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Red Sox struggles continue with 6-0 loss to Yankees, 6-28-14

Jun 28, 2014|

Tonight's game will be the 81st, bringing the first half of the season to a close. The Sox are 8 games under .500. Craig and Larry discuss whether they should be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. Also, Larry is ready to see Mookie Betts.

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It is mustard and Johnson on this fine Saturday this summer has begun and of course and it's cannot. Of a bummer of -- summer for your Boston Red Sox as the trials and tribulations. Continue. First it was the left coast now they're back on the right coast things haven't changed much eight games into it and game road trip. Red Sox faulted to Cohen six on the track is they lose last night only lose but shut out by. A -- they came into the game with the one -- five record five point. 88 ERA. Giving up fifteen home runs in 67. Innings. But -- Al Mourinho looked like Bob Gibson last night is of course the Red Sox mr. we're concerned just two hits. Five and two thirds would -- Red Sox shut out six nothing. And you know what the more things change the more they stay the same for your Boston Red Sox -- -- -- Dempster might have been missed modest guy on the team when he bailout. And didn't play this year may be -- something the rest of us didn't know. Sides agreed Saturday that weather is great that tropics a great word retarded about a Red Sox we're talking about the celtics' draft in McChrystal about a World Cup. But sticking with the reds -- experiment they lose -- enough. And they only get three. Hits the question for the morning is a very simple one do you buy or sell. And I honestly think it victory you know and Mel Brooks now they have -- shut them down because the injuries and not progressing as they thought they were. I I think they need to be aggressive at this point I think they at the grace period that they are fortunate about is him -- that behind these Mike Brown's every week out taking phone calls. I they won the World Series last year I don't I don't sense anger yet. -- at the front McAfee and based his appointment a little bit yeah but not anger. Angry over the Stephen Drew the signing yeah how much that screw the team up nobody knows -- Novo god does not the same player he was. And that you can make excuses and say well he needs to get over it move them over and pitches like. Thursday defense behind them well it's it's. Erica coveted the breadth of shortstop is -- abroad as sailing out of a rocket doesn't matter where these players of -- you so upset about it dobbs to Stephen Drew is hitting a very impressive 135. I would as a you. -- hope. I don't sense yet. The bench Harrington I don't sense yet. -- Red Sox Nation is is really really angry about the team's performance -- disappointed yeah. I do think if you allow this pattern to continue. I think the pitching -- been OK you believe and I'm not as you know they're not that behind. In the standings are in the wild guides so I'm I'm not saying they got to come back and win all divisions stakes. But I do think they need to make some definitive move and they need to move quickly -- -- is tearing up. That got him Pataki you need to bring him up now I don't know what -- waiting for. They are Rosa now -- I'm hearing now that why he's not even going to be on -- rotation. Say this the thing that ticks people off I figure begun making youth movement bring up some of these kids and let him play. Today. Two GB is in the rest of them I can get excited. About looking up the opportunity. For you know their future where it's going to be like but just to continue to drag an -- and I understand. I understand when you make -- sixteen million a year. Did the schedule could be growing -- times -- and if it's not about the official scorer. The next thing David Ortiz wants them -- over the -- is a schedule. -- in my eighteen year career Ortiz said after the game I've never seen that the schedule as we had to play the last game. On the West Coast tonight game. And then half the travel it's pretty bad. -- that -- something about that at some point it doesn't help so last week Larry as you Sosa cinque -- and accurately pointed out. We spent the better part of four hours discussing the the debacle known as the officials score complaint. David Ortiz last week and they show. Of course was pretty much got taken to the woodshed by most everybody. Although I was defending if you do remember. I don't know what you're doing OK I was defending him because he's a competitive guy and he's emotional and all the things that you cherish and embrace him for. I you have to accept the other side of -- so apparently after the game last night after a six nothing lost David Ortiz. Hitless. Red Sox as you pointed out only three hits in the ball game against new and you know one of the probably the worst pitcher -- the the Yankees have to offer in the starting rotation. He's blaming the schedule for at all you know a lot. David there have been ten game road trips. Four probably as long as there have been. Major League Baseball teams and they're not going to go away anytime soon everybody. Pass to play them. And I understand the complaint. If they played a night game ones that which they did. And then they had to get into the Bronx were Thursday night right there they had a day off last -- Thursday. And there's no real reason. Board David Ortiz the spout off about the schedule except of the fact that he lets face it. It's David Ortiz being David Ortiz Big Papi being big poppy. I don't know if this is is. Head scratching errors irritating is what happened last week with the official scorer was just announced David Ortiz acting up again -- -- Again the biggest problem is when you look at last thorough Lackey Bockwoldt like -- had a very impressive outing. Work -- was off last night for that again he's been suspended as a hasn't pitched in a wire. Or -- you could honestly say they have one of the better starting rotations. In baseball right now it's behaving. That is totally collapse them I think drew. I think Bradley. It turns him into a National League. Line up the corner outfield positions I think if they didn't have Brock -- I don't know where they would be right now this I have never. In my all the years of watching baseball have I seen a young guy step in like that. Play of it any liked it makes such a big deal well and he he's -- left field. Right yield plays right field. This guy he's a baseball player this guy steps and no matter what he was. Made a play last night portrait per Troy -- navigator -- the outages -- -- splits which is all over the place he's amazing. And I never you know amazing ball player in paying guard for him for providing the -- and entertainment but hitting and the hustling. That's what people could get excited about they wanna see some of the future. On this field now instead of these guys drag themselves around see a problem is he's bats they got to bring him up. -- -- -- You know hole was again kicked around another organization Pittsburgh. More of a journeyman than anything else and he surprised everybody I think including. The Red Sox brass went he started hitting the baseball you remember -- -- back about a month ago. Where and Stephen Drew was re signed by the Red Sox and -- it just slide Bogart's over to third base. No problem at all there's nobody over there now anyway are we talking about so the Red -- at least why easily. Found a position they're gonna continue to find a position for this guy's hitting 323. He's done anything you could possibly expect from him and more. The problem is unfortunately. If the rest of the team continues to go the way they're going. It really won't make any difference there eight games out of first place. The wild card seems almost an impossibility this year there were so many teams that are ahead of the Red Sox right now even for the second wildcard. Your only hope. Is that you have a major collapse by Toronto. A major collapse by the Yankees and Baltimore. And that's about it because the wild card doesn't appear. Halfway through this season of the 81 gained the official halfway point happens tonight at Yankee Stadium. It doesn't look as if you're gonna come up with -- any kind of miraculous turnaround as far as the wild cards concern. And at this point what do you think the chances are they can win the division. Well. I -- the way these teams are playing right now higher rent out echoed yesterday say forget about the Red Sox yankees were -- really -- at it it's a joke right now in the whole division has that way you're dead it's flat. As far as you know most of these guys stepping up I'm performing I think the pitching matchup tonight however is very exciting. And soccer going up against Lester. Liberal and not as bad as we're talking about the greatest threats -- team has been I think with a little tweaking. -- certainly -- -- in -- is easily as anybody else does a particularly with this pitching. Rotation but I do think they need to be assertive and I think they need to make a couple of moves dot -- Milwaukee bats. You've got to bring that cannot be got to play every every level he's played -- line. He's tearing the cover off the ball. You've got to bring in my art museum rallying semi hitting right Craig or would you say they can sneak up where they can sneak up in the division that. Because the wild card doesn't look as if it's gonna happen. They are. Eight -- -- the eight games and you know what are they need is a winning seriously they just did not hitting that's a problem. If they can win -- -- -- -- are right back I in the range. Well I eat less than I think it has directorate Major League Baseball -- -- 23 out of thirty teams in the eighty -- thirteenth out of the fifteen games and all runs their eleventh. And a team average rate now is about 243 bright and if I've been saying that I did you ever think though that they would ever hitting problem. -- -- Nationally known team -- plays at Fenway Park ever has any problem and even. The most the -- maker Red Sox teams over the years always find a way. To be among the leaders in rum production averaged setter it's that are. This is you know -- people it's it's really a boring season boring means they're not winning and in this particular case -- not hitting. And last year. It wasn't as if they had robust numbers as far as average RBIs home runs power numbers slugging percentage it's Federer. But they're big number wise RI ESP. Runners in scoring position either statistically officially statistically or unofficially. It always seemed. As if the Red Sox have the big hit when it mattered under pressure in the clutch we sort of the regular season we sought in the post season. Now there's just absolutely nothing can they turn it around. Maybe in the division. I don't think the wild card is the real possible -- -- they now that you've finally know it's official that Victor Reno is out middle works is out now let's forget about that Ben and let's move on. I don't think this has been bands. The finest yeah season. Last year everything every button he ports world last year at one of the finest seasons in the history of general manager yeah so things are balancing out the -- I understand that I am -- Dietrich a virus some guys. I still for the life for me do not understand spending ten million dollars on non. On -- I well as I will never understand that well I can to a small degree. But I think if you look at the team in its and tie it's the end hi -- messed up -- got to moved him over the third and all of that I'd I don't -- thought -- -- places to spend. Ten million dollars. Particularly in a year that and I know when they made the move they thought they were much more of a contending team they are right now. And it sounds as if you were answered your own question do they sell or do they buy. And it sounds as if you still think there among the buyer was that's right I bring back up now because you don't know -- -- trade deadline is apple looking up -- July 31 every year well then that's right I agree -- have. Now that because I I I want to find out is uranium roper -- get an August 2 line happen. And start getting some runs of for these pitchers. I am because that the division at the widow or is rare it is you don't know what's gonna happen member I don't know what brand keeps waiting for right what are you waiting for route right now V. Red Sox are eight games behind in the loss counted Toronto Baltimore and the Yankees okay there's three teams you -- Leap frog in the central. There. Seven gains behind the wildcard there Kansas City and in the west. They are. -- -- behind the wild card team there in the angels and and then -- in the map here seven games behind Seattle. There's too many wild card teams they would have do you know where are cut I'm getting at Toronto Baltimore on the yankees' all right none of these teams are great -- they are capable. Of going from right now they're eight games under 500 you're capable of getting their act together particularly in the pitching department buckle continues. In Lackey Lester continue to pitch the way they have. They are capable of going past the Yankees. The Orioles. And the blue jays in winning the division I absolutely believe that. But you got to move now you've -- that what is the biggest problem with the theme this year it's hitting. So you've got to figure out where you. The -- corner outfield positions. Now that. Victor Reno is going to be out and and you get laughed I mean they've got to do something if you don't do anything. And it's not like they don't have -- very immediate solution. You bring this kid. More Kia -- -- it would you can go. Every I know it's ultimately you're pinning your hopes on overtaking all these teams this young talent no monopoly unproven at the Major League level and wanna let me take a little secret hello friend. Heating becomes contagious if you get a couple of guys. Boost that hitting. Now all of a sudden it picks everybody a rising ball lifts all -- -- for a year earlier profundity of that statement in the world of the blind the one guy getting Arab man is king insert your -- cliche here. Albert Albert -- -- -- -- -- I do think there about but dragging team right now in Pedro said. It he thought maybe you know again you get the World Series you win the championship everybody's celebrating their goals -- into the offseason. He said they would tie it to him but I do think if if you can bring in a young why I die kid I think has kept Brock holt has been tremendous. That's what they need to do though it be in it doesn't mean you got to turn it around I have no right Dearborn anything's better than just the Anemia -- the proper -- you've. For a tap you can't have both ways you want your cake and heated through what you're gonna believe that you wouldn't be the first time. So you want to showcase. Or you wanna get a look see at some of this young talent that everybody talks about. OK okay that's -- -- empowerment. Standing on the verge of getting and never heard that never and I and I like that your music now I doctorate at this -- -- a few bars forming I would. -- -- waiting as we want to have fun. I beg your pardon we went profound all the fog kept -- serious though go. Oh just did it ever watched the ball or you're gonna do some may yet but Larry bringing union talent is not to prevent the bolt from sinking you just rearranging deck cheers for this year not if you had not the guy. I got like Barack the other night -- some -- and what he's gonna do with because it gets up here. I -- aren't sure would like to see I don't. Greg you said he a -- your brilliant by the way -- They called they wanna submit your you know last. Four broadcast all I want -- got absolutely not very it. You said that that -- -- fame pitcher but there right up against it at great yeah it's. Don't just stay and do not well it's all about the schedule maker first you know it's it's conspiracy. The official scorers don't like the Red Sox particularly when their -- at Fenway and the schedule makers are conspiring. In this nasty insidious conspiracy. To keep the Red Sox on the road for ten days. Just to spoil their chances of being contention according to David and David Ortiz has become a designated minor issues every week. It's something new that he's whining about when gonzo I see that's the difference -- I told you some people can do with some people can't win Gonzales was whining about the scheduled before. Although he was all upset because ESPN. Had too many Red Sox games they had to play on Saturday night 8 o'clock that had to hit the road after that. And that of course was in the in the wake of beer and chicken 2000 elevenths -- came off. As whiny. I defended Ortiz I think this Wednesday this one's a minor. Complaint compared to the officials for because he was aiming. -- his vitriol all at an individual. -- person I know he's apologized. And he's done his whole Mea culpa thing and everything else. But David ways we know your emotional I defended you last week maybe it is time to zip their brawl. Time maybe just -- -- work -- it has my cliche discretion is the better part of valor shot opt in you that brilliant clutch hitter. I mean on the road alone. He's single handedly one them a couple of games with his clutch hitting he is it -- and and that's if he just did that. I think he'd be -- the other thing that's on the docket there will be talking about today is the is is the NBA draft. I was coming home and I yeah I take it because I don't wanna get a from the beginning but I couldn't help but I -- and turn the radio on. And I was apps so little leaf so depressed when they did not when philadelphians are indeed I really. Really. Desperately wanted him. You get here I really did to paraphrase. Ross Perot circuit manual lies and sucking out there was a large sucking sound in the greater -- -- -- area you with a nice property Joseph MB despite all the Carolina because we get a chance of heart about that well I think you be the best. Player -- -- soft. Seven -- I and I know about the fort I know about but here's where I am turning my raps. Today. With the Celtics straps are halted an old an old testament kind of -- it yeah yeah. But it's not on who you think it is not on a quick. Not on Danny. It's not on Brad Stevens. It's on all these knuckle heads last year who weren't. Completely tanking and I think I just I just don't think it's the right. Directions take or in in in playing the game in and the like well you know what you didn't believe in tanking. They won a couple of games. Down the stretch that they had no business winning they won that game on March 19 against Miami -- no lumber and. Jeff Greene hit a couple of three point shots. I know it's not ethically the way you want to go about playing the game. But if everybody else's plane that way and you have Bob Philadelphia. And traded at one of the best players on the team ever in turn out. It dumping embarked Indiana. And guess what nobody's. Saying they tank. They get the third pick in the draft and how they got -- -- or allow us. What's what's wrong with the state you just made you just contradicted yourself out. They tanked they got the third pick in the draft you think the sixers were looking for the third pick in the draft nobody I I think gate gate did as good a job as they could -- Yahoo! web the worst record in the NBA this year wasn't the Cleveland Cavaliers. -- we know that ping pong balls are OK this guy can't control that where you can argue at least try to purchase up from the best position. Are are happening in 2007. When they did have the worst record. In the NBA or the second worse it was pathetic and nobody thought they're gonna win the -- ping pong balls in 2007. Ended up in the fifth that it's hard to control. You can't control that -- what you what your job is to try to fitness is as always UK and but the best possibility. Nobody's I'm not blaming them for the ping pong balls I'm blaming people who. Did not understand the process that you try to lows as many games as you can't -- you can be in a position at least percentage wise. I am that's just the way it is and in our guarantee -- -- not -- but unfortunate to them. By the time -- picked. Came out now how are feel about markets -- I think he's a young Rondo he's. And attacking about a -- playing on them -- court at the same time global where's your outside threat neither one of them could -- I had a job Charlotte. They can penetrate they play aggressive and all of that we understand that but you almost got the same player the other problem is now that they have -- so not I think it it it hurts the leverage of trying to more Rondo because teams out there and know you -- get rid of them. Majority got a -- so perhaps the best move would have been made. Land on -- I think I think Randall probably. Bang her. On the inside. A lesson why how much I take this much about the draft I realize I think Danny was was kidding us. It's not a franchise. Draft. MS NB with healthy is it wasn't a franchise draft. But it was a very good all style draft and I think there's about six or seven may be -- plays out of this draft who crook want to be -- -- players. Well ESPN. Gave the Celtics an eight minus eight. Where there drafting they went Smart young. We. Marcus Martin James Young from Oklahoma State and Kentucky respectively. It's the -- minus would be a little generous in your great book. I think they like they did the best with a bad situation there really did I I I I think they took Bordeaux -- -- categorize all over the place. OK if these are right it was an impossibility Michael okay. Do anything of -- it is what are you putting me officers I've got -- -- ordered today he's over our complaint I get me out if your eyes there -- irony I've known as -- one sentence and except for the yeah. Do you guys just not as solid as you are creating the and -- now like to acknowledge that Asia OK are you whining Red Sox out. I buy it anyway my point being you just complained they should want we -- Randall why didn't that he said they were given the bad they had -- -- on the board when they take everything they didn't rate them as high as they did you just said you -- -- saying you're asking me that at such a -- point I'm not kind of rip somebody's rate over that it's not like -- it was -- -- -- didn't take them. I'm say it once you get to a point I really wanted Gordon's six point eight banger -- -- that needed a different type of player Julius -- still available that -- was an argument though lakers and I outward tripping over themselves -- -- to it to get to the the problem is they weren't making all like him thank and the only rational. Deduction you could possibly make is. By by Rondo that's all you can -- I don't care what anybody says you can give me congratulations. World we're gonna get I don't know what -- by Ron I don't know was on hand right in a lot dean means he cannot possibly. Think that he's gonna have a backcourt for the future were two guys looking at -- I'm sorry. It would -- guys that can't shoot it as an -- Let's. Trinity house that's -- 777. -- and 837. Larry I'm down a tea he is. There -- and debit and threw just go to the break.

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