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Mookie Betts with Joe Castiglionebefore the Yankees game

Jun 28, 2014|

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We'll keep tell us what's going through your mind -- get the call to come to the big leagues. A lot you know and finally made it been spinning. Lifelong dream and now I'm in the Yankee Stadium since it is. Where were you when he got the word that I didn't come down. I was walking and MO through my fiancee we just ordered pizza and yeah and had to cancel that order and go back to the Phillips told me some happens. Then in the actually told me what happens that that's kind of how went down this is Chevrolet manager yes a triple a manager both polls tell me some happened on he'd come and you come back -- that kind of worried -- added notes on on it. A year ago at this time you're making the transition in green hills and Salem can you believe you hear the thing. Now I mean you know last night as I try to go to sleep. Staying about a man last year you announce just in Salem and now I'm here you know -- it's just a blessing on things got him an opportunity. We did so well double play that's a big difference in pitching -- -- double by media and you know with 350. Did you think you would come that easily. No but I do credit do you Red Sox a lot of credit sentiment following definitely follies let's. Huge steppingstone in. Being able to see in the Expos is what I noticed in Dublin then you're triple -- you play new position really feeling your whole life right. And -- helped contribute a lot feel yeah access sort of find a place I mean started playing outfield -- in -- teams it wasn't too bad transition. And sent her right is which is more confident. I feel like they're both coming up played right a couple of double game that's like they're both. Pretty comfortable out there so I'm not aware about that tournament. And that was the biggest adjustment. It's just learning routes and routes evolves especially ground balls balls in the gaps. I'm learn how to get there get their quickness at my feet hit the cut off. You've shown a lot of extra base power. Yeah and I am not a real big -- -- isn't that something is just coming out as you get older more mature. Somewhat yeah and just work -- -- offseason in. You have heard you have. Coming get older you learn a line drive traffic you know pitches in just -- from hustling so gaffe like it's -- combination of all. We've been excellent base stealers to. Is it instinctive and -- great speed that is also do you feel you have great instincts to steal bases yeah I think accepting experienced it. You know student in good jumps. -- you know you know on the pictured on pitches you know. Good times around I think -- really. You know the significance of moves coming up in new York and rookie Wilson which and I think for only an important movie Blalock. My best zone. I'm kind of glad that that's not enough. And -- in the way and let your parents. Favorite player. I I'm I don't know I guess they just -- knows that they were watching him play basketball when out. Babies that it's happening movement it's credit. Will we be doing during the game that I you know I could start -- that and you be ready and yeah I'll be ready but Johnson Jim Jim my teammates don't. The family and friends coming -- yeah a lot my parents -- my -- air here so yeah. They'll they'll be in the stands here tantamount to who he wishing the best hope here a long long time and I thank you.

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