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John Dennis is done with soccer 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

Dino has finally snapped and can no longer play make pretend when it comes to soccer.

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-- -- AMA. Am I wouldn't have to say episode and it's as the world all don't appreciate the beautiful game the Boston Globe is calling -- to Baghdad now. Arnold's going to cure on an island I don't understand why you can appreciate this game Jerry and I there we go Belgium here we go we. An idea -- Manhattan and I just had no idea in the hallway in a little late -- but dale comes in for me off and I go in for Adam. As they all agreed the beautiful game in the afternoon and hour's breaking down the tactics of that today what that is called for two to six has called soccer jerk. -- -- -- If you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They wanted to break on the exits and I'm sorry. Mister Rogers I cannot do make pretend anymore -- I really care I have to be sure myself. I killed him yet this. Separate rooms. It's Q -- I don't care anymore let's. No offense. No action. Signal flopping very little flopping sadly sadly no -- Dole entertainment I'm sorry I tried for once I'd like I can't do something with an open mind. What's life. -- dropped out after the first game said you didn't. Eight I didn't -- -- you actually. Did come to Whitmore wrote mine and -- true that's true. But I do think you're not -- -- if you think honest open -- I don't like injury gods need lights. Have to promise that I got this is unbelievable Boston money management that was no -- well the collective noses OK Clint Dempsey in the you know have in common they both hold their -- during that game. Off and it might buy mine I'm sorry people it is officially close I watched. US Belgium on Tuesday but only. Because W -- guy is they need to do that at all entries. Advanced baby blues and advance for us. What are its I will walk out and Obama is -- I don't -- that spare White Sox. I see I'm I'm not nearly as extreme as you on this I don't hate the games. Because they matter so much as I've said many times it could be you know lawn darts if it's this important I find it compelling at some level. I don't I would never you know go to Brazil or I'd never go to City Hall. But I watched and I found it compelling because -- so much pressure on them. But the idea that this was riveting entertainment. His lap slow and I don't know what it is it's -- it's fake phony it is the land of make believe right I got a question make believe neighborhood of make. -- -- -- question. Is also promised. Me. Did -- have a wonderful day on how would you afternoon de L. Christine you -- you guys. Went away. This is the front page that was used to to sop up the vomit on the spotlight was up devastated in the buffer zones ruled illegal. And this picture here at city Howell. People gathered to watch the game yeah -- what your losses tell me. They're -- jumping up and cheer went in the flag. They -- I would love and -- it's your question I want to watch the game with a group about 200 people. They were all excited grant park I was not what they were all excited big. Screen TV and and there was no cheering at all and that's not their fault they wanted this year I've watched games in big groups before right Super Bowls -- It is final -- whatever. There's always cheered as you keep this up. Right this was silent. And people look at going OK when's the good part and we just breakdown the x.s and -- for brought pals in the afternoon. One shot. 95 minutes Dempsey had a one shot. How was that possibly at I know one -- the games can be entertaining I'll definitely -- share how could possibly be and dictating it to -- sporting event. When this one shot and up and give it one more factoid. When these soccer qualms -- soccer fans there were 32 teams in the World Cup right only one team. Had fewer shots in the urus. You know that was. That was my guys from ran. -- well. They. They have no up and and the first caller the first soccer Guam next but jealousy. Josie got hurt while the -- and -- -- every team -- are actually really like watching Jackie Bradley nine of them go to the plate. Or are we going to watch because the stakes are high. It did not feel anyway like the stakes are high and game it didn't matter if they want it matter tied it up about five minutes and got. Ronaldo scored when it was sort of Portland who went Porto was in the lead. Your right but -- got to tighten up yet to see it on Twitter you could feel it but eligible five minutes and then as soon the cardinals scored was like oh god you right but if if we didn't know that game score like you did or if Ghana. Was in the lead he would agree that feels like real pressure it's a whole atmosphere feels like pressure I'd like big. Sporting -- I'd look forward to watching Tuesday even -- it's kind of boring. It matters that matters you know I I think the Olympics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the Olympics you watch swimming -- diving. Which. Gymnastics. -- Really -- exports no you just watch his name is storyline behind enemies he sexually in the that's silly estimate witnesses. But two things that are just totally make believe one is that it was exciting and exciting sporting event in and of itself right and the other is that the US accomplished some great thing. They -- game two weeks ago. They haven't won once since rightly got dramatically outplayed in one game. And they got. Bay got slapped around silliest yeah -- those men against boys yesterday it wants and they got they did one of the worst losses of World Cup his worst pies -- World Cup history. And they move and and what we're fine -- and advance with a celebration much in the team celebrate the coach celebrants in the second pick him. Along time ago since then you have a which was gag job epic proportions. And you got blow out what exactly is the celebration and you -- with him he wanna celebrate that. But the idea that everybody says it. You know -- talk show hosts. There is never bet more posting. You know and we produce a long time you'll I don't ever remember more posing preening one -- -- day that's my thing you talk with a swimming. -- swimming in your wrote on Twitter in the media particularly -- this would -- go from all this. I mean I don't know if nothing is about as believable dislike some kind of McCarthy is a popular atmospheric have to -- and. -- called the -- so you just set about you're gonna watch Tuesday because it matters to this matter does it matter to you. If the US wins or loses will you be devastated -- -- not sound to be exhilarated -- they win. But it doesn't mad at me of Michael Phelps wins either it matters to a lot of people you -- -- you person now -- ultimately devastated Belgium wins but I'm not devastated and her lips at the US wins Nobel leave. Is genuine passion behind this are you scared but I mean you want to watch the horse going for the Triple Crown. Right yeah yeah that's it it's right exactly yeah scare you that sir is -- I I don't I'm not in a horse racing at all but that matters I go horse and the guy. Still have gone back not to begets another it's like like Jackson hologram. So that matters that's what this is this is Michael Phelps going for the gold mrs. It was Lewis again. -- California chrome gold for the Triple Crown. This -- in this combined would New Year's Eve in Times Square where so many people. Just wanna be there to them because they wanna -- they wanna be there is so to say they would there I mean you think Obama really gives a crap. -- you -- a month ago about soccer well 300 tablets are now well 00 what did you just say. What did you -- that they've come that energy commander in chief and and and president did close not seeing. Air Force One yeah did you not see that not chosen soda and watch it's a regular guy. That is a great example of a guy you know pretending I pretend. I have to begin by congratulating our US. Soccer team team USA. For the benefit. Next -- the World Cup. You -- think we. It's not that. Absolutely. They are defying the odds and -- a lot of believers in the process. And no one ever. Everybody on the team. That's no good all of us back -- really proud of. Now I I I am so disappointed Jesus in our presidential press corps did no one beat anyone. At the balls to raise their hand that Mr. President. Who is your favorite and World Cup soccer. US World Cup soccer team that city Chicago White Sox play by play guy who did it by accident -- think anyone brought together would risk was at -- Washington now. Brian storms through Russian -- elementary -- and -- -- US place -- anyone likes a lot of the the we've got to tell their fifth according to a less you know there was a Fox -- would ever there. Embarrass their hero. When your paper White Sox players. You know. Thought that. You know the truth to do a lot of comptroller 02. But I did not become a gift -- I -- -- -- Quick note on that just includes him in the middle of the second. Dog wait till dale pulling for the ultimate -- of the land of make ugly. Head of the senate backs. The right center back would he got back on defense in I think it was in the 47 minutes. And it. That made all the different way like triangles sort of they constantly going that they see they mix up old uprising that one box on 1 they did I am not really effect try to take someone and you know really played well they Beasley. Would Jones a little bit that. These -- bestseller via -- -- not that hot I think Howard easily -- nothing to do and how on how it's one of the greatest goaltenders in the world yeah. -- -- -- I don't yeah. Pablo -- about election allows talked about it Klinsmann instilled. A sense of confidence. How did that manifest itself if there were three you know and kick and -- Maybe this is the ugly American in me in you that that would really be oppressive. There's no human being what do they -- world more. I. I hate him in his face if he talks and that god damn that's a serious voice what these guys you talk about the -- guys and how they. Cover stuff up he's one of those guys he fooled everybody for you right there. And the guilty in the attitude he's crazy and did you see nothing between his -- a round table thing when that -- it out on and get red shoes right he's wearing red shoes classes right. These holes zero uses -- drip. Absolutely I think that you seem to different ways that this team has come out and understand some of the nuances in the the gray areas of soccer but the reality is you find a way to get out of this group and it's a difficult group. You also in the process and graduation to you're in Klinsmann for breaking that streak -- me I have. Point here's my sophisticated things in 1990 don't get your group 1994 you get a group 1988 you don't get your group. Goes like this goes like this goes like this and then. Two World Cup's and growth now getting out of the group so he's broken that streak at I'm has been able to not have got to put kicked us out of -- World Cup. Now the sky's the limit anything can happen oh god it's it's -- stockade and balance analysis of new wants everything globe this -- this is concise great analysis. Alice and all parties and -- it's nobody believes that. Easy if you said that Europe biggest soccer fan and Dale Hall Alexi dollar -- I hate him he was going to -- the jungle at every turn and they'll also. Oh and and and get the news that code. And we have some make believe neighborhood of nationally. -- What is the Amazon beauty go to -- -- like a pipe bomb it's a simple start a family spikes get out of Iowa -- -- at the -- -- soccer I think there is -- there -- well into. The most prominent soccer player in America it -- nothing to do not happening how often the US loses. Portugal wins right so so the US moves on in DC -- even the guys in Afghanistan -- confused don't really know the kind of -- applaud -- pretending to -- says this is the beauty of the new -- of the World -- -- and move on -- -- -- you said there is idiocy yes the nuance -- is the word that's -- go to -- I do -- means that the people who. Pretend to understand to feel good about themselves. The other people who like us idiots were done right we don't get immediately after the game one more time -- tune in election season what happened here. And he says anything happened the sky's the limit now the sky's the limit anything can happen. How much -- he would -- for that commentary and it's it's a rookie QB cannot -- you -- watch that -- I saw a did you like -- is Larry is all -- -- is there in the chick who's that your Mary -- assembly delegates recruit. Off the Bill Simmons on the NBA draft. Offers Morton who wants an in flight and that I -- what I don't know why he offers not but the question is the fist pump when they drafted -- jumbled up a mistake. I hope it'll show social media what -- -- -- -- and -- you tip after that says. You pay what what it was more genuine you know. These reaction from these people at City Hall. And all the soccer fans around the world or that fist pump from Bill Simmons -- -- debt that I can't. Fall for them look at Twitter bleacher report's -- And whom they -- at fist -- on camera. God -- Bill Simmons is he's a hero mine X five million a year for him he's partly by Lebanon for him can we stop put this he's this that and it hurts when it yeah -- these -- cooperation. For crying out and again commend them. These -- at all laws in this business. But we really supposed to believe that he's backed companies as we got a guy that can help. The defense strike we see -- guy who's an investigator. We eagle guy. Who's going to help. My Celtics keep track of all the media people who were wrong on this on the reports that I did. Other outlets right -- traveler dress well some of us embassy and you're telling me no Simmons had. Was it would be -- beat you tell him he's got connections you gotta believe you know it wasn't the MB was something -- some possible love -- that's flow -- and the work paid no trades or anybody -- the going to be straits was wrong. And -- no one -- -- does -- was there yeah. On when I was there Randall was -- on tape delay that he just there -- Technically. Just underwhelmed was -- two of them they killed him like thirty seconds that is happy right it was weird I mean -- -- with the lakers. That's the sixers he said oh my god this. But I don't think -- expressed. -- CBS sports dot com marked draft at number 63 guys Gary Parrish -- carper and Matt Moore said Julius Randall. Joseph well MB and -- Smart moves that food expert mark Matt Moore met. Got that correct group -- more. At seventeen burial sorry. -- Levine and Rodney hood didn't happen and yes they were all gone all those three were gray area policy SIA's composite NBA mock draft. Aaron Gordon the Boston Celtics on and -- Levine. On the Boston -- -- and so Gordon you know he got studies that Gordon he might. In any money and I was -- -- only real surprise or -- slipped and was discipline as he got there right if if any one of them. And you know they they'll win nobody was slick Aaron Rodgers in the green room for three that didn't happen. -- Mark Murphy got it right Marcus Smart at number six did exactly of being at number seven from Mark Murphy had James Young -- -- -- Kirby had James Young at 21 to Oklahoma City -- of depth he's pressing concern here young -- promising young shooter. Who was only starting to develop. Alaska a quick question we get back to. Doing appreciate the beautiful game don't you -- make believe I hit explode go back to mate believes what does that what does -- call. Fred Rogers was economic believed -- risen Islamic. Neighborhood for a movie before we go back to the neighborhood paper if I heard I saw -- Grousbeck talk about this -- Stephen yet and -- all asked. Can Rondell co exist with Marcus bar and else alone yeah yeah my question my follow up to you is how do you know. It's not up to you. You could say it all you want that doesn't make it's so they I don't think -- -- to Rondo nobody said the -- the -- affect the rest. He said no we haven't right he's I have that I haven't I don't know whether -- but I wouldn't expect them get -- go ahead at the approval from from bronco right right recently right -- not. On number eighty. And number -- does give Google but. Rondo didn't approve this pick we don't know Rhonda fields. But we don't know in front of chemical exist any. Bret Stephens -- prospect all the media markets say that Rondo can co exist. We need -- Jalen Rose said the one good thing Jim Monroe said last night after the pick. Get your hand off my and he built us troop that's what sense -- I really like this Simmons and Simmons that you know you put -- -- roasted. That yourself -- and you could say it is not so delicately Rondo is gone it's it's over this that he within he has the ago of course -- and I think he's gone. The question can he co exist though. It's only. Ridiculous it only matters if you basket of Rondo right to run those unpredictable right east peace. Temperamental and all -- -- Mitchell Mercury cure all those things are practicing go and ask him he could say you'll find out I guess we will find out you don't know I don't think he would co exist will -- -- -- value Brad Stevens talking about Rondo and Marcus Smart presents here it is. You know again I think I think Rondo. Rhonda can play with a lot of different people. And you know it's kind of like we've talked about the past if you can find guys that are that are tough that are versatile defenders. We think Marcus is a better shooter than any shot. And we think that he is gives you the ability to guard 12 and then sometimes three like he watches games. Baxter he's a guy that can switch a lot of screens because he's a 230 pound guard. So he gives you a lot of versatility on the wing for a guy that's a little bit shorter especially with a 69 wing span. And and let's be honest I mean he compared himself to Rondo. Which was kind of funny says -- reminds me of me right but the next line was we get just an excellent ones we bowl played defense. Which means to me as a watch Rondell lately is you could say run those far superior -- this guy. On offense but not unbeaten though I mean this guy is all about is -- terrific defender. -- know it's called bundle that years he wants to be a Bradley is yes and we wonder Bradley could coexist with Rondo at the time and he he can't because. Bradley can't play the point. At least not very effectively has got to complete the point. I don't think ticket can co exist I think. They know that and the idea. That you wouldn't do this because a Rondo is ridiculous you think run as the next guy I do. No one else does not only know I think Rondo the doesn't -- is gone in in the trade Celtics are we starting -- this is going to be. Picture's going to be. Look at the number one pick -- and you know what and other auto adelphia to -- -- I know that was surprise Oliphant they going to be but but but young. Could be greens secret trade green and brought to tackle that -- agreed trade Rondo that didn't -- that happen on draft it's going to happen 6177797983734. Fried. Do -- do answered the question. I don't have a -- -- its -- Venus and teaches. Drop all pretense that that's true and I think EUU match and didn't drink as well schooler I make I I've a feeling you direct this morning anyway and so I'd like that -- That -- add so much to -- yeah -- I don't opinion analyst at record absolutely -- -- the questions ago let's go down the street this deal and we have some make believe neighborhood of make. --

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