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USA World Cup team: Advancing with a loss? That's just unAmerican!

Jun 27, 2014|

We discuss the analogies and anger that has arisen in this country since the US World Cup team advanced after losing to Germany. How can you win if you lose?!?! That's not America! That's not even Russia!

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Fourth and final are dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. Ian Thompson. In the house with -- -- talked a lot of NBA witty and although Michael during the break here. -- to sit around here Ian said you've covered World Cup -- -- -- I was over in Europe for six years with the International Herald Tribune I didn't know anything about soccer in the first thing -- semi to as the European championships. Second biggest -- yes you learn I was the dumbest person in every stadium I went into. It could be eight dozen people to stay in their -- 9999. Of them who knew more than I did and I was ready for the at the world's. Paper well did you take the and that that Li -- -- approach Lima -- approach were. Hockey news giving you advice case I don't know how are you wouldn't need to write about hockey right about the goaltender. So in the soccer if you read about the goalkeeper you focus on him. No it was always what would you do what you do or you know anything which had to write about it so what was your. What was your strategy you know is trying to pick one guy in just right about that kind of the whole thing revolved around him and turn into a feature about one guy. Or you do you hope. Got the right guy -- here. Are you write about this -- There. For. And back then it was always always talk about cynical defensive player in soccer -- only did his plea for the two 00 outcome. Every everyday people in America he's about soccer was true back then. And now once the tournaments just totally different that's. Trying to escalates and the great players are doing great things in the -- it was like Larry Bird at the Chinese -- this way again. It's like in the Big Three to win the game when he did the USC and then we you know -- doing what he's doing. You're you're seeing new things and soccer and that's almost like it's been americanized the world and -- can catch on the hears them. But you think it's being americanized in -- World Cup level or the Americans have to catch up. The rest of the world in terms of in terms of this tournament with a little where we're terrible soccer still -- -- If you know OK there was the NBA draft last night there was a player from -- and the picked number one we've never if there was a draft for soccer. We in the history of the draft would never have a single person picked in the first round. And maybe not one -- in either two rounds in the history of soccer we've never once produced. A player like that Steve Nash from Canada's been MVP Dirk Nowitzki from Germany Spain and VP. We've never had a player close to that in soccer so. What they're doing in the World Cup with this team is really something that's. It's like Princeton going and far into the NC double -- -- of George Mason one of those kinds of stories. By the way the numbers are in from yesterday there and mid week. Middle of the -- game twelve noon game on -- Thursday. I it is the it is now the second highest rated men's World Cup match ever for ESPN. The only game to beat it was Sunday. Which was Sunday at six in the amid a whole lot more sense. And they actually crashed the watch ESPN. Web site. They had say they set a record for viewership on that but they crashed it. And for a while it was she shut down this whole lot of people -- work try to watch it on their computers at their desk that sort of thing. But they did another huge number. Not only nationally but New England as well now this was actually the lowest of the of the games in Boston so far and the other thing that it doesn't take into consideration the viewership. Is it doesn't take into consideration the number of people watching at City Hall plaza. Watching you know on the on the mall in Washington DC watching at that giant park in Chicago grant at grant part of it doesn't take into consideration those numbers. They said. By their best estimates. Somewhere north of 25 to thirty million people watching -- And say an I think this is that's the case of the World Cup. I don't think anybody. Should apologize for it by anybody and I'm talking about myself I'm not apologizing for it at all you know what -- the a lot of interest in the World Cup is. The big event sure it's a big if the US. In the big event every four years so it. -- -- -- Only have to commit. Every -- once every four years during the summer. Oh I don't I watch curl up every four years I love it every four years yet I think about it in between. But during the summer. I can commit to a United States national team. Right around the fourth of July. I'm still a patriotic anyway and and now the team is pretty good and that's what it is so I think a lot of people. Are like. Mean very casual. Soccer fans are not paying attention. For three and a half years of three and three quarters and years. And then when it comes to the World Cup you're really into it now this will change. For me I can say it will change if by outrageous predictions based on absolutely nothing comes true to -- that is the US. Gets to final four. I think if the US gets the final core I think that would change the dynamic you'll take some some converts some will go from casual fans to. Serious fans. Trying to ticket to the next load up fans. And then. -- -- -- make space for even more casual fans for 2018. But a -- but they advanced that far. Yes I think people will be a little more than every four years. Soccer people to answer a question asked of me this morning -- no I didn't think yesterday it was a particularly exciting game who -- at the sport. I heard about it anyway you heard. No I didn't are particularly exciting -- this that John Dennis -- now and look it no I didn't. It was not a -- and it wasn't meant to be. It was strategically designed to be exactly what it was which was practically 88 park the boss game on the part of your organ Klinsmann. They needed to either draw or lose by a little. And that's all the matter they all they cared about was advancing out of the group stage and into the knockout round which they did. The only time they pressed it forward offensively was in about the last two minutes and actually had a couple of gold and scoring chances in the last couple minutes when it got exciting. No I didn't think it was an especially exciting day. Well let's just look at it this way I think Ian -- is a great example. Off. Of what we're talking about here so you before you went to Europe. Your soccer knowledge was zero less than zero maybe a fiber tandem blowing. Very paranoid grew up my mind. Relatives would send -- over the soccer manuals from England and that was about that plea in through high school that was it was our veterans in the baseball knowledge of the actress sitting with Michael at the World Series it was probably about the same and I was probably asking the same question. Art show you were there for six years yet. So -- What you saw in here for what you were able to -- were you able to see a a different game based on your knowledge and do you look at it this just give us an idea of that hold. Tiffany if there wasn't. Yeah I know I I really like watching it now I feel like. I can tell the good players from the bad players. But it would make any difference if I was over there right now if I was in Europe and in the bunch of soccer writers who -- steadied around. And the -- head non American accents and they're all talked about and then I stepped in and tried to speak up. They will all just look away it would be it would be like if some guy from Bulgaria came over here and tried to tell all of us about the NFL Tom Brady. You know you -- you would hear the accent he was say and then he's here when he was talking about mussina. Needless we have that three weeks ago -- hit Cabrera he's got a -- building in -- I don't look at some kind of iPad and he's hot broke down all I've done all the film you know it actually had a -- that actually happened it's funny you mention. I I will say this and end. I understand that not everybody follows at Anderson and not everybody knows all the nuances. They didn't lose a playoff game and advance that I heard that -- I heard that said earlier. They didn't lose a playoff game in advance they were in the round Robin group stage all they had to do. Was yet. Either the first or second most points in the group stage to advance to the knock out stage. Losing yesterday at least losing by a little allowed them to still have enough points based on their efforts in games one and two so they didn't. Lose a playoff game and advance. I I just don't understand why people can't understand what you just said. They understand when Peyton Manning sits out the last -- the regular season because they did so well during the previous games that they only. To win that last game and they. They're just doing what they need to do to get -- for the playoffs well that's exactly what the US -- they did so well in their first two games. In their played a team that they shouldn't be able play with anyway he shouldn't be able to beat them anyway there'll coach said so before the tournament. So you just take it easy and and glide through that last game. And hope you can get through the next round but it's it's -- -- the bigger picture. Off say this it'll be an upset if they beat Belgium but it will not be. Stunning unbelievable US beating the Russians in Lake Placid baby Belgium. It will it will not be you know it won't result my god it do -- -- and now. If they beat Belgium. Their next game would be against Argentina that would be one of those all Mike Goddard -- getting yeah yeah they could beat Belgium it'll be an upset that they caught it. I think they have. They can't beat Argentina I think they have virtually notre. So ultimate slate can the Dallas Mavericks the first year they made the playoffs and then Nash and Dirk and Michael Finley and he didn't know how good they were. That's what -- is there at the sort of bursting onto the sun on the come up our. So what you wanna do I would think there now a packet there haven't gotten that out an injury issue now sock company -- their captain. May not be able to play Tuesday. They've already lost one guy because of a red card. It may be that he can't play either he was so he was deemed. Injured in yesterday's game and they're saying they're not sure if he'll be ready for Tuesday and you do have five days you know to get ready it's possible but they'll be missing another key guy. So there is very -- texture. Is still don't get audiences is so maybe so what you're saying is. They did the absolute bare minimum and continue line and that's something to be proud. Familiar as an example and all sports. This recent examples. There was one year. Many years but one year in particular. From the Celtics. And Doc Rivers. They had a chance to knock. New Jersey. A Brooklyn New Jersey out of the playoffs Celtics birdie and Antoine Walker come back obviously you have Paul Pierce. New Jersey needed to win that game to make the playoffs. Doc decided to rest his guys the Celtics had done enough. New Jersey makes the playoffs you remember. Were they the patriots are trying to structure their playoff setup so they could have beaten Miami Dolphins at the end of the year. He brought it back castle the air mailed to pass. On the back of the end zone. He probably needed that -- -- he's seven feet off the ground meat to it by 27 feet on the ground. I remember jetliner lost that game because they were trying to set up the -- right that's right. Come on now come on that -- don't act like you guys don't follow sports. -- act like you don't know what what we're talking about -- they do know -- but they don't like soccer and so they try to figure out a way to knock it and that's fine I mean. -- I said before I'm not trying to -- Now you know -- some sports I don't like and you are going to be able to tell me to lie about that the dosage of -- that you are. And in front you are trying to sell people -- no I'm just talking to the people like. That's all. Look if you're American you really have to like it because again we have not produced a great player yet. So you really have to like soccer for the sake of soccer. Because there's no there's no Michael Jordan from America. And there won't know well for a long time Walhalla. They'll have to be somebody who grew up in Europe with American passport because. You can like -- like half of the US team -- you cannot become a great soccer player growing up -- suburban soccer you often. The you know you have to grow up playing all the time. And me it's very true for an although grew -- wanna be a basketball player or football players when -- place. -- one quick note for impact of the calls for your Red Sox fans -- John Ferrell just met with the media few minutes ago. The rehabilitation. Stints for both will middle Brooks and Shane Victorino have been stopped. Both are re injured. Our middle Brooks finger is swelling again from Victor -- had another setback they have both been told to cease baseball activities. So if this -- what would victory you know I I just missed the entire year without hamstring pull it looks like it. The hamster in looks like I mean what I don't about I'm not kind of hard to mock soccer players now is -- don't topic what general hamstring pool now with him. I think with that would middle Brooks in the finger okay I think that's what it is. We -- victory don't you get the sense that he's on the disabled list. With one injury because that it would take too much space to list all the injuries that he actually has I don't know mate you might be right I think he has the host of injuries. And I think he's a I think he's a tough player. It. He was injured -- a lot last year as opposed isn't I was injured last edit it during the 2013 season. He was injured -- to 2012. I think we have we've probably seen the best album here. And he's got what one more year left and its contract the. At thirteen million. 6177797. ID 37 -- says to you Michael Michael the differences those teams didn't celebrate the soccer team celebrate it. Yeah base celebrated. Doing what all went to do. Which is get out of the group stage the group of death by the way. A group that I gave them no chance of getting out of as did Taylor Twellman and Alexi Alice and most people who follow soccer in the world gave them no chance. And their efforts yesterday got them through into the knockout round why wouldn't they celebrate that some of the Red Sox lose -- in September. But the other team -- is also -- -- -- -- division after -- all the time by the -- that in baseball that what you just described happens all the -- and possible signal about got a bit out of the clubhouse with their Beers -- their champagne bottles and -- no hitter -- again -- -- is allowed to put on the goggles and everything. Be happy about the season's work. -- evidently. That's hard -- these these folks they'll get on board with the US. Advances. Of the far. Look I don't know if if you're right if that crystal ball of yours is working. You can double what the soccer interest is right now and it's pretty high as it is wolf if they lose to Belgium Tuesday it's over. For another four year yes -- we're gonna -- my gosh gone we're gonna find out beginning on Tuesday right here. We're not every seven WE -- already at 4 PM we will have. All of the action. -- to New Hampshire Jeff you're next on Sports Radio -- holly. Guys -- -- First I want -- show. Our Olympic hockey guy and soccer cleats soccer too high school in two years in college. And that I got injured. The late forties in -- -- expect it to comments I would like to make the first would be. But it. Most of the newscast so they see our. Are all trying to prove we're trying to figure out why we should like soccer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand why. You know maybe the the population here doesn't particularly care for but. I look at it is it's it's a it's a it's a great sport if you know BP you -- play it I think you'll became even more great -- The generation of of people that are coming through right now the kids that are playing you know we just see you know 89 year old talk about the can replace school and college are coming through a badge. Folks we're gonna make it into the the radio weighs in on the the national broadcast and I that you gonna start to keep more people talk about soccer. In what appoint a wanna make this. I'm I'm I'm associating with a group. Up in the New Hampshire market. That a lot of coaches that are coming into the club teams are coming from the UK -- coming from England area. In what they were commenting on the role of blocker in the states in in how much better it's gotten. In public teaching -- the sport is generating a lot more popularity with the kids. I think you can Mac I hope we're at. -- -- -- Yeah but I just I I I gotta be honestly we've been talking about how the kids were there -- the next. Generation the next wave of soccer interest in this country for forty years. All and end. That texture says -- they can win at all no one cares how state. No one among your group. Reference. Cares I don't know how many friends with say -- fifty for fifty friends and none of them care that's great year and a nice cocoon. Of people who don't care about people don't care about it you know and they're -- and -- day. I think it it plays out. Pretty much across generations. It's aimed mostly at generational thing if you break down the numbers eighteen that 39. Eighteen years old at 39 years old that's where the bulk of the numbers are coming from there and you're over 39 years old. Chances are your relationship -- soccer is not a government. And as I said some people don't know a lot of things in the and that's fine texture says. -- -- what happens if they tied Belgium Tuesday just wondering because I really don't know legitimate question there are no more tie the sports cars once you've gotten -- the group round which they have. From now on there will be a decision. You'll have added time if if you play ninety minutes and it's tied you'll have two periods of added time if you get through that and it's still tied. Then you go to PK and you go to penalty kick shootout which I don't love but now there will be no more ties from this point. So what they're gonna wanna do against Belgium is just stayed back and try to really frustrate them keep them off the scoreboard and then hope to get them on the counterattack sincere and if it's them they're trying to outscored them forget. And an amateur they wanna get to -- I mean Tim Howard really really good. As as we learned yesterday from Brad is the keeper for Belgium might be the best in the world right now. And tomorrow orders a guy who's going in your in your mythical soccer draft. He's going for them to have to be guy uses hands yet. Big order for you Doug you're probably right 6177797937. Dale -- and Ian Thompson Sports Radio WEEI.

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