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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The latest development in sex toys 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

Today's headlines brought to you by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. I'm pausing there because. I was in downtown Lexington. Pushing Harrison round of the day that very nice woman about it a stroller you mean like pushing round. -- and a nice walk outs -- fifty. Came up to me and said you're my favorite part of the -- to -- it show. Simple thank you very much is it bothers me it John Dennis always into ruptured the start headlines. And I said I shortsighted to really know what's absorbed free flowing conversation opensocial is waiting when the simulate the site. -- I've brought to you by AT&T. You are allowed now to permit this Europe written out speaking to Shia LaBeouf is just start the transformers films it was not the star of the one coming out today Scioscia. Shia Shia Shia she -- The Charlotte -- okay. He doesn't -- -- -- I don't know who will guide Mark Wahlberg takes over as leader of trainers the transfer trouble and that's another story. -- -- -- -- bizarre in the audience that the probably musical cabaret Thursday night was hauled off in handcuffs to a station house. Re told cops while a few up -- officer in half blank GD. In this multiple they face mask for some sources said as he was slapping people. On the behind in the back of the head -- smoking around 9:30 PM the studio 54 theater. According law enforcement sources of cops approached -- incoherent and very agitated. He tried to walk away from the operas but fell flat on its face. We talk about its hands cuffed behind him. The midtown north station house to a two became belligerent demanding the cost removed. F fuel F you up he said according to sources -- millions and millions of dollars in attorneys well. I'm going to ruin your career he had before foolishly calling the cop in half like G. That's what happened China moved last -- -- have you Lisa blank tree which the G1. Three letters elf. Like G I'm a big hoops that you prefer the company men. Well that's that's that's an adjective as in a slow. Which has announced musical FG. He called them up in -- Homosexual slur -- -- yet. They set -- F upset three letters after blanking the second energy. Okay George Simpson. -- Surely there has to be is still low yes that big cheese at the end at three letter attachment was at the begin all those guys they -- -- -- that he's -- you can't. Today -- -- -- get a being called an ultimatum English cigarette yes -- -- right sorry I surely there must see video of this. -- there's nothing been held up -- it's hard to believe a theater. In 2014. Blotter tweets you're charged with criminal criminal trespass harassment disorderly conduct he's ibizan -- -- of trouble lately. While people tweet a while they were there also cast members were tweeting about it. It cabaret which show you see right. You should -- so which ones that. He was just this is the actors weren't nearly as good as the US soccer player does have that I have a and in their dramatic roles what's the -- a witness. Honestly I wasn't thinking driver just I would think if he's working on a roll because it it was that extreme. Yeah it was yeah I am playing and stumbling and we you know -- was. We assume -- them literally having -- acting yeah that's always assume that we can only months. -- -- Explain this to me there while the performance was going on our resident in commissioner -- all guy thirty times intermission but he goes I would guess yes it's a drinker does whatever tour. And then bought that was going on I guess he was really drunk and went off. This -- another example. And there are hundreds of the youngest it was a child actor and not push in the -- is -- cannot never and he wants to do Francis we met. Yes ya -- -- -- -- That -- better and more transformers two -- can't stand it -- so yes hard to believe I don't I think you know with a good rule books were the bad robots and it is I was lost comes -- doesn't release it just really confusing yes like the most favorite off seven pounds note on -- seven miles that that. Leonardo that one. Trends and the low and it's inception inception rhetoric worst legal a lot worse about -- what's the movie that that the worst Matt Damon movies ever out dot stated an accidental bureau of or perhaps. Now and I had a immoral or whether it's different than that and angels came when he defied his his destiny. Tutsis. Oh without the rule of the disappear just the Wear hats that. I don't think it was no I. Don't tell me elect and I didn't like I don't know what I really approach it ended is the worst movie of all the you know. You know he does he changes as this. -- you would like all camp as you can do as such. -- -- that again yesterday -- a future you can change future sales figures. The second week of Hillary Rodham Clinton's new memoir hard choices declined 45%. To 48000. Copies for -- Portugal films about Australia I didn't find it hard choice I'll see you there it is in scooping up. The sales figures put pressure on the publisher Simon Schuster which paid mrs. Clinton multi million dollar advance driver of our time the State Department. 85000 copies sold the week after the June 10 -- they're expecting two million copies to make a profit and now they are swimming -- it. They are in serious trouble on Wednesday hard choices number 21 among Amazon's best sellers which is not good heartland cold and I'm sitting in my -- just say. What goes to show you like and the Harlem writes if you tell a slower after the boy if you tell a story -- this and suspends -- drama yeah if Hillary Clinton told a real book and she didn't like it would be the boasts old book of history. She only him tell come clean on one thing whether it's or marriage or bad guys see. In his 600 pages if there were fifty pages of real honesty and -- episode they would work it into it. But she's gonna run for president's push it -- right. Is that is that what she's thinking although she could've made herself while -- of the victim maturity as. With moniker bill's going to be bill out to be the bad guy to do that though we did so because that's that's bad business for her. Here's one that I've been waiting for Dino -- it finally happen my prayers at long last have been answered flashlight. Which has been. Students aren't. According according rough I have -- I might have looked much like this I haven't seen up what sort of work Imus for two and a half years it is like the race to the move. This thing they got their first. They have the launch pad which is an iPad cases also a case for your penis. It is a case for your -- So if you are watching him and -- I universal or did they fit to the side custom objects I don't know yet. And I -- get into Wimbledon the case went birdie thank you Brooke isn't Halloween Halloween and then our fortieth birthday. If Portland for a lot the don't want what do you think you and I yeah I X I all five X-Men and we'll get him to think he's he's gonna Wear one out. It's -- it's it's pretty simple it's a case. And it's also you can use it for your. It's on launched a website the launch pad takes watching -- the videos to a whole new level it feels like a really having sex selective report starts GTE. I love warming up my flashlight by the tomorrow support the going gets out that have to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I'd go to town more often. This thing is amazing -- money shots 212 -- amazing. Captain beef stick -- deals they chanted. I -- that's dale I think at this is great what a great inventions of all time. This is legal seems like it should be illegal what do you have a flashlight know I don't I'm gonna get out I think I'm just -- -- -- ones are please. Primakov with a commercial port. We do. TV career -- less sausage and. And a perfect world every special occasion movies have that special someone. In every street names and beautiful mom I miss you so much and -- -- -- but -- -- -- gets -- and -- -- time -- -- it -- hard. Now we've made it possible for you and your loved ones come together her -- It's. Right now. Introducing the flash flood -- -- That's real doubt. It ourselves to -- on music and you could get into social apps endorsed a set that's personal promotes sex and either. Our audience a target audience lonely you know guys. A loser on dandruff -- -- -- You'll really. After that the beast that is a low key why uh oh we have the world line who's had some experience in the flesh out skip Obama. The what's been made I I agree upon you now my wife got that -- mean it really is -- should too little too he should put -- neutrinos. And when you're gonna trip over it -- -- One guy did you want it it it -- I I usually priced at provincial and -- I'll give a more appropriate. I get my one. In a critical public well. -- because we were too many children around. -- Open it again watching that -- with mom and dad you think is catch and yes I think it's going to be something -- Mets have. A lot of sick and it's. Different than the original flashlight yes it is. What the original foolish and looks like it. It's sort of the same time it's going to. Go into iPad can't won the race show. The slot on the back to the case it's lie. You have used right eyes it is sausage -- and you have to use lubricants off Portugal puppet commercials -- Its users. Lot of Leo. -- -- pizza the camps the supreme bull. Bob Bob and doubled. It's. Doubled I did that's that that the most disgusting. To fried -- -- -- for which means sauce cheese and aching between now and no red signal so it's an instant -- for people that bread. It is that's true. I will get. Now bring in here and I will demonstrated now -- oh. Help curb the prostitution. Problem we. Only guys that. The Belichick. Said it was Boston. And -- actions. And -- -- exactly. When nothing going on it's just. A single -- of the wars window never married. That. Report. That. If you got divorced. And tried to. Marty heart -- cost -- fortune -- some loser walking -- line. Sure it's in. There. That's -- -- you and occupy the it's it's it's 7937. -- And uses on four -- -- we were talking about yesterday he's the last man. On the island when it comes to the reds will be that phone calls as well.

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