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Ian Thomsen with Dale and Holley: Post-draft analysis... what does drafting Marcus Smart mean for Rondo?

Jun 27, 2014|

We discuss the NBA Draft with Ian Thomsen and wonder where the Celtics go from here with two point guards? What does this mean for Rajon Rondo?

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-- feel a -- last night when they picked markets Smart weren't chip. I told that was going to be their -- six overall as you know -- called an almighty NBA sources. I reached out to my folks around the NBA game you know got a feel for how was gonna goal try to help you out without a little bit. Which is yes I don't know oak cliff. I -- ideas yes. -- -- here Ian Thompson probably knew everything that was happening probably like -- we -- Long before I actually know you and you and saying this is the guy they should pick for awhile. And finally welcome like this. I did yeah I -- exactly you vicinity and why it's why don't understand we understand today and -- it up for hours to make me. Understand why they took markets mark. Acutely -- more tough second look at well yeah I think it -- asked to do with Rondo. So. The short answer is on by eight by picking -- Smart now they can trade Rondo. And I don't think they wanna give Rondo the Max. I don't think his age fits with who they -- as a team. And 2828. Years old nova by the time they're good team he's going to be well into his thirties and you'll. In pain and Max money for two or three years. And then there's this whole issue is he going to re sign with the Celtics anyway years ago we for nothing because the New York Knicks are going to be there. The fashion capital of the world. This is the NBA player that loves the fashion business. -- Phil Jackson won't have anybody else to give their money to the lakers will also cap space. I think we all know -- wants to be a star. And those who can be two very attractive options for him and -- he will be and with the team that will been struggling for a few years. Where he did not make a difference the last two years. And you split altogether and I just think it's in the best -- it says nothing to do with him not being a great player he is great player but. I just don't think it's a good fit for all that money. Well the only thing I disagree with. You your. Logic here the only thing I disagree with just regain that breakdown is he he's a great players I don't think he's a great player. I he's a very -- if you're great player of the given a Max. Get great players to -- And if you don't wanna get in you don't think they should give it to him I don't I don't think dale thinks that helped that Rajon Rondo as a Max contract player. Because she's not a great player but he really just a Max contract but -- what you inflated by the way you explained it. Makes sense if I'm under the illusion of hey they're trying to they're making picks right now. You can make them a better team. But they're not if -- if they've made this pick because they're thinking about Rondo then they're not necessarily building they're replacing. I don't think they needed because of Rondo but I think this opens the door for them to go ahead and trade Rondo and have a replacement right there are so when they go in the next year. And their struggle lane in and the fans are saying where is Rondo away happen to him well. Here's the new Rondo. Given time. Remember how Rondo was his rookie year and me at the service rookie year he was by Sebastian Telfair in the job that starts so. Give the -- some time let him work with a coach. Then that is used to developing players like this and this is Brad -- strength you hired Brad Stevens. In part. Because he can develop players like this. Young players you know you get a guy play two years college ball you'd think he has a pretty good upside but I guess. Your explanation is clear so another words the Celtics tried the players saw last night and say. Although we haven't even given any consideration. Two Rondo these guys can play together there's no question that's got the fallacy right. I don't think they can play together. You cannot have two non shooters in your backward in the league this become so dependent on the three point shot. I -- UCLA remember the lakers played Toronto Kobe would guard play and play golf club when garden yup. When -- -- stay off well now you -- guard Smart either NC wooden guard either guy. In the Celine look how the spurs won their championship where for three point shooting they would not won that championship so. You know I I don't think that they can play together and I don't think the Celtics would want them play together I don't think the Celtics would want to give all that money to a guy that's about three and thirty. The that is in the different place in his career than they are with their team. They don't you know till it hurt to some of this last night the market Smart. You know he exudes let's as a point guard but he can place him to guard as well we'll wait and an assist operate here. Marcus -- at 63227. Past quarter and 27 hard 227 pounds. Is he has good size for a point guard or point guard that's that he struck -- you can see you know stocky point guard gets the original does a bold. A -- I got a bulldozer kind of guy. Imagine. Playing him at shooting guard with Rondo. So now at 63. He's he's gone from good -- point arc -- undersized two guard who can't shoot. Shorting -- can't shoot -- bull he has not need to guard not what the Celtics now what rob was here. And it's funny too because he's one of the guys who the analysts were saying last night be ready to start. Don't not necessarily be a star not necessarily be an all star but ready to start in the NBA well -- threatened to start me NBA where's the start. Well that's and that's the other thing if you're the Celtics or -- it another way if you're another heat. And you look at what the Celtics did last night you know they draft day it's been a lottery pick number six. So I'm not talking lottery the thirteenth -- we're talking high lottery pick. On a point guard and the average on Rondo and you know that they're both points. And they're not there not two guards you've got to do something. You can make the case. That that look forward. The asking price for round. Well. I would save the the price for Rondo has never been high. So you see all these trade rumors about all these different teams -- -- Kevin Love and what they would offer Klay Thompson all kinds stuff we're. Other stars around the league I don't think my understands. The Celtics have never had enough for that good for Rondo. And he's been on the trade rumors for years. And there's been talk to stand even making the calls -- is -- -- been receiving the calls. Well Danny's job is to make the call since the find out how much every single guy and his rosters worth immunity he's not sabotaging and he's not doing harm to Rondo by doing that. If he's not doing that the fans -- -- and that's his job I mean he's got nothing. That's the number one thing he supposed to do and if he's not doing that what's he doing much in the world coupled -- he's guided got Georgia and our job via another sorry for another David mark. So anyway so. It is. It just makes sense to need -- that they be looking. To move him to see what peaking again. And now there at the point where they have to admit they have to say themselves -- -- ready -- pennies on the dollar for Rondo or lose and now writing get nothing. You've already got his replacement there. Tories out I -- I think you'll be traded before the season starts. I would think that would be the goal and then you go into the season it's a fresh start notes Brad stevens' team last year was Rondo is team. -- the missed half the year and then when he was there he was able play and in -- given credit for coming back its walls he does from the very bad injury on but it. And I think it would be great -- for the Celtics organization that was Brad stevens' team he had the same kind of authority over his kind of team as Doc Rivers has overheads. Doc wasn't an established NBA guys have been around week half his life. And so he could step in and coach Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierson these are real these older guys. Brad Stevens has had one year of experience and him being pulled. So give him. College players coming in and let them all grow together. And this is this wheel house mean next year his backcourt he's he's coaching sophomores in the junior. -- So let him do that and he's got his own experience from the MB now he knows what works what doesn't work. And and see where it goes from there and I also think another thing that did. Last year's roster Danny told me this on the very first aid training camp our roster doesn't make sense. It was all because in the news the trades are all about acquiring first round connects. Will this here I think you're gonna see over the next month he's gonna put together Austrian accents and I think part of them between Rondo and I think. They'll will be young talent scattered across. The roster. In the of the guys to watch out for and you'll see where it's going and Brad Stevens will be this coach and he'll have this authority maybe and have as much of -- -- on the team and I think the whole thing is to make a lot more sense. You know what to -- -- roster and I well. I know what you should you don't even have to cheer for if if if your scenario plays out in. You don't even have to root for this that this will happen on its own if you have as you said -- sophomore and junior in the back court. You've got still a young player in sellinger third year in the league. But really second year because he had to go out that first year and -- his back is back fixed so he's this is going to be like it's. This -- second full season. Coming up. -- -- let -- second full season in the league you've got a young team. So you've got to be right back where you where you were last night to be right back in the lottery. But for the Celtics. It's it's too bad. Because they had. It's been about pretty good run of bad luck for them. It was quite put the Utah. Soak your targets a fifth pick. -- -- -- the six. They're out of the top three. Then it looks like they're about to get lucky. Because dole indeed has its foot injury before the draft you can get a top three talent. At number six give Philadelphia credit. They did something that I think they were gonna do it took in beet beat three. And then us now okay maybe the Celtics are looking at Eric Gordon not know. Orlando for takes Gordon outlook maybe Utah won't take got to get -- -- -- topix dot the FX and and and they they're left -- markets Smart and in -- Canada and look at a few guys in that draft right after taken right after Smart. If they've taken -- Randall. -- had a problem with that. -- is random when I like markets Smart. -- my -- -- over Marcus mark -- had a problem with that either. For me the reason why like -- Smart for them is. He's such a competitive guy and he's such a bully physically. And he's going to be able to differentiate himself from the rest of the week right away there's only a couple point guards like him he's he's he's. Must say he's gonna be Russell Westbrook mean that that's the cheating way too high about it. Defensively I think he's gonna have an impact on the game and he's gonna give your team and identity right off the bat and he'll be because it's. On the ball when -- bring it up in their to have to get through Marcus mark for the do anything else. But the competitive nature of him I think is to -- huge staying. After you've -- Kevin Garnett. Who was the most competitive guy and the team last year though they played hard but who was the most competitive guy and he was -- Gerald lawless and no you you know who was Rondo. No the only Rondo was the most competitive player. Did our Rondo is I don't know the -- had a six and 24 record Phnom mistake with Rondo. You think that is that a lack of competitiveness or rust. That's a lot of rust and it's it's a team that he's not used to playing with then a coach -- these different offense than he's used to and -- All sorts of different things they don't get the competitive guy about his record he's I saw say heated issue that you could not saved it. I think he's a very competitive guy when you're playing with a great teams in week. So if there in the NBA finals -- in the conference finals or he's playing against Chris Paul. May not be more competitive guy in the league believe you're playing the Detroit Pistons in February. That's been the knock on -- down. Kevin Garnett this the most compassionate -- it was with the Celtics was the most competitive guy on the court. Every game arguably -- it didn't matter who he was playing against and I think Marcus Morris has more in common with that consistency. Of the approach it and then Rondo now run throughout let me just say this about Iran themselves like American -- -- don't let -- build. Well are really for not praying for me Rondo is an amazing player to have if you have a contender. So you you want players that go in the playoffs and couldn't raise their level playing and can can really go far and and do things like he did in the series against Miami and other times against Cleveland. Rondo is great but it for a team like this building up. Where it's going to be all about consistency of effort and and building this team up from not being and having these guys -- the right way of doing things. In I'm not sure if this is a good fit for him how lot how much did the birthday party thing play into. At least the mindset of Brad Stevens about how this was gonna work out. Honestly I couldn't answer that. Daily news as far as how it would work out and I'm wondering if Brad Stevens is Sam looked. He asked us we told not to go we went anyway but we on the same page Arizona -- I think it's a great point that you bring up and I was thinking of this when when he was talking. A couple of minutes ago our first thought was. Man I wonder if in the case of Rondo. You have guys who have known him before. So Danny Ainge drafted Rondo. It -- in the words of -- fell in love with his game when he was in high school. Danny has always been around affair so he kinda. Understand. Some of the moods of Rondo is on the actions of Rondo I know he stone faced Brad but he's he's he's paying attention. I know he's a little quirky and a little different the centric they call it. But he's a competitive guy you just have to understand him and Bret -- first you're the Rondo saying okay it's my first time but this guy and I just don't get. Large -- of these things are happening like the birthday party. Well wasn't assault so it wasn't -- pre before that it was the whole Brad Stevens got the job last summer. Flew out to see Rondo went to visit him you know kind of exchange basketball knowledge center on the same page and and yelling illness heart knew that there was rehab going on and then you have this thing play into it I just wonder Brad Stevens is gone. -- one of -- might be here six years but I'm not sure it's going to be him. So they got nothing -- -- on one hand and you say they have an identity -- try to get an identity and market Smart. -- started about it love -- second tour. Look the second pick and that -- a great one. That the guy really want to know where you Phoenix or fourteen like TJ -- -- kid the fell to seventeen. They'll be pretty get the young. I'm pretty good sized. He believed he winds up playing two guard at 66 I have 67 find a thinking place some small forward as well. Good shooter another competitive guy great athlete. I liked epic but it's about the identity -- they have identity. What they don't have is. They they don't have a team yet though they don't have a team also married -- -- on Twitter last night he said this is not their team. -- their backcourt but it's not a team yeah so they're. I thought with all of their assets and and what that was it can tell you like that popular with Kevin Love trader -- the -- -- something. RLR I when I first saw the hall they got from Brooklyn. And then. What they got from the clippers. And trying to trying to look at some of these pieces here Rondo included Rondo. Jeff Green may be but -- Olympic Salinger. And that's not really. Five years away they're more like three years away trade Rondo it's five. Let's -- something really have to get really really lucky that it but it starting from. Scratch. Ian -- that thought. And when you -- when you come back and give us the answer to that. I'll also ask if the Kevin Love deal was dead but that's still to come Ian Thompson is in the house with -- breaking down last night's NBA draft. What this means for the Celtics where they go from here we've got some other things will work into the mix as well as the afternoon goes on its dale and -- -- -- Ian Thompson Sports Radio WE yeah. Fred what is mark this means for Rondo can they co exist how do you manage you know this I don't think there's any doubt yeah I mean they can play together. I think he'll be great for Marcus to have a guy like bronze to look up to to learn from. Not many guys get that opportunity and especially early on in the draft like this. And in an early pick. Brad Stevens talking about. Could Marcus Martin Rajon Rondo co exist. Till -- is traded -- -- you -- aren't many guys don't get this opportunity. Because when you draft somebody in the lottery like her. At that possession deposition when I'm asked -- -- of course if that opportunity yet he. Tell Maine. You're drafted a guy. Number six overall -- point guard. That's his best position I don't care he can play. Occasional. Two guards are skeptical of about that. But his best position -- point argued draft of a number six and you brought him and to look up Toronto don't think so. The proper workout that way -- before the break out the chance to answer. Is the Kevin Love deal dead from the Celtics perspective not necessarily dead period but from Boston's perspective is that yet. I I don't think there was ever a deal I think the whole thing was a sham. OK if you're Kevin Love and you're trying to get the that the timberwolves. To wake up and treat you the year before year free agency. We're you gonna go how you can do it. So to me you're gonna pick the one place that they would not want to see you go to. You're gonna go to Boston because last and there are a tree with Boston they sent Boston their best player he turned out to be the next Bill Russell and your team. Turn into a so to me -- the last place they would never want to see Kevin Love go would be Boston's so he shows up in Boston for a highly publicized weekend. Like he's on the fact finding tour. -- I I just think it was designed to get the attention of them with the idea that he knew that they would never wanting to go there. Or use Boston Kevin Love used the city of Boston get what he really wants from the timberwolves I totally believe I don't know us and plus you're zest and -- us to. Case in -- Taylor you're the owner of the team and you already you've had regret for hears about it. Kevin Garnett is you gave him up and you guys really got nothing out of it. So now Kevin -- in Boston there's all the stock is catalog gonna go to Boston. So now you're the owner -- towards your gonna trade him the Boston and look like he was allowed to just push you around and just have his way with you and and that you that you were spineless and you couldn't stand up for yourself flow while that's where he wants to go I have to do this to treat him. My goal in the Boston I think he almost ensured that it was never gonna happen he -- that's interesting play the game with me here if Boston clearly has the better offer. Clearly -- among whatever offers you have not darkest Marc Boston is the best offer. Still on trade him here because you didn't like I elect after the that Kevin Garnett I never believe that they would have the best -- Africa's they've only been in the rebuilding team for one year. They don't have enough to trade in my mind. Avery Richard talking about it if Minnesota wants players they don't have the players. That -- think Boston has the draft picks. But Minnesota's are concerned with the -- they want players more than -- You always hear the one -- three things when you're trying to rebuild the one of -- player's draft picks cap space. In or Dmitri it's make it faster that's what they had in 2007. I don't think trading picks to Minnesota. And then they get to see Kevin Love play with Rondo here. And get into the playoffs -- -- laughing it's Kevin Garnett all over again their feeder system for the Boston Celtics their demise will call them the -- -- they're like the Pawtucket. Celtics or something. You know I I just I eight. When it when you're -- great player when you illustrate do you want try to -- into the other conference. Will this is taken us to a higher level you don't want -- and you're the Minnesota temples. I don't think you want to trade because the Boston Celtics and less is such a no brainer you go to your -- go look at. We don't want trade in their political we've got every day I you have to agree with us that we couldn't say no to this. Well we know and maybe a no brainer -- guys because look at the other deal for Kevin love the rumored deal with -- Golden State. Now keep in mind this guy is he's got to agree to a contract extension. Kevin Love you if you wanna trade him anywhere so reportedly the deal with Cleveland was shut down because without LeBron. On that the Cleveland I'm -- -- -- sign an extension but instead of LeBron was there a -- -- fairway yet but if the Golden State deal. That makes all the sense in the world and if you're. If you're Golden State public debit -- yesterday. -- -- -- the deal just for those are not Klay Thompson David bleak future first rounder for Kevin -- governor -- -- -- -- puts up great numbers but he's never been in the playoffs. And it's gonna tell me that has all aria. It's not that we just talked about how bad that teams band for six years you know they had a pretty good team on paper this year. I'm Carmelo at these made the playoffs every year except last year when Carmelo Anthony was a rookie. He took on -- team that won seventeen games the year before and he got them in the playoffs in the Western Conference. I think the American that you speak my language if you're a -- -- I heard great player. I think you get your team in the playoffs. You know he puts up great numbers I think he's terrific but it. He cannot be your best players and I'm not sure he can be your second best player I think the way Ray Allen was on and -- -- and I just and none. Our -- our target after Iraq. Don't think -- -- be your second best player I think that it think about with a second -- about me the first and second best players are on the championship teams with the second best organizers they're guys with the real real -- withers Ginobili Parker. Guys -- play with a real advantage to whoever. This killers you know that he's better than those guards he hasn't been -- -- is better -- an -- right now. Right now no well no no I mean when you're in the NBA finals and you want to get you you need to make plays. And you you know that killer instinct and notes in Arlington or at least one of the great. Killers in the week I think you have played beautifully on that team I think Kevin Love would be every drop well no he won't play beautifully on that team absolutely he would fit and but. If you were building that team around Kevin Love -- Look Ray Allen was number three guy for the Celtics. That was agreed number 31 record Margaret. That's an obvious what Kevin Love would be with one of two other guys that we do in the top game there were taken on the shoulders. Once a terrific player but he doesn't in the playoffs -- I don't think we should be giving them the credit for being something has even proved he can. No listen I'm -- the playoff thing. I don't put it all on him. Not all of them. But it's part though I don't oh and you know I'm with you I mean I had this discussion with dale before. Some of the fans that we've gone back and forth on it. He's over six in the post season and I'm not saying you got to win a championship by yourself you can't do not nobody can know you know -- alone abstain. The play even in the Western Conference dragnet team into it -- and they've seen our seventh seed. And then say I've done all I can do play your ass off their back away from -- big what what Kobe did when he didn't have Paul -- yet. In jacket left and maybe -- check out of town it's different story for different -- but -- Was able to get that team into the playoffs they had no chance what they got there yeah we got to have left him Garnett for many years. I've got the team to the playoffs. Had no chance Carmelo. It would Denver I did it with a mix. Kevin Love I do expect that I know the management has not helped them now. Man they've -- and I don't know what you're doing last night either. Man. -- -- And what's got going on there in Minnesota is not so good. So he's not getting. He's not getting a hundred -- and appoints Kevin love's name I don't think he wants out now I don't know. He does make cents. I mean as we watch. I'm not a Flip Saunders -- anyway. And now he's the the grand who bombed the be all and end all and oh by the way our worldwide search for the best coaches over and it's hitting me and I've. Guys who make those decisions always Karen Allen -- Dick Cheney to -- -- the vice president. Who's in charge of the -- business and Terry golf -- you're out of the defense rest. Well the other question hearing and you're asking I got mine answered Kevin loving come in here what was the other part of it that you wanted to -- to talk about as well about on the that I donors away -- Yeah if it seems like I was I was very bullish. -- line. On where they were going what what the plan was if the player does not. I'm OK if the plan doesn't include Rondo if if you're getting something new. If you're getting something established in return for example if you need to know this would never happen but if you need to trade. I -- Rondo could to bring back Kevin Love. If you need to bring back which you bring Beckett got was definitely for five or six years so you have that star. Roy young story young prospect or he'd done. Good player. And then you build. The draft picks around them I like that but -- you're starting all the way. With young players across the board. When he 2122. Years old and it takes a long time. It takes a really long time. Two to take that mix and to me a championship. Mean a championship level the -- can be competitive. In four years three or four years but our young players. That are supposed to have. You have all those jumpers and you don't have the number one overall pick. How's -- supposed to happen. Well what it was Phillies trying to do right now is clear they're trying to build a group. That will grow in its gonna take a long time it's got to take more than forty but I like they're I don't know I like their base. I like their talent that's like -- some sense to take a long time for those young players that they've drafted to turn into these guys who can be reliable in the playoffs in their mid twenty's and do the Celtics have anybody right now. They have anybody as good as Michael Carter Williams. Mean -- Smart I think has been -- my can be use the scooter -- Michael card you think you'd think he can have the same year Michael cartilage repair the Election Day. Markets mark has that ability right now Michael Corey Williams is on the worst team in the league and somebody had scored the points and -- the ball on the stand and they won in two run all the time and there was no pressure and class wasn't as good as this year's terrible yes so all those things together. But -- have been -- -- setting where they're so those that are still gotten no well and they still got him beat. -- like I'd like what they have -- argue and argue with -- I like I like what they're doing but let's just be real about it there there -- going to take a long time in their goal is. To win there a good team this is when things guys that are 25 point six point seven years old. That's when they -- came in now with the new collective bargaining agreement. So you look at Miami -- got three stars right now and he can't add to those guys because their over everything they have no exceptions. The new bargaining agreement made it very difficult. For you to build your team once you've spent it on three star players. But if you're doing that we Philly does he do it in house and you grow it up from the earth than it takes forever to do it. But when these guys are in the mid twenty's late twenty's. -- don't have that you just keep resigning them okay you have to pay the tax to do it that you can afford it because you're in Philadelphia owners Richard -- -- TV money. That's their plan it's a long term plan and that's fraught with risk there's all sorts of things can go wrong with. The Celtics I think. Are just trying to invest in assets. And then 2007 all over again let me read to this this is the roster from 2007. It's not everybody that's Al Jefferson Delonte West Ryan Gomes Wally -- Tony Allen Rajon Rondo Gerald Green. Kendrick Perkins Leon -- Sebastian Telfair. At that team lost eighteen games through terrible team. That's the making of a championship team Michael's. -- a like -- a little -- that -- -- -- that they are not a terrible team. And I don't even mention Paul Pierce they were terrible team they lost the eighteen in a row there were hopeless it was so bad appears mistake about asking for a trade -- They were able to take those some of those guys and trade them two different trades. In the also draft picks. And then they were able to to win the championship the very next year with what was left over but that's after four years of investment that's any. You know takes one. Signaling him nine you don't challenging you -- finish is much you want I'm Latin guys on the other side of the last. -- Thompson's in the house with a nobody better breakdown basketball stuff. Try to figure out where Rajon Rondo is gonna go 'cause none of us think it's going to be here. Now the question is where is Sacramento was -- somewhere else 6177797937. As telephone number. The AT&T -- line -- 37937. It's -- Hollywood Ian Thompson Sports Radio WE yeah. He can play without the ball. That's what I like about him he can play Pakistan multiple positions offensively and defensively. He's had the ball a lot in his hands and in college because he's he's been the best player. I think him and Rondo. Not only could thrive together but I think -- would love playing together. I will say this coming from a hockey background as I like to think I do. I like markets Smart. He's got that hockey player's mentality and the incident that took place. I was at Texas Tech in the Texas Tech supporter and said some things that he shouldn't have said -- I liked the reaction it was like a reaction going to decide an idea and I did what I got I didn't at first and at what I heard what this dim bulb said. I thought man you know -- you don't have to take that. Etc. and I know he gotten all sorts of trouble for an area just say and I didn't really don't want -- I think it adding Danny liked to. I think Danny liked it I think he liked he liked the name the feeling. That. What's the word I'm looking for the personnel fire the fire on evidence and you liked. Our guys going to stand so. I mean you got here and what you hear Texas Tech. He'll be out twenty times worse sometimes from their home crowd sometimes but you know you're playing in that in the NBA I hope we learn from the incident. And he knows that may play in New York the start playing competitive games and he's here. -- games mean something New York Philly. Boston. LA c'mon man you know. You you can't respond. To everything that is being said in the stands and it's going to be a lot of times can be over the line is going to be. -- intended. To get you off your game and can't let it happen. I I I think having Brad Stevens is coach might be a good thing for him. It's going to be a bit of an oil water thing I really emotional player and then a tactician a guy keeps his head keeps his cool. It's going to be interest in the watched this over the next couple years to see how this works we will not will not -- was as the coach very emotional. Went to Knute Rockne kind of guy and this guy is going to be more like Tom Landry. And the coach here in the end it's a big difference and but you know way I like about their backcourt because I look at this is their starting backcourt. Now for and there may be the next five whatever years. This is a a big competitive. Athletic backcourt in and so many of the guards the MB or small to take advantage of the new rules and I'm -- Smart is gonna bully other point guards defensively and and in the other guy James on the 67. But an athletic attacks the basket to and he can shoot a little bit so. I don't know it's it's a little bit of a throwback kind of backward and and I am I like the physical presence. They're regressing. But I put it out there anyway we look back on this draft. The 2014. Draft and I think the best. Raft of Danny Ainge and are not that was just -- that they had wound up with a little MB. But I think young. James young's gonna be a better player mark mark -- -- I think James Young is going to be a better player that I love that pick up that. It's the second best thing they can be done in that situation. I was rooting hard for TJ warned at seventeen not available. But then put James Young there and that's -- I think it's a bit of a -- Well here's the thing about. The draft is that. It's and it's never been harder to forecast. It's impossible today as we sit here today to see who the winners and losers are you know. And I think so many people look at the draft is a chance to change your team around but to me it's it's just the opposite. This draft depends on the team drafts -- player it's not about the player comes to the team. Is -- -- about these players are so young and so on finish this questions about every single one of them in the stress. Let's -- let me defend -- Smart one last time forgo the calls. He didn't actually go into the stands the plate took him into this. Then the guy he said some than and he turned around and and gave him a shoplifter and he did not optical my my eleventh let's at least be fair here are he was in the stands when the guy said -- -- okay. He was it was in this thing and he stayed in there at the plate and go into the stands after he wasn't a rock and you know. I wish I wish I can get off on a technicality like that. The played carried him into the stands right. He's -- what they only won by -- But the play didn't make them stay there the play didn't make them responding responding to -- -- out it was suspended. He apologized again -- -- I shut -- let's not say that while he was just a victim of circumstance. It was. I didn't say that I don't let but let's -- what we know what happened we know what happened he stayed there he responded he retaliated. And you can't do that in the pros but going to be on every night in every city. -- -- -- from a hockey player perspective McConnell liked him the mentality -- but -- and I just I think Denny does to let's get the calls. 6177797937. -- in Peabody Europe first on Sports Radio Dele Ali. All I -- drew was not. -- Apollo. There's rain earlier on the phone you're there on airing on here drew was up every -- some. -- artists movement. It's Josh just in New Hampshire hey Josh I don't. -- I don't -- They had a court here we were you struck in our public comment on real quick -- -- -- the -- contributor act like that. Michael I agree partly what I'm tired of people being held accountable for actions that feel that they say whatever they want whenever they want wherever they want in a big -- anymore. All of -- the ball like that in they get an app that. The players should be don't want they can all four big -- there Igawa Ron Paul Ehrlich shall but maybe next time they'll think like operate. -- are transferred Josh our Josh in New Hampshire so how many times you've been at Fenway Park in your life. -- Are probably okay errors in the bleachers. Yeah I mean. Got to do a big difference. This is this is sports and not just Boston minutes this is the country. You know how I audio hold people accountable to their people leaning over the bullpen. You're out you're out in the bleachers and the Yankees -- -- -- And you're saying something to. One of their relievers and you're on on the entire game or do we use -- yankees to cure terrible. About your shouldn't be in the major leagues and not that's got to -- stuff. How you hold people accountable -- -- what do you know. What would happen. Now there are a result that I hit. I did what -- are not quite and not the court gave up because if you look you elect tackle it bothered me that there at the -- -- -- not -- -- generalized statement or director Greg brought report statement or somebody. -- did you like it argues are you don't want in the majors like it Buick that wrapped up the beat people in the Soviet that we did not call for. I don't -- okay that's you know that's a different conversation and I actually agree with you sometimes you don't you don't wanna hear you go to a game. You're sitting there. And you don't want to your entertainment is the game you know what your entertainment coming from the -- two rows behind you. Who may have two or three good lines out of 75 that he throws not throws out there you may giggle a couple of -- but. I thought why he came -- to see it but that's part of that's part of the package in that we don't like it. We at least know that it's a possibility. As a fan going to the game imagine if you're on a report. Betcha it's part of the job unfortunately it's not gonna go away. You know those of the player hands down like the customer's always right is terrible as that is -- act like the customer's always right. -- -- But I Obama a question towards. Wouldn't talk abroad -- -- -- -- Mark -- there are part part perhaps it. I'll what do kids who -- Rondo look straight. Well I you don't even think that that. Kevin -- headed here anyway it would Woodruff John Rondo helped entice. The timberwolves and trading. Kevin Love to the Celtics and the question becomes with Rondo re signed with Minnesota and that's what makes it treats those difficult. It probably is fired up is that -- from UCLA when he went it was crafted -- press have -- a southern federal law there's -- there were now being had a -- -- -- you agree there's a great deal clearly via Levine is that ice -- And -- got his head down on the table he looks up and lead me guys got draft it's misty says twice at least got drafted what report. Thirteen -- Rajon Rondo would be like any game -- today which traded to Minnesota Timberwolves. -- -- By the way let's not let's not let's not get the story computers -- lot of Texas here on the eighteenth effects on everything possible saying. Hey the guy yelled racial slur -- markets mark that was the initial story let's look Smart thought that was the initial story. And then everybody. Backed away from that and market Smart wound up apologizing. Not for accusing him of that he apologized. To his team and he apologized. To the fan but. That can not -- -- -- what what it was called was a piece of crap yet that cannot be confirmed he thought well not that they've got the video where they you can hear the piece of crap known to all we only. That it was at the right it was a racial for a couple of Texas -- and -- was -- a racial slur. And unfortunately you know what that's got -- got what he might event and that might happen to know. That might happen to is OK it's not okay is it great is it. Admirable behavior should these people be applauded are -- great citizens. No they're not. It's just part of it is part of the package. That you will be faced with many times. And professional sports and just to make sure people don't misunderstand what I'm saying obviously I don't think it's okay for athletes go after Spain's. Once one of talking about it's the mentality the personality. The the you know I'm not gonna take -- -- any crap. Most of 99.9. Percent of the time I want that between the lines the one time in market smart's case where it spilled outside the lines. Was you know the Texas Tech Oklahoma State incident everybody sought. -- goes into the stands and falls down he's being helped up he spins around when he thinks he hears back. He gives the guy up to hand shop and any elites. And and I'm not saying it's -- eight for athletes to go after fans in the stands know what I'm saying is. The Celtics needed somebody with a little ripped. A little sand pepper to a -- a little you know I'm not taken it's -- from you are right but he's shown that on the court in all sorts of ways that definitely we wouldn't be talked about controversial he and don't know I'd like -- like how he shows that on the court. Ended -- be really interesting now watching them he's gonna go flying into the stands sometimes the -- get the set the world record for getting out -- the stands. Probably problem and probably from the state or 617779793. -- telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. Coming up on for it for about an hour from now we're gonna try to follow up on one of the coolest things I've seen in sports in recent memory and it happened last night. During the NBA draft that's upcoming hour from now Sports Radio W yeah.

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