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Minor Details Ep. 91.1 - early release! Mookie Betts gets the call

Jun 28, 2014|

Mookie Betts will join the Red Sox in Yankee Stadium to make his big league debut on Saturday night. Three days before doing so (and one day before playing his first game in RF), Betts took stock of his unexpected, meteoric rise through the Red Sox farm system to the cusp of the big leagues.

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Down in Tripoli protected talking to you now this is finally I think I've talked -- you know in Greenville. A touch you after Salem a target of Portland so. We're getting a lot of conversations in the short period of time but always have a different place. Personal congratulations on on the futures game. How cool is that. I think I mean you know I don't know significance of it but you know notes. Supposedly big gains and everything is just all star game so it's pretty it's pretty cool to be. Named NBA and in America's maintenance on the right so. I mean. You know you have now -- you've you've reached a point where you're getting a lot of recognition from a from a national standpoint right -- on the cover baseball America right now. You're getting the futures game recognition there as you know there's a lot of dialogue about you know. And keep it's -- you're kind of known name has that been a strange adjustment for you at any point. Started off the I mean it wasn't expecting. That any any attention like like like I'm getting. But now I've kind of gotten used to -- it's all. Kind of been drawn on in the short short amount time side. Had really no other choice but it kind of get used to it but still separate that from playing playing the game. Was there a point where it just became like. On a daily basis baseball as a routine oriented sport right end. You know you have to be pretty meticulous about how you approach -- early work especially at a time. When you're incorporating a new position all that kind of stuff was was the attention is getting ever kind of getting in the way of just. Of that natural routine or was that pretty easy to figure. Not mean in Portland that kind of -- kind of was. For a little -- give him alive because you know ask for any means and cosmonauts Clarence -- -- fill -- -- you know that went out for extra work -- after BP -- little extra and they -- in for interviews it kind of did. Get in the way having -- them. Or simply based offers before it before they tease her and her and I. How how -- the -- center -- -- -- the transition -- been -- how comfortable do you feel just you know we've talked about a -- earlier the fact that you've. For for a long time been going out during BP. Taking eyeballs off the -- there but in game how natural position does that feel like for you now. I think I think it's it's pretty natural now I've gotten playing time there. You know I was just certain situations especially in the game you know -- -- I'm now close game news Susan situations that I'm that. Fully clear -- but you know look and then it -- in. He tells me -- it's what to do in the next have an idea. As far as just known what to do lately -- you know naturally comfortable with it. In terms of just going after the ball how natural does that part comes. I think that's. A glass in the easiest part that's. Fully natural just kind of have an idea of Wimbledon. Come down but I'm still -- -- -- and -- easier -- to get involved. It's interesting because I always thought that it might be difficult for an outfielder making the transition to kind of you know exactly where to throw the ball you know where you know where your cut off is going to be the right basis to -- to. Brock -- has done a really good job at the Major League level of of making that transition has asking. I think Tommy harper about that recently and he said. But now he knows exactly where the ball should go because he was the one who has jumped out -- his arms waving for. All of that time have you have you found it pretty easy to just you know instinctively know. Nowhere to go with the ball. Yeah I mean yeah again like my heart -- I was the guy that's going to those spots. No. Where to throw up but I know where they're gonna lineup but I mean. Still it's important you know they hit it to -- else would you know good strong -- and I think that's that's that's just in the learning art. So the other learning part you are as I said your transition into your fourth level now fifty count the Arizona Fall League and a very short period of time in. You know this is geez this is -- what Simon I'm trying to think this is. Fourteen months in which you played at at four different levels plus the AFL. Have you pack your suitcase. No. Now that's just think about that long ago that that. Maybe not at this point but not too long ago was in Greenville you know touched here and I mean just and costly pack and unpack in my car studies that my -- just jam packed -- though all the time. But I mean that's a blessing us and be able to go to the through all levels and now be at this point. So I want you to Tommy what most significant transition is at every level that you've moved too because. It doesn't look from a performance -- doesn't look like there's there's been a hard adjustment -- rate like. -- hitting the ground running each time you move up which -- -- credit to you. So I'm I'm just curious -- to -- -- Heidi when you went to Salem last year. What was most difficult part about just. So -- just the pitching being. Pitching gets better each day teaching every level. Another and and other side of the mean they sent the ball over the plate no matter who's up there is you know. Still same home -- -- -- white balls so you know that's that's pretty much alassane bit. Again credit to these pictures of the unity unity to older -- guys that know how to pitch. I mean catches that -- out of what what what's gonna get guys out I think that's been the main the main difference. So when you go to hi -- like -- you know I guess action when he gets a double play. Are you starting to experience -- game planning for you or trying to attack you in a specific way that hadn't really presented itself in a -- I was I was doubly different for. It's aside from the fact that that was the time when you decided to hit 400 for a month for the percent. Some. -- yeah I -- I didn't I didn't notice that I'm and I'm sure they they did they did. But I mean I I didn't. Really notice it until. Later later once. And struggled but you know and conformity and but I started noticing. Tendencies that they started doing that kind of picked up on that and that's while they would. So -- be successful there. But here's. Here -- AAA. I don't really know what they've -- they've they've -- different each at bat. So. It's easy got to get no matter what -- you gotta get a good pitched it and that's. -- That's that's pretty much different. How do you explain that and the fact that you've been able to sustain the kind of numbers that have become familiar at this point you know through this transition to -- I have no idea I have no idea. -- have done had the success that. But I just. In just -- development approach and sticking to it and just. Learn to believe myself that that I belong out here and that not just these older guys not just found out and say OK guys -- older. You know you go ahead you know I've been like I'm I'm not here I'm ready to play the same way -- biases. It's it's interesting to hear you say that because you know we've talked about how you're on the fence about whether not to sign out of high school right figuring out whether or not you were you felt like you were prepared. To compete at that level. My guess there's probably a little bit of uncertainty when you're starting out lol about whether or not you're going to be. Able to be at that level and then. You know when that went at it clicked for you that hey you know I don't care that I'm young like I'm gonna be young at any level that I play -- still I still have an opportunity really get. -- Probably. Kind of Salem looks like at the Salem. Miles young I was young there but. You know they welcome -- this month we had great teammates and they -- me over open arms great coaches that they say go out there replacing lead -- plan. And -- ministry much same thing I've taken each what was going on plane has gone on plan in this. Seen the one interesting thing is that you've been able to do really good job of controlling the -- on and -- -- which you don't typically see right because. The quality of breaking balls the quality sequencing. Is gonna get better and better. Are you someone who thinks about what about the mechanics of this -- in what allows you to be able assert control the strike zone to have to avoid swings and misses -- Are you kind of operate or are you someone who's more of an instinctive. Hitter who doesn't really need to break down -- the mechanics of restoring. I think I'm kind of an instant instinctive hitter. I -- about -- too much because I mean. Air right here right has right mechanics means nobody will be here trickling in right and so. I thought the differences in your approaches then again pitch you swing yet. You know what you can and of the best. You know which you can't go. -- important swing at pitches that you and of the pretty good job that Armenian. Even when you don't swing it the pages you can't handle that well I mean he just put it it's going on them you know something that happens. I think that's the thing and then on the was there ever a point where you realize so I just you know I just -- able to read pitches out of pitchers and really quickly. Yeah I mean. Paid yet picking up picking up that it's quick it's huge it's -- gifts and even location. And that's -- and that's I get here it is found out found it watching DT with keeping it -- just -- -- to Canada and working in the cage known that he can hit it you can and I feel like watching watching the big league hitters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Since that they have a knack for hitting the bad pitches to I think that sometimes I get away with you know. Hidden hidden bad pitches -- elections is kind of a big thing in it too. -- do do that no idea he just I mean he -- Chester -- pretty much I guess. When you got the word that they wanted to start playing some center field. How how exciting was that I imagine it like it's like okay Yuriko right now now this is you know. We've Hewitt talk Hewitt you've been well aware of the reality Dustin Pedroia -- be second baseman for the Red -- until like 2300. Europe blows up or something. You know was was that exciting or was there a little bit of like them let's see -- discussed. Us pretty much mean with the this goes because it -- I can just go do with a affiliate news and they took an -- -- -- Yeah knows it's mostly -- I don't know. But the plan is you know it's kinda gotten play in the -- Tennessee cannot Tennessee you know. It was chosen to help me progress a little faster and but now I'm here you know he's still still trying to progressing and not not get complacent -- or where am. John Farrell turned a lot of people's heads over the weekend by. Just here's news asked a question about Andris tourists who is on a mightily to Simon and lol and he said -- -- -- -- that's -- played pretty well and the touch it. Howell you know when when word filtered back that the fact that the Red -- Major League manager is saying that he's he's monitoring what you're doing on the day to day basis. What does that mean to you. I guess -- he's mean he's watching I mean. I don't know PSAs stolen. In the movement up or move and move moving around moving guys around it. I mean again you know John president measure it sucks but he's not in the front office that you know he he may not have much faith those. Saving -- and so I mean just but just to hear him say it you know it is a great feeling because I know that he's -- was going on minor leagues it. You can't take too much into it because again he's got the -- calls them now. Now that you have gotten within one mobile major leagues. How confident are you did you know they're the next transition is one thing you can handle as well. I don't know how to transition is the I don't know. What ready but that's what being ready for that level is but I'm but it -- get the call you nargis again. I feel like -- Butterfield in in our means. And fair off those who say go play the same way all the other managers say. And men into the solid do still play and figured out Ramon. When you are thinking about signing like guys have you know guys have goals in mind guys think about you know like my career might unfold this way -- that way. Did you have a and a timetable for yourself that you that I wanna make it to the major leagues by. X here by by -- cemetery and tax. -- when -- signed. Again. Duels -- contracts of the five years. And that's no -- -- look -- on Clinton's five years and get out cause there's no way am going to be of the -- these guys come. But but -- out and started seeing little success and started seeing that Bakken play. I didn't really necessarily have a timetable ledges and on one and it may sooner and sooner and sooner than later. When did you start to not only think OK have a chance to be big leader but I mean you know you're putting yourself into by virtue of your performance. People you know there's a reason why you're getting this attention right like you know how what you think you're what -- what how would you describe your own potential at this point. I have I have. No idea on -- I mean it's. Getting to the big leagues that's it's hard but I've talked to guys in this that is not getting some of these staying in the league so that. Thumb getting there though like -- can get there at some point but. My experience there'll will determine you know whether I'm able to stay there it's that's that that thing that's part. I'm excited to see -- you know. How I can affect how -- can play for a period of time and be able to step. How much changes affecting your guy who can impact the game in a number of ways you know someone here there aren't a lot of guys in the minor leagues. Who -- you know who has many home runs as you do have the kind of extra base knocks you you still the number of bases you do. Get on base the way you do you know lately and -- played in -- Your defense also you know it's also been -- head turner right certainly didn't change at second base didn't sounds like you've been making pretty seamless transition to center field. How much how much do you enjoy that idea that you can affect the game and any number of -- The coast I think. And that the hidden but it affluent have been those in. Makes plays about pitchers. Keep us in the game and I mean playing defense terrible when -- bit. Popular and coming here and hit it and scored -- runs that team so. Even if this is getting on three years at the fixing games ran bases that are in some way affluent and inspecting. It it. It feels great on that because although Ireland team down once violent action. Effectiveness effectiveness. So. Rookie you're going to be playing in not in a Major League ballpark when -- the other side next month since the futures game is going to be in. In target field but I thought we'll see you. Are you. There are a lot of people who are falling and data devices wondering is who you gonna get because who can difficult do you q.s too -- that ever. Yeah I mean. That people on -- you know. -- that tickets and and I'm like you know I nightmares and night and there. You know I have no. I'm really -- back home because you know big fan base really really appreciate what they have they been following mean watching these games and everything you know. I'm really appreciate that but hum. Yeah I've had the last asked about it I don't have. You know you can't fighter -- timetable. Now -- -- it odd days whenever I whenever I get the Coughlin obviously. Awesome that you movie -- it down.

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