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Butch Stearns on Sports Sunday -- Steve Buckley Calls in from NY to Talk Mookie Betts and the Red Sox 6-29-14

Jun 29, 2014|

Buck is in New York on this Sports Sunday but calls in to talk to Butch about the Betts call up and what it means for his future and the future of the team. He discusses all the young talent the Red Sox are showcasing, how they can improve the team, Ortiz complaining about their schedule and his thoughts on if they still have a chance at the playoffs.

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How much John did the slowing of Shane Victorino is rehab have to do with this decision I think there was a lot has to do with this -- slow back to flare up on him. Again we had a brick column off the rehab assignment so with -- returned to us you were probably not look at -- here in New York and we have thought and planned. Does everything was and was moving in that direction -- -- would be back in the lineup this weekend unfortunately has had a setback. Red Sox manager John Farrell talking with a WBI's Dave O'Brien and admitting that chain victory know setback. Which by the way has him. Not doing any baseball activities and his rehab on hold. Right now as he got shot is back. -- did have a lot to do victory knows. -- -- with. -- -- being here wouldn't keep that's giving some outfield this is sports Sunday on WB -- I'm -- Stearns in studio. And I've done many weekend shows here by myself put on Sunday -- little different. -- our chairman Steve -- alongside so let's try to correct that now after one segments to Barclays in New York joining us on the phone the morning -- Appropriate I don't like this whole sport -- -- nonsense that's way too generic. I think which in Arctic as net sparked stop the magic. By often call it -- -- to defer to your experience during a national. You know all kinds of things so whatever you want you know I know what you do when you wanna put me first because the first name always gets fired first. But that's history here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So lots to talk about bark here in New York you view among would a lot of people met and talked and we'll keep duchy of good article -- today that calling it desperate decision headline. Says that -- Two point that you bring up in your article I think arranged and you start off by saying that. Unlike Zander Bogart's debut and Jackie Bradley's debut Jackie Bradley being opening day in Yankee Stadium last year and Bogart's coming up. -- very like on a team that was 21 games over 500. That's has come -- a whole different situation here right. ER I mean army army is pressure and turn here in the big leagues for the first -- on getting around that. By and injecting it with a lot of pressure. CC sabathia. It's certainly pressure there is pressure on bullets coming up with a team. Our technical one game in first place lyrically he's so you could make the claim about the heat of and that some apparent race. But he's still good part in the twelve vote on its opening day uniforms -- nations sharing the everywhere and they're the best seat -- you now that is. And then with book that last year is the excitement of the -- seen mounting a challenge -- play out quite well. This particular team. ET it's you know like boats swimming toward the Titanic and it's thinking and it's it's it's it's. A difficult situation right now nobody's hitting. Is welcome it is in some complaining by -- about schedules and you know -- gentleman's story sort of went to the other night and it means that the -- right. New kids and it's so new -- and it's exciting and it's the biggest -- despite. After coming there are and what memories and aware all the stuff that we want to talk about. Yet it's a very very serious situation as he he needs to help the team at best and mark that's what. It's called whatever they want that's definitely added pressure on him. You mention when number's gonna -- and I don't think people of toddlers know where number fifty. Any instinct part about that is you know he's made six moves. There was a lengthy interview on did down on the farm signal and Alex spear who sat -- -- -- Wednesday. He's made six moves from single a Greenville now out of the major leagues in less than a year he's worn number two number seven. Number sixteen and now. He's wearing number fifty. Here in all the numbers he's weren't previously add up in your -- should point out to fifty which is pretty cool that is I don't. Yeah he know he's won a much different uniforms and and you know again a lot of times when when Yuri when your rookie. When it comes to basically. We are whipping and you and hand over period side. App that first here in the big leagues and the annual rite of spring training you you can treatment decree number. Ellsbury traded down. I remember. Meaning they'll car rumble what number he wore it -- always aren't. What do they haven't seen it would never eat once from like West Hartford grateful all the way you'll be all and all that. And it was they Wallace's fiction -- while he left like any jump on it got that number -- any apple aren't. Probably one of the few guys I think that at a high number like 57 when it was. And and instead are very cute that's going to be my NATO members -- there is a lot of jockeying. And it always on city year. Every every kids get a story of a particular uniform you know he wants to we have a number. And I suspect that this unit basis that's at all. I think if he's kind of a Wheaties now referring Eric. Since two and often lead to engine -- just a quick question your opinion. -- equal ever see anybody we're 21 and a Red Sox uniform again. Arm I would ever doubted. I don't advocate retired because -- that controversy involving on -- but. My understanding is that it is not retire. But that. It's old in me I figured that would term insists it is in active right now. Little known fact it it has been offered a one player since argue on the left -- city turns out giving it you know that one. Yes I do it was the pitcher Greg. Always name from the from the twins right. Here you're all right. Craig not Colbern. No -- -- you know I do know it because I know who hands out the numbers and I was told probably by some of the same people that you. War I can't remember his name it is great -- Greg swindle yes because these are. That's where does there need to -- -- the Indians are -- and -- pitcher Padilla pitched universities are. Which regards to Iraq to get in in his hero was one. While there was also that the Beckett rumors but Beckett knew better you know Texas guy 21 yeah. Like you know -- nine. You know it's it's interesting because if you if this has nothing to requirements for the people waved back to a forty XQ and it was consensus. Wharton or anyone had been in the sixties when -- Coke came other side he wanted to Wear number 21 in our pitching intact. He wanted to Wear number 21 and articulate. And he wore number 21. So you've really got to a different threats there involving pitchers are wearing number 21. Sounds like a full segment for another sports Sunday so are part of -- show but the collectible give beds in them. -- played a cut from my John Farrell from yesterday which I've tarnished thing and I was catching up last night when I got home. From one of the latest never ending graduation parties and checked on the Red Sox to 21 win and all aggregate -- up at the cutter found interest in west and when I read it last night. John Farrell talking about five guys basically for positions in Texas saying this five positions -- position to third base shortstop. -- And second base he mentioned and the players you mentioned were old Bradley -- to rule. And Bogart's obviously second base would be when Pedroia needs arrest. We talk about two outfield positions he's talking about those five guys drew is the name that stands out what he's making it sound like. Or at least publicly or maybe it's a message to his team. And you addresses in your call when -- agents as well are all gonna play -- elect. This isn't Little League but five guys for four positions they really right now going to go with the hot hand -- and alternated different starting lineup every day. Why not I mean -- written I'm desperate measures. In the interim -- warnings are cashing a resonate deeply experienced contracts that none of that means -- point we are right now because. Let let you know I -- I mean they've got to start winning some games to get back -- intentions and nobody wants to see -- I don't wanna in the -- audit and my family -- so it is hard -- journalists but. The fact of the matter is that that Austin. -- -- citizen of this area arts and is quite frankly more one place to be an -- restaurant and. This is your -- city -- It's right. Back and -- and hit in in the spirit of every site based auto watched. Second half the season ends and they wanna get back into this thing they've got to -- -- -- epic win a game at that moment without fear. Vote -- -- better represented her in people's. Soul and soul went where and when venturing and everybody will play everybody who play in the short term to the degree that. If you're going -- wrote like who can play where we are not but these are. You witnesses what brought all things stroke and Daniel and I'll watch here. It's if it's great guy -- playing time and performs. Back it up like a called play every inning of every -- sense I think it would stated. And not just the kids they liked what he wouldn't he do it. You know he makes might make back on earth at some point but until that day happens sparkle so locked in the lineup. And opportunities and they -- for other guys. That being one of the latest one. To claim playing time and to make this stand being apart put -- away from the. So how -- balance this Spock part of a balance that and you've been around baseball ops people for a long time. And everybody wants to win win World Series and the Red Sox credit they won three in ten years and mostly bed. Are a lot of homegrown talent we all know the probable on the Lester is did did the drawers on our elders. But right now. They've got a month to decide or less whether their buyers or sellers in this season. They're giving a lot of kids the shot. So on one hand if there's a silver lining for the baseball ops people they get to try to win. Or try to win because they've been so batter like you said infuse some life into this team while. Getting. The young players some Major League experience or exposure. To do that sold. How how to balance. That is is it's this simple answer that well we can't be any worse than they've been so far so why not give the kids a chance. Well the world of brokering peace and it changed considerably in recent years and in particular this year for two reasons. Number one he added while cars means that a whole lot of teams. Are in a pennant race tape player -- rather. That witnessed in previous -- So so that bring hope to certain teams and its top of the routine mr. B if you put -- dollar. Because if you are three or in an article I have -- in mid July we start our players. It's telling it and begin our interests and go to the policy that's gonna hurt your product. And number two -- distressed. So many times recently. This being a year period they carry initially baseball. With it from the start in position your target -- running away with the and they weren't the world to bow out I could sit back and blue jays are running away with that -- the Orioles yankees and -- and authorities in Iran are not at all on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The heat they inning every team can get hot linking to sit back and so would -- -- -- 26 are forty whatever way they did. And and suddenly there in the -- in the World Series. And are sent over and over is is that it is what Arctic resources that went sightseeing is. If ever it's and that's the big -- he rolled her eyes. I would like your chances inning postseason if they got that they got you bounced back. But that'll policies and -- are pitching the way they do things could happen. Closer you look like their chances because of their pitching and they're defending champs I mean they've been their. Yeah I mean that that's that's an exciting and all but I mean. Who are I would -- more on the went through Lester and Lackey. Then their policy inexperience. Is that just you know pitching will open policies and I like it chances. And again I mean. I I rape someone just to get an apartment -- moment. And hear me talking about the postseason because it is what we can't have a longshot. It's the longest long shots are not considering they're so when teams ahead of -- I'm simply saying that in this particular season. We're in no team seems to be shining and what team is is seen fear. Anything can happen and if this case it's far. Someone else was back and that's something you just -- now and it it could be excited. I'm not entirely optimistic but it's worth watching. Other seven game two's simple numbers there's seven games out of first now that the the big game yesterday. In the American League east and their six games out of that final wild card with the angels and mariners. Holding that top spot so what are you -- what are you looks. From -- -- I mean and Alex one game it's a snap of the kids making his Major League debut. I imagine in right field right so original stuff yeah okay should -- start right feel probably that seventh eighth or ninth. Yes so he's going to be the bottom of the lineup I mean I I'd be happy with him doing what he's done for a year now just getting on base a couple of times right. Oh yeah I mean it is if I yes. Com. And that's how are written any effort here and his agent. Battling just that's all it's so reroute how small smaller than Pedroia. Are. Well. The great meeting here for our. Kids this is very army or more over our. Well it's a look at it is a personal thing for me right now I want you are okay so there are three guys that I tower over on the Boston sports scene or did. There was -- -- idea. There are a lot of people read -- figured if Brad Marchand. And then there was Wes Welker so in my going to be able to look down from -- bets. Our -- you'll. Have a 583 quarters. Arm and I go toe to toe with a mileage. Hey it's it's exciting for a lot of -- Your chances against him and aid work in street brought to -- Because you must have a lover not a fighter. Will argue that you wait you criticize you bet you that experience also you know I mean -- -- possible. Well but I've also got which used to complete forgot -- used and UConn have got cash -- Sorry go out last night's game Lester in to knock. I mean let's just jump ahead my first thought about doubt wise. All so if the Yankees -- convinced -- spent some funny unless they're before -- are they might be now that the. Yeah yeah actually I wish -- -- the kind of like we did it but. When Lester mold into that area and close it Yankee Stadium with -- is what players talked after the game that it will clear that senator. So you Arctic blocker and as she was standing there and that crowd moved around Lester. Eighteen many. Yelled out in what was. Says -- currency make it 85 million now. You know the joke being that -- with the respect -- -- and in and -- a lot more than that and it is. It's a it that's actually not something -- brought up last night that you make an excellent point -- I was so focused on. There's specific pitching performance at the Buick -- by the way. But yeah I mean it's if you can project to knock your having our policy is like doing better now. And Lester dropping Internet rotations -- sudden. You guys. So not a western doctor. On the Yankees that you agencies and that's something that's quite daunting. What did you think of his first time he sought to knock in person. It -- and -- easier -- -- tree he he's very stable during two man. They see there was a particular truck parked my email horrible pitch to Napoli. Argued and with with the with this letter there is many not Napoli on my. Well let me frozen straight that's all. Sort of middle -- That. Was as good a good pitch in that you know at some won't quiet stuff but. Given what Napoli was -- with the other -- After it's a room service formally jump starting an opposite field and I don't know if you rhetoric heard this and I didn't see I was writing. Yeah we are talking about a Napoli supposedly similar stupid -- Yeah. Well such as boys being boys what does -- the point that. You're inexperienced regionally pitcher and those guys that are around a long -- -- know -- -- -- stuff like. Well four election gardening looking at that pitching match up last night my first impressions of Tanaka. Our numbers 116 pitches thrown Lester won 1986. Strikes. For Tanaka -- -- a guy that -- a little bit but also comes that you when he wants he -- there's not a lot of this isn't Dice-K here. With a 116 pitches in six innings. I'm not anything better I mean these the second consecutive Red Sox yankees game. Woods played in under two hours and fifteen minutes. And you'd never never seen efforts and it certainly Nancy was right in the this is 22 horses went out there. Throw the ball -- the ball back and forward yet and and boom boom boom boom you look up it's not a rocket like so many amazing. And we're not gonna happen tonight but I just covered back to back up to -- in many respects -- games in the bronze. While you're doing art it's usually two games in one. So -- before it's -- -- prediction what are you writing about mark you had back tomorrow morning and it's the cubs at Fenway tomorrow what are you writing about from this game. Tonight if you had to project. I don't know I mean if it's funny it sometimes it's like when they called a -- that's. I I knew. I take the subway opened its arms to arms and I knew on the number four train. I knew I was going to write him that's optimistic but that was -- now. Today our. He because it's the end of the series I'll probably where are we call optic gain -- means a quicker game over sponsoring all -- in. So our it'll probably be some moderates are in rap. And I'm guessing if you get anything at all you -- -- it's it's a war. McConnell would be. As a -- bet -- -- the riots in the I'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So expectations and so forth so using last night's game you probably were written on Napoli had you heard specially heard about -- -- -- after the pitch. That would have been something like that. Yeah yeah I would act if its. Yet that's the point it's ignored them keep Dutch rival that's probably what we're focused on our charged remark so -- -- to. You know covered that it Inkster and it is that a -- inside our Jon Lester. So I could make the argument Bach and you know me I'm always looking for that 500 parade down -- downstream but I can make the argument that coming off of a ten game road trip. Coming into a ten game home stand leading up to the fourteen more games -- the all star break. That this game which could make them four and six on the trip as opposed three and seven. I -- -- in -- it's a 162 I understand this is a big -- tonight the. I mean you're ignore the numbers say that. I do think it it's. -- -- -- -- -- 746. They're coming on the long road trip. You may -- -- gave the -- lot of whining about travel schedule because there -- you know the nineteen trials. Most of most. Right honest. You know these threats are not immigrants are after what those. And play at night because she regularly and motivate tribe is the financial -- -- Howard Archer and so on and so. I also have a day off in between the west and East Coast trip to doubt it. -- I mean did a reason apparently quite a million dollars ears because they play games on television where they get all kinds of revenue and apartments and what's at play here. And in in people who don't go to any games will go to night games which is why 8% of the injured 1990%. So but you know we know there are they get taken back all of -- in winter games. Gave the all star break war -- game itself which means by picking up a couple of games to lead and then anything can happen I think anything -- -- safe travels buck enjoy tonight or region The Herald -- you back here next Sunday here. The impact if -- Sunday's he. That you don't go on the Austria near Minneapolis federal fly out Sunday night so. I think we're at Fenway and -- profoundly connects him but probably a little short -- buck. Good talking with Steve -- from Boston Herald in New York or break we're back with more on sports Sunday or -- -- buck. -- W.

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