties you refer strictly free agent that. Nobody's gonna make him an offer he had to predict that the Celtics won't be able to match or won't want to match but we'll see how that all plays out. Quick break -- we're back with more on butch and buck went up puck on a sports Sunday on WB -- Me away as we good men -- is a full Bob May or may easy. You see that play happen immortal one time this is just so happened that it happened honest days in the AFC championship game -- They kind of made it a big deal but man I watch the play thousands odd man out. I'm I'm a hundred presidential -- -- or apartment man. That is former patriots quarterback and current. Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. I -- talking about the Wes Welker. Situation when they play in the AFC championship game -- came down and hit him in the thigh and neither team Mets -- -- back in March. Several days before the patriots signed Darrelle Revis. That is the same Aqib Talib did according to the Denver Post story posted at 9 o'clock this morning was arrested late last night. In a Dallas nightclub here's the story. Aqib Talib arrested in Dallas early Sunday. After he was caught throwing bottles and causing a disturbance at a nightclub according to the Dallas Police Department. According to major Max -- on a spokesman for the department he said in a tweet to -- was a danger to himself. And others. And kind of how we viewed him as -- patriots quarterback. A danger to himself. And others to -- was again the story goes on to say that's his arrest -- -- clever. The scene nightclub SY. Tan. It's a hip way of hanging with the double. Police said he was taken to a detention center where publicly intoxicated prisoners are held in processed. Iran said why don't I think of the scene from. Coming to America. When Eddie Murphy was brought into the -- If all though is broke. -- -- was taking him to -- of course four point the patriots signed a six year 57 million dollar conjured the Broncos again. Aqib Talib arrested according to the Denver Post. Late last night early this morning in -- Dallas nightclub. For a public intoxication throwing bottles. We'll see how that affects. From the if you go to the website which they have here about the -- nightclub in Dallas. They have seen in Saturday's. So it's the number one party in Dallas. Say yes you never know it's in Saturday's match. About that apparently keyed to leave. And I'm sure John always thrilled. -- this news this morning. Got to six you talk to our body -- -- I was constituent last night. Hey -- you know the idea. I was good I was that -- take any beach last night. They -- -- West Coast -- radius right but that's hey you know what. Tony I don't always agree it would probably knows his baseball -- I don't know what the heck did -- one. This isn't like we're we're joined now confirmed George -- but could based discussed a rookie. Important diplomatic. Package that you can do -- 31020. Men and three quarters of the year I don't understand it. Well you're saying about everything so you more you agree with Tony that you messed with the kids head by moving him to third. Are you are angry with Tony that drew wasn't worth that are both. So if you care Bogart's at short. The -- third baseman. -- That there's some logic to that I mean we're gonna see that going for I just disagree with the point. That that's why Bogart's is struggling right now because Stephen Drew signed and you mess with the kid in. He sort of inferring that it's messed him up up to this point and look what they've done. And they screwed him up -- it may be now permanent or semi permanent or he shouldn't have done it he be hit a 350 right now if you left him at shortstop I disagree with. Which eight and they started out. Okay how many we actually get the credit -- -- -- bad situation and bring into the back he can't get. Well yeah your right. You're right but they value. Good defense at shortstop very good and they believe Stephen Drew provides them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody payment attempt to parity. I look. Look Jerome thanks for call I understand your point. This lineups inept as it is so one of the things that happen -- I agree with this point is that you weaken your offense again if you have brought -- at third right now. And -- ratchet short got to be better than haven't drew in their but they sign drew. It's open for criticism and it's there by the way thank you for reminding me I always to this. Trading places and coming to America to my favorite movies and now is mess up the lines from both. So the jail cell seamless from trading places. Not from coming to America -- -- that's how it all started. Because Eddie Murphy get put in jail. After the cops grabbed MF to speaking. That he was a Vietnam veteran on the saying and then the with -- Brothers. Help me out on the text line over the load the with a Brothers that rescued him in. My goodness. Walt Bellamy and you'll hominem attacks on the circuit. Let's go to. David completely under and go to David in Maine what's on your mind David. Are you welcome -- thing about the Red -- situation. Charitable a bit a bit at the overreact if tremendous World Series when you're one side we all know we should all. Amazing about -- to get that one. There was a lot of work but you know. A lot of it would not happen did it all the other but we got some early but I think it's exciting. -- look at it that that. The giving guys you know Jack Bradley brought Bogart. Now brought all the pride -- -- -- -- -- All of them are struggling. I think it great and you're -- Yeah of course you've got a record ever 35 or you know like out but. I think they should all take it back it. Well you're you're sort of make an -- David you sort of make it sound by the way you can stop texting it's Randolph from Mortimer duke. And it was gone Amaechi and out Ralph Bellamy yes thank you very much and -- trading places appreciate. Is sort of making it sound like. So first of all I -- -- I think the offensive players are struggling as the young guys more than the pitchers I think Workman and Della Rosa have been fine. As I young guy OK so. So the other point though your short making it sound like. Quite honestly what they want -- World Series actually earning so let's bring up the young guys would be thankful that they wanted to a year they weren't supposed to malicious watch the young guys develop. Aren't yet yet. Two point at that time. I think it is -- -- the following week. We would. Much of that red -- over eight somehow were able to seat -- -- we all know it was the right decision. -- ought to laughter right. It up and by tradition a little bit at the same time I think you are on. But not lock up last -- last night getting a. By thousand I 1000% agree with that point and there are there was actually one of -- came to my mind last night that if from the Yankees. I spent this money and Ellsbury and so far so good I mean again he's probably not worth 150 finally be you know the Yankees and you can overpaid by 20% not. Like and I will what does that mean for Jon Lester from a Red Sox perspective. We've seen what effect the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury has had on the Red Sox they've gone from the top of the list in the American League is run producers to the bottom of the list. And now. What happened at what's gonna happen if if Jon Lester and property yankees uniform there's going to be huge in the Red Sox pitching staff. You'd that would be a huge mistake and that they did everything that it it was the right decision -- But -- and we accepted that decision was made Jackie Bradley. -- flight didn't keep that will write -- yeah. -- brought coal -- to be it but -- -- not -- that bank that they in my ballpark. I appreciate. David I think -- being honest reading David sums up a lot of Red Sox and let the kids play and part of the reason is we got a bonus World Series that nobody expected last stop Iran that. Instead -- hitting a fan waited so that's a question for its arts management six -- 777979. He says. Rights are are my butch you dozens of times it was trading places not. Coming to America. It was. Ralph Bellamy. And John Amaechi so that text. The text is having some fun butch Walt Bellamy was great Ralph could never guard will chamber. It yet. What you kill and us stop. You tried to pocket before hours straight on the radio -- -- -- everything good about your mouth makes cents. And let's go to Charles in charge in Connecticut hello Charles. Eight but I it struck on the wall fell on -- Iraq. That -- -- that you have a comment or talk about Lester. Was in my imagination analyst Stephen Drew batting in the six -- lots. You look at the box score I know he's. I couldn't believe that picture I am an -- it those men on base. Three you want one strikeout he began the swearing in the -- -- -- -- already. Yeah I've met what I remember they showed the replay that was the -- Harold Reynolds was talking about it -- -- credit to his credit he looked a lot worse to what is approach was on that strength. To knock -- through in my high fastball outside and honestly. To give -- a little credit I think he was trying to go the opposite way and just take the -- where which edged but he looked foolish because he was so far behind. That was pathetic listeners are less concerned by the Red -- curriculum pretty much whatever -- wants. It's important especially bringing up the previous parliaments in the three young pitchers that are coming out out. I think it's really really important that they are so I young yet veteran pitcher who's been at. Tremendous playoff success I think I like Lester it -- jealousy and giveaway Lackey. I think they're gonna have a great influence not some of these young pitchers -- that expired three years. The naked in Major -- -- and going forward. You know I seat peavy and presents key. At some of these other guys being dealt whatever they can get. It's time let's bring up some of the young guys adorable -- that's the book will be out on a real quick. And stripping the ball back the old you know last year he was -- this year everybody knows what can I can't do it -- -- So Charles. Would you just said struck me let's let's put the let's use the Sherman way back machine. Right and let's go back not that long to go to the chicken and beer days. And let's pretend that you called during that time and you said what you just said think about it. I want the young guys up when I want lacking in Western Europe for part of their influence they'll be a good influence on the young pitchers wasn't that long ago. That we were not saying that. Who did it -- -- -- in the dugout when he is here. To exit the Red Sox really got to the root out at the root of it might affect. -- attitude look I don't give -- you know what. OK I agree with your point about. The Red Sox with or without Jon Lester next year so for example if you're starting rotation either at the start of the year -- sometime very shortly. Has in it. -- -- -- -- -- Brandon Workman who party arrived right. And and let's say Anthony Renato who -- from -- city's -- -- On 180 on now right let's say that those three are -- it with Henry Owens in the wings. How does that. Rotation look with or without Lester indoor John Lackey but especially last year at the tolerant patient. Without Lester here it's like going with the the Tampa Bay Rays what they did get out here that pollinate their five young guys in there and they -- in the charted the staff together that differences. We can keep these guys and Austin Tampa -- Good point two very good point thanks for the call Charles. Appreciate it will go to Bobby installed and we come back I'm what Stearns. This is butch and buck on a sports Sunday on W media. And yesterday its nonprescription so. That cannot pay attention to that it I got over about how. I'm gonna go on excuse my game. You know obviously is this. If you the chance to hit that this -- be different story but. As a pitcher I can't worry about -- face in her. Or anything like that you just got to go we're about the nine guys that are in the lineup up together tomorrow. Let's Jon Lester talking about his dual wins. Mosques a hero to knock her which turned out to be. Up to the billing. -- nine innings for to knock -- eight for Lester. And two home runs by the Red Sox Mike Napoli in the ninth off to knock -- The Red Sox win two to one they try to finish two road trip in the Bronx and I with a win. Come home four and six on the trip instead of three and 7617779. 7937. Jonas as I mentioned a possible starting rotation for the Red -- next year with the young guys. -- -- Anthony Renato. Indoor Brandon Workman with Henry -- in the wings texture says careful butch he forgot the B word Buchholz. -- talk a lot about Red Sox pitching for 2015 this weekend and the -- one is an intriguing one I mentioned this yesterday. People that haven't looked close at his contract here's the real value. Think about what I'm saying here from other teams looking -- clay buckles but value as a matter perspective on whining and Clay Buchholz is having the worst year of his career. On the other hand he's 29 year old guy with top of the rotation stuff. And a better than 600 winning percentage 61 in -- when he too. In his Major League career he -- four pitches for strikes but yet again I'm not negating. He's having the worst year of his career but he. Here's the other thing. That makes Bockwoldt such commodity. He's signed for next year twelve million dollars. To a team if they were to trade for him at the trading deadline now. What acquired 29 year old Clay Buchholz. With a commitment of the rest of us 87 points and basically it and -- four million dollars this year. And twelve million -- you'd be on the hook for -- -- for sixteen million dollars for the rest of this year and next however. You would have options for 2016. And seventeen for thirteen million a year thirteen thirteen point five. At your disposal the team's options. So you'd be acquiring Clay Buchholz. With a year and a half commitment. What do commitment that could be your choice. For three and a half more years at reasonable money if he pitches the way. He's pitched in the past two quick Clay Buchholz fraud talk about the reds to the trading deadline. If sparkled school's out and throws three or four more jams for 34 turns it around and throws three really good start -- two out of three starts. -- contending team that might be trying to pry him away from the Red Sox again. You know this isn't to where would we play Willie McGee. And you can never have too much pitching right now the Red Sox if they believed some of these young guys are gonna be up here. And. Even if Jon Lester is gonna walk you've got Lester Lackey Bockwoldt Workman TV Renato. Remedial -- Felix to brought Webster Matt Barnes and re always Brian Johnson. Well XP or did such a great job on down on the farm last week. Interviewing him entirely he's a guy who Alix argued and it's a good argument has made -- -- -- -- and Henry owns the biggest leap. Of all the Red Sox minor leaguers this year -- seven and one of the one point 67 ERA in Portland if anybody's been in Maine and watch Brian Johnson -- give us scouting report. Tell us I should've ashtray from went about that tell us what you know but Brian Johnson by the way -- believe whose compensation -- when they let Jonathan Papelbon. Go to Bobby and Stowe who's next I Bobby. It was pretty -- good. What clicked comments knowing where it starts. I think at this point. -- so I think me and me in the state and arbitration -- great they are. Count all the good luck and everything going right at every turn capital texture and I think that's ludicrous -- gonna happen. The -- don't feel about it seemed that it he has the auction. I was wondering apparently sought by -- just playing at its ticket straight -- And that you know like the money that argues -- actress Sharon thought was ridiculous you know a lot of regular. What about the money that it Dodgers gave Greinke because that's more relevant they gave Greinke six years 146 million so basically. Want to basically twenty weeks. We see what's six in the 26. 45 so basically 24 million dollars a year they gave him for six years. -- -- that's -- that's more relevant. To Lester and also that's a similar deal that Max Scherzer turned down by the way fractures in a season high thirteen strikeouts last. The time. Welcome to say and not present what creates thoughts on that I think duke with the money that takes Jay -- still all these young guys coming up and I. Haven't heard anyone say how likely lack -- Lackey. And against him getting contract execution -- I don't without them by the state got reconcile that stuck. I think lack usually capable won't -- any -- they have. -- -- -- -- -- question your point if I'm hearing you right. Bobby is that you would trade last minute and you know the money wisely other places right right OK what would you be happy within a month from now -- Leading up to that. Give me a deal a type of dealing give me names if you want. It -- give us -- type of deal that you would be willing to trade Jon Lester floor that you think would say OK -- that's worth a shot. Well I have to do some homework which everybody with that keep this is just start it's not -- -- this morning. Can I give you some homework and then at a give your point of reference. So CC sabathia. When he was with the Cleveland Indians and heading into his walk year right before he signed with -- -- DM. New York Yankees is a freeagent. Milwaukee. Brewers decided to trade with Cleveland for CC sabathia knowing fully well and issues by the way I believe. When we get the date I had the page up -- to get back up. This seems like long before the trading deadline so they got like sixteen starts out of him they wrote him like a horse and he pitched off -- Cy Young Kenny was remarkable. Here's what they got. Here's a Cleveland got. For treating TC about the similar to the Red Sox and Jon Lester they got a top prospect at the time in the deal Matt Laporte. They got a journeyman org guy that's wasn't as highly regarded as an outfielder Michael Brandt. And they got a pitcher by the name is Zach Johnson all these years later here's what's interest. If the Red Sox got a similar deal with a top prospect Michael port. A journeyman outfielder or -- guy not as highly regarded in Michael Brantley. And a pitching prosperous and Zach Jackson here's what happened in Cleveland Jack Jackson made seventeen starts over two years he's out of baseball since 2009. -- -- Was the next coming was rushed to the big leagues and not rush to beat Cleveland fans can tell us more accurately if they watched it a thousand. Plate appearances. And com. He hit 238. He had 31 home runs -- 120 obvious he's out of baseball to Michael Brantley. Has had a steady climb and growth so my point is if you gonna trade Jon Lester with a similar deal to batting got a pitching prospect. -- top prospect to educator. And and another outfielder who turned out to be the best and it it turned out they didn't work out would you be happy with the deal like that for Jon -- Overall I I don't think they -- -- in a truck starts right we have we barrel local -- that we need to develop. At what he had -- great -- to be seeking -- -- -- -- And we need to reporting are your -- soul in using Red Sox. History quite a guy like Jason Bay or some outfielder like anatomy it's clearly some and they need and -- Sure that's yeah try to get who actually -- mean nonchalant. When things start to get cherry or that you are about to have collapsed on an electrician and my tickets reaching guilt. OK okay so so worth is an interest in one and I'm glad we're talking us through what one of the things you're doing if you acquire war. Ormat camper near those is that you're saying. Now you talk about spending the money wise I know you're committing the money to them and that's final monsignor being a hypocrite but you're basically telling Jon Lester -- -- the world. They are you feeling your organization you have enough pitching and it's more which worth that forty you'd spend money on art. Middle of line up -- -- our guy like as a potential -- top of the rotation starter. Well. -- -- Bobby look there's no easy answers to this amount or size and we're just having a discussion and it's all it's all on the table right. I mean it's a deal like this happens these. You've got a chip and Lester. What team would not want charm -- down the stretch and by the way. Think about it the teams that would be able to sign him in free agency a miniscule. If I don't and -- or five but the teams adequate acquire him now. And give something up are you talking about the reds you're talking about the Braves you're talking about that the with the Washington Nationals. You're talking about all kinds of teams. That would be would you have like twelve teams in the mix. You talking about -- to get traded to the Orioles but it can't be knocking on your door right away. If that's the case I look it's an interest in when you don't have to hang up we talked through it. Pretty wild and we Bobby. At what they're so well thank you right here it was a good call -- appreciated look. I don't know what's going on the John lesser thing -- puzzled as everybody else. I'd like to believe like garage on Rondo thing that there's some meeting of the minds behind the scenes. But my gut tells me they're both Rondo and Lester are saying hey I'm in the driver's seat here. -- I think Lester more than Rondo really wants to stay in Boston. We say that again I think Lester. More than Rondo really wants to stay in Boston. So there might be some angered bittersweet news disappointment in Leicester. But the Red Sox aren't coming stronger and if the Red Sox are. Playing that card to their advantage. That's fine Arab problem with dapper don't. I mean. On -- seven million. On assault the guy. If that's the case. I don't know what their strategy is by their actions I can only go by the fact that they wanna get rid of Jon Lester they're not willing to pay him allison's in Cambridge -- Allison. I don't think I'm really frustrated that I can't we keep doing what they -- it struck me that. You know people not to complain about it -- anyone else any other contracts are talking about that contract. This for the Yankees the Yankees do not have the glad we -- would continue to make contact and and this irritating that. So the question then becomes a discreet you little bit about the Yankees don't low ball their own mostly -- huge contract they've gone and got guys in free agency Byron. Continuing that you couldn't -- an adult and I -- That's true and they did it would Mariano Rivera and they did it without the site. I -- apparently went -- didn't mind the disadvantage. Let me ask you questions. If Jon Lester was making 24 million dollars a year -- ranking money five or six years you wouldn't have a problem with. We have been Manning do. I grew. Up this and I don't disagree with you I definitely agree with you I also agree that it's atop the -- we need to take another break. By the way. More breaking news any breaking correction. From major -- gear on from the Dallas Police Department at Max DPD on Twitter. While each week this out. Yeah our cube to lead. 31 years old was arrested my apologies to key to -- original information reported was incorrect. -- -- Max -- -- had any idea. The spotlight he's put himself in right now man I would love it. From -- Perspective from a Denver Broncos and respect it from the PC police perspective that he confused. Hockey and arc tube to leave. And said that information now without fact checking it at any idea. The bulls. -- I caught a man. Used to it off so. It is what it is. Is what it is a correction. That cornerback Aqib Talib was not arrested. It was his brother 31 year old what I don't understand. Aids was a key -- him in sin city it is what it is. Last night I don't know we need to get more facts. On this story. We're back with more for the final hour of -- -- without the buck who's on which -- -- sports. Man I would love -- --

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