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No fireworks for the Boston Celtics, 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

Are Celtics fans underwhelmed and disappointed? Did Danny Ainge let us down, or was it just a case of bad luck. With no Kevin Love, and no trade for the number 1 pick, Lou, Christian and Tim discuss the results of draft night for the Celtics.

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Well we're not what happens war. No fireworks. No dragons and it would Savard Carter and Kevin Love. Maybe we're going on -- balanced. -- is still optimistic about where things are gonna go this summer for the Boston Celtics. Lou and -- trying to serve through our disappointment over the last night in the anti climactic nature. Of the Boston Celtics drafts. If your Celtics fan that wants to voice your opinion on getting Smart young and Lou I don't want people to be confused unite people like those two players right. -- what are now mapping with the players they got -- just a built myself up to want more -- the -- anymore. So what you guys status is for use in the game -- preference -- The reason also upset about the game of -- finale because I've built it up to that it was -- be awesome yes there's going to be great. I learned my lesson with the -- so on a draft him along other market isn't. I realize I put so much of my emotions into game -- finale that was gonna do the draft but that's like that's kind of how I changed my mind -- thing. If you watched the proceedings get it nobody wants team USA soccer and boy was that a similar feeling. It all -- up in this game were at a place which acts out and what happens. They lose. But they advance. It was a state what it was a flat dead game a Q was it not. The worst in the plate. There's nothing really fun about it I mean but the last -- the last like thirty seconds yes couple scored and had an -- shot. But -- -- -- the -- that I don't want I don't agree that the -- should celebrate the loss it's just it's the way this thing is set up. This is when you look big picture this is when you look here's the advance that's all that really a matter big picture here -- the big what do you know the big picture the Portugal game is that watch stick in the should've won that game. If they had if they had been bounced yesterday. That eagle back to that Portugal game -- league coughed that one up but they didn't know that they lost one nothing to a better team. They advanced that's all that matters you should celebrate a loss because that's how this tournament is set up. Big picture I think you're right as he sports fan viewer I felt to pay off after the Ghana game I've felt the pay off even though I was disappointed after the Portugal the game. I felt nothing yesterday after that game against Germany tunnel like I did. When Aaron Gordon went off the -- or I knew that all -- was gonna happen was going to be market Smart and I thought well maybe there's a payoff here would big news coming from Rondo trade. Before pit -- That fell flat to you and that was my vodka away from both events last night the draft. And a soccer game yet a soccer game was it just it was just so. US troops hosts Alec election Alice yeah I don't words like WH a picture up picture -- -- And it bella did so and you really were more inches in Portugal in and Ghana based on the fact that. You're watching that you don't we have that game on. And the better leg gone was doing what's gonna tied it up really hope this does give us -- Don't -- a lot. Because what she was actually trying to win. Yes boy and you know to me -- mean -- very good -- better team. And and it was 00 but it was like a lanky boy they are attacked an all time US did absolutely nothing. And you just sort of had this vibe that once it was one not the last ten minutes once it was one nothing he found -- Portugal's up -- one. Germany's keep the ball away from the US US birth we -- -- -- yeah they're perfectly found him in all that they go about to advance so you to sit there watching it go and I want. This doesn't matter this is like. This is like a game at the end of the year that that always gonna play anybody because they're both moving on to their moving on and it didn't matter I mean it's going to be a lot -- built up on Tuesday -- team to try to win. But it just. It was awful game that was zero excitement whatsoever and it didn't matter because they advance that you should. Celebrate the loss these people say it's it can't do it. But the way it's set up -- was a matter of the how they did they won the first unit type the second they lost the third all matters a lot first Boris -- they lost the first game and tied the second one the third advanced. The bottom line is advance that's at. 61777979374. Soccer fans as well as people -- react to the celtics' -- would start doing that with Howard. I Howard you're not a 37 WEI. My -- and I don't know how are you. Okay -- I agree with you -- at soccer -- -- and celebrate a lot to celebrate the tactic brought against. That's it's all matters they the players yes from a fan base it did feel a bit awkward and a bit jumbled. That your celebrating the fact the plan the best team was perceived to be the best team. And you lose it's still okay. Elect that we had a celebrated a lot in the 86 World Series of respect they're great for the Red Sox lost the World Series. Sold -- that was that was -- as a -- a lot. Okay what about -- UConn and about draftees -- going to get right I'm more Celtics and the best -- and I just feel that the so let's not connect whenever there and -- draft lottery that I cricket the lot that they need to get them want -- And lest I mean it Rick wouldn't 86 when -- so. The only part support -- you know that didn't work out but I I was -- the he had match up this morning. And they gave -- great to walk between on the track results. And I suspect pocket spot and what will look at that gave them upbeat. But then -- -- -- peculiar tripled to eliminate. -- -- riddle that play in his lap. Some people think so yes some people thinks so and it's a matter of are you picking -- bigger guy over a guard. I think a lot of it comes down -- up there are some injury concerns about Randall there are some concerns about how dynamic he can be. Offensively once he gets to the next level -- playing amongst pros. I like them both as players kind of the same. I would maybe suggest that that was over rating Randall a little bit and under ratings mark a clutch I would say they're both got a B plus players results. All of them ethic we Celek to draft the subject of who's the best player what's the best for it. It can get Julie's Randall you know and he could put him in -- soldier and a court together. You know let's or talking about you know Gordon in volume there looking at or power forwards you see we got -- solid you know soldier trade chip. Beckett being. But would he get more for you get more for Jarrett sellinger -- we get more for John Rondo what is more importantly that you have markets Smart ready to go now if you trade -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- like if you trade. If you -- draft powerful Lloyd now makes Jared soldier expendable you -- for Jarrett sellinger what did you have to point guard. Get more for John Rondo I think that you look at the team in seawall it now opens the door for you traders on Rondo getting better -- -- Chester you're satires and a gag orders and now I my suggestion often that was going to be yes if you. Have draft is Smart you're suggesting that the precursor to this is a Christian was describing things the precursors. This move is happening before you trade Rondo added BN. Take Randall Lou in yes the suggest can be that there's something in the offing that they're gonna go on and they -- it. Thing with the Boston Celtics -- in conversation all year long was how long the process gonna take to rebuild. Okay it and that's what people rooting for the losses because it figured if he got that -- he'll top three pick at the time park awakens and -- You know you're cute take that player -- the -- transcendent player. All you can trade debt picking get a guy like Kevin level it'll be easier than new -- six. So that whole thing was is gonna take two or three years is it gonna take 45 years. When you stand pat and don't make a big Mo for united realize that they haven't made you know that's not over we could still do something tickets still. I guess bring in a guy like love and and extend -- whatever it is but by doing what they're doing and doesn't it gonna give love. To assume that it's gonna take longer to rebuild and that's with a disappointment comes in -- expense even matter how patient you -- It's either 23 years 456 years. So on Maryland -- 97. They can't yeah on the draft last night fell one point in the draft and then went in on the future sort of Rhonda. I think and in my head the ideal and would have banned -- about -- empty all the six. You take them. Knowing that he can emit at least part not really the whole year I kind of forces your hand or make it easier to trade Rondo. Well we got that he -- -- either Mac or more right -- comment. And that it you're sort of symbolizes yet of the long term rebuilt bureaucracy waiting on impede. You treated rotten though that may -- could still got Smart at eight or media take the Alfred and you're a little bit later. But I hit it in my my concern at what they've done now. Unless they move Rondo as soon is that the plan I -- with it straight Rondo somewhere near the deadline. In my -- -- better gonna be willing to trade for Rondo at that point in time probably aren't going to be able to give you the best he. They draft picks in -- wouldn't be tight exit -- that contending. And certainly. A team that's contending it and trying to unload some of -- good young piece. Was always injury -- you come and play their during the season as well and how desperate team is for point guard I don't know. That they have. Shelves the notion of treating Rondo during the offseason entered directly looking at just doing it in the regular season always think about like the draft if you're disappointed. The I'm sure the plan. The plan any probably look. Completely different. And what we're seeing right now and I think a lot of that had to do with the lottery so there are expecting. At least to get something better than six Sony and at what number six. Minnesota is the team that they wanted to part of what they want to trade where they want to get catalog so. Having pick number six. Wasn't necessarily what Minnesota won it so if you want your draft board. -- players that you want added if players are being take it off you're bored. As far as what you need is big -- go to best available player who works the same way it in every sport so with Smart. That would -- god it is just exactly what they want to do. No I don't think Saudi they want to be more active in trade that they don't want to be more actively getting in acquiring guys that they want it it worked out way. It doesn't mean that it's not going to happen this means it's gonna take a little bit longer for them to shuffle around their picks. Find some suitors -- so that's enticing for somebody else to get the players that they want. The roster that they have now will not be the roster but the open the season. 61777. I Cincinnati 37 if you wanna -- talk about the celtics' draft or. You wanna get on team USA soccer as well will we come back there was at least one person. That was happy. With the Celtics choices. We'll tell you vote was and how he made those feelings abundantly obvious we return here in 937 WTI.

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