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Jack Edwards with Dale and Holley: Assessing the Bruins off-season and the moves they might make

Jun 26, 2014|

We talk Bruins with Jack in studio, and speak upon what some of the moving parts may be, and what might end up here in replacement.

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Well our primary focus is today have been soccer and the World Cup. And and hopes we brought Brad nine -- from the New England Revolution to talk basketball. And you know kind of give us his take somewhere. LeBron James should -- and the Celtics should draft we you know we try to get knowledgeable people and we never back into talks soccer and Brad and. Talk basketball never met a bigger LeBron James Spann and my life and Brett got here. Really loves LeBron James -- via votes are you what I'm -- Are you a witness or you'll witness this -- and -- a whole love LeBron James thing. A witness or witness. One of those guys. And look at the one thing I set -- -- is that the only place he can go and not get clobbered. Is clearly the public relations is Clayton is over we go home. He could say you know what I wanna go home I wanna help my in my hometown team win impact he'll be hailed the conquering hero if he does. But because they play -- goes to Houston because LA -- -- -- Chicago. He's gonna get -- that his wife answer a picture about going on on how much she loved Akron. From where they're from. Known each other since then as well that does it burn there pastors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly we do it is. And our nose. I don't think -- is probably their passion and an -- and in Miami I think they're just happy that he picked them and they got a couple of championships. In the head in and -- I got a chance to see LeBron James for four years for finals appearances to a -- and finals the Spoelstra says. Oh yeah Spoelstra as they Spoelstra is rightly got. -- no coaching yet among them -- not same but he's that you know rally in East Africa -- loves that kind of guy who you know worked its way up. Analysts who acting tell what to do. Pretty much but I think but I think a lot of those guys have been Phil Jackson's going to be the same way you if you think it. Derrek Richards got to go and there's no film you know industry that's what do you wanna you wanna do it this way but no we're not gonna do that. They kick yourself I think their fish and a they don't change that roster in that market pretty pretty much the same as it did this year. Now on it'll be gone. A little work they do this yeah. I've been definitely a lottery team. -- exploded when he died they don't have one don't have it now. They actually do have to pick next year. But they've made so many -- so many sacrifices. It was the Denver with the Carmelo trade that's true. That. Have their first round pick on the run. -- -- -- comedic if you -- to see what happens. In all NBA rumors out there and plus the Celtics. What the Celtics decide to do textured does have a question for -- -- or question for you Jack. I don't even have a hard time answering the -- to a hockey bowl and last that your area next. It yet time to open up the browser here darling it is so -- I really tough going -- regular Google this. Can you asked Jack if Jarome Iginla will. Back effects and all that's the big question of the summer -- are talking about that lower waiting for the US World Cup game and so we can go on the air this afternoon and there is. What they call it tag money here that the brink point 95 million -- that he earned in bonuses last year that that pushed forward to this year. They've got a little over four million dollars that got pushed forward a more almost all of it was again law a big chunk that was -- -- -- sold there in a position where. Again was already cost some four million on the cap. I Gamal is going to have won multiple years. Is going to get it from somebody. Will he go to a team. -- a fourth location Calgary Pittsburg Boston acts. That he thinks has a chance to win because that's the only reason that he place because he's done everything else he has done literally everything else. In the game. That there is to do. As a professional player. And and make more money somewhere else and he can make from the Bruins. I got a feeling it's up to Jerome again then the Bruins clearly you're going to offer less than he can make. In another location. Bloody -- is a really good fit and he's been around long enough time. That he understands. That it's not always about the money right now. And an object and at the top form. That's a tough one. Are they because what what what kind of money are we talking about from the Bruins vs other things well and representatives say less money and they were talking about 500000 dollars -- of what -- now. Whatever millions of dollars John Shannon from sports net tweeted today that if the Bruins wanted to sign again. You might cost them boy -- and Campbell. In terms of getting rid of that salary. To have the money that you need to sign -- again now if your Bruins fan are you willing to give up both Campbell and boy chuck. But. Probably doesn't make a lot of sense I mean just from me. From -- standpoint men and you're you're you're deadly talking about. Also Campbell if you just said Campbell vs again -- that's an easy when you go with -- over the fourth everyone would do an -- -- Johnny boy chuck. Those like him don't diss him with -- to happen every point six yet and is a warrior and you know I'm a pretty good really good in the assessment. Who was a lot younger than -- -- I don't know free. I you know you would do. -- think about that now that's what money wise that's what you're gonna have to deal if you want to bring again look back led the team and regular season goals led the team in playoff goals. Everybody wants to bring him back great I loved it here moved his family here everybody was happy and they like him he likes them but in order to -- it. You gotta get rid of salary equivalent to like boy chuck in camp it's. And and that's why I say it's going to be more up to again lower than the Bruins because the Bruins. -- would want him back if he fit but it's up to him to fit so he's gonna have to make more money somewhere else. And chances are that that somewhere else is not going to be Los Angeles Chicago. Obviously won't be Boston. And if you take a first blush look before we even get to July 1 at next year's NHL. And the track record of teams that make deep runs in the playoffs. Who do you see breaking through into that you lead group. And it's there where does again -- fit. On what other team it's gonna have a better chance to make a run then a -- run under which she was a tremendous fit last year. -- did -- about. The things. The Blackhawks. The blues. -- public spaces there that say about how much space on the -- while they have that I find out on Tuesday July 1 and sound so distant. It's just -- little I guess they thought this could well the other thing questions are gonna be answered the commissioner I said totally the blues need a goal. Yeah Ryan Miller's not going to be there. The commissioner said today that they hope to have next year's salary cap number within the next 24 hours. Even now. Peter should release -- near that -- really know how much he's got to spend a ballpark idea I mean everybody kind of has a rough idea but they don't know exactly. And those teams that you talked about most of them right up against the cap to right. LA is for instance they just won the cup that Marty said. Willie Mitchell. Yeah we love them great job here he can't -- there's a -- -- And who they just signed to a huge contract so there haven't would jettison money to be able to paper Marion -- it up the Mike Richards situation I've got to resolve is Richards wants to be more than a fourth line center. Any assumption is in and you guys know Jerome -- your round of pretty much every day. -- figure you're assuming that he wants to be the situation. Where he can win. And have a decent salary that that may be the case but maybe he says it's been a long career. And it's going to be met last. Major paycheck right last major one I got it. I gotta make this one count. And so it may be thought -- those great teams maybe it's that an average team by a different approach him -- like a Columbus. Refused a smaller market -- Columbus. Well -- by the -- Columbus is get up and I'm not hate I know 88. Part that comes in on this guy for a number I think seventh seed that kind of team are murderers a good player battle take cardinal any day. Borderline playoff teams says okay. We're not gonna win a championship -- we don't expect to win a championship this year but your work ethic your professionalism. In your knowledge can help. The guys in our room we're gonna pay a lot more than the Bruins well I think you would take it. The Bruins have a bunch of guys that they've got to get signed a contract. A bunch of guys who were up and -- party made a move in -- Chad Johnson is gone Nicholas that -- will be an MB to back up. But they've got to get recruits signed to a deal they've got to get Randy Smith signed to a deal. The other get at a party -- show on form. Money's gonna be a problem I don't Peter surely said earlier this week we we know that we've got to make some tough decisions here. -- here's a tough comment is it fair to knock. Peter surely for. So so cap management. I didn't know I didn't think this is an issue with the Bruins it seems like they have some cap problems. Is that no -- don't have problems they've just got guys whose contracts are up. Who you know they've got to would give it to cut. That's that's Sig spouse that's the what he'd say lookup column last -- were. A wanna stay here my family's here a ticket let's go to Iowa knows. I'll say this my gut feeling is if he was going to we -- already there. His agent Don Meehan is now said there in Philadelphia for the draft that's tomorrow in his agent Don Meehan said you know organs are talked with some other teams. That gives me an idea that they got a rough idea what the Bruins -- gonna offer and they think they can do better. Maybe they can. And now and then he has to decide. Benny has to decide when he sees little Amazon's what does he wanted to. And look I know that there are some easy targets for Bruins fans I see one on the text machine already Kelly needs to go. According to some while Obama Quaid I saw a Louis Ericsson. Has to go. I I'm not quite as quick to jettison Ericsson is. As some -- question -- you know that this is is pretty predictable and understandable -- -- two concussions -- what I did for -- I'm just talk about overall the team. Was expected to be. Playing deep. Deep into the NHL post season and got bounced in the second round they expected to be competing for the cup. And we -- in order to Montreal I can understand why people would say something have to change. It well and it does in the team is acknowledged is something has to change bit but look at it out of the fifteen. Opponents. That were in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Other -- the Bruins. The third earth this -- US soccer -- there're -- a lot of things you're saying there was one team that gave them a nightmare match up and it was Montreal and head to head. Montreal was the better team no excuse for that there there's no excuse Montreal was the better team so don't misconstrue what I'm saying. But if the Bruins. And it was a seven game series and yet they were widely outplayed in game seven in Montreal deserve to win so again don't misconstrue what I'm saying. But if the Bruins had found a way to get past Montreal. I really like their chances -- because I'd like them against either Chicago or LA two teams against which they matched up really well. And they want us all the Rangers are helping out sold sold a sold out they lose in the second round. But but if you if you take a step back and look at the big picture. The big picture tells you they've got to find a way. That they reliably can have a way better than even chance of beating Montreal in a head to head series next season are cutting and I thought out of the division. All of discuss say and that was going to be report makes all the sense in the world and and not the Q word. You would try to improve by measuring yourself against a team that didn't even win the cup and you want to measure yourself against the kings. And not necessarily the Rangers I think that was the look a bit spooky but -- kings and Blackhawks. Out of the raiders they finished second but it probably the third best team this year amid the Western Conference finalists were better -- -- -- the Rangers I'd. -- down latter on -- and I failed on -- I am letters in which yourself because the playoffs are structured the way they are right. I don't know it's good enough to say. What they were -- to be a tough match up -- it that it got by Montreal because. Now with these with NHL playoffs you're gonna have to get to Montreal and I love what I -- I love that so they have to figure out a way to. We're not to be a bad match. What mark verge of and threw for Montreal two years ago he retooled roster and he he did what he made a gritty here. Wally didn't give up that much speed and he found a way to get past the Bruins. Unfortunately they blew their emotional -- -- Didn't show up for game one against the Rangers and now is the end of the line when price got her. So so for the bronze it's not necessarily. Okay you're all in the second round it's disaster. It's quite a way to get past Montreal and you might have a pretty good chance that run on the table again. They got disappointing universally disappointing so again. Don't twist the words or twist the meeting out there the Bruins have got to get better but it's 888. Precision. Fix here it's not a blow up half the team and completely retool that's a pretty good hockey team there they got to get better. In the match up against Montreal without. Without sacrificing the core values of that team. Would give back into the talk about the draft as well and what the Celtics gonna do tonight can all live being -- my my fear its just the fear of mine. My theory is that Celtics fans have worked themselves up into a -- that this big -- dramatic event is gonna take place tonight and they're gonna end up picking its sixth seventh. I -- make any idiotic that's a great statement there got a rental car in the Belgian game by the way for radio studs up tackle on the Sheehan of a Korean players -- this is a Belgium's playing ten against eleven. Dale it's. Jack -- Brad. Seems to be in that series. If the Celtics trapped dole and be tonight. It will be the best draft pick any age has ever mate. It will be the best. Hit that he's ever made he's pounding the table when he says that it's startling that area well and I are already -- Witt it is that significant if it happened tonight this is a great night. For the Celtics if they can pull this off. 6177797937. This telephone number the AT&T -- line. Is 37937. It's dale and Holley Jack Edwards is here Brad lighten from the revolution is in the house as well. This -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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