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Ann Coulter bashes soccer, 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

American social and political commentator, Ann Coulter, wrote a column on Saturday denouncing interest in soccer and tying the recent affection for the sport to such hot-button topics as gender, race, partisan alignments, and citenzhip. With points such as, "Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay," Ann has become a lightning rod for Soccer aficionados and the guys discuss the column with some help from Kaitlyn, the intern.

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Its. Final army did that make me. Just tuning in recent the last time talking about the NBA draft today. Inaudible a later on here in the 1 o'clock hour mr. Pedro Martinez -- experiences and comments about the Boston Red Sox answered pitchers. He's been working with a particular. Henry Owens and -- Rosa and we'll talk about those comments from Pedro shortly. In the last hour the -- Christian Hulu when added about. He woke. And the way things are scored. I was definitely underwhelmed by the game yesterday the event itself the first two games I felt a pay office of and I felt like. I enjoyed myself and I walked away from both games they could well that was two hours well spent I enjoyed watching that competition. The setup of the World Cup the points system of the World Cup. Whether or not a lot of achievement was really had based on what team USA's done so far and what they probably won't do against Belgium which is win the price blues and get knocked out. We can debate that throughout the course of the day and that's where -- Christian got hung up because you don't like -- the points system in pool play Christian. No I'm not send added I don't not like the points system you just don't get it now artist or not that's not that's not it either I'm just saying that it is. Not as important as you would think it needed to be. Because you can win -- lose and tie and still advance them so it's not so winning -- losing. When he is important because have to win at least one but it's not nearly as important as you think it should be because you could advance. With a winning losing and time. Wrong. -- they did. Not what it's -- about this. MI wrong was that his wins don't matter so -- weekend only part. That I three times it would not advanced. Okay finds -- -- win but we're what we're not talking about that we're thought about when. Has promised regular regular person is good news here. Somebody's on yourself -- -- -- we know it -- on her side and Coulter is on your side you got -- America is. Is not ready for soccer soccer is not right for America because soccer is not American enough. She wrote an entire column. Bashing soccer because it's not American enough you'll never catch on here. For various reasons not one of those reasons issued put this forth simply that Americans don't like ties in his. Now really good point system to be set up for soccer excluding ties I could buy that there'd be some merit. To that argument packed -- credit to win the game right. But she went a little off the beam in her analysis of why soccer won't work here in America and we don't have and Coulter actually. Reading -- column. We have Caitlin the injury in the column -- -- and the other round to Serena and and cultures voice. And we thought that would work so why -- we have -- read some of the exerts Joey from her call. I've held off on writing about soccer for about a decade or about the length of an average soccer game so -- to not offend anyone but enough is enough. Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay. Number one individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer in a real sport players -- passes broke bricks and dropped by Abbas all in front of a crowd. In soccer the -- is dispersed and almost no one scores anyway. There are no heroes no losers no accountability and no child's fragile self esteem Izturis. Is there reason perpetually alarm women are called soccer moms and not the bomb -- Did you have MVPs and soccer -- runs up and on the field and every once in awhile about accidentally doesn't. That's when we're supposed to go wild. I'm already asleep. Now -- I mean and cultural went on to say that prospect of by their personal humiliation -- major injuries required to count as a sport. Most sports. Are still bullet and supplement warfare if Michael Jackson had treated his chronic insomnia with a tape of Argentina vs Brazil. It's -- a Propofol he'd still be alive today although board. She went to the extreme that if more Americans are watching soccer today. It's only because of the demographics which affected by Teddy Kennedy's 1965. Immigration law. I promise you she writes no American whose great grandfather was born here is watching soccer. One can only hope that in addition to learning English these new Americans will drop their soccer fetish. With time well. She she's a better job as far as getting people talk about it she's been patrolling people. But even -- -- first. So paragraphs that -- and -- it this sounds like somebody that stop. Watching or being involved with soccer you know when their child turn past the age of -- Read an average -- even I don't know -- -- -- had a chance but I just I don't know but I'm just saying it's now it's about it's it's so ridiculous to me. We have to be -- soccer -- to be offended after a football game imminent is -- also wounded after soccer game every play it's a ribbon energy stocks. Remain. And it's ribbons juice boxes as this no MVP which run down field. I know people some Google feels that way. There's no individual achievements is not a factor would talk about Michael Bradley not -- in low -- we're now the playing great Republican power play great. -- -- It's so ridiculous number five. You can't use your hands in soccer thus eliminating the danger of having to catch a five off. What sets man apart from the lesser beasts decides is sold is that we have opposable thumbs. Our hands and holdings here's a great idea let's pregame where are not allowed to use them. Of course is criticizing Tim -- for not catching the kick -- they may constitute much to -- number talked about before. I present this force that aspect of soccer. The same people are trying to push soccer on Americans are the ones that are demanding that we love HBO's girls light rail beyoncé and Hillary Clinton. The number of New York Times articles claiming soccer's catching on is exceeded only -- -- wants pretending women's basketball assassinating. I note that we don't have to -- and mostly told how exciting football is. They enjoyed it yet the clip in their work Caitlin I mean Ann Coulter read about how black guys don't like soccer a -- -- -- -- -- No okay here's some general and Derek did the general tone of what and -- doing here is. If you like soccer your dirty liberal. Because she suggests that. Soccer is kind of Communist. Or socialist in nature she suggests that only foreigners like it. She seems she's going Xena phobic within that if you're starting to like soccer America and its culture that's dying a little bit but hey. No one aligns themselves and -- more than the average black man right. Far and in fact that's the precise reason the times is constantly hectoring Americans to love soccer. One group a sports fans with her in soccer is not catching on at all is he African Americans Jeremy distinctly unimpressed by the fact that the French like it. There you have it. Black guys hate soccer -- Cossack and Coulter said so. 617779790. -- generated some of the responses. Over Twitter. Our regulars were responding to Ann Coulter are great. Does he hold on -- election analysis. Groups of the end simply says heavy red vehicle their PCs as yet no problem with talk about Cairo. Like tennis yep I'm not gonna get involved because quite frankly Alexio -- -- reads that article entries this woman is so ignorant that there's no reason to even talked about or even common. Here's here's one it makes absolutely no sense which he talks about the time. Here's one from from Kevin -- -- saint Ann Coulter complaining about the length of soccer games. Which are by far the shores of major televised sports is the best that's what I love about soccer. I know other other than a little extra time at the end. I know exactly when -- games and and you know it can be over less than two hours just don't know when the two hours demand based on stoppage time death so I get mixer Bob misery and -- a both Eli says ankle during the eight soccer again I guess now have to start watching it. Yes. Kristin says do we put Luis Suarez in a room together with Ann Coulter for an hour. So there you go Kristi and you -- soccer just like ankle Thursday Nazi now you're set -- said it up that's not true. I'd love soccer. Yeah -- soccer for the US right now. The World Cup that fit the phrase is usually have done a 180 -- you have done 360 in like five days out you went full circle you Haley don't like it more than the rest of us now you hated again to -- Ghana. I love and I got I got I got the bug camp body impact I took debate and I bought into it. The play Portugal. Which I was -- that went to. As did not disliked. The US game two was the other games that I was watching it was it was it was your way into the -- -- your way in Italy that was about -- by with a sore as biting it and just that I just had enough -- flopping had had enough of that. Over dramatized injuries the laying on the ground. If -- isn't even a good enough terms for. I love a big event. A lot of big party. On the back of the US. And that's and that's a much a permit for soccer so. Do I agree with ankle are now that's going a little bit far patients complete you know what went on and that. I'm a fan. Just not after the World Cup. I think or -- editors that with this piece is there's a lot of merit to what she's saying about why may not catch on in the US she'd just protocol about why wouldn't catch on US. I think she'd have something there. Where she loses me. Is everything else she's blaming soccer success on Ted Kennedy not just her way of saying anybody who's a Democrat Sox this is just another and Coulter I hate the Democrats dressed up in Sports Illustrated verbiage. That's all it is. The -- an anarchist that are description of the sport itself. -- youth soccer. It's like you and you know I mean it's it's like Paul here's -- ten year old that's what my kids go through right now right I mean it's it's four and a half this is the sport she's describing. So it's fine. It's it's it's -- not to like the sport although some people are offended by you don't have the liked soccer. When you describe it write an article that you know if you stop watch him when you're kidding your nephew was six. It's awful typical kind of rate at that -- there are no heroes no losers no accountability and no child's fragile self esteem Izturis. -- accountability they kill that guy in Colombia for the only goal what are you talking about no accountability. -- reminded yes okay. Portland Peter you're an -- percent. W yeah. I can't leave it actually saw the article I didn't read yesterday here yeah I would bet. I mean that you know you're you all -- -- -- -- -- that's our goal -- -- an awful. Good about allergic that I -- -- -- like -- -- watch going how out her away. Like you look at what we call. You know all happy and you know -- You're yourself foam broke up there but yet I would hate to say this out loud I'm glad she prevented me from doing it but some of what she said -- might have taken this article. And had to say out loud on the air I agree with Ann Coulter. But when she takes it to the extreme -- which part was part what I agree with -- it would catch on America because the weight setup. -- -- Literally I think I do think that she's on to something with you can't use your hands all Americans like sports reviews -- hand I don't think that's a big reason market cycle gets up is to use your hands also giving -- -- she also brought up the fact this be a very and Coulter thing -- right. There's nothing capitalist about it when it comes to capitalizing on the money because there's no. Easy TV revenue stream fort please pitches spent 750 million and MLS. But he unit or the get a gold black do we now I've got a lot of money -- -- hockey -- get him anywhere I don't know developed in BC -- of -- that's gonna plan out. -- MLS is growing. And I think there's gonna be it's it's going to be an impact I think on the incident but it's not going to be a huge impact -- -- upgrade -- -- an interest in the it is -- four years and now we'll -- even greater extinguishing right now. But I these any do with -- Hands. Not and has nothing to do I think the bottom line is that the MLS is not the best in the world. Americans like what then invest in an old well NHL. Major League Baseball NBA the best in the world come here. And they play in these leaks the best in the world don't come here to play him allow us the best. Go to Europe best during the premiere league. And because of that we can watch us all we want you know book will will watch the great players. We say OK good analytical what you MLS eagle they're not -- -- those great players you really get a truly loved again be in the game. Any other biggest blow to was a -- Michael Bradley. But you know when in the US World Cup the women 99 like they they'd -- at the stage and start league afterwards you had -- hands in mutually found he's Brady chest pains and Kristine -- people elect latch on to a -- jerseys. Michael Brown is the greatest player in America. When his term it is all -- they played like crap. So it's like. Not only do you do you want interest in the MLS but the players are actually playing in it you want to be proud of and say I'm gonna go get a Michael Bradley Jersey and you watch -- playing like nope not. If he's not exactly playing well and were and is going to what do. And right I mean it's it's beautiful the article to begin with -- if she just played right to that said Americans don't like what they're not best that she would have had a point. A turnaround and say that we don't like soccer because black guys don't disagree with the French is a bit extreme. To see that we shouldn't like soccer because of Teddy Kennedy back in 1965. Is a bit off the rails. 6177797937. Arthur on a car phone hi Arthur you're -- 937. Yes they do I -- you got to get me right away because I agree wouldn't -- that you probably wanna try to who exposed BR you know it looked foolish quite. But my point you have to do what you can't argue he had he had. I'm Michael Bradley wouldn't take responsibility for that play against Portugal they won't say anything negative. And it would sitting in sharing one US loses once again -- just everything just like Britain might say it's wrong. In the IndyCar used utility. Won't say this. Get a hold up for second out there because I wrote a column to that exact affect about the ES being covered we talked about Michael Bradley. Not taking accountability we played this -- of him failing to take accountability. -- repeatedly. But you also have to acknowledge what I've pointed out before actually in the article itself and on the air. That this was odd because of the way ESPN manufactured their coverage. Which is in other countries they -- will make their players accountable for soccer mistakes and their media does call them out. I don't know I don't really much you may because I don't follow soccer a lot. But what I'm seeing it from piano what -- seeing in this country is it seems very odd -- -- -- been there and be all excited. Because we just got we got -- one minute we're totally gotten anybody -- so it wouldn't mean anything you could all that a lot since they. Helping positive about it what's gonna happen we get into the next round against. -- They advance the yes that's something positive so you have to do forget about the point system I Sartre did about the wins and losses and the -- The most important thing is to advance the Arthur doesn't. I just hate soccer. And doesn't and it -- that Coulter but it doesn't get it so it's like this piece is it makes sense to him because he doesn't -- in any lying about the sport either I mean literally at all. Neck and that's buying Daria still Dick in a car phone Dick you're an -- seven. It's between the and that brought out a rescission. I think I think -- workers expect. Don't sound crazy just don't sound crazy but our culture here twelve -- voices don't call -- -- -- At that it looked at the wrong way you know in the group that are completely different than any partner got. Anyone product and try to work doctor. Arctic in their -- and it is. They're like apart from one larger yeah that's why didn't hear anything or bought. Reality is that or try to win that are equal. Or -- -- courtroom for fire not for war you know there Oprah he'll turn across the mop. Arm and it seem all over the World Cup in general follower who later now -- the thank -- I'm all. And the -- -- -- one nothing in the event. Reported in America their there's more loot and -- -- in a situation where April 1 nothing or are. But that doesn't necessarily translate into very exciting viewing rights -- there. Current. Age now are right -- but the analogy is usually drawn as well as just like football you know you can back your way -- as a football team when he Canada's one at a sixteen Sunday or. -- like hockey well you know what. Those are. Fifteen out of 82 hockey games we walk away with a shootout loss and you still get appoint these are -- read gigantic. Games. In world competition I agree. It's the declaration look at the last one put everything on. -- -- -- -- and two out of three times -- walked away satisfied as you're right I'm inclined to come back the next World Cup but at the same time I'm not going to overemphasize what great leaps and bounds I think America has made the last four years. When they got to this stage last year and they got back to this same point in this season. By winning once tiny ones and losing wants and probably losing to Belgium in the next. Well. On Tuesday -- look at -- -- you look at the big pictures Tuesday advance. Eighteens and advanced two years and grow. So you know England's out -- out -- out Portugal's up US two years -- now advanced. Okay that's an adjoining advanced next year are we ready to say soccer's taken a giant step backers that not a louder than putting others. Okay estimate of its okay want to repeat and prepare for not advancing in four years and now but. It's about interest it's about growth it to hopefully two years and now they don't advance to be a disappointment. We see the bracket therein I mean as they advance that's that's all that matters what they lost the first game last game middle game they do with -- to -- to win. I re -- really wasn't that important we'll let us. -- Revere as an interesting point about the Coulter please go ahead -- sobre. Check out our our carry out our sports and I have acknowledged that European soccer's. Public and capitalistic business model and the world the system that based upon the concept relegation and promotion. You finished the last base your leak it to opt in and actually. I know that they don't have that the protection that the franchise model that we appear United States in their revenue sharing. Salary cap on how you're right about -- -- where. They are exactly right about that -- if you took what I said as being that soccer can be capitalized on then that's not what I meant to do I meant to say that here in the states. There's not a lot of money to be made on on the professional level. That's what it. I agree with that I think the issue is just the quality of sport -- I think both American sports rental agency at -- And that's great but we're still not seeing the best player and when we have the opportunity to insult the World Cup we watched. And you know it -- so that the investment. You know John Henry went over to Europe and anybody European soccer team and it. That they are realise this a political soccer has a wider up an image and the plot Red Sox are a worldwide basis. And that's one of the reasons -- ought to eat into that spending a -- two years trying to -- -- -- Because you -- Saudi princes that Russian oligarchs that by soccer teams and buy up all the talent. You know America just at the wrong impression of the way. Soccer run on a worldwide basis John Henry eat at knocking at their best player right around white people. It it you look at that acts that you screw. Bottom right giant I'm -- Red Sox analogy in my mind here. For what is best players best employee trying to figure out -- second best players second best player he's probably semi hostile Liverpool come to think it. -- that was Lester and Lackey. 61777979837. -- -- love if we get one of our many many African American listeners would -- the shell and please tell us what you think of Ann Coulter speaking on your behalf. Is Michael here's Michael -- going to be here we need to get Michael and for the crossover Telus. His opinion on whether or not Ann Coulter should speak speaking on his behalf as a black men in America actively reading that right now the game -- we -- about half of -- -- -- what color race doesn't matter. Play more to come on this topic surrounding soccer the ankle to -- And capitalism and soccer. And we'd do need to get some what Pedro Martinez said about the Red Sox from -- yesterday because it's a very -- in comments himself and Lou and I agree with. Like about we come back this is 97 Libya.

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