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Steve Bulpett, Boston Herald, Joins Butch Stearns to discuss the Celtics draft, Free Agency and Where the Celts go from here 6-29-14

Jun 29, 2014|

The always entertaining and informative Steve Bulpett joins Butchie to talk some Celtics b-ball. He gives his opinion on what the C's did on draft night -- he's high on both picks and think they can contribute, specifically on offense. He also gets into the Love deal and the fact that it is not over yet. He talks free agency with Lebron and Carmello and if the Celts will kick the tires on any of the big names and talks about Rondo's future as well.

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There are a lot of people in this town that have covered the Celtics for a long time and very well but none better than our next guest Steve ball that good friend how are you Steve. I'm living the DREAM Act back at you always -- this time the year -- your golf. Now I've only I've got a grand total of nine holes so far this year real. We do it again and apparently there was no. Over when fielded. Sag award but -- -- promised me make the effort give me a text and we'll try to get out early some morning before you get back and a basketball's early in the morning ours for yet. At at at us nine to five is it's only time we can pull it off law. All right he can't promise -- that that's okay. Celtics' bus or -- draft picks really good article and -- today I thought he had talked to a lot of different scouts are scouts lined up to praised the Celtics. You talk to a lot of different personnel guys in the NBA into a man it seems like. They say it's -- mentioning things to you about how good. NBA players these guys could be comparing James younger Morris Peterson. Saying he was one of the three best shooters in the draft saying markets Smart. One of the competitive light goes on it's not he was tops on the list he heard a lot of good things about these guys are yeah I was. You know right but it says a panel left the draft thinking that they've done pretty well for themselves. But then look that some sitting in in that the draft in Brooklyn. Start getting text messages about you know from from NBA people personally I think you know. This is really this is really really good and I was -- kind of surprised the -- off the chart they were beat these guys are usually some of the most negative people you know. You we have integrated steak -- your life and their like all the big potential but over done. But they were you know -- if you were called yesterday and it was like well these. These guys really really think the Celtics did well and you know. Again what I Eric but they've -- decent but I you know the opinion of around the league is apparently higher than and then -- certainly. So your take Steve again you've been covering the team for a long time just your initial thoughts. About Marcus Smart. And about James young and how they could fit. In celtics' uniforms again you've seen everybody from Sam Vincent to others come up and you know I just say I'm excited about Smart. I like -- he's a sophomore like the fact that he has point guard skills but. Might be able to play the off card I'm curious like everybody how good a shooting he might be in the NBA which could change everything but wasn't that we set about Avery Bradley when he came out to. Yeah well it's you know. You never you never know how guys are gonna react. Everything on these guys you help including. Market Smart incident with the and it it. That you. Yeah I think all of our content. -- -- -- The reports have been really strong on him. But you never know how -- guy's gonna react to it to the NBA for the life. Two of these this schedule. Two living far from is that comfort zone all the things. But you know you you can only project on one what you know so let's let's put that in the it is no guarantees -- any of these people. -- it's clear that. You know it's actually talked about over the years. Teens tend to -- On and pure skill level and measurable. And you know he's got this kind of waned and he can jump inside and this past. When they know -- the guys who have the pathological need to be great. Really succeed in the NBA. And in in these two cases. I think is much as I like it physical skills like I like their mental make up. A market Smart and tough kid he's out there to compete. If you you know from what we know market Smart. I think it's fair to say that if a guy like Jeff Green and market Smart approach. In the him more. That you know you be talking about a much different basketball player Jeff Green. And -- guy like he's young he's you know he's he's the only two years old. But I like the fact that. He really. Was assertive with the ball last year and that's easy for a guy and then not to denigrate that McDermott but the guy who knows he's going to be -- -- -- would -- want to get all the touch if you want. He got at least saturation score that's a little bit easier for him. But a guy like James Young you plan on Kentucky. There's some pretty good players around you and he didn't you know when the ball didn't come his way on a position to. Didn't back down offensively -- assertive. And is once god that you know you can you look at. He was looking at the possessions over the year and all the other guys are Kentucky it's a big shot. Whenever cal Perry wanted to point. He went to game you know he called the plays -- -- -- and I think that's a whole lot you know again a freshman. But you know he's certainly have the mirror. Do and you know he's he's -- it's always hard to see how things translate to the next level but you'd have to be encouraged by what these guys have had shown so far. You know I think you bring up a very interesting point with the mental -- competitive part and being. Honest that he just never know how -- guy's gonna react because you. Have seen a lot of it over the years I always tell the Walter Berry story when he came to camp with the Celtics -- member. Being. -- Helped when I believe was where. He he made a move to go to his left and I think he just you know at the veterans and their anywhere around -- I saw -- parish hobble. And then they made -- legal right. Any couldn't go right NBA career over this was an A Smith basketball player of the year. So you know the -- when you talk about the competitiveness it's always intriguing to me that Danny is the one. Valuing them because Danny was one of the legendary high school players out of the state. In Oregon he played Notre Dame then tried baseball came here and he's got a good perspective on it. And it's like a guy trying to hit a fastball on the minors but let me see. If you get it in 95 -- fastball that moves it's like -- NFL player. Was a running back in the Big Ten and just gets to the corner and get 75 yard touchdowns we don't get to the corner in the NFL so are you gonna fight to go through tackles and do that. Let's see an NBA player like Marcus Smart when he got to hand in his face if he can she it right let's see James Young when he's being defended. On the ball in the NBA I mean you just don't know how these guys are gonna react right -- the mental part can be huge. I think one of the biggest. Differentiating factors when you look at players. Is. Simply purely competitiveness. A road called years ago -- I think look at -- coaches could get a couple letters a year on a that the difference in the game you consider the fundamentals you know have gone down and all these different things. But the biggest change so these guys now play ball in the summertime in GM's. They played -- you were they getting your playing X number games and a certain amount of time they're getting in their runs. It's not you know. They're they're maybe some competitiveness here in the air but there's always another game it's coming whereas in you know in the dark -- years ago we grew up. You played outdoors in the summertime. And you played. Where is situation what if you lost use that and you didn't know what you're gonna see the court again. So there was the other there was a competitiveness that was bred into you and I think that a around the league around basketball. That the competitiveness when things go wrong or how do you react and that really. Can can separate players now and so when you find -- -- guys. You've you've really got to embrace it because it's not as common as it used to be mean -- -- was a much better athlete than people gave him credit for being right. Clearly his competitiveness hostage thing -- Gallagher believes that it over the years you know we're a good player go to the gym wanting to play well. A great player go to the gym needing to beat somebody needs to win that day that competition. And that's really what what she would separate the guy from being. You know a may be marginal all star even if he had been the great skills. To being a truly great player hot as he stepped up. You know when he gets slapped in the -- Odyssey respond. I'm bully for all the years I've known him surprise you in at least jump in and correct me. When I said Danny played Notre Dame he of course played at BYU and had a legendary game against Notre Dame which is always stuck on the back. Those -- -- be charitable and then all liberated work out and help point either we're wasn't. There was. I think that was bad back and probably Brandeis or something was brand yet arrived but I do remember that you remember that yeah well it. I don't know I immunity in in camp I mean it at the reds camp. They came in I remember sitting in the stands and watching and I was a producer back then yeah I remember he came in any any schooled. He made a nice play but that was it was like can be a good chapter -- chapter of what used to own culture on on on this was after -- -- Well noted. They brought him in on the -- or two via Portland they brought him in on -- -- OK then you you probably looking at you Brandeis Serbia or even back on it yeah. Well thanks I'm I'm I'm wrong often times in my case I made a career out of it at. So I want to ask you before we let you go Bob Bradley and Rondo and love and what's happened in Miami but. Let's assume for before you to Bradley and Rondo. The Bradley runner on this team next how does how does the market Smart dynamic play out with the three of them if if that's the backcourt. I look he's the Russians the -- this situation and everybody if his papers is basically. You know. This public think that Rondo and market Smart can coexist. And I think there's a collision course there you know I think that those two guys. Being as headstrong and they are you know that that's not gonna have to work out in the long run. I I do think that I wrote this back and you know by April at least that. The -- people are telling me that Roger on Rondo is more available now and I think that's gonna increase. But it's been so the -- that they can't just a here's Roger wonder what might be it for him it's not going to be the same kind of bidding -- opera Kevin Love. I think you're gonna need to see the Celtics bring back Rondo into next year unless someone makes him a deal this summer that they -- you know. Pass on I think -- Rondo into next year. And you're trying to increase his value. And I don't think it's a bad thing for a guy like market Smart I think it's good to have him. Will be able to go against Rondo in practice. Two -- in the game isn't it to learn under him for awhile for time. But you know you're told you've got to be concerned. Whereas Kevin Love can opt out next summer Roger on Rondo is a free agent next summer. Does he want this day. How long is it going to take the Celtics to rebuild. Vote given their present climate could mean obviously they're they're trying to find a player that will accelerate data catalog or someone else. But failing that. It's going to be along to rebuild and is Roger on -- going to be around by the time they have a chance to be good. And he gonna wanna stick through it during that time he he said all the right things but you know I think there's a real question is it that you think that. There are strongly investigating what they can get barrage on this summer they'll continue to do so in the next year. -- is Ron -- future -- your making it sound like unless they get blown away. He starts this season with them next year right. I would think so and in here's the thing is it. This Celtics in the rebuilding situation. They can't go forward. To take a bad deal for Rondo and it's it's conceivable. That they don't get what they need. You know you can't afford to -- yourself down -- -- contract. If you're -- with to to move Roger -- just to quote unquote get something for him. So it's possible. I'm not sure exactly how -- but it's certainly possible that -- Rondo played the entire. 201415. Seasons with the Celtics and then walks away and the Celtics let him it's you know just. Did they'll take -- -- -- take it cap space. And take a bad deal and that's you know cap space and flexibility. Are becoming. So much more important in the NBA. Since the 2011. Collective bargaining battle. It's it's a pretty strange lead out there when you're not just trying to gather the best players you can you saw our situation this year this. This past week where Houston traded Omar -- A very good defensive NBA center who's essentially lost his starting job because. They got Dwight Howard but this guise of a very valuable NBA center. He's one of those quote unquote rim protectors people look for. And they got rid of him. Just to create space for the whole. That they could get involved with -- but Carmelo Anthony or maybe little -- came out and got an app obviously but. You know. Cap space and things like better become like cold and -- -- strange out there. Starter Steve bullpen to the Boston -- free agency starts Tuesday. How does -- while Kevin Love is the question what happens with him now. And how does Rondo is a future affect. Kevin love's chances and ended up the Celtics uniform. Well. The -- timberwolves were not commit to deal with Celtics. Not because of what happened Kevin Garnett but because they just didn't feel all along that the Boston had what they wanted. They didn't wanna go into the deep rebuild mode which is really the best the Celtics could offer. I know that there was a point where Angel was trying to find out. Furiously trying to find out what he he what. -- Saunders wanted. To see it may be themselves -- get that and then ship it to Minnesota below but it just it was never really got to work out that way. Having gone through the draft now. -- symbols technical should be in a good team and they are being a total rebuild team in fact. If they were in the east they'd be a middle pack up and coming playoff team. Yeah but they're not and they took a point guard -- -- would there. An area of Ricky Rubio what's up -- -- On lectures that with the majority of you know OK but I need -- day he might have other issues but. I think it did. -- that might be even a better chance now that that it what's the -- start. If the Kevin Love thing you can work and out of the emerald. -- aren't getting any better. And clearly there's no chance it to convince world to stay there which. I don't think there is anyway. May be the timberwolves look back at the Celtics and say okay. Is that the sixth and seventeenth picks were kind of nebulous entities. But. Now that I see that its market Smart and it's James young and 82 guys are playing pretty well in November early December. Maybe the timberwolves revisit that. So you know what the -- would want more than anything is to accelerate their process. And if they can do -- -- getting it Kevin Love it will it will give them to forty -- night and they can work around that with a Rondo. That's the way he would like to go but. I think right now it's you gonna have to let things play out a little bit. Again accepting. The the -- -- -- can't refuse this summer. But I don't see anybody else right now shaking loose. So don't don't don't get jamarcus marchers he's just like your child's ability jerseys. Because it's a chance that he kept each chipped out. Well I -- he's got to minimal chance in India I still I think it would these guys here. This Silva took our panel looking at belonged to rebuild right now and and I do think Marcus Marta would be. Huge part of that. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not talking about the off the courts have been talking about basketball issues and you know -- Markets much the kind of guy that can come in here and he continues on this path and keeps his -- the way it is which is focused on getting better. -- I think he's regarded it could be. A cornerstone in this franchise for a long time. I was finish up with a guy Avery Bradley free agency start to two things into Bradley and then what the -- -- to come Tuesday. Three point 85 million is an offer they made him as a restricted free how does this play out Steve. I think with the Bradley the Celtics obviously do likeable lot. But you know be they have to manage their their salary structure they ruled decide on a number any number of years. At which is it at which it is prudent to keep Avery Bradley. When Avery goes out into the marketplace and get other offers. The skeletal balance that and say OK we do we can match this or we can't but I think they'll have a pretty fair idea of of what they will and won't match. And whatever they match it's gonna be something that doesn't make Avery untreatable because. You know this is a fluid situation you don't it's hard people walking to guys when you're you're coming off a 25 win season. So I think they're gonna pick a number -- Avery and they'll match that. You know they they have that right with the -- -- restricted free agent. But I think network goes. So in your opinion. What happens is there a team like the spurs that sees a guy who's an emerging shooter but a top of the league defender. At an off guard and sometimes point guard position that has value so he gets up high enough offer that the Celtics say no. I can't imagine somebody see enough value and AB Bradley as a contender that they make an offer. With the mid level exception whenever that insults don't match. I'm not certain I'm not sure that happens I think a lot of people say look why are we gonna move this process. When -- it's a contract that we really. Wanna give paper rallies -- just gonna match anyway but see you bet we all know it takes one team out there. To -- want him I mean it last summer when the Celtics traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. You know they got a pretty good deal out of that with a draft picks etc. The Celtics. There wasn't a huge market for those guys because the other is accurate attribute team that was that felt it was. Ready to contend for a championship that -- team that was willing to. Spend into luxury tax. And it seems -- to give up assets for these guys you know -- long term or short term and there were a lot of those teams out there. So old. You know how we can -- well there that that. That world willing to over Stanford Avery Bradley is that apple would that's what would take to get away from the Celtics so you know is your team out there that because it is it's. A 11. Deep sense of pressure guard away from from being among the big guys the nets a team you could he make make a push for paper. So what do they do come Tuesday anything. Well yeah I've told that they're gonna you know ring every doorbell they can. They're not gonna look and say I mean obviously looks now that. It seemed to trying to get visits with with LeBron James and he's not even return of that stuff so it looks pretty safe -- he's. He in the geyser -- made their their -- and are prepared to do go back but he. That's pending the next favorite in this country and the next at a rally press conference. But. You know I think that they will try to ring a doorbell on on and Carmelo Anthony and you know it doesn't hurt you know I mean it is that her to make a phone call I do think they will. A lot of look and see what can be done but realistically I think you see what they've got now and -- next move is next major move. You know beyond check up -- Bradley's situation and how that plays out as restricted free agent is really just finding out. What is available barrage on Rondo. And and how that's gonna play out because again. He will be a free agent next summer and this is the team languishing around 500. You know is it realistic to think he'd wanted to stay. Steve bullpen to the Boston Herald check out his column to today's Harold. Talks to a handful of scouts about Marcus mark and James Young specifically bully their -- time always good catch up with the all right Steve ball out of the Boston Herald check amount on how we got to take a break come right back here on sports Sunday on W media.

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