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Butch Talks Celtics on Sports Sunday -- His feelings on their Draft Picks and Direction 6-29-14

Jun 29, 2014|

Butch Stearns gets into the Celtics and how he feels about the additions of Marcus Smart and James Young. He likes their talent but is concerned about the lack of big men. What happens with Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo? Can Smart coexist with Rondo? Can Boston be a player in the free agency game? Their are a lot of questions surround the green team and Butch addresses them all.

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Our number two on -- -- without Steve Buckley he's in New York thanks for. -- comment on and calling in from New York this morning I'm what Stearns and number to reach me this morning reach us Matt Loper screening you. Again it is painful process if you call you find out I'm talking. Oprah will take care you know it's excellent 77797937617. 779797. When I sailed -- here. He will make sure that you are screened. Prop and when you get on the -- complete fool ourselves I paid to do. For four I can't make any promises about these scholars. Yeah like that pressure I put it. Well I tell you he will prep you properly so urine is like it's like -- -- you can't. Say that he's gonna perform all you can do is prepped him and get him ready to go. So all you can do with the callers is prepped them and get them ready to elected text. On the eighteenth -- tax line it's 37937. Like this one from the to a three area I think bringing them -- is great they should do the same thing with -- baskets. And designate for assignment. That. Fat over the hill obstinate pumpkin. Agent Parker's hands. And the Texas has in the Celtics trade to new picks in the draft or do they have to keep them know they can trade them. There's does not think stopping them treat us jump on the phone lines let's go to Brandon in Boston Brennan thanks for hanging on what's on your -- -- morning. They just doing a little research and or big Miami heat's and a little smoke during that doesn't -- doesn't feel like it does it. Yet and you're not going away. So I think what's going to happen is if you're Smart. Point you know my fairy. Carmelo -- a goal within. I think China note -- a pay cut it -- Carmelo real serious problem in the championship. They'll have to take a pay cut fees that series of morning. Championships so. What's what Saddam not stopping them from doing. Well so can I give you might take my sort of -- grassy Knoll theory about which isn't. Probably everybody but let me give you might take and let's remember the way this all played out so they lose the spurs. In the NBA finals very shortly after that what's the first thing that happens first thing happens is Pat Riley steps to a podium. And kind of leaves it up to us to decide whether -- was challenging LeBron. Or -- hung up so so Reilly steps to a podium after LeBron. Opts out of his contract. And Riley said no before LeBron props I was content Riley basically. Paraphrasing with a home. Says look. You know great teams lose championships too -- to understand what it takes to win you gotta be able to come back and fight to win we did it would lakers Celtics did it. He mentioned Celtics unfortunately but. Bomb you know the spurs. They've won five championships and seventeen years it means they lost. In twelve years. He said OK great right but then LeBron -- out. And supposedly there was a story out there that LeBron bosh and wade never really spoke after the season with -- job and how story comes out yesterday. Chris Broussard -- from ESPN broke at first. That. Bausch and -- are opting out of their contracts. And only only guy. I believe that's under contract for the Miami Heat right now think about this is Norris -- He's the only guy under contract would leaves the Miami Heat as created she approaches were more cap space than any team in the -- Now. -- LeBron and wade are free agents and technically it's not when anybody but to brand and point. If there's a conspiracy theory going on there's a wink -- behind the scenes they're coming back and they are taking pay cuts by the way wade. Who clearly. Which is emphasizing this NBA finals is on the back nine. Is old 41 million dollars over the next two years. So how much is he cut his salary down and how's that gonna work and why is he doing -- -- Same thing not all that much but he's -- close to. And LeBron 46 million over the next two years so they all chipped in Carmelo Anthony. There may be room for him to sign in Miami. Then comes the question where do you play Miami Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade. -- I think Erik Spoelstra would have fun time trying to figure out -- now. I mean while you could you know basketball people again in -- you know who's gonna guard the fives in the fours and threes really. You have Carmelo on one wing and LeBron controlling the ball. There's really matter with a point guard Jim Ray Allen still shoot some threes. You you've got whenever Dwyane Wade has left -- fifteen minutes tonight. Doesn't is not a good defensive team really. I think LeBron can be good defender when he wants Carmelo that that -- well OK good point. But now the onus is on Carmelo to do more than just score 25 to thirty points -- night. And Carmelo and I would think he could he wants to linking the issue be a better defender better rebounder he should. Course he should maybe on this team he does -- they played championship defense. Ian O'Connor on ESPN radio before. Earlier this morning said that Miami is targeting Kyle salary. Not -- interest. OC it happens and it's all out there playing let's go to Paul in Abington on the celtics' future what's up -- Thank you -- -- you always enjoyed talking emotional because and -- All grown pot connection having you know yourself -- -- -- and the connection you thank you the the teams and such like. Let me let me stop by saying the Gator I can't tell you that and now the white light years. We're blogger actually it up their immediate hours wanna white -- sports gain as much here. I look at some height but you are putting it up there with that Thursday at the opening of the NCAA tournament. You know the thirsty at the the masters. A lot of different events -- it it it ranks up there I agree with me just because he had just a patient. You know what an assault -- the. So let me -- let me jump in my department so I'm with you on that I don't you know I don't know if it's in my top ten -- -- but I love. NBA draft I'd especially like this last Thursday when the Celtics. -- in the lottery so what did Thursday leave view if if that's it's. If that night is is anticipated exciting -- you give me an adjective to describe one that night was over from Celtics perspective how you felt. I I feel good. Players they go but I -- You're out near collapse -- -- might I by -- public a lot of -- Wait for eight and he backwards and forwards to get away with the possibility of a pullout tray chalked. A back to the fact that -- the -- sure that they -- that I want oppressed but most with the topic and they're out there. Is that the right approach going in with that you were shot a lot -- We don't know he's going to be actively traded what's gonna happen -- that that they want the help expert and my perspective bid it up any change. It and it Q I'm the coach to try to lead to try to keep -- don't you whatever they need to do it law and. They're -- little more particular pot at your team going or. Yeah one they've now won here on our part in play. Very solid one out of those I've been acting I might think going -- -- I wanted to go article shot and it optical interconnection. Mike I would -- Randall a month ago while it too much and turn it or not. Brian Ching an epic all the talk I kept hearing about all the I read about what that it does -- kick rocks and he'll protect protect the most part. -- -- -- I had to -- and I hit. What the seventh orange yellow book or wing span which we think it's incredible. -- -- typical -- been warned the NBA or in art. Many of those guys at what I equate part thirty years ago so when all of a sudden he can't think oh I'm like okay -- I had an -- It got -- great upside. Well once again. I I think that it ought to think that one would spike in -- yet I think they're great like that better than one go grabbing -- maybe because -- factor. But I still don't like to see them go to pick and. All right so let's like let's go -- -- point and if you are Celtics historian and your passionate. And so let's detached and obviously Paul I think you would agree that not only did they pass. On Julius Randall but all by the way was taken by the lakers with a very and expect so -- -- My question is here's -- if you look at is if the Celtics -- if field eighteen so to speak today in any game tonight. You're look at it Rondo and Bradley but keep reminding at a couple calls -- target Bradley that. They made him -- three point eight million dollar qualifying offers -- that's going to be with -- 1020 to make sensible this. But he's a restricted free agent. So there's no. Certainty that he's back so you -- so whatever if you gonna feel the team tonight the Rondo and Bradley. Would -- soldier as your senator Kelly a Winnick and Chris home freezers one of those two starting him when he I don't coming off the bench. Gerald Wallace James Young. You know you -- well. I know Jeff Green to write yet Jeff Greene answer Jeff -- will be starting at I don't forget about it. Not so that would be your team -- not -- a lot of people defensively the team are you. No I don't know and that's what you get it back to -- Smart believe god. I like the fact dog lucky aren't too would like to have -- debate but. That's like a volley -- that's my point so instead markets Smart if you had. If you had bomb Julius Randall. Then you're throwing journalist Randall and that's starting line apple alongside Salinger right away and trying to get to figure it out right. I want to remain prepared a draft I -- -- wildly. Six I -- this report and the one. They are under states of so they passed on both formally and Randall and that will be etched into watching years the company wrote an article last night that interest. That what do Salinger. Rondo. I think Bradley to. What do they all have in common as celtics' draft picks. Sophomores. And market Smart. So they passed on to eighteen year old freshman. Art college. To take another sophomore. So to Danny just by his actions that one more year of college basketball has meant a lot and the one thing that market Smart has overall the other draftees. Is that. You know he was a sophomore get another year of experience whatever that's worth may be. -- -- that's like a year in the developmental league up at the -- the red claws or whatever slot. I don't know that means that he's gonna be agreed MBA player might mean he's gonna contribute more right away because he's more seasoned. You know. I don't know that they -- -- do what -- and I'm I just think that -- Smart it's it could cripple our position as solid as anybody else it's what I've read heard everything else but you would rather had -- and the market Smart if you had your choice. Are all would have rather had widely -- I can't the last spot I mean I look -- it or even -- still out electric yet I go quietly or Randall all the Smart. OK Paul thanks for the call appreciate it. Go to Dennis in lol wants talking Avery Bradley what's up Dennis. Although good morning. I agree that the previous caller level like this scene of the in the Merrimack Valley it would like -- -- -- on late playing for the Celtics. You would rather see them take a big man and it and no homily yeah. Yeah but I think -- protect themselves by picking up markets not gonna gonna talk about Avery Bradley as you mentioned as a restricted agents. That the Celtics extend that through to have billion dollar offer. And they have to what June 30 two have a response. Tomorrow night yeah. And then he's on the free market in the public have a right to Matt touched anything that they -- itself. I think the market -- Acquisition. Are protected themselves with Bradley and Rondo. Accepted in the NBA there's such a learning curve isn't there. So so when you say protecting. Meets. You're assuming that Marcus -- play point guard or off guard here right so I agree I agree would you appoint Dennis I'm not disagreeing or agreeing that. You know detainee has an idea and I'm sure Brad Stevens does to the market said the they said it after the draft that he can play both positions he doesn't see a problem. When Rondo being the starting point guard Marcus Smart playing off the ball and in May be Smart also handling the balls a backup point guard at times. When -- goes off the court mom. So yeah I I agree with the point that part of the logic of drafting Smart. Was that he has the potential. To play both guard positions in the NBA and by the way he really good defender in the NBA to. Yeah and if if it doesn't work out he can also you can always go play fullback for the patriots. Maybe so maybe so I mean. You know we're -- -- was was quick to say right after the drafted. -- told him that you need investigators. And I remember red talking about that a lot I love to hear -- say that. We're not talking about fighters were talking about investigators. Talking about guys did it in the mix. And irritate the other team and fire up your own team in the hands and and know how to win by contributing on both ends of the floor that's an investigator. That was Dave Collins. You know that was. -- Mikhail. Bomb doubt was I mean a lot of them Byrd was and instead Gator trash talk in the way he did in on ACA they liked him -- Smart is an instigate. So we'll see about that they've -- more before the break Steve bullpen it's gonna join us right after the break let's go to Doug in Florida wants talk about Jon Lester -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about a month ago we had this conversation okay. They've got to do something with less they got to make a decision. And I understand and go with the young player is in -- panel. But you gotta make a decision on your future now. Agreed to -- it but yes it down and rule with less. And say okay let's work it all all the animal. So let me ask you questions the first deadline that's coming up -- July 31 when it comes to -- that's the first meaning that. Let's let's play your game. Let's say they've already sat down on the knowledge say they say you know what let's sit down to see if we can hammer this so they need this I agree with you on this point the need to sit down right now. And know what the ball all that means at this point the hometown discount how he feels if they don't already. It's sort of the same dean means -- conversation they need to have an idea. What Lester -- and what they wanna do and if in if it comes to the point where they don't think they can sign him what do you do on July 31 dog. -- K Michael Sullivan has an article in The Herald today about actually. Norton really got to. Go to Boston Herald dot com online and you can read -- it's a really good article about. Michael -- -- just that they need to trade last. And Michael I know Michael well on them I'm Sherri did his homework and I'm sure part of that coming from what he thinks is that Girardi at this point. Where Lester isn't gonna accept the deal that they're gonna offer so. I'm that's the first deadline -- let's play the game and finish it out but say he gets past the trading deadline and they don't treat him. And let's -- start winning some games here and all of a sudden a two out of the wild card whenever tonight keep Leicester down the stretch if he walks you get that traffic. But now we are now year. You can't freedom -- try to get through waivers. That's not gonna happen so now you're at the mercy of him go free agency and only gonna get as a draft pick in return. But he's not gonna come back. -- -- -- never gonna pay the kind of money don't get into. Off they were gonna pay the money was gonna get free things you would think there would make some compromise. A TVs and you're not right get a 160 million in free agency think it's on to 101 morning. Right before that. And I've been I've been pretty convinced. Since early in the season the issue became all in all -- and six years and 12530. Million. -- I'm with you wanted to take a break -- -- ball it's coming up but I'm with you on this I think a lot of people are -- look at the Red Sox rotation right now. You've got seven Major League ready starters. To different degrees seven. Lester Lackey Buchholz Workman PV ruby Della Rosa and Felix Cabrera. You've got guys value. But if you look at next year. You could easily. Start the season. With start the seas are very quickly have this in your rotation Workman. Dealer rose up. Henry Owens. Maybe wanna be Anthony Renato Matt Barnes or Alan Webster. -- could be gone. So how -- rotation looking -- Lester at the top. -- without Lester. The so many factors in the Jon Lester. I let's take a break when we come back we'll talk with Steve bull cut. Of the Boston Herald Celtics feature there's a lot to discuss or talk a bully after this time which started this -- sports Sunday on WB yeah.

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