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SoccerCast - USA vs Belgium Preview

Jun 28, 2014|

Ben and Russ preview USA vs Belgium and talk to Kyle Bonn of prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com. Who is the best keeper in the world? Find out here.

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Another edition of WTI soccer cast as always I'm your host Ben kitchen younger than from the -- we show. Alongside me back in studio finally. My post -- Goldman how are you sir I am great it's so good to be in studio with you today than it really really -- even though it's Saturday and we're both schools for being here but. We do this for you the listener and thank you guys very much for all the support you've given us with -- seen some big numbers increase of the last couple weeks with the World Cup going on and we. We really do appreciate you guys check this out not given us a follow on Twitter at younger and WEEI at Ross underscore Goldman. A wanna start off today's podcast is the USA Belgium preview show but -- started off. With the Brant. From a British podcast. And I found -- very -- and I'm gonna read you read for you what I have read this morning on Twitter. One of the panelists was joking about the quote I believe that we will win -- Doing it in a stereotypical American accent. And one of the other stopped him and he said quote. No I'm not having that. They should do some British accent yes no no I -- that we'd love to make fun of the Americans and there's so the ball. And how they don't know anything about the sport and everything everyone gets a good laugh at them. But they beat us in the group for years ago now they've gotten through the group would Germany Portugal and Ghana we got one point -- group one. The US is still playing and right now the English need to shut up and maybe try to figure out why they are better at this -- than we -- As the tar Wilbur Jackson about the -- and not only that everyone -- the Americans for being stupid about soccer. But if you talk to anyone Brazil. They'll tell you that no one has more fans there -- the states and no one chance louder than the American outlaws. They've got Teddy Roosevelt down there leading the cheers a real as that became an Australian accent yes it's that. So I don't wanna hear this crap about the US sending crickets cricket Australian. They're part of the World Cup furniture now and we all better except it. Now the British get it why can't. Some the Americans get -- am talking specifically about tennis and countless. While I -- listen to Dennis and Callahan and they deftly don't get it then. It's funny because I hear from several people a across the pond they do get it because. Most of the comments I've gotten about the performances of the US the crowds of the US everything to do with the with the US soccer has been. Extremely positive. In fact. The responses I've gotten after matches has been very different than what I've heard on the radio what I've seen in print here. It's it's actually been much more positive because again. These are fans that know the game very well across the pond and and really enjoy the game and I think that's part of this that you're you're going against. People that don't enjoy the game and don't understand the game so it's it's pretty is it a market. It is and as I've had the -- before and you just from anyone for yourself. I said this before. But if you don't like the game that's totally fine I get it lol I I didn't always loved the game and took me a long time to really appreciated when I did I I really jumped headfirst into it. My -- has always been this open games boring. Well I don't think it's boring. On the contrary. OK if you feel that way that's fine. It if you feel that way that soccer is boring and you turn around and watch five hours of golf on the weekend that's where I have a problem. I enjoy golf to a certain extent is a very boring game. And I'm saying I do enjoy it but it's very very boring. You can't compare the two once far more exciting than the other that's always been my -- So now that we gotten that out of the way. I just tell you we've we've ass on Twitter. For a couple predictions go read some of those predictions a little bit later in the right now we're gonna talk a little bit about the USA Germany game and then we're gonna dive. Had first straight NC USA Belgium but let's start usage army right now. And one no one no defeat. We both kind of saw that coming. And a lot of people have said that. The USA is that the US and the German and Germans were gonna collude to tie and I didn't see that in either of their -- And I disagree with some people's notion that German didn't try very hard because if you watched the very beginning of that game. They strung together like six straight possessions of twenty straight. Passes. So they were trying they're trying very hard and the US midfield at the time was playing very poorly. Mitchell turned it around a little bit but who. There was a lot of negatives to take away from the US side I think not a lot but some negatives take away and I was mostly at the midfield was point. -- German squad I thought was trying to win the game I still believe they were trying to win the game in the proved that they did. So. Looking at them now after that game. I feel worse about Germany's chances than I did going into that game and long term chances -- -- of this World Cup. -- look at it differently then I'm I'm more encouraged by. The US play but I'm also I'm also looking at how Germany played at the US had agreed to do that other place. Because defensively. The shape was solid especially when Klinsmann made the change and Brad Davis to the other side. He flip flopped to help out the defense because of one point. They were really having their way down not -- left left hand side there was really -- hardly any protection. But once they once he made that change once they settled down and and you look at the pass the -- and was all there. I just in the defense did a very good job again. Let's talk about the chased Omar Gonzales he actually really played an excellent match and cleared a lot of balls. -- -- deck could have been problems for Tim Howard so if you're asking me. I don't think that Germany played that badly I think defensively. Specifically just defensively not a not going forward but defensively. I thought the US held Iran. I think that I have I actually took out encouraging. Things for for the US because I think Germany is still very good I I don't think you know if your German -- problem we. Thinking like what you just mentioned while we didn't played -- Well it takes two to tango and -- that the US had something to do that. And that I actually bodes well moving forward -- -- Belgium because I don't think Belgium. Belgium has has great deal of talent and can can pass on what to Germany they can't pass as well as Germany so. After facing a team like Germany I think that actually is gonna work in the favor of the US movement. For. This something I said earlier and earlier editions of the soccer cast it was. I really thought that Belgium was overrated. The whole motion and the schools and generation OK maybe they're golden generation but that. Okay that how did not vote for the Ivory Coast you know just because your golden generation doesn't mean you're going to win anything. And yes the talented squad talented individual players. They haven't really impressed me all that much they didn't lose in their group. But I believe a they did want all three games. But they're only led for 24 combined minute. They have been impressive at all and I've watched a good amount of their matches and again last match that they were playing -- who they weren't playing. In house -- at Saddam mix a little bit of a difference but still even without those players there's been no floated there no. Consistent flow of to their game and it's there they look like a bunch of -- individuals with a great deal of talent. And they're going to be facing. A US men's national team that actually plays together as a team. Germany. Has all the talent but they put together as a team got to me is a difference between Germany and Belgium Obama has the talent. I don't think they play as well as a team. There's a very good point a very good interest in point an end to might have something to do with the fact that most of the Germans are playing in the Bundesliga. And they're very familiar with -- each other they've been even though want from a fairly young when you look at Mueller he's only 24 but he seems like he's been playing for twenty years already. They've all been mostly playing together for a long long time and the Belgium's. Seem to be scattered all throughout Europe. And a and at club level you know and you got hurt while you're superstar goalie he's playing in the league. Hazards playing the piano and artists NFL Iranian and -- were both playing in the appeal to but they're scattered on different teams so I've. It's insisting they bring that up about the team's. Because. I feel -- Germany's been a more consistent unit together because of the fact that they play in. Far closer proximity to each other and play against each other soft and so the more familiar with how each other play. I think that's a huge factor you know again you have that that symmetry that chemistry. I don't think Belgium has that and going into this match and we're gonna talk about in a little bit I think that's part of the advantage going into it for the US. -- it's funny because again we'll we'll talk more about this. Belgium has talent all over the -- you talked about the goalkeeper could talk about the midfield is is very tough attacking midfield. Up front you you have options of who -- You know again we'll talk with someone that second really hurt you -- morale can come off the -- that you have players that all have talent. But I haven't seen and been able to to link up to go to play together Alice. As a unit and that's where I think could be the difference and in this match they're also very physical here you know again I thought go in this match. Part part of the events that that the US hasn't some of these matches and is their physicality is they've been able to handle. They're not gonna have that the nice to have data -- that's that won't go look won't go for the US because Belgium has a physical presence of -- And for -- for Laney is going to be a handful he's the -- that actually along with -- house are really scares me. Which is interest in coming off of his -- united season where he was arguably the biggest disappointment options. Andy -- -- that's all true. But I've seen him when he's playing well. And not the one thing that scares me in this that this is something to what when this is why I think Gonzales is going to be involved set pieces he has. Very dangerous on set pieces for obvious reasons -- computers gone for. Him just kidding he doesn't. Now that vigil last hope that I care doesn't doesn't make me laugh about but his size and his habit is the ability to have the ball. Is a weapon and not that does have me concerned. And -- now hold on her I wanted to jump in real quick on that on the set pieces now let's flip that's the reverse -- Belgium they're set pieces fillings obviously the most interest is the various. And he's very talented in the air. Are you just gonna say are reconciles on every corner kick your marketing. Telling -- You'd have probably our best defender in the air right. He's got to stick to him like glue or do you just you know let it match temperament. That's great question and I don't have the answer I don't know what you organs gonna do on this note and a yard you're -- includes I'm where I'm -- Clinton and I. An extra some remarks and at all times and and that's going to be Gonzales because he's your tallest most physical. -- yes you do that but then again you're gonna have other players you've got a problem -- in the box you don't have players that can really do damage. That elegant going into this not set pieces are gonna be vital on both sides because I think the US. Can really take advantage of Belgium on set pieces because I think that's that's one of -- strikes. Now news came out. That Jersey out or was running and training. Do we expect him to. A respecting and plant trees that keep them over recording this Saturday at noon just so you guys have some. Time and reference so if you listen to this Tuesday morning in yard you know Jersey's playing we don't hear it sat on Saturday. But com. Do you expect -- to playing. Do they need -- to play ten they get by Belgium without him. I think they can get by. But I think that he would make a huge difference go back to that. You know law at the front is going back to even when he played the very beginning and the short period of time has gone. -- not -- I'm sorry against. One might well what's gone I'm sorry. I'd just I'd just completely -- eight minutes use on the trooper's gun hit it right. Right in the long period of time but. Not very short period of time but I think he has a presence especially we're talking about when against physical players. I think he can do damage because I think you can get a their -- a little bit. See you having him out there would be such a benefit and then that would all so while Clint Dempsey a little bit got -- -- -- -- You know again I think that would help oh Michael probably so much I think. Michael Bradley's role as -- obviously changed and he's planned a more offensive role now. But I think if you have. If you have -- and I think he would benefit. Is it has no I'm just think you missed free flow of ideas here has the absence of Josie. Hurt Michael Bradley more than anyone else because Bradley doesn't have that out making cue in on him. I don't know you know again. It's easy to say that but. Clint Dempsey has played the role fairly well so he has done it before Jose went down Bradley had two options in front of him to get the ball to -- illness one. And it allows defender to close in on him when he's got possession right. Whereas before he couldn't spare that action defender to close in on him and he had an actual little bit of time to make a play happen. So now that I'm thinking about a maybe that absence of Jozy has hurt him more than anyone else you don't -- he's played very well. And he's done exactly what we said Dempsey is really good at. Creating some kind of space when there is no space maneuver maneuvering in the box to create something. -- provided that other option where he could just want to ball downfield and let him go chase it. Got you know it was and you bring up a valid point -- done I just don't wanna let Michael Bradley off the hook here no I don't either I don't either. I mean it just because -- he's out and them saying it has affected him more. Is not -- shouldn't be -- -- held as an excuse for him -- he's played very poorly period. You know. Defensively not so bad men but if you talk about going forward yes I -- not it's been disappointing because. I still think if if the US want to move forward. Here we are -- Jozy Altidore make a difference Clint Dempsey I still think it comes on the Michael Bradley. I really especially. Against you know play against a triangle in the -- -- the he's going to be facing. Against Belgium I mean some really quality players in there he is going to be vital. To get in -- ball up front and and they can those passes and we saw some of those passes. In the last match but again. On his first touch is just not there have been -- and that's you know again that's. That's that's unfortunate but for me I wanna see more of these quality passes that -- that we really haven't seen enough of him since on Nigeria. And that was a probably. We've we've been killing Bradley but let me defend him to a certain degree on this -- -- such -- have been horrendous -- passes have been anything but Chris. His energy level has never wavered right he's still all over the field chasing -- players down if he needs to he's all over there. So he has been doing some things right he's not letting the the mental side of the game affect the physical side of the games so much in that he is hustling his butt off and -- -- do their job and clothes and other players vote. When he needs to and helping back. Permanent get back and help him back from an out -- that was my point about the the fats -- is still win that you know again. If you think about think about how many how many balls have gone right through the middle of the of the defense you really have not -- that everything has pretty much gone -- wide. Know it's zig -- out wide to come back yen from right. Right you know and I you know again I was -- -- Bradley but you do not literally people jones' right but where the book we're being critical because again. He's he's the best while I still think he's the best player and then you can -- and high level defensively. I think it's there and use of the work -- -- that. Yes and I think and I think that's very important to mention his work rate is still. Exceptional. Are we just need the skill to catch up to work. I didn't mention this earlier but we have a special guest joining us is gonna join us right now on the on the hotline here a Kyle bomb's gonna join us from. Pro soccer talk. Dot NBC sports. Dot com. All right joining us now all Kyle bond from NBC sports you can find him on pro soccer talk diet NBC sports dot -- is that correct now. Taiwan feel we are right now because he's got to like the little reunion of sorts. -- mean Russ Russ meet Ohio. There are so I'm not art that's right Kyle was my original co host on -- -- Sorry Kyle was just jump straight into it USA Germany what did you see decade he hopes through the USA side and and moving forward towards Belgium. Well you know it was likely your equipment as well. I'd look a lot more positive. I think a lot of people there are. The United States who was incredibly. Think depending. Our biggest -- others in the game. And it didn't look like Germany was we really trying back art obviously. Wanted to gain but it didn't look like they work you know giving it their all that Germany and the the same time I don't -- think -- The US was very. I it would vary com -- past and the order organized in their defense. And that secondly a lot of hope going forward because he's an elegant something you can attack we now that object tackles in the back. -- that -- always been the question mark and. I think it was incredible to -- old marketing dollars. Oh well in back -- that would be greater fuel mistakes in the first couple minutes. And then he was probably Meredith and Matt after back and you'd prefer his confidence having not played very much in the last couple months and all so I'm not quite. For the US losing his spot if Geoff Cameron. -- -- without standing in the back and that everything was so tight and acting. And really look good. Gave -- -- Lotto. Kyle. Against sticking with the defense -- talk a little -- Arkansas as the thought he made a tremendous amount of difference what. Did he offer that Geoff Cameron did not in the prior matches. Well Gonzales -- Is it strikes has been clear. And in the scheme. Or are. Was standing in lap it's back on the map bugler ratio of out. It lasted tackling abilities you're not not require court actually getting the ball -- that the attacker. When things -- -- and development at least in those play. Not get Cameron isn't very solid defender. But what he's used to it right back it's Stoke City now. Clinton -- and never have bowed out of the people think -- is that position. In central defender remember in any -- in on pit crew back. But EE. Isn't the best of -- So or at least you know. It's guys like dealer in all of our plates back or what -- -- to see Gonzales committed and I really haven't backed out of tackler is that big. Boost for the UST. Now gone nowhere jumping ahead and I wanna work on this all -- market -- -- -- Cameron angle here who do you think. Which player do you think. You're -- who will go with the against Belgium. Got tired no idea. Oh crap -- for either one. Fine. I'm I've been happy with all three they're obviously gap has struggled there are a couple of mistakes against Portugal that awkward but overall it was a match. -- and and he's very solid player so com. I think. You know I don't -- find equipment is. Very much a guy who played the hot hand so fanatic he called again but I don't. I think it's -- 61. -- this point. Let's move up the field a little bit to Michael Bradley now he hasn't put a string of performances together there are very good. When they were qualifying and leading up to the World Cup in the friendlies Hughes playing excellent he was a dominant player in the mid field what's going wrong with him. And can we expect more out of him. Well in. You know we're not acting career after that -- -- -- a couple of so so ones -- -- -- Cutting it east cricket a lot of unnecessary lack. -- haven't really later a lot of people make out you have been if you look at numbered acting number they're still very good. Wonder -- they're not a lot of people are aware of Michael -- The group is here rare bit farther every player in the World Cup you ran covered the most gifted. Any player in the World Cup group stage so I'm Bradley orbiter very hard worker he's he's still a very good passer. I think part of this problem. And this is not a problem for the record -- think part of the problem is just getting outplayed by serving well. And and people are saying all of jones' playing this well why can't Bradley and both those guys guard and it's got to be one or the other and -- -- particular initiative. -- fine for Michael Bradley is back and let Jeremy you know he saw this deal. -- -- it worked out so well for the US and to me you know and importantly it. Armed but -- -- and and articulate -- Bradley is actually -- Bradley. -- and and that's okay we just get on it back when he doesn't perform as well that stand out. Kyle what's let's now move to upfront and Clint Dempsey has been filling filling in for raw Jozy Altidore whose been out injured and now. Again this is a two part question first off Hollis Clint Dempsey played. Where we we you and I both know that this is not his best position play in the won't striker and second how much do they -- Jozy Altidore. Alt -- side you know -- both are aware of the fact -- best -- -- -- -- -- -- in the best position. Claudette as he has been all over the field he's been a creative force is that a goals -- threat and he's been accept peace threat and I think. If you would become back. Wage he'd married against Belgium he was he'd been running the last couple days -- -- -- in accord and -- me he looked. Com. I don't. Really know how you want -- I think -- don't have to come back. Structure. If he's -- It's going to be upper corporate eclectic music I like the YR and -- -- are hot spot on so. They've missed terribly physical up front and drop the -- away from the rest of the act -- Are in the market we may have originally bought. OK great now you've written about the change in formations that are Klinsmann has used and I believe Altidore has been a huge part of that. How much would things change if he was in there and you could you could basically push back Clint Dempsey. Yeah you know the body won't. -- -- -- which surprises me a lot but. It still one record the -- you've got two guys behind him anymore I am. And it's a little bit in your equipment is. You like a little information is being locked in -- one individual or Asia. So you put guys out where they can change Winger received winners swap positions multiple times while Brad Davis Graham is. Which I a couple of times. There the Nazi Germany. -- a lot of fluidity in the form in the Clinton put out so that without. You have really is structured because even with the players out there this complaint multiple this year. Even you know and murdered here and the -- So. Well doesn't really change much op but we'd go to the -- more of the art network was on the op. There's a lot of about a lot of things happened and because not a striker. All right last question Kyle. Prediction what do you have went in USA Belgium. Got a Geico the United States the critical homer pick but I think he's autistic he is he against Belgium is. All are better on paper but bet against those Portugal and Portugal's. -- terrible. Not out deservedly so -- Belgium -- not -- well Robin cotton has been really really pork which is surprising at how good he was in the premier. Dukakis -- terrible he was gone off. For the -- In both their first two group stage game without having scored a goal and he was replaced by the young nineteen year old. If -- -- on that America but I think if you thought or reach the not seen Eric you've been outstanding -- the guy and you know -- talk about -- -- and it can be addressed if you -- -- mark robot starts. He's brought -- -- or the sixtieth minute in all three of their group. Quite -- Dukakis so. -- be entered in the weather reach its part now although the cock to order rob knows. Continue to get the starting clearly the at a quarter. But -- and robot that they re legally in this squad because Christian but it got hurt. So he. In the -- and then. Innovator in -- be in part -- The Belgians haven't really performed up to their standard that we have a look on paper. And I think he got activated. Thank you Kyle very much we really do appreciate you can file follow Kyle -- on Twitter at the underscore bonfire BO and and FIRE you can. Read the words he writes I can I -- for that right from your Twitter page. I do the words for NBC sports you can read -- Met Pro soccer tuck -- NBC sports dot com Kyle thank you very much forgiveness some your time today. Thank you are appreciated. Again big thank you do Kyle bond of pro soccer talked at NBC sports dot com follow him on Twitter again at. V underscore bonfire DO NN FIRE. He's a friend of the show and he's a friend of yours you started college talk with him. I did he's a huge job full supporter and we started three years ago and he's gone on to bigger and better things he shows up on -- every once -- But but Kyle really knows his stuff and he actually was at the friendly against Nigeria and really has some good insight on the US men's national tents and whether we -- have -- I am absolutely very glad we could have months continue a little bit -- -- -- -- Belgium preview and then the regained some mobile we're Gannett. Reach back out toward textures every -- to us this into some of their predictions of not just the score but how and why it might happen sowell two little love to our friends summit in that Twitter cirrus attacks or tournament Twitter. But. So back jumping into USA Belgium. -- -- -- Could be argued by some as the best goalie in the world I think he might be the best goalie in the world right now. How does Tim Howard stack up against him first -- -- you have Tim where where do you rank the two of them. Are they both top five goes in the world yes okay. Where do you have them ranked. Why I think -- was ahead. But not by much Armenia Tim Howard I still think is one of the best of the woman belongs in in the top five he pride being maybe. 45. And Kurt -- would be closer to the top that's you know again that there isn't too much in between them but -- he system will will come about. -- night and said -- -- that don't always show we asked some discussion and I am gonna pose it to you as well. Most of whose best -- in the world. And this is coming right after USA Germany and he said Manuel -- He says he's the best goalie in the world now Brad knows more about goalies tonight you being a professional -- himself right so I'm gonna take his word for. But I think we're -- over to -- and I think Howard is easily in the top five. Nam. Whether beef 34 or five I could. Big strong case for anyone of those positions who do you have as the top goalie in the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I I would go in the war. There yeah he's he's excellent I mean he's arrogant he's been very good -- them up. So so that's where our I would go you know Oliver Kahn. As -- immigrants than ever yes. And maybe 45 years ago maybe I'd say I anchored to serious but I wouldn't say that right now -- and you're not on Wednesday's top five right now you know I'm not even be a top ten right now and that is that it is four years or human city's fiscal in the world. At the last World Cup that's my point my point is you know when you see someone fall like that it's. It's counts. And he's young. Yeah and he's young and he's not thirty innings or 27. Maybe even younger actually and goalkeepers complain for a very long time and some and some actually Bradford. Welcome -- 30 you know again I talk about mark -- -- who played almost. Well I played for forty still playing I mean you can play up to that age. How effective -- you going to be afforded probably not as much as you were saved 35 foot. But when you're you're in your thirties you're still in a crime so law so that's what's interesting about about Howard I think Howard still in his prime. I think so too as you said goes -- for very long time they don't take the nearly -- level of physical abuse at the other players do their legs -- shot at an early age like some of the other. Position players can be because of all the running that's -- -- -- have to do nearly as much so. Yeah you can get high quality play for very long time and a look forward to seeing another World Cup with Tim Howard let's hope he -- still kick NFL point. And what would stick with Tim Hart -- wanna get your thoughts on yes -- I've heard. Much criticism on the article that he gave up against. Germany that he punched it what are your thoughts about him punching and instead of potentially catching it. Here's my thoughts are very first solve that first shot was hard -- shot that if he tried to string -- And it slipped through singers he'd be getting crucified absolutely so let's just put it this way. Which would you prefer. Him punch it out and be able to get up and potentially have another opportunity to stop a deflection or just. Get it out you don't know what's gonna happen it just happened to the wrong person was just without. -- have him trying to catch it slips whose fingers which we seen this before none and so with Howard but with many goalies are all time I've seen it we've seen a lot. In terms of actress catch it goes through their fingers and -- -- goal and then you're like Biden just trying to punch it out. So -- it's when he told me on this one and it's a you do the right thing you punch it out it happened to fall -- -- who's going to be the all time leading World Cup cool score. In Muller and -- at some opera has some time and opportunity he's gonna put on the back -- that exactly so. I didn't have much of a problem with what he did -- just the circumstances happened to the unfortunate. That they are and I've heard much criticism about this and they are taught to punch it out and it was for me the right decision because. If he'd tried to catch it and that wasn't our short rebound it was going back of the net anyways yeah I think this increased his odds unfortunately. It landed to the wrong person. Who put it in the back of the net. Now can't exactly control a deflection and those were really goes you can kind of he was trying to get rid of -- he was doing the right thing that's like that's why I disagree with the criticism. Of the catch compared to the punch in this situation the punch was the right move. Yeah I agree we're not being Tim Howard homers here. I just really that you look at the alternative and it's much better so. It it went down the wrong way we didn't wanna see it happen only by. It I think so -- this and I will always speak to. Consistent with this that he did the right thing trying to punch -- -- again like we both said it would -- to -- -- feet council. Mueller's outstanding. He's one of those players that. South -- not the biggest not the strongest. Promises the smartest. Point to him he gets it done. Let's talk about him let's talk about Germany because you and I were talking about terminal but the we'll go right back to Belgium the difference between. Germany and the EU us is that they have more. They have a lot. They have players can come off the bench emerged today for atom bomb that can make a huge impact and the US just does not have that. Type of player. You know and and that to me is the difference you know again I'm encouraged by what I saw against Germany. Because I thought we hung with them giving up one -- in Germany there's there's no shame and now. They're there really is no shame that if you look at the big picture and you know me I'm a big picture guy I saw many good things to come out of it. Was there any was there any attack very little it's unfortunately very Anderson to be a little bit of an attack but let's say. Let's say the -- scores let's say Dempsey scores up to we feel differently about that match. Of course moats go back to Portugal. Right would have been the last thirty seconds of the game. It changed the entire complexion it complexion of the game and it made it a what should have been a great tie. Into. Heartbreaking loss. Right well you will hold on -- -- You know what I'm saying it should have been viewed as a great tie it was looking like a great win. And the tide did the eventual tie end up looking like a loss that's what I'm trying to say right. So. But look let's circle back to -- -- And we're talking about the the keepers assert -- right in front of the keepers we mentioned Omar Gonzales a couple times. He wasn't starting to be in the World Cup -- arm camera starting in central defense. Omar's argument against the Germans and looked very very good. At times he was the best player on the field for the Americans you can argue between him and maybe Jones and nurture. Does he start again you have to sentiment. Great question and and that's something that we can really discussed because. There are reasons to start Geoff Cameron Geoff Cameron has experience against many of these players -- That he's data that I can be playing for Belgium to you started because he's played against -- He's played against house art he's played against Marie Rollins played against Cochran. Ordeal go with the hot hand like you do it said. In trauma or mark Gonzales in there who also has more height and probably can be a little bit more physical. Than Geoff Cameron and it's a great it's a great problem now. Glad you can go either way on its do you put both of them. No no you don't play ball from because their plans specific roles that we talked about that that Clinton has been. In real specific about this it's either going to be -- floor and Brooks or it's going to be. Could be Gonzales or Cameron publicist at the end of the -- where were you throw an action defender -- Where he adds okay so let's just say. Save certain -- and Cameron again which an open Q bar but let's say you're. -- bring him Brooks and exiles of the in the game if you're down one now. I think as an argument to bring him Brooks. -- -- not because because the lakers for game winning over Ghana not only that. When you're playing a physical team up he is a physical specimens and -- and he also has scope to go along with -- he's raw. So that's the reason why you'll go a -- but if you are looking for I guess you could say strength on strength. I'm thinking about this maybe you would consider start imports which group would be controversial. But maybe maybe Klinsmann and -- the one interesting thing about what is meant is he's made changes he's not afraid to make changes that. Could this be one that we're not seeing on the radar he brought in Brad Davis I didn't see that coming. I didn't see Gonzales come and neither could Brooks speech had changed that we're just not expecting on just own up. They could but now I'm expecting him because you sold me on -- so hard cheese Ross. Who ruining almost -- -- the fifth. Let's move up to the midfield new -- and we've got some. Two but Doi didn't start -- Davis our investment. Rather curious I thought. Why wasn't overly. Good wasn't terribly bad. It was just kind of -- he was out and play him again to be honest with the -- I don't really see much there well here's the thing about it you know who now I've fallen in love. What we're gonna talk about him and a couple minutes but but I'm Brad Davis is excellent on set pieces. But -- this is pretty good -- So so is there a need for Brad Davis and I think Brad Davis is a little bit of a liability. Defensively. As we saw in the match against Germany. Personally if you ask me nothing against Brad Davis I would plan against Belgium. I would neither -- -- about and one -- In every game moving forward -- he can't play anymore. But let's talk about the country of the jets who I'm talking about and and I will tell you and I texted you this. You know what I have been very impressed and and him being in the super sub I guess it's in the last two matches. He he could almost really. I -- not necessarily know but he set up a potential. Are tying goal you know and but his speed is insane. And I like the fact that he's in the if I see the advantages of having him in the midfield but here's a question Dennis in more effective we said this before starting. Coming up about. He is more effective coming off the bench even know he's in my news man crush the which is weird because his -- team. I know he he'd -- he's perfect for coming off the bench in the 60s70 minute. And just. With stirring up and down -- and you know I I I obviously wanna see more out of him but not at the the expense of some more quality play for the first sixty or seventy Mets right. He's perfect does not super sub right now and I think Klinsmann founder Lou diamond in the rough in that role. Where before the World Cup started an -- after we knew Donovan was how we figured when he be perfect as you're super so I complaining we're all over the field. Klinsmann for disarming and found his little sub. He's good he's got the he's very composed when he's out there and I love to see that deaths about him as as some -- confidence he's got a huge amount coffin but he's composed while doing he's not over extending himself right. My -- play of all times are done. This is done when you watch -- I didn't have to have the pace that maybe Devlin has and I'm not comparing Edmonton is a done so don't jump offer reject or. Or wanna punch me in the face yet -- I'm saying is. It was the composure right that's why I enjoyed have done so much was he never played out of himself. And you always knew we're supposed to be in a -- seen 110 of that composure and yet when I'm very happy with. Listen I think his upside is huge. We still haven't seen doing and I don't expect to see -- we won't OK but barring and injury but you can you can see where you Evelyn. Blocks I think he belongs in the midfield. I don't you know again I wouldn't put them I would put it in the defense even though that's what he has a Fabian Johnson I like green. Putting -- and on the right in front attributed to conduct a and that's dangerous sometimes very positive way yes. You know and and that's what I what -- partnership among about partnerships and you have. You -- you know a partnership that's just starting work. So so what you mean rush about well that's a very good partnership divisiveness thinks it. But -- but I'm talking about -- talk about on the right hand side you have that Ian Johnson and Devlin. You know especially if he comes off the bench in the second half say you need Google. He's gonna say he's I'm telling you that it's gonna set it up for you he's gonna put you in a position. That's -- success because he has the speed and he also has the skill. And again go back to us as predicting beyond the -- 23 and you and I like Evelyn Evelyn. And dog look but we we look like idiots but you know what I'm glad to -- be found out as an idiot because he's really playing well. Yeah he's playing great and this is why we're not the coach of the team. Dislike Clinton is he knows far more than us we said that before. -- I don't mind being proven Rondo always admit when I'm wrong always and we were both from an open and it's been a pleasant surprise then again he's turned into player that I feel like I'm I'm. Captivated by when he's on the field caused. Great what is gonna do I'm so excited when noticeable when she's like can we see him run Campanella Fuchs so afraid fast and trying to create something. I love -- as a player now. But then again seeing the full game out of them who knows what you're Ganassi. That's the whole thing. -- a match like this you know it's about incremental change and he could have a huge. Like sixty minutes and you put and then you -- for the final thirty minutes. You know what the -- John I just think again he gives that extra. That extra speed that you could really use you know again we -- a very small period of time in that. Now last match against Germany public -- looked at the very end of that match. You know. Germany you know at that play their part thickened over the it's all -- you know one bill. And he made it difficult on them he made he made a last minute you know defensive save I guess you could say to. For this not to be 11 that could have very easily been 11. And we would have changed our minds you know and and that's been the unfortunate. Part of this for the US you know Portugal game and Alaska. How everyone. Here in the US would feel differently. If if -- one goal was stopped against Portugal and one gold one and -- it's craze that's up close these things are. For changing attitudes of of all of us including myself I'd feel a whole lot better but -- -- but -- -- that match then I did not feel that you know Gannett I don't want talk to some so much more we talked so much but the -- that. I feel good going in the Belgium match up because. I'm Siena our team play together as a team. Players going out I'm sick you know -- a pretty good amount of criticism on Klinsmann -- in this tactician. What he's making changes and he he's he's making all the right decisions. He's naked tactical changes he's is changing shape and how their plan a little bit he's he's making substitutes that are changing the game. Which is interesting because the knock on him by most. Quote experts was that he's a master motivate her but not a very good technician. He's proven to be very good technician. Absolutely and you know again I'm tactician excuse tactician but but again we're seeing -- that's why I don't understand the label because that's not what I've seen. I like managers that are not afraid to make changes from. From I guess it's a match to match there are you know there are manages that don't make any changes from match to match. And he's not afraid to to want to change things up whether it's for you know again it goes back to hold Belichick and the put your team the best position to win. And I think Clinton is actually doing that he's he's matching up against people and he's looking at the opponent. And said okay this is what we need to do to win and I need these players in these positions to do. I'm Beasley Johnson. Both safe both still starting both find the whole game most likely yes I think that yes. Jermaine Jones who's been arguably the best player across the field for the US most consistent at least through three games so far that. Obviously got to still -- him. He's proven to be very dangerous and very effective player whether be bringing the ball up in trying to create or. Or being the finishing touch on a creation. That goal he scored against that Portugal while I was dynamite. Dynamite but we -- obviously see some more out of that. But -- will expect to see him at least start the game. Might come off -- he looks like he's going to be gassed after seven minutes he's been getting really tired in an -- conditions in the last game weren't. Made for him by. I expect another quality performance out of him. We mentioned -- earlier. And Dempsey. No changes up front to start. Presuming it felt or doesn't play out Saddam's castles are by himself up front if Altidore plays the both start up. I really want CO2 or plan I think he's stacks factor for the -- moving forward I agree so. And then Bradley who we've talked some Bradley law. And he needs to really turn it around if if they're gonna have a chance in this game he needs to turn around and we're both saying that doesn't sound as good as people make him out to be. But he's got a problem in that midfield he's got to deal with adults and maybe. He floats a little bit further back in place more defensive to build his confidence to move it up. So -- a game a little bit for the back concert on defense. And then and I'd be fine without -- if that was his role if -- play more defensively in this match them and then as the match went on. Like he -- start to move more up front to start to wake up with the with Clint have a list. We we talked about this before the Germany about a little bit of mix matching. And I'm thinking of a weird formation here look at this is predicated on -- not play. Dempsey up front Jones behind him. And then you have Bradley back -- staggered Rebecca and still further back the crowd was kind of playing. Little more box the box so we're 214231. Ya OK so basically focus -- we're going to be in the wings. I think -- Doria. I haven't seen great things out of Victoria but. There's moments of near brilliance from him on nearly solid I think he saw yet he can do some good things. Out there I'm gonna commit a fraud and in that I've heard people talk about that has not played at all. -- Mixed yes. When you get mixed in the mix just saying. He might he forgot he's been their card and all I know what but again he's a type report that can make an impact -- He is split but would he be more of a substitute -- are probably so it's all right. Before we get to our predictions and are predictions will be the conclusion of this -- -- a preview edition of usage but before we get to ours. Let's bring in some of our Twitter followers and get their predictions of Russ you've put this out earlier on Twitter asking for predictions. So. DA at. Said the real Michael Bradley shows up scores one sets one up USA to Belgium one. You need him to make it happen offensively to advance he goes on to say. Press -- Boston. The the Twitter handle was at Boston PE RS. Jermaine Jones stays hot leads the US -- one nil win Howard is a brick wall from. Not that I like it. Corey Capote Chia and open not mispronouncing that at -- to put yeah. Going two million US Dempsey and outdoor on the score sheet. Like it -- thing about some of those predictions I mean obviously -- All pro USA. Well I was just through -- blog I'm I'm gonna give you the flip side of that. Because so you're gonna be negative Nancy -- on the can be negative Nancy I'm gonna keep your prediction from our friend Steve who was on our -- Some of the bid theorists yes -- actually predicted 21 Belgium and he's banned from the soccer cast. And his reasoning was that it's a calorie that I you know I've talked about that they can match statistic -- humans you know. And Eden house guard would be the difference percentage but little did. -- kind of hard not Steve guy I get IE but he also mentioned he hopes that he's -- -- -- -- -- to. I hope he's wrong to. Let's do our predictions now and then we'll start -- okay. Until pretty good about the -- yeah I can see it under for not feeling really good about this you know and you and I talked a lot about Belgium. I like their talent I'd really like their talent and to have it all over. The pitch they kind of remind me a little bit of you know a team -- had just. I don't know law has a bunch of all stars but doesn't know how to play together. And done. Going against the US men's national team that's a little bit you know like it's -- call. I'm going 31 US. Blue. Look it's humorous. All right. I will see your 31. And I'll go down a little bit on that to one US advance -- And this is not just a I GM really wanna see it. I don't know where again you mentioned the blue collar nature of the US team is a tough. Team has fought their asses off to that group stage you'd look at the results across the board one more than one. But very hard fought games. -- very difficult matchup. Don't let anyone -- -- is very good team and prevents presents lots of problems for the US style play because they're significantly faster than the EU us. Portugal. Again very overrated in fifa rankings. But they are still one of the better European squads despite what they did in in the World Cup here. And the east have Christian I don't know. Germany arguably one of the best top three or four teams in the world period. Some could -- the best team in the world. I think -- I'm gonna go with the Netherlands see another defense is little -- from the German sequence which is shaky cut. Put the Netherlands firepower right now is unreal that yes. And go to one US. 212. Goals from Clint Dempsey Coca your captain. I liked I like that and out there one of the reasons why I went 311. Because I don't like predicting 21 because our our public -- -- for you and that's a cop out. What to one now know I don't think it's cop but the reason -- one. And I feel confident about this is that I've seen that's on the Connor being able to really expose teams and I've watched enough for -- That I think the US is gonna have their share of the ball -- and I think that they can beat them on the counter. And do some damage. And general about the damage him probable that the damage that's why I I think I can -- and shocked the world. I think that we know we're gonna win ethical and we're gonna win by a more political -- -- three to one. I love it I love your optimism. No other cross. I -- there you have it. That is our USA Belgium preview show here on WEEI soccer cast. I'll let us know what you think follow us on Twitter if you don't already. You -- follow Ross at Ross underscore Goldman. Hey there's the man now there's Michael Bradley on TV right now. That's some of a -- better play well. He needs to and the US needs him to and we on him to again that's Ross at Ross underscore Goldman. A post carted stock patriots forced into podcasts it's all very good if your phone or just general EPO -- check out cards suck it's a great show. Follow me on Twitter at young Ben WEEI you can hear me every weekday on the dale and Holley show hosts in for a -- it's my little baby so don't -- it. And again thank you guys very much for joining us and supporting us you guys have been outstanding in -- great listener numbers and keep it up and will keep it up will keep it going all the way through the World Cup whether the US they're in or not but you know what. I think the USA is going to be in the round -- -- you do -- I absolutely do I again thank you just listening to WEEI soccer cast.

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