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Danny O Show EP3 - Ryan Kielczewski

Jun 27, 2014|

This week we recap three major fights and preview Quincy native Ryan Kielczewski's up coming fight on ESPN Friday Night Fights.

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All right folks they made abandoning -- red Lana. From Framingham Massachusetts. It. And he EE EE. EE EE EE EEE. Welcoming into another episode of the video show line package alongside me Danielle. Had a let's go -- and amnesty for about a week here would even have to. You know who you are Kim badger radio listening got a good -- you -- idea that. The microphone -- -- book comes out it goes on but OK so if you're listening to this you -- don't really sound like it's more along the lines of but some and I don't think that's the pattern and the pace I talk a little bit quieter but when the microphones of from the Disco. Danny how are you doing today sir sounds so you know I can't open it is it. For eight years this is the pattern I've been doing in learning how to do this so I can only do this should be I gathered that announces the -- and comes. So the megaphone like the new Michael Buffer. Ladies engine. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. I would I would always 00 you do personally I don't I don't even know they've got no closer in the whole trip that our attendance. Boys and girls children of all ages. Coming up next super fight. And garnered any -- and -- See it's not -- -- about art can. I don't notice as I can top -- and -- you with the -- you can get -- a I can't -- not to put them. Citing senior for about a week we do this on a weekly basis usually Tuesday or Wednesday its -- today. But we're supposed to chill. Saturday but both currency had plans and -- -- Bob -- Stand. Here yet you know there is some video I heard noses dirty come he's really dirty language and yet again Saturday. His thirties I've ever hurt. Yet he's always -- and he's always swearing eased up in the moment to read these horrible sex jokes that involve only -- gambler. Yeah it's funny cause you to hear adjusting stuff outside -- full house stories. He's making these like weird gay jokes about yeah. Statements and indeed could be what is called a group -- addicted to any standards at all those years of being tight but no. Added suburban dad announces loose and. I I do placed in them and went to an improbable and where they did the you know they like make stuff up on the spot yet and it was hilarious but I want to go to good. You should call me remember six which was lowered my very only. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HBO specials. It's pretty cool. Bjorn. As. An appearance this continued. -- loyal alum he's not dead just moved to California. Announcing -- -- specify. That you really don't know important and if you do know Bjorn trustees. He's he's doing an -- back and they go visit them. I think you go out to San Diego in December only totaled -- patriots and chargers in September. And -- -- -- an -- dropping names and and -- now. Our friend India from your confidence and so. Snapper and Norman. -- got a friend lives there and she's always in emea and -- to this story. So much time in. Portland tiger free. Mattered but but listen also I'm so this schedule might have to me because my boxer like it's not like. You know it's kind -- actually you know I've but it always coveted him a lot of time and how do -- and you know before him instantly that -- Now I'm like so bad schedule in what I gotta do and how long I think it's gonna take -- is it's bad is bad men. I'm I'm always a must it's for work on Mosley. I can just never remember. Where I'm supposed to be what time I'm supposed to be there and what does that mean for once let's leave I'm still asleep every. Man on the opposite everywhere -- -- to a Cyrano nose and am always on time. I just I used to be -- always be on time for everything -- never really. Does it -- why don't you two women who don't do -- conference appears to me right now because it do you mentally the last six months I would definitely. Current system board committees and as -- podcast and I was craziness. But well didn't you who I -- a monster trucks and so it's acceptable lead it's mean to go to -- people -- Miller should -- the -- -- -- -- Dude who is it was pretty smitten with him and I and I was impressed I don't understand how much of drugs don't. Like crush up the Gillette field you know I mean could listen there's one monster truck went beast -- over the thing and smash in the tire for a lot. He continued to drive circles in the dirt and just do like this circle thing around the whole thing I don't see how it doesn't ruin everything under. I actually know -- Because someone told me this exacting the other day -- imported. Tons of dear mr. -- literally tons of dirt. And places on top of the field. That into it's that Turkey can just -- McEnroe. And may put. Layers of dirt over that. And that's how they -- -- -- So it is true continent and the really good job cleaning up monitor. Am like why do we -- Because it's a modern day circuits is what I told Miami and they drive around the country and they just. Do it all of them like one thing that is the truth to -- -- picks up another crew that loads and and they go to the next city it's its. They're -- they got to go to our provisional and it was a wicked fun. I can imagine it is fund announces he's always -- monster trucks for the simple fact not that it wasn't cool but for the simple fact. There when I was a kid monster trucks Saturday -- would come on immediately after WWF superstars as you trust and -- And so on this summer and their -- it's like to help restaurants over dammit now and sometimes -- -- trustees and that's awesome. I mean -- I don't they have been before I had no idea what to expect and play my -- younger I can't remember anything from it. So I had no idea what to expect who's going to be my road. Two bad it was it was reliable news -- -- it was outdoors so I've been at any time feel like I needed to go earplugs and it was pretty. You know we had a -- creeks beat you know the speaker next you're either. -- what you are true you know since I was there I -- the topics that I couldn't do them years of law. That's very cool we testament stuff they are just to kind over the top Playgirl souvenir shot because -- -- -- If floating upload their problem is ahead. Grave diggers son yes so they've they've been the only -- have ever enter in and he's the beat the biggest role -- -- drugs if they grave digger so now they have grave -- sign him. And I agree they say it's the same grave -- but he's different goalies all green -- and he comes -- hitting you know he's going to be just us that. The side -- -- -- those trees in this history degree there. I -- knows how much. The drivers should recycle drives on time how much the drivers of those trucks make a year. Kill. Him -- it's basically they're just they know what happened and he handled it like they just. -- I have no idea what to I don't know the bars for. What's his truck trailers I check them trucks live in a person I think it sucks and -- stupid on -- Having said that someone from monster trucks is going to be listening lose some more -- but I think it's -- jealousy or out of Austin it was when they come back and next time -- -- and to -- -- -- -- I would like Joseph -- is there. Rogen. -- or listen to supported yeah yeah -- funny. As we wanna go understandably -- that recent -- certainly fun. It's really -- expensive. It is really -- exiting the tickets were pretty good but they relate. Fifty bucks a pop. Which is fairly expensive to go to the Wilbur theatre and see it. Dude this is how the seeding was if you never in the Wilbur theatre. You're not sitting facing the stage. You're sitting facing the person across a small little table from. So the whole time you're watching the show you're heads into the left or all the way to the right. It's ridiculous. I don't -- it is it's awful it's awful but we'd love to Wilbur theatre it's a lot of fun. Wasn't worth of those -- Jeff Wentworth absolutely it was funny relies -- -- -- -- a good experience. Mean it was worth and care. To. World. -- enough of that garbage about monster trucks and standup comedy. Which is actually fun both those things are pretty damn fun but on the show today. -- of this he's gonna join us he's just gonna journalism here. He's got a big fight this weekend on ESPN Friday night fights against Lindsay Louis rams twenty years old gonna use of broadcast employees. I had to -- yet we got to. Into yeah yeah as many -- -- practice our current. February can be a manager you can be manner. All right. -- 33 in third. -- -- -- And now on ESPN Friday night fights. The main event -- super featherweight championship match in the right corner from Quincy Massachusetts the polish prince. Ryan -- ski. Pretty impressive skeletons that -- the money is Brian's friend of the show. And he's going to be -- in amazement and getting you Ramsey and of the time a day. To give him a proper entry. I'm excited for a man known for embodiment and it's good to see his career programs you know he's he's got some good opportunities here and he's looked good on TV in the Palestinian spend so. You know I'm excited to impart any surprise that they're. And then a -- imposed a phase I can now sit back at home on the code to watch him and you know be excited Foreman just really reform -- And that's at the Ameristar casino in saint Charles Missouri Dennis ESPN Friday night fights but right now which is welcome to the show from Quincy Massachusetts rankles husky who met -- of having haven't talked to -- and traveled today to get down there. Yeah. I'll -- yeah and and how do you feel for for this tournament. There are -- pretty good in -- -- it. For the trial he'll open up like -- my way. Awesome and we got just super. -- this thing. Where if you -- -- but it once when it doesn't exactly. Nice and so. You know I've had a relationship with you and passes a friend you know if you were roommates at the nationals and stuff and there's a little segment before when I went before a college you where I kinda explain your credentials so you know they know how would you learn. Where your from something that's so you know I just really want you to talk to go to some confinement is that is a good opportunity for them. -- back begin on on yet he and the like the first summer around well. You know they invite me back to fight against -- -- in impress them. People and get on -- HBO or showtime next. I actually just into it. It's we're talking months before my co host it is you know kind of an order there goes and you know you start small and just keep working your way out so. I'm I think -- him and you've already looked pretty good run on TV in the past and you know tomorrow on the -- before you can tell me a little bit about your -- I don't really -- who knew -- to bottom these. You know he's he's twelve in Warren is going losses that brokered time. Yeah token I haven't seen him or talk to him go -- moment. Yet you don't pretty good I think he's twelve and all right now but he actually pick it actually drop so that's why. In the war Iran I believe there's so it is -- more. What some Pollack. Yeah I've been I've been trying to follow to it was for a little bit everytime I see is never something you know I read the day Argyle -- like -- -- -- can do I have little called sometimes you. Yeah I wrote it. I'm so. Forever or at home it's going to be listening and you know I've known Ryan for awhile if you are not amateur ranks in New England you know you get to know everybody when you go to these. National tournaments in and other places to -- across the country. And you know you are we -- on the a couple of the same -- spread the guardian in the house of blues in a couple of them. And I. So oh and I could never happen so. I just want to wish you the best in. You know and everything for tomorrow and you know if there's anything you wanna say there you know now's the time anything -- Yeah -- -- all men out based book. On the on Twitter and it to grandma always done this book -- 89. And they -- -- Thanks appreciate you don't want to. Yeah no problem big thanks to Ryan for joining the show we really do appreciate -- -- him giving us a few minutes here and it was very busy with the fight coming up Friday night. And is critical reader -- they'll -- -- who is it's good to get to them and do and you know I think somewhere along the line you know you live your life especially when in boxing you're giving everything to the sport where. You know sometimes you you drift away in his Mexicans -- the people because you know you always followed their career and she rather go and even though you could talk from every day you know it means so. It's nice it really is that's -- I'm trying to get Demetrius Indian. -- to present and see -- island. You know used to be with -- a lot and all the time so mishap there. You made a lot of pretty damn close friends in this business doesn't seem like it's an easy business to be making friends and especially when it's so competitive. I'm going to think you've become so close -- these peoples is trying to others for so long so closely. Yeah absolutely I mean we're in the trenches together you know like me right now I mean we were roommates at nationals but. Where I'll run into -- Quaid and if I go to dishonest somebody's gonna come with me you know I mean I think we were in that together like when I went to. When I went to Russia right and -- you're savers Russia and women like Demetrius and a couple of people. And -- there was a bunch glad to make way and we all went to the Sauna together and it's awkward about it because back then we make -- good so I you know -- landing. And drank any water no wild -- and you know we had Sauna and you know in Russia so Euro which has -- these guys and you get a mutual bond between them and you know. It's cool to -- them you see that movie eastern promises and legal mortenson -- Russian mobster. Active and -- remember -- well you know two run home but there's this one scene and Sauna. -- steam room whatever I don't know what exactly was. There's this huge fight. In -- -- and snake holes. Fighting nature it's completely that's that's an aggressive move appropriately aggressive that you excellent kick your ass mother naked you know there's something you don't. He is willing to fight you. Yeah I mean that's just. So you know -- now and how. I can't imagine -- much time. But I went to Russia for two weeks we have and I went to I want to Siberia which is where provide McAuliffe is from isn't around them yet so I know what to puddles -- yes I know what to -- when you know we talked about he had a rough because. There was harder you know and to went from what time of the year was it was a winter yeah I was -- called -- was there was snow on the ground. It was for isn't in Serbia are there there was work Gloria. So really carry round blogs and so forth I hate that movement and I tried to stay inside spouses and children. I -- I -- the gem I don't I don't believe you -- and you don't like those rocket. And I do -- -- -- but I don't -- to a certain digital communities must have been some people only got to Friday night it was for -- does not mean I love the fledgling movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They should just rip off the entire movie Shawshank redemption. As late singer -- -- it's a classic it's on USA like every other day -- board at 3 o'clock in the afternoon you're guaranteed that it. Shawshank redemption on TV some and is again and again in -- I want to determine if you know. And there's a few things they would you know eloquent and golf lots of golf on oh yeah and they know it's I enjoy wanting you to watch in the World Cup. Listen I've been following it as much as I can and around working on trying to follow to reach him whenever I'm home from work on to game. And I still don't fully understand his point system do -- no one's really explained it to me. So -- -- I don't understand so in this staged the group stage. Q4 players in -- group of four teams in your group that would just gone Germany Portugal yesterday. So if you win the game against your competitor you get reports like hockey if you. Drop or tie you get one point so that's why the US has four points right now because they beat Ghana and they tied Portugal men. So. We're recording this once and I just -- you know so Thursday at noon in the US is gonna play Germany imports was simply Ghana. The US has like a 75%. Chance of advance. If they tie. Or beat Germany they automatically. If we're doing -- tie each other US and no matter what happens automatically. So because they'll have more points. Correction Ghana has one point in Portugal has one point. Because Ghana -- Germany Portugal tied the US we had four points because we beat Ghana sort of mystery to them one point from -- -- So we if so we tied German reboot automatically -- a Sandra and yeah. So that -- play a little lesson for the -- -- guarantee goes there. -- -- That's what people -- thing and coached your game Klinsmann is German and you know what if you flew the data both Hugo. There'd be less injuries if you know playing out. That's -- thank you heard you know something might happen chance true then true. But let's get back to. -- before August before we have -- to be -- men it's gone to the music and yeah there were personnel. Yeah it was me and and mean it was just it was time to get it on the left -- much but she's you know to quote ever the same thing in it was again a pond -- The impression that they won't Russian Libya hurts and when you Russia and we're faced little trying to illustrate it hurts you get in new hook up from the beard. And he could do business intelligence. You know -- shaved beard but you'd meet at -- accurate. And I still got a little under sleeve and only just it's going to be. This year's accord. That oh and record this so -- -- either here in. It's gonna come up all the way point fish on the underside of your eyes yeah. In news it's fantastic what but I take -- slow it's O line could this guy obviously who did. My mentality Paterno. Where was the -- yes and he tattoos. Twists to shop Nashua and tons -- -- do -- -- -- unknown group for a long time he goes Heyward can and who knows Bethlehem. It. That's him choosing. If you're into tattoos could check out Tony -- up in Nashua, New Hampshire is you column on Twitter. At Tony Paterno and just Google turn -- tattoos a legion in the right direction the -- agree goto. -- inked up witness. And you could do anyway in the area in the Smart -- tomorrow. -- Talk about some -- just happened DeVon Alexander. First cases -- carrots. Or thoughts on the flight. I like Alec DeVon to unify his career for a while when he won the IVF though again wondering I was wondering Austrian partner. So I went down to Tampa floors of that and you know followed his career for honestly too briefly to his slick left the game. I think the -- -- in the in the past she's been labeled as kind of a boring fighter and you know that's right up my definitely related. All the time knowing me because when you're good -- -- Smart sometimes -- be labeled. Boring you know. And so I think he tried to be more exciting for the site and you know I don't know how to think about that I like it because he is shows -- she's trying to get ahead and be more exciting for the fans. But it's also a fine line because you don't want to change your style you know that's that's what got him there in the first nations could. And -- he is good he is he is. Really good you know he's. Former world -- you know. The loss to Bradley -- -- loss to show how important was my roommate at the Olympics in Los have been. But -- that you roommates. All as well boxers you replacement on -- -- yeah I -- there's a lot of people there's a lot of people that know where Osama circle but. You know. It's a community you know all around each other missing kids at the national -- you become friends with a lot of them -- see him and then you know live and at the -- senator. You know a year before the Olympics. The people there were actually on the team you know you go with the men. So -- -- but by norm back to them and forget he has some good wins in the T say and Madonna. And those are good fighters man and. I mean and losing to Bradley is -- mean you don't -- -- loss of one of the best fighters in the world now so that's not a it's a huge deal. I mean if -- medium degree and a feather in your campus losing to one of the best in the world. Really does hurt you down mocking him and and child -- is very good too so those are. Those are two. Good fights where he lost to better competitors. Robert Guerrero verse you -- she Heros -- a guy. Again these are two fighters I really don't know much about. Yes so you know. I like Robert Guerrero I think -- you know I don't know is exact. Macro media some sort of story were his wife had cancer in in this way and some some time off and he's a former world champion in. You know his last loss was to Floyd Mayweather. And so he's coming back from a thirteen month. -- And you know I just I root for him because I know a little bit about tobacco. Play -- hero Cameron you know I didn't really know much about them they are really didn't know much about him and you know maybe that's because they've been too busy to watch. The back stories or whatever personal I don't know how that you know -- destroy human social earlier could've sat down in Washington 24 sevens and all that subpoena him. You bit it bit is that not a problem with boxing to a certain degree is that they don't to enough to tell us who these are so that we get invested before the you know so let's say it's a paper view before paper view finally know who they are I'm not gonna invest my time in my money. But if I get to see that's why I think it's 24 sevenths such a great show and change things because you get to see the back story in the training. Absolutely when you get invested. You know in them as a person is gonna make your move for them or -- Danielle boxing should. If if they're gonna. The other national TV for assault to watch I think they should give us you know and I don't know what goes into it maybe they don't for a reason but I don't know but they should give us a little clip on. You know them. What they're all votes so that weakens you for ourselves because. You know chemical it was over really really tough guy in this was a good fight -- there was a lot of action. And I think this was a showcase fight for can't really you know we came over year. And he was one for two and one and he lost. Your arm -- who -- really deflated beat gave Paulson for his first -- a little while ago actually I was in training camp. Which metaphor for awhile because it was you know spine and he joined by people that I grew up and it was. He meant it was unbelievable to you know actually be any training camp with him for you know a couple weeks farm with them and that was pretty cool man because. And when a person of auction hormones to mentally Kim and you know I kinda gravitate towards him and followed his career and everything in. But doctor -- -- you know he was a showcase -- he came over here so that. So the people could know who he was now you know I mean like Chris said -- said you know you know we now won't that was I think that's -- -- -- guy wanted to. Do because if you look at the purses -- got a million. Camera guy is 75000 -- you know he was coming over here to like. You know this was his time this was his. What he needed to do prize he lost actor -- hasn't thought the Q and he gave me a whole bunch of stitches when I was slowed Shia. Yeah. He's a tough tough to. Does that seem to you though that the discrepancy in pay growth Britain's. -- Euro gets 75000. I mean listen to on us 75000 for one fight is nice -- number. But apparently intimately. Mean that -- and yes I know Robert Guerrero. A bigger name. But she's angered him -- K that doesn't sound right. Two guys fight. I mean it's it's definitely very lopsided and you know for whatever reasons that are behind the game for that I have no ideas you know what I mean because Toyota -- and also a business not just a sport like you know you have to make -- contract you have to. And you know you you. Do you willfully negotiations on money so it does a lot of other pieces that go into the puzzle to make an operation work so there's -- you know you gotta figure that stuff out so. I think that's why when -- -- today cool experience stories of people maybe wouldn't always know so. You definitely have to finish. -- fascinating little Robert Guerrero isn't name anyway you know remain so he's got him or use -- but -- -- it would just time out. Don't know much about will they if they told us more about -- you know. -- would be an investment money apparently and that's what I enjoy and I enjoyed USC when they came to the Boston aren't yet because Dana -- -- some entertainers and went there. And let me tell you what it was like. It was all so there was so much -- and I I don't listen. It was a whole show the musical soul loud and -- -- McGregor that the Irish do became our news you know run around and it was awesome do they showed little back story on the Marciano with a -- war. And it was like a whole event even though it was. You know fighting it was like an event had a good time and they did a great show. You know a lot of lights a lot of stuff going on that visually see. And between fights is there's a time that downtime in between flights. I was working at. A couple years ago I was working GM and at the times I was there was zero and his producer crazy cool. The fighters who does a lot of fun was injured Tony Versa Randy Couture and and it and the whole time I'm thinking. If Tony gets them he's gonna -- But if -- if targets in on him there's no way and you know. You -- -- -- -- you because you wrestled and you're successful wrestler is wells successful boxer bush had talked Cuba that hurt by it because they made a -- that was someone like Tony's gonna wind is just gonna catch him 12 tours and across. Made if you -- -- -- sent to you know -- -- help call -- -- five -- area and around his lesson about the -- yeah I mean. I -- -- you don't temporary Kraft -- relied Hammond and usually be sweet Lou offered things. These settlements. -- Coleman but it was. We're right up against occasions seen action in in due Joseph wrote was great leg -- don't want combine your religious they were right or they're already -- -- high five major programs -- -- and that duties men and he was he was legit fighter himself -- -- before needed standup comedy -- news radio -- Islam which I might learn a little jujitsu now to take because I know according to push in the facing him or nothing so I wouldn't do anything. -- -- -- Or anything like I can only the trial like in on the private remarks yeah but I would like to do some really cool Kong flu or jujitsu where I'm not gonna get punched. But we can wrestle a little bit and maybe I'll get hip -- -- or some -- I think that we -- fundamentalist school the only connect to do -- -- -- -- today's -- I wanted to. You know me and I was sad that I and had a beard anymore. You -- nine miles an owner of your former beard and not run everyday and every rely charter Monday. Through Friday and then Saturday and Sunday to do nothing I mean -- -- -- -- the last thing for three hours and injuries afterwards. As hot as helmet Jim hey listen you -- trainer because I'm officially trained people now grow so. Call me -- you go I -- I do that number right or to find you. I'm from Framingham to sign or even. But. Before we go too far talking about ourselves but don't crap we do we we haven't mentioned. Again you know me you've streamed online I didn't get a chance CEOs said this man so. This is a -- you know I like DeVon Alexander and finger Aaron but this is a fight that I ever Kerry's their guy yeah I like Gary. A -- he. You know he won a bronze an amateur championships in multiple multiple world. You know national champion. First one at the age of sixteen. His 2008 Olympian would mean he went to Beijing. He's legitimate he really is. Ring TV dot com SI dot com espn.com. 2011 -- into the air. Can I do because I'm more invest in him because I know them you know I don't known to open and -- somewhat of a personal level and man I didn't know much about all the seal is in his image credentials but watching him play it was like a chess match where. Both fighters were just so polished and you could tell that they were just show good and anything could happen at any time. And as a as a fighter I watched that because to me that's like an art -- and I really really enjoyed it and you know on C I'm Jacob turned up a notch to gear that I didn't even know. He you know that he had and it was really impressive. And in this you know his credentials as an amateur -- -- -- let me ask you this is credentials as an amateur. Fantastic what was it 400 fights. He easily had he only had two pro fights coming into this fight has so does that happy -- you found time as an amateur. How do you get jumped up that high after only two fights world. You know I think this is -- to different approach -- -- Gary Russell had a great resonate come and and then. He turned pro and he you know like -- said on the other part guessing it takes time to take time to -- -- name in Abuja branding get experience. And you know that's how wrong you did the right way you know I tell people do but then there's other people -- woman tango you know years. 396. In one record as an amateur so we only lost one time and I wrote does that play here. I Sony notes on him did he -- she's done so much like it's crazy. So has only losses that Albert cell limb and I don't know he saved by it and he events the toys I mean. -- 400 flights only one loss deadlock impressive two time gold medalist with four years in between like. Angela Thompson who you know how many fights did you fight amateur. A 500. It intently eleven record. Who -- -- a 110 and eleven. Yeah it's -- -- again I had over a hundred flights eleven and twelve losses. I had no idea over a hundred flights and what was your for your first amateur fight. You wouldn't percentage of yeah I -- my my first. Makes sixteen the first so my first like real national tournament that I went to. And how much you strange but -- amazed at nationals are present new England and that was my first loss and made all the way to the Sammy and I'll never -- desire lost a kid Michael balance. And I eventually find him again eventually end. The Olympic trials. And and in beat him so good so yes and that. Or maybe it wasn't deliberate childbirth so every US championships -- -- that -- before but it was somewhere along the line where where are events that -- That was my first -- -- and he -- me over the really fast you have -- from. From -- news really you know mostly due to -- boxer and he has some more experience and then my -- was -- here and dude I went in. The bathroom and I cry because I was on such a competitor like I just wanna win and that's sitting like a blogger recently you know that was his first man that was his first loss in a big fight -- fighting for you know. A world championship battle for the first time and I was very very impressed by the way that he handled himself and in the interview at the end you know the way he's spoken. You know the one thing Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather but he believes he's the best road you know and he may be but he also believes it and that's the first step in and getting to do that or doing anything is believing you can and we're believing in yourself and you know Gary Russell believes -- -- pregnancy in the way these talks in he really is that talented man. And you know woman -- -- to -- obviously that's why I was you know. Matching up so well but I think Gary didn't. -- do a couple of things as you wanna do in the game plan and you know it happens mentioned I was given doesn't go to work and limit -- was a better manned that night. But I also think that Gary Russell. You know I think he could be moments ago so that fight again could be AME I think I think -- they're so skilled man anything can happen and that's why I like it because it's just. It's awesome. One of the knocks on Gary that I Fred is that. That in some of his opponents since he's turned pro -- who saying fear -- to him. Is that fair or. Do you think he may be made them look inferior because he was that much better. You know I don't know I had. I'm seeing a lot of his earlier -- I just followed peopled by a you know the name and you know that's ruined credit criticism I think -- Saba I think a little both -- he's pretty he's pretty talented and also. You know that's part of the game you know you get your experience by getting in there and doing more rounds -- you know -- being you know a real fight. So if -- interest in the purse for the fight was. 1052250. Dollars. 60% of that went -- -- Shiancoe WBO has this rule. That says of the fight is held in one fighter's home country. -- fighter receives 40%. So Russell no matter why was only getting 40%. And memento was again and management goes 60% we're looking at the purses earlier because I wrote yeah wrote down 631 for users -- And for their support to Salome and check of that 631500. Dollars I mean I'm -- of -- -- -- Only Shiancoe is an amen I mean his his amateur. Speech for self and then. That's what you look at you look at Gary Russell who you know groom himself to the pros which is is which is a good approach to -- approach but then as the people like -- -- that one. You know just think that their immature they're just right so. He just jumped right -- -- you know I mean he just Joker true. That that's. That's amazing and team. Yeah he thought how many times it's got to be completely different what -- takedown and I think you've I think you've I mean as a lot of differences definitely between Hampshire Ambrose. -- -- You know in -- area worst ever to -- twelve rounds he had a twelve -- twelve round you know when you look so fresh at the end. You know -- international a different style fighting. In the enters into the pros actually a little bit. Then USA like. They're really good at their game plans and they stay focused and and there are score points onion and then they're gonna they're gonna run alive and and I don't mean run they didn't run -- gonna. Use lateral movement and try to keep that point you know get the point lead up high. And keep it and not give you an opportunity to score on them. And I think he did that. A little bit her in this fight also but at times we need to take an objection notch you know he'd he did. We've got -- -- interesting news you have an interest in text message earlier and it's big news for a friend of a friend of the show for a snack Chris -- I got the sweet app that sends me. Because another we're clear of regular job it's tougher to really get home in front of the TV to be honest. So -- -- to the send me anything I want -- sports fans and I'd choose box and I got detection it was. Saying that there's talks between the camps of Chris Algerian -- -- While that's huge so that one fight really launched Algeria into another stratosphere. Yeah I mean if he's gonna fight -- house. That's that's topical top of the game. Really I mean you've got a couple big names in boxing -- you know is. The second biggest behind Floyd. Now and I think a lot she hears a hidden thing -- and I hit him but I think a lot of the so fast food business to like star boxing. Is his Algeria's promoter top ranking is -- -- as they work well together so they can make that fight happen and you know. Man that's a great thing for Christmas and he really did bullet he said he was -- Now Pacquiao -- on the downside of his career. Algeria's kind of movement good trajectory operate. Looking at this fight. And looking at -- last fight and knowing what Pacquiao at least was maybe not is what was. Do you think Chris has a legitimate shot at really winning this match to pack you know or is this. I mean I think you have to -- your show I think you have to you Michelle look pretty distant. You know no longer thought that was gonna happen in and including me that's up from Monaco was gonna win but look what he did you know -- you know. I don't know -- -- the fighters but I'm gonna reform this time and you know I think that there's always an option I think it you know particular missile fired Hillary. Suits Christians who would you send more powerful fighters -- or provoke back at that young. Police are of your -- -- damage that last fight against provide come. So it can be a problem with Packers got a little more power. You know I think you'll learn from the play and learn from a fight and and he'll make some corrections -- needed in the gym and you know just -- you have our religion if you can him into the matter how hard you can temporarily you know and it doesn't NI. You know is just Obama so I think you work on some stuff and and be ready. That's going to be very interesting -- cameras looking forward to that. Pacquiao is obviously huge name in Algiers an up and comer. And now I'm personally invested in Algeria since he's been a part of the show and here and I watch him -- -- perform. Moments I'm gonna go down to the plate who is -- secure a spot in the finals of the US. A nationals first tournament Iowa and and -- with him. And he's frightened creamy field and it's in Huntington in his and -- go to them. Announced bizcast -- a group plates and they'll cover it and then acting comeback and -- instead of watching. A hundred no huddle with extremely well you know I mean I can really Douglas and you gotta let me take a picture of the so -- decided that's the aluminum. That is for damn -- that's awesome. You have some amazing connections in this business and it kinda instincts because it seems like it's such a solitary business and and the more you explain it to me. From the inside where I'm on the outside looking in your obviously on the inside. It's interesting how many close friendships and connections you actually make and we talked to at this already but I still find it fascinating. That. In a sport that seems a solitary an individual has box in which when it comes down to it really is when it's under form its U verse one opponent. And it's view. I find it actually -- you. Develop all of these friendships and I explained before I still find that fascinating and it's really interest and markets has a lot you resident. As a person who is charismatic and can develop friendships. Meet me in Henry Rodriguez from Weston in government about reasons I -- distortion and marchers with him including retirement nationals and we had we both lost he lost a child Porter actually has an amateur show Porter was 165. Access to -- memory but regardless we both were out of -- like early. You know really really do -- in the -- we lost and we had Kiki and incontinence. At them all and I doubt the only diner in Chattanooga Tennessee and the goal -- to see who could gain the most weight from the time that we. Waiting in you know I mean I was -- forty and usually 65 and we weighed in on an airport skills on the whole -- because that's stuck in the airport. -- -- somehow with the plane and we weighed in on the -- them. Pakistan one. I'm much you can do so much unhealthy can equate how much you can do I was always almost close to 170 -- -- more -- Guess thirty panelists -- this is glad to -- some good stories we're gonna talk about late I have the most unhealthy is. Relationship with food I was so badly you gained thirty pounds and nine there. But how -- do you do that because. I used to -- a lot of -- and you know I was educated so early on it wasn't the right way definitely like. But then -- Janice are to get better -- -- a lot of things in nutrition is a huge role in the sport of boxing man because. You got to you know championship round you gonna go programs like. Every single edge you can give yourself in your body like that's just talk another time when you're asking me about how long a -- last war. So like me or someone like Ricky Hatton who drank a lot of you know I don't drink but he drank a lot of beer between in his -- it would go a lot in this and that. You know that takes a stolen by yourself because then you better bring about actually Yang -- and up and down but as I got older more mature I learned that I need to kinda keep a closer to my way. And me and listen in battling the -- and I've been ten years old and -- in the -- and I just have a unhealthy relationship. With food that I could never keep it down there close so I it would blew it up and I would always feel bad about it and then have to work extra hard to get a bag down and it. It wasn't making me be optimal you know I -- gas. You know let's save the rest of that conversation. Conversely how what does the guy I wanna get you know you're just good start and then play again -- -- just start the cycle now. And just hit a tree he. No we should do a whole podcasting content which is trying to variant saying you know more about. I was always in position -- -- game because I played football I don't think we really -- economic -- Well it that's and I gain race so easy I don't and never have -- -- -- 200 pounds now but I'm 641. I don't look 200 pounds -- just happened to be 200 pounds owners and high school playing football. I was skinny and I was I was trying to gain weight because he wanted to field. So excited seeing how much you can't wait -- camera watching you guys who were on the wrestling team and all the sacrifices you put your body through justice. -- god threats stuff we. -- to -- garner critical is still. Yeah but the goal is not to -- ways it's too you know be held in and you know state down -- be at that way in a balloon up and a. There's some locally here -- -- some good events coming up. There's and killed sponsor boxing events at. At City Hall plaza. Madam mayor Marty Walsh is hosting it it's -- neighborhood used challenges pretty pretty interesting it's an international youth boxing competition. And it took a bunch they use fighters from -- Mara Ireland's and that brought him over here to Boston they're gonna have -- -- team -- against each other such early interest in fear. Your boxing not it doesn't want checked out loud it's brought to buy via. Boston Police athletic league -- boxing Peter Welsh is -- which is great Jim. If you -- agreed to unity you know he's using my record in -- -- -- That's where it came -- -- can also open now without events Murphy's boxing in the of the -- fund. So and that's a great event that's great. We -- talking last time about you boxing and and moving upn and that's where you were. Careers now transitioning we've talked about -- now officially becoming a trainer and -- admit that I mean that all of this show. By putting them on pace without him there's professors illiterates official and I did on Monday so now you're officially. And I always said that I wasn't that wasn't gonna go of that rope. Mandela to -- I got a little fire in my ability to be honest like I I -- -- a -- into a boxing -- and never before -- excellent so. And also. You know if there was no gym or anything they're there would be no me so it's like I have a lot of experience. And I think I can help a lot of kids. You know. Me and they don't have to be world champs. They can just get up the street and have some good to do or they can we -- is now being called -- and maybe you can went belly even though I do -- -- What's good those you know for these -- mention two things one you know trying to develop -- kid is the real world champ or two. Just taking -- street teach him a little bit -- about life and and you and I would grow up together so I know you a lot of your backs are internal some other nonsense unite to get into -- high school -- dumb stuff and you know you have some experience and use some life experience -- can tell these kids have some -- that's great because. If you're learning from just some shortage guy and you try to get off the street it doesn't resonate with you. But for trainer someone that can tell your story Buick was nice to do -- crap too. Put us up to -- a love this more than that dumb crap doesn't get mean we're just gonna get me some boxing you know -- -- -- in the same violence. Now I wanna know are you gonna be the type of trainer but just in your face yelling. Are known she genuinely. Caring hands. It. I'm gonna be the caring firm hand care where and where I'm to be -- in the race to be a little game means a I'll be firm if if you've been unfocused or something you know need to work smarter than him because it happens -- trust men. And motivations are kind -- have a 100%. Can always goes up to them so. Stuff happens is no problem Britain. I can just help a lot of people and and and I like that and you should put like you know because now -- -- if you know it's not just color between enough to frame him you know -- -- torn -- awesome because. You know. Now I can be five minutes from him in means that again if they need to -- as the -- and but you know on the -- A trainer nice way to help people BO so you just. You know contact me through email Danny -- Carner yeah it would com and -- I'm excited I'm excited to go down list. You know just realized I just talked about how -- difference for a long time and when decision you know and -- -- ago. -- -- The house -- -- sometimes -- not -- -- I don't know in this city and I would Kim is funny because and guess I don't know. All right so minds Joseph -- -- -- in the let me guest room do you never would have -- known ever -- is pretty -- and it's pretty common gonna play this game to play a hundred people. And I don't tell them it's arts and but it James -- business Jeremiah. Jose. Jose -- not Spanish. But the Broncos and I'm just not. By yeah that's centrism. Only humanize annual -- like that with a totally talking shut the hell up there's a morons. But so that's awesome and you're going to be train I can't wait to see you on he has been president fights it's almost corner you can be my first -- in London. It -- to hit you know I do you can play one of those terrible events at you know between between people watching -- -- face smashed him. Don't know how do we should do web series. I don't know that. -- would have it radio guy from appeared to be I mean we'll have them come to the Jim -- And you can -- Honestly don't put it out on W yeah dot com let's agree that people can laugh at army. Really acknowledges that it trainer. Penn's piece of crap -- fighting Nam -- there that have been a finalist. I don't know I don't I don't really ever want again to fight ever again. But his -- that's different would be cool event and you can only agree we're coming -- help super minor celebrity box -- from a celebrity and although I was listening in the paper onetime celebrity. That was critically you know that's tonight. And that they refuse to do -- you know I had my mum my moment hold lake couple scrap books. Yeah and before all is always an -- you scrapping and play whatever that show I'm cool you know. But now relates Australian -- an alleged acts yeah I'm so happy she raised got a good yeah. Yeah yeah. Absolutely managing your mom many years -- often come and she's doing good see you again she -- my son competent and that's awesome that's awesome. And I am so while I mean that wraps up this episode of the -- any notion though -- -- one thing for -- that doesn't wrap up this -- that any notion that if we -- about -- were two things has now we have the chance to talk about something before it happens and that's Crawford in -- Friday. Which I'm very I'm very excited about because. So Crawford. You know I came to an amateur ranks with the -- more when national and he's really really talented -- -- he can play left in -- both and he. Ricky burns -- -- -- from. Getting him in. He went to Scotland -- property and beat him in one. Stewart's image about that brought back so and you know gamblers. -- a good fighter to amend things -- -- -- -- have that and I think -- this coming Saturday where is it. Norton. -- harvest will -- like Nebraska Omaha Nebraska I just watched the he has been pretty good thing. I'm gonna have to lead -- -- car. I don't know until you start ordering the fights again -- it sometimes you just I I don't always know where to find him so I know exactly what's been exposed to. And it its -- and you. -- -- says that so watch Ryan on Friday yeah and then I watched -- on Saturday and then other big news and I was excited though was. Danny Garcia from Philadelphia he you know he's doing is saying he's he's -- little fighter and he's a world champion he's his opponent is broad silk who I don't really know much about it but follow because a Danny Garcia fought him them -- -- he be in the it would be 2008 this -- -- the story. So he was actually -- because he beat me. And Javier Molina beat me. And he resulted wish I was a third won the bronze. You know I mean yeah and something happened and he might want pro or you wanna wait to -- alternate but. Whatever happened he left and then I got a spot so the -- -- -- Garcia I wouldn't have even -- the Olympics so. In a way it should thank him for letting me have that opportunity. But anyways also in the pros I always wanted you know I looked at him to fight because as. He -- -- penalty and there was -- poured him a thought you know when negative agenda upon us. So I always thought I mean you know. So that's too good of -- be excited to I don't know much about -- token I think. But again it -- not a problem we're talking about earlier they got a plate of socialists and the -- doesn't listen to the podcasts W and all Leo anyway. The BBC idea idea and whatever you should be listening -- is we have great -- over here. Tell us more about the freedom fighters we wanna know who wanna invest our time in our energy in -- money in them. You tell us more give us more back story and more information on them and and create kind of and a -- go all WW wrestling on us and create a storyline. But give us more information so we can invest of that it's not just hardcore boxing fans and getting into it. It's great board. I definitely invest my money now because now that I get to talk with a five I had to buy HBO and showtime because you know. Different promoters have ideas are different networks sort of these promoters early -- I mean these front promoters of his own showtime these earlier and HBO. So there's always fights and each inaudible is always on HBO. At noon. Yeah yeah I'm pretty sure it's only on HBO I think and stretching back to vote Wednesday on Toledo's. You know I don't I don't know what display is now because I know there's some you know so maybe Mayweather as it was showtime is that is that the the -- -- while I don't think so. And -- but from gold. And in this fight this week there was showtime are wishing ended on showtime so doubtless. This -- is his top rank and golden boy grows with -- in my thing. I don't know. Either -- go debts it -- what do I schoolboy the premiere -- -- is the premiere there. Is top ranked second. I mean they're all up there there -- leaving you know top rank. Golden boy a Mayweather promotions you know and if you if you were still develop if you're still fighting and you could. Every. Promoter was offering you the same amount of money whatever. Seeing opportunities who would you go to you personally. So I guess what I'm asking is who do you think you get them I think the most India. Well I think they all content I mean they all could puts it doesn't matter they overload the -- detailing just is that one of those business as you just gotta like negotiate over to the table. He just how does -- get him. Yeah I would. But total copper and has been in and about in -- as you obviously it's and his brand unto himself so. All right so I believe now. That includes this emphasis to -- any and so this has been episode number three. And we've been having a good time. And it's gonna keep getting better and more interest thing we're gonna talk about we're gonna do an upset about making wake some fascinated by that we're gonna dive. Even deeper into the boxing world I think one of the most important episodes that Hindus -- as of yet as a lawmaker -- health and nutrition legacy intranet and obviously wellness is very Colombian now and well this is very important to me as as a person you know so I'd love to talk about it so that people. Can be educated. Well thank you guys very much for joining the third episode of the Danny you know show we really appreciate you guys -- -- and supporting us you can find me on Twitter at young men WV I confined to Iranian Twitter two I know it. You listen -- where government regime has some work into it's also like I -- updates -- it keeps me don't want them right at the text me about it. It's game yet DOC underscore box and DOC underscore boxing. For Danny O'Connor I'm -- kitchen thank you as for listening yet again we'll be back again in two weeks. I'm away next week -- -- -- you right now. I'm in -- -- She had a happy -- of the next r.s allowed to have to take a lot of notes and next. And -- -- -- to catch on in the week Dan and I employment movie -- for two weeks and then will be back at it again we're gonna come to every week with a new podcast and keep refreshing keep an inch and three guys in the keep what you into the world of boxing if you don't already know this is a group of insulin.

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