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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Tearjerker Edition 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the cool moment at the NBA Draft that honored Isiah Austin.

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In Hollywood. Chloroform brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans felt that you -- better network. These guys -- European he had to do it is actually the right thing. When you talk about sports last night with one moment in time but we've got a few others as well. As you guys mentioned -- Austin had his moment in time of the NBA draft last night despite being diagnosed with an Elvis. It was a great moment for the NBA to welcome him to -- NBA draft. There. At that moment made us think of other moments. That gave us goosebumps on -- and that's what gets me through that and I've seen it about six times. That brings us to Kevin Durant when he won the MVP this year get a special moment as special message. For his mom at the press conference. You wait you could. And sometimes. Make you right up here. They can we do this. Stream indebtedness. My game yeah so. -- were supposed to be here. You've made -- the typical street. Put -- Who say who. Went nudity. They shall we -- want to sleep on the sacrificed for us. -- -- -- Walt okay as great as -- way that was great. He had it going he would -- Everybody focuses on my far right at Asia that is beyond basketball. On the how about immediately. Started going to keep me one by one. Every teammate he had something that fit for each of them and you would think he made them feel like. It was an honor for him to play with them and everybody. Except solo shot. -- aka Kendrick Perkins Derek -- COLT are on the line. -- I mean. Nick Collison everybody you know he had thought -- In the GM Sam -- everybody in the organization seem like gossip that's why. These guys are so rare that Tim Duncan's to rants. Garnett it's been just so rare and so important and it's not just what they do on the court it's all that stuff to it and draws everybody together. And I and I have I said at the time outfit against one of the best displays of leadership that I have seen because Kevin Durant is not a Robert Ross greens kind of -- Richard Kevin Garnett. Their personalities couldn't be more different. Garnett was a great leader for the Celtics in his own way Kevin Durant as a great leader in his own way for the armed. Yeah. Yes we are Michael that brings us to New England native John McDonald. In the summer of 2010 mcdonalds father passed away but before he did he told his son did his next home run for him when he went back to the team. John McDonald's first appearance was on Father's Day and he did the impossible and -- home run for his dad. The. Who has just. Good -- John and. -- -- -- I got goosebumps. Thinking about that. -- -- Regulations -- pitiful to me but he was most. I do. You know. -- -- That's the thing -- about that. Meet John McDonald not a huge guy didn't know what your home runs -- you just heard say. But his dad said -- next one for me okay sorry dad your -- -- At that that is a pretty I've forgotten all about that one then and and Andy dugout went up I'd forgotten all about this guy should be in this business by the way. John John McDonald. He's got -- he wants to have pretty good job. Three he. Last year the Boston Red Sox did what they could to help you a morning -- and they won the World Series and at the parade they did something even -- But trophy with the 617. Jersey draped over it. Boston's strong. It is a hush in the crowd. -- respectful gracious very powerful. Okay. I. I knew that we're gonna stop the finish line that had kind of been you know. Leaked out that they were gonna stop the summit some there -- something to finish. This was on the Duck Tours -- you know celebrating the World Series. I don't think I was ready for the emotion that I felt when they said that trophy on the finish line in the middle of the street. The great pitcher is -- over it and everybody who was at the finish line started singing god bless America was a perfect touch it was a perfect touch. Collaborate. That to the city. How many how many teams connect to listen. In any sport and said I thought it was appropriate to themselves like. It was -- that it trivialized. Anything happen. But from the start. That day the entire season. The Red Sox were a part of it -- everything that they -- everything that they did every attribute that came up with. The players have talked about yup. Perfect pitch yet. And it worked. For the city -- even more than it worked for the survival which is what's wrong with you guys it's tough to drive and fight back tears. Opt out of every one of these can do. Time now pretty TNT one moment in time in 1987. Number seven Ray Bourque took off his sweater. And -- the number to Phyllis disease -- the greatest players. It's something. Never ever ever forget it no matter what. And nobody knew the number of people who do this -- was gonna do that was literally like three Perry -- they do a guard Nate Greenberg knew. The the equipment guys I -- equipment manager who had to make the Jersey. But it was it was literally less than five people who actually knew what was gonna happen. Whose idea was. -- great idea. It was -- Warner it's one of the great moments yes it's not a great moments in sports is just regrettable. I'll say this and I everybody knows I'm -- bigger -- more than I am. There were -- -- -- moments throughout his trip that guy I'm here and I -- like one after the other one was that. And the other one was the last night Everett Boston Garden. When he helped Norman Levy a come out on the ice and skate one last time Norman who had just suffered a stroke. Was barely mobile awful wanted to skate at the garden one last time. And -- was literally tying his gates forum under the stands. And let him out a game of hockey stick to hold on to. And then. Started. Started bringing them around the ice at the garden that was that was another one of those and fans on the text machine brought up another good one. The National Anthem at the garden at the Bruins game the first game at a greater Europe was weaker when when when running around court laid out. And let the fans do the work and it was. Our shot a texture -- it got to remind me. And we'll find it at some point today. -- Curtis Martin's. Hall of fame speech and I don't remember it either is another attack and it is one of my favorite. What my favorite guys Martin. But I -- most let my -- I was gone. My mother because we couldn't afford it you know she would work two and three jobs. Thomas -- Roman that would -- -- and taught me how to come in the house I'd come home from kindergarten first grade. Almost for two years to stay in the house by myself to like not 32 o'clock at night. And my mother said it just broke her heart every single day. Walking up those steps you know we have been sort of of low income housing project type of environment. And I would always be sitting in that front window because I was here I was so petrified of the house by myself especially I didn't even watch Scooby -- You know I was I was that's clear that in them what I think goes on -- -- scared the heck out of me. But. You know my mother. Made way for me to start standing between her my grandmother. And by the time when I was nine. My mother she walks through my grandmother's bit. And found her murder. From -- murder with a knife in her -- I mean that was in her neck was broken and everything and why don't provide everywhere. And for me is a little kid in all the other family they come in and you know you hear. The whispers from adults as a little kid and had an effect to a certain way and that's -- everyone's saying. You know that happened to me I would do crazy I would lose my mind if for me crazy was kinda like what might that was so. In my mind that nine year old mother told me the only thing that got her through that was that I came up to an -- rather have -- -- what you -- crazy. And she -- put down that -- that no. Why you ask me that I just. Well that's good. You go crazy. Nobody is going to be here take care. While. While. Our right. I'd forgotten all about that. Way you know it's. There's so many it goes. All the things so many people do a great job with them. There's some of the stories. That you don't know about me obvious Curtis Martin. If there is an investment and emotional investment here people in New England. You -- drafted and even if you think I would suggest that we couldn't hate them but just something about Curtis Martin. Dignity you'll see regal qualities that he had that -- Prevented you from having any type of anger toward him but you know it -- -- another hall of fame speech that I didn't know anything about what. I didn't know his story until. His moment. Was. Shannon -- -- -- sharps and. And I and I probably wasn't expecting much. You know I was expecting it to be all grins and giggles and it was always got another hour another another great one. Area. That that thank you text her that that weren't going back and and and looking at the whole thing and listen to open that was all good and as I said it was all because we were thinking about it today. Because of what Adam silver in the NBA did last night -- sale Austin. I don't know what -- -- gonna do for the rest of his life as he seventh twelve years old I don't know the I'm -- twenty years old at least you know his entire life had been. Spent preparing for the back. Any found out a week ago that's not going to be --

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