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The Bradfo Show: Breaking it down with Rubby and Doubie 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitchers Rubby De La Rosa and Felix Doubront to talk about their abilities, mindset and history as teammates. The duo explains their goals and their approach to social media. It was 10 solid minutes with Rubby and the man they call "Doubie."

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. -- personal -- -- show's sponsor has always like -- distinctive clothing to people who make me look so darn good. We have the ruby QB shelf -- real -- -- twenty to Felix abroad ruby Della Rosa. And I should point out ruby do you have a Twitter handle Q are you on Twitter. And the not that I'd Felix view is this something that you got again want to -- I can hear your Twitter guy right. I got back and I like it. All right so you guys obviously both are. Have really good runs at different times this year and and -- mysterious when you look at each other you look at each other pitch. What is there any thing you want you can talk to time is anything that you guys see say I wish I did that like that so you look at ruby. Do you as anything you -- you say I wish I could do what he does. Which that control harder and -- says that's the only thing you know we Panetta Sam you know. We as though the he got a good change. I'm group plus with a positive. The Bob and and and you know I was that the you know. -- is how was enjoying. And going to see it -- it appears he's he's he's you know he's. Powerful guy we need you know -- -- hitters like. Not being -- green -- -- Nintendo saw the kind of goes bad and and and -- send your name. -- But Marie is very thing you see Felix through the saying why -- was -- you do that. That's on now look at him look away when it BC because saw -- slow also how about motion. But that's his suicide. Teaching them I went to the -- of assault. I'm not that I really what I. -- -- the oil in half life right now. That's a good one so when the so when group becomes over is the first time you met comes over the Red Sox what was your first impression of ruby. Was. Because you know he came from the Dodgers in what was your first impression at the first time that I thought I spoke. To him movies you know we're -- -- and the -- and I you know chat and and and and cents on the you know off a volley he got -- in -- The lawyers always you know. We've got to -- -- share life you know. God he's letting guys. You know we know -- you know and look we know each other you know real class and and the we spent time in and and spring train and and and you know. The guy and I thank god none of my house and you know duke who colleges do you know to know more in -- -- and and and our family too -- You know the first impression was you know if you throw -- into though as the first event. Close I was up four Myers is it was a -- man. Before that I know him they would they would tell this guy good that I -- cited the -- Hollander -- under 102 in that the lawyers of America and and you know that's -- flaws -- -- That's that's gonna say. So ruby were so what do you start hanging out with this guy. Aids review what's it was the first thing that you thought up from was it but he quiet was he joking around with the -- little quiet. Let us in the -- But the medical assistant when I've been doing no better. So let them that residency with a guy's been planned so when they sell -- that ultimate house. But to make that humanity -- -- it's also the ballpark. And try to balls most prominent. So this minute I had like a little -- Thank you anyway how much time following titles. Great history in you know I I remember one of the first times ever heard ruby being interviewed when you first came here is the winner. He was set I wanna be the best ever I want to be the greatest and have you ever uttered those words Felix carrier says it says I wanna be the best there are laws. -- still arguing that still have to. And I'm you know off since you know everybody went and integrators and everybody went -- didn't on the -- diversity in -- and and and you know these guys have crosses. And hot. As good as doing that and -- and that's my goal that -- was still hot. You know conduct going in my mind men and you know. 11. Use you know looking forward on Monday when time are going to be another residence in the first and you know. The top of the features. Those thorough review -- that's still the goal for you to some levels that it puts it all available. Tried to get a bit of did the best and -- What are the things that are also remember Pedro Martinez said there was spoke very highly of you. And be our polling of you know Pedro Felix. I guess from here. There's now a supposedly group views the cousins or something her related somehow or some of drama -- anyway. Well I think. So does he government's day I'm I'm I'm related to Pedro Marti is pay attention to me you know who -- This pick it up and and a president. -- -- -- in a better way to go -- you know he would talk to everybody tried to make retired debate. Sun today we say in the mom and a ball between men and and lies. So. Is it to -- and you know thus none of that that vehicle -- and him and talked so. You guys he sounds like you guys are pretty close and hang out together is -- any any good stories of -- things that you guys did together and he could practical jokes or anything like that. This. Not value we don't we ought to raise the fifth. Well there is. You know -- joke is always -- brought the -- English enough W dot -- to burn out and saying listen up. How worried you know it's hard to -- -- brought to burnout when -- -- whatever reason we make it fun emotions and you know. But tried to learn and and and you know that's that's the only thing besides more -- If we can talk about it. You I mean I think you hit it like a lot of guys though so you both laughed at -- we have that is good listen you guys speak very good English. -- giving -- you speak much reading this and I speak Spanish. The so. The exception. So this over that that said. I know you guys have so that I know you have a good story there. Though I don't rule that was it is anything abroad and -- and no one's gonna hear this suppose that you can tell me. It if that was so violent that Nevada. Now. -- -- -- I heard off the -- this last thing is this that. You know here we are you guys -- pitching well and you on this team together and you guys that you that you're you're young you're both very young. It's an exciting for you did that you guys that you have this friendship you have -- have figured out so much and in baseball and and figure out you know obviously you both pitching very well. Is is this a sense of excitement for you heading into heading into the second half of the year. So those side of her own life where from -- for an idea that doesn't -- like docile. By the hop he show that I know about Bob -- bar of -- -- about how borrow lots of the last analog what that went up to do when this from. So without the hawkish. Went through a wall of fame at such -- -- made -- me. So make sure everything is sensationalism sort of things do those -- -- -- -- go through them right away. And tried to unfold a thousand more fighting go home phone enjoy the game until the stay here. If Iowa about it and Iowa City -- so tried to make of that -- doesn't hurt. In we're. We're here in -- imagined is that that's. -- all that's exciting there's you know you ought to be here and and and in you know. The big game you know tried to do the -- -- -- -- -- game and I think. Down is golf right now by you know who we're trying to who -- -- you through it you know that Beijing and tried to -- there -- and -- Our -- to. To receive this Sunday. I think. How do is that Cameron. You know involved for us realize the -- and tried to stay that way to finish -- -- -- strong signal on the base and off. Better then then that we've been doing them right now and then and you know it's an issue that season strong. So if the saw after the -- and I have to we have to make it Twitter account for you. We have to make a Twitter account and tonight you can you can -- can now renowned. Is. Again. Because real do retorted to is a really good Twitter handle -- how did you come how did you get that who has gotten. And my wife and -- was on me and we've got you know I guess I can. Do not try to do too few billion -- personally then and you know you included or not you can do that. By its good to. That -- that I -- you know. You know his son's -- -- by -- to. All the people you know may come back comments of me when I'm pitching bad and and create an NSA off you know what. I gonna do that next time and and and and you know you cannot give me -- light on fire and now when you know. Shut up. -- -- -- -- Butler's a lot about -- coming out of my mouth and you were doing the CNN whatever I -- like that and and you know use. Tell though that people what I'm doing them an Arab amendment movement -- especially -- not -- governor brewer when Blair begala every time off. Some good data is special for me and and then I wanna put put him you know. If you were nicknamed ruby. We've given nickname distant given nickname. Not get a I think to a to an analyst yet to be out on it yet nickname will be a lot easier. And on the island. For for root root root root yes through his book. We'll get it we'll get it done guys thanks so much for joining the -- do we show I really appreciate big we will do it again and I enjoyed a lot. Thank you and a thank.

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