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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, says Red Sox are lucky to be in bad division, 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

As he does every Friday, Kevin Millar joins MFB to talk baseball. The Sox are still struggling, Stephen Drew is feeling the pressure of his contract, Pedroia is under-performing, and the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury can't be overlooked.

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Exhausted after going back and forth on the air over the -- today. To -- here during the commercial break. This weather as moments label everybody was watching on the cameras there are rare moments were actually want people watching on these cameras. But during the commercial break. This fast break I was hoping people logged on WEEI dot com and watching -- in studio cameras. As Lewis and how. Passionately trying to get Christian understand. The point system argument soccer venues nationally -- go the other way and defend his point was still. Most of it is it's going to be in law upon further review yes on further reveal part of the review -- a lot I'll now all outlaws. Reformer and Kevin Millar on the line and -- kid -- is trying to. Dick Kevin understand -- coming from opened things up here because I think Kevin is. Wobbled -- going to agree with you about ties vs. Winds in soccer or let's let's bring Kevin on right now is a World Cup analysts yet -- are a former Red Sox stars are World Cup analysts. Kevin thank you for joining us first volley and go like Christian you wanna set up camp with what -- complains about the World Cup soccer system. Don't want the whole segment to be soccer well regardless of the long discussion and I'm sure that everybody readers guide -- -- in his first year. The quick reader's digest version is based on what -- with soccer. It's all based on points or so with that. The main keys to get as many points as you can so you get points by winning losing and tying. -- the losses aren't as -- are as important as they should be. That's it breakdown we think Kevin. Very -- -- yeah I -- they -- yet make deck that -- goal such as much about soccer. Torture played soccer that there are stronger legs my -- Ehrlich were terrible. I dare you know he's great that -- report let's get the some baseball because the Red Sox. Are you what -- -- -- 79 games into it 83 to go gap in the very patients ball but not exactly always patient fans of the Sox out of this thing. Staring he L -- but they're not and a great position a -- nearly as good -- they were last year and you know a lot for all right. They face jail breaking bought some Iraq as tight rotten they're gonna have to do. Like I told you guys you know I probably focus that. The good news as -- all. You're chase scene -- Other average club that polluted -- spectacular spectacular but as -- started getting all the political well Annika but of course or older. Are the same -- athletic and stop what they're pitching. At the end of the day the Yankees are on put themselves. Their Red Sox had a special year last year right and -- up because it like it at that angle effect -- It was especially here it would just in the cart it was what what are. They're not as great as the club and that's why they're reaching better hurt victory L got -- -- buckle. -- -- -- that situations. I'll -- you draw the ball great at all all great but. Racist rhetoric purely governor gray -- -- -- -- -- -- issue I don't know I mean that it's they're they're battle -- -- allow this from intentional talk in the MLB network Kevin. It talked about some of the struggles of these guys and it extends not just from the outfield which we talked about at great length but. Also you got a look at where things are on the left Saudi infield with Stephen Drew -- -- was to help a little bit particularly on defense but some profits to and Sander Borg Ballmer has kind of gotten worse is the season has gotten along here. Is he affected do you think at the plate mentally by the position change that's been theorized and wanted to think there's any merit to that. There could be that you put pressure on yourself as a player and they're at their personal pressure moving. To a position maybe we -- not real -- altering how -- That's why I just I didn't understand a couple of your true. -- -- You know Iraq applicants but glaring issue in my eyes and it may -- up you can -- that Eliot Goldberg all our react but he's still -- It -- offensively and secretly. -- Brian Butterfield work and daily. He's gonna get better at all ever for mayor herb Albert actually you. You know what it would make opted to let him grow. Well let him grow -- -- by Chemical Ali they expect a lot of money untrue. And it got little or third and so the pressure that we put on. Ourselves as -- yes maybe that respect all correctly you know it's not the way you like -- that they'll take it to the opposite side or vice Versa. What -- what what were obstructionist as. All athletes and it's not the highest level -- world out there is pressure. I -- so what about it Dustin Pedroia seems like he's -- a mini slump of his own you know -- especially when you look at his. His lifetime 300 hitting his bat in batting averages down -- is on base percentage is down is running. Runners in scoring position -- is down. Busy and it looks like he's hurt and I make it to -- -- -- too much into this user you know what you think he needs to do to kind of work his way out of this. -- he struck let me struggle in the one thing about that and Pedroia and we're talking about -- -- -- -- set at 653. Homers and whatever. You know you overlook a -- committee chair if you can -- a back seat battle equalize the possible eat diet eat place eat fat salt. Well we all struggle. Level at some point -- Dustin Pedroia the last forty years it's like -- has gone down a way to look at all the numbers. And that day I would take a lot foxhole he gave a week. Well I felt there about the struggle but yet you struggle you cap at all offer app no doubt about it. It is standards is an MVP a silver slugger all our rookie year. So that ball out but hey if I do if you -- 78 and picked back grind -- out and you're not a -- that your picture. But the numbers are -- for Dustin Pedroia that ballot. AK -- you loved Jake Peavy Allah Jake Peavy be you know you look at these kids Workman -- Olson waited thrown a ball. You Apocalypse Now back and work he would do brown looks like he's independent knows he might get some starts and it would talk about the get a Joan -- -- as an April. Global -- sit there say we have got to play it's the guys that we think can help us win and find a way to get all these young kids with notable also well. In this rotation. There are little regret that decision occurred -- put their heads together as an evil wherever however makes these decisions because. This game's about production and take the country knows that and become -- -- or you know what. India tradable seen or -- rexrodt Saturday -- like respect -- -- they think we talk about all the hot spot shows and TV but. Working the Red Sox think there you know they are you know like the Philadelphia Phillies are great quote could be a bit. They're in last place extra apple every game they are -- like there -- a lot trouble like seems like they're trying to too close to sell and Iraq's soccer match. That -- like to pick on another. Couple bad -- -- then you don't wanna be all the app out there out that you're still -- right but you could order around this. 6789. Game out in the and at that point you know Jake Peavy and -- stopped there wherever -- It's basically what's best for the Red -- I don't think you're now a visit to worry about everybody -- but Jake Peavy back right now a hundred. Ultimately familiar pretty epic struggle with he has ordered the last ten or eleven starts and what -- get -- how he or alliance. But -- candidates are also in you know what you're. Or are such where caramel -- with a son an FB's in New York for Red Sox vs the Yankees intentional talk the MLB network. Kevin we had your former teammate Pedro Martinez on the program yesterday and he said if you play ball you can tell that this team is -- there are a little tired. And he talked about how they over achieve last year and they pushed things. Deep into October is that something that the Red Sox should be using as an excuse or maybe not excuse the brother rob Moore an explanation is that fair explanation or not. It did department only if you're trying to keep that same -- Cadillac sure yet. -- -- are -- but it's our -- you are struggling coming. Illegal -- last year. It -- -- you talk about me again I'm not hot all of that and the year he hack your health. Well we only got -- -- for the first month but I like things -- -- different you know they can't get hurt really hurt our ballclub. Tracking -- outfield. You know try to -- situation jacket Bradley. Well. Aggregate -- practically it's actually who really are you here in Iran colloquial bury. You -- you're here. Where a guy that you -- a temporary order lectured the trigger himself. You know there's a lot of things like gotta go right to win a champ you guys and there are a lot of great things like the locker a year away Accenture. Right now the Red Sox might be higher crime at bat like you know bottle. And ultimately they did over -- flashier and that's OK -- all about we Robert -- oh or better yankees. We just over achieved with our art and our alliance. This is what are reps got to compare and in the -- like who is this club -- we want all future because I just think their lack of star power. You -- this at the Sox are you know fall back even more when they are saying that a month from now right before that trade deadline. The Red Sox we think that organization do you review them really and as sellers -- all to be more of already starting to build for the following year. You know it's a great question what you delicate this division I think all year the east. It's gonna go down to the wire so they that's where they got to really sit back and say. Do we -- do we attack that we try to get. You know a big name player to go -- outfielder whatever big need an article you know what it -- Ortiz a week. -- decision get that part like who he chased him right. If you chase a lot -- doctors and -- nine and a -- out on the you're not about the doctor. Heavy traffic actress Kirk are great yet while -- fraud and you know real. But when your shrink the bloated I think go if you call because they have proven that they could win the extra long pot. And so I think that's what gives the wraps up hope other orbit Orioles and blue gate situation or not ten and a half games back behind me. There aren't that -- the time we appreciate the World Cup analysis and -- down. Thanks for agreeing with me so much and I got bird like god Gabbert light bulb. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- are from intestinal talk and MLB network he's in New York for Red Sox vs yankees on the whole series right here. A WEI.

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