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USA loses to Germany but still advances in the World Cup - Response and Reaction

Jun 26, 2014|

We go live after the USA-Germany game and react to the loss, as well as the news that the US will still advance despite it.

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It's fun sat around watching the game with Jack and Michael and young men and which is that -- screaming yelling at television for the last couple of hours it was a fun afternoon already and now we get talked about a -- that. All they advance. The US advances no. Jack in jail. The great Jack Edwards. I know up and all over my about new York and Clinton. For saying we cannot win this -- We cannot we must play seven perfect games. But he did say just in his defense. He did today very frequently very early that they could get out of the group the group of debt did say that. I don't leave that we would lose -- cut on the -- -- -- because it's football that's -- -- -- -- -- I I said Michael. And this was before the tournament started I said to Michael. They can beat -- I Portugal lose to Germany they'll throw record rejecting her integrate and field for a firm that is giving stock. And and the fact of the matter is that's exactly the way they pulled it off. I love this on second thought I was right now and I I I love this and it's all of a Twitter right now. People who don't understand the sport of soccer and mocking the fact that the United States lost and is going through. This was a group that mean most soccer analyst said the United States had zero chance of getting for a I mean you had Germany you have Portugal you had gone up. They -- called the group of depth for a reason the fact that the United States is still playing next Tuesday probably against Belgium is really a remarkable with beautiful. Yeah as Alexis Wallace who think it's it's. It's beautiful. In items -- secure look at what the United States patent. We might have to switch -- Aren't there -- -- better now like here and again well Anders and it would sound like Jagger I don't know that was. A look at what the united states tax rather than what it doesn't have the United States has a world class school in Tim -- The United States can really defend the United States is strong in the air attacking and defending. There is -- a whole hot then her in the midfield. But Harry you figure out what you got your bunker and you hope that Howard can make a couple of sensational say any did any did and so they held Germany to one. Which was a one nominal goal. And now you take your chances against probably Belgium and if you have passed me get Argentina. Saw -- say it's almost improbable that the US would get to the round of eight. As it did in. In 90002. But. Whatever you know this is the this is the best shot they got and they're doing the best they can with what they've got. That's the thing I I think that some people of lost sight of you know and we talked about this going into the tournament. The fifa rankings the United States was thirteen -- of course they'll make it through to the round of sixteen. Except when you a look at the other three teams in the around the chances of them getting through with Portugal Ghana and Germany in in the group was. Pretty small I gotta be honest with the the key here for the United States was Portugal. They just were not what people expected. Shocking especially. After the history of 2002 -- Portugal clearly. Overlooked the United States and thought it was gonna have a cakewalk. And was down three goals in the first forty minutes of the game. In Korea where you would think that there would peace -- what. In the yeah association in Portugal who would say don't let this happen again. Take the game to the US and Portugal clearly left let its foot off the gas. In the middle of the second half when it was controlling possession but not pressing the attack and what the US back in the game in the US with. Typically opportunistic. You look at the Ghana game. They score right away and then they score in the final few minutes. In the middle gun out all the ball had malls to the attack was driving the temple of the game. But that's the way the US has the play to advance. You know the other team is gonna carry of the game you're gonna have to defender and a half the hostility gonna have to get great saves from Howard. And you're gonna have to cash in on your opportunities the US is not gonna be the better team. In any game it plays from here on out but that those -- my -- west -- about that -- -- yes. I'm sure I'll say I'll I'll I'll -- it plays Greece is no world not gonna say this -- if something weird happens. And they play Algeria instead of Belgium right and it's real real remote -- happened. In the United States I think would be the better of the two teams but it's the only possible match up when that app could be a tossup in the could be tossed. We just don't -- you don't think out of out of the remaining teams. Left in the in the world do you think the US is the worst team that no world no -- thirteenth fourteenth. I thought it looked at this tournament yeah yeah. Are -- -- of the sixteen right we are gonna through the list a little while ago Jack and I were kind of going through and I'd say. The US is better than Algeria and better -- Greece. That's about it might be yet. Of the teams that are remaining sixteen that are -- are Costa -- Costa Rica I've -- unbelievable tennis I heard it and they have photo of what he pretty. Decently talented team Mexico. Now. Mexico might have the best keeper in the world and and look Tim Howard's great and and is one of their keys. A chill I had as good -- game as I've ever seen a keeper play earlier in this and I thought it was great it was we were locked -- a -- awesome. Yet at the same time. In soccer the better team. Often does not win the game. All right are you guys who do you do you look at it as. They got out of the group and now it's over. Mean do you expect. Anything from here is is crazy thing. Absolutely you don't expect a no win their next game not I don't. I I think it would men and chances are real good gonna play Belgium. We we talked about this week or so ago that I thought that was going to be their match up if things worked out the way it looked like they were headed. And that's not a good matchup for them and it's just. Now Jack was saying you know plate plate try to play. Nil nil and get to -- case and see what happens because now no more ties -- I get a chance that you know go to -- days and decide games. If it's probably a a path fraught with -- if you try to take that path but well you got a bunker and that's correct that's basically what they did today against Germany they -- five across the back for most of the game. Except in the second half where they were six or seven across the back as they were dropping their entire defense of midfield into the box. But Germany didn't get too many chances when they did. They knocked one hope so good I. I just looked at it this way I mean. Unless the team is capable. Of really put that on them I'm talking about are doing to the US. What was done to what what was at the Netherlands that did the Spain yeah. In the first in the first game of the tournament -- or what what Germany was able to -- to Portugal. There and if that's capable of happening to the US I'm with you guys I don't think. That there -- in that position where somebody's gonna come in and his role -- five to one of -- four zip but they zip our sport zip that not go on milk. At a point. Thank you Jack I know -- your earlier post game yergin Klinsmann said we were hoping for the top guys that you carry -- off -- -- -- and by the way you -- America and I did notice that you're gonna love this little detail. He refused during the press conference. Before the game he refused to answer questions and survey at. I do -- we were talking about this earlier as well it's the only time this could happen could you imagine the United States Olympic hockey team. Being coached by some Soviet -- aren't great so we don't know it just happened during the Olympics. Now I can't I can't talk -- I don't know in in in sports more individual sports like. Gymnastics. Where only had a -- Karolyi or something you never have a Russian coach. Coaching the US basketball team or the US hockey team I gotta tell you surprisingly I think you and you guys look this up I think it was. Don Nelson with -- it -- done. I believe coaxed. And I don't think it was Latvia but on -- I'm not talk about all I'm saying here at all that you went to the US -- and all covered in the -- like having having the US team -- -- -- -- Russian you know what I mean it's this is the only sport I can think out and not the individual sports the only team sport I can -- -- Where you'd have up guy from another country committing coach your team. I can't even picture many others. I am that you guys loved soccer and you're not every four years soccer people World Cup people like I am but. I have a hard time believing. That the US. Is the thirteenth or fourteenth best team left in this tournament have a hard time believing that. Attitude and they're supposed to be run over -- What happened what did you see during this group that made you think. That getting through here was a fluke. Portugal was hurt too much. US expert and -- it in them but there were and and Donna was a mess yeah I think I missed judged how much of a mass Ghana won at one point yesterday party -- there was an airplane flying from Ghana. To Brazil with three million dollars on the plane had to pay the players because they were refusing to play the game right as it was today. They suspended a couple of their players and definitely didn't let them play today and on when they'll ever play again. Because of of I forget the word that is that they they went after the coach fracas that. And and they were -- I. Make excuses for the rest of the world all all I know is that I heard that this was an impossible group. Where the United States well it was impossible date there's no there's no way they're gonna get out of this group. And they -- out of it now hearing from you guys. From -- oaks but I'm here that they are the thirteenth report the best team at that tournament. That's also what they were coming into the turner I don't know but I didn't buy at the time. And why it. What you. What is that based on after this before you can answer the question I never asked you this what you base and what it. Is -- -- anecdotes wars that he ranking system that I haven't seen. Is it somebody got a blog going with the top teams and world how -- you come to the conclusion that the US. Is. Fourteen out of sixteen. It's the eyeball test and part of that is seeing how a team can hold the ball in midfield. Howard can attack with diversity. How it can surprise you even when you're looking at a high midfield camera view. Where you can see most of the attacks. And where they're gonna come from and how team's shock you with. Unpredictability. That's what makes a dynamic team the United States has. Almost none of that the United States is really good at winning the ball in the air the United States has a lot of good aggressive athletes. But. By and large. The United States plays the way a lot of -- twelve teams play which is. Yet numbers back defended have somebody go on a sixty yards solo run. And then Mellanby Jermaine Jones and then take maybe a one to pass combination to get a shot at the end of which is Clint Dempsey. At the finishing at. I don't want to go back to part time or to -- a few weeks with a few weeks -- weeks. US. Compared to Portugal. Yet you would say Portugal as well compared to the US that are -- about it better -- -- significantly yes. Portugal going. -- got -- vs the US. I would -- little better. Ghana a little better got a going home you know how they're going home Pardo I don't I don't know I don't know they -- but for all. I don't know -- what -- for the -- home. So there are out here. That's that's Jurgen Klinsmann. Applying. German structure. Two American athletes and American athletes buying yen whereas Ghana. Fell apart. Got to got to the world's biggest stage and it was like the ball a quicksilver. Dropped on the floor of the chemistry lab and the Mercury in little tiny droplets it's battering all over the floor and you can never put back together again. Now as far as Germany -- Germany's concern. I heard our our third man and I imagine we'd gone national one of our third event not. Is doing soccer analysis you know we we got a goal when we launched his career Taylor Twellman. Has just the fact but it. At the end of the game. He was asked you what do you think about Germany. And their chances going forward you know if it was supposed to be to the lobbed the soft softball question oh you know this is one of the best. I don't know about them on the back end they basically have what do you think Ford Ford Center back doors that are backed right at the back in and they are going to be exposed in. You said hi I would love to have spoke so many problems with the US but it. It sounds like everybody's got a little something to worry about including you right there there's no perfect team in this tournament that's. That's one of the great things that makes this tournament so interesting and in defense -- Taylor. Tailored looks at the game as a senator forward with a look at the game. Because that's the position that Taylor played. And he looks at how he would break down a defense. And the way he would break it down obviously is to get a couple of those -- backs who were playing wide for Germany. To make the kind of mistake that -- back sometimes make or to be exposed because players in the middle. I tend to be great ball winners and really good distributors but sometimes not always sometimes. They lack that. Demarcus Beasley -- speed that Beasley exists. Wide in defense. For one reason and one reason only because. He doesn't have that world class skill but he can really run. He can really run the US backing it sort of of this century had a guy named Frankie Hejduk. Who was the most intelligent Parker in the world but he could -- Iran. So maybe twelve and looks at Germany's back four and says those why guys maybe they can be exploited by somebody. On an overlap Ron. Throw some numerical advantage -- -- you know if you can produce three on -- two on one. Send a fast guy. To the goal line and cut the ball back on a cross and there'll be Taylor Twellman willing to get his head bashed and it try to head the ball into the goal. So there's no perfect team but you look at the -- Germany possessed the ball they were. -- and the race today they were they when they were awesome they were incredible I I do like this fact. The that the US that we know it what the resources are of this country. Like at a country that has resources yet can still be an underdog yet and that's where we are right now. We have signing up we have left first world -- we sort of and I I know that people wanna look at things like population how can you have a 300 million people and cannot be better than -- mark. Well if that was the case then China would win every athletic event right they -- -- -- -- would oppose any day but I -- tryout -- I think it's a population -- equation -- of that equation. Population. Plus devotion equals. Success so -- not just. Hey it's a large country -- the third largest country in the world. It is so it's not just. OK we got the numbers therefore we should be great -- we have the numbers plus we are. We are feverishly devoted. To succeeding in this sport you know we had that combination. I think we'll be right there we know that's not the case in the US it happens. But in in a very strange way every kid out there you know people listening. Most of you out their plates soccer you know somebody who played soccer you have kids who played soccer. But it out of beavers devotion is Jack Edwards very accurately said one time we're talking to them over the phone it's kind of like social club hey don't party -- -- -- -- -- and Potomac -- make it -- -- -- was -- -- -- got a new car educate what was for -- today. And it's not really. Hey what are these kids learning let's make them competitive. Soccer player and and and. Part of the problem and I've got to be careful here. Part of the problem is that as a nation. We have an incredibly. High average standard of living. It's not a universal truth but many of the greatest stars. In world soccer. Come from dirt. LA didn't have a parachute toll was nine. I learn how to juggle. By balancing a grapefruit. On his in step. Didn't have a real ball until he had made a team. In many countries in -- dean is -- not whom was the best player in the world for probably five out of six years. Learn how to play in it. Blind Alley that was full of broken glass. And when you put him on these perfect fields that are cut like the fairways of a golf course. It was so easy for because you consider his background. This in the United States soccer in the United States is largely not universally but largely a white. Well to do suburban sport where even if you lose. It's not that big -- deal you wanna win you don't need to win. In most cases it's not universal truths on not saying an absolute but those dynamics. Occur and exist in a lot of the other countries that the United States is playing -- Germany's an exception Germany has a tremendous standard living. But there are a lot of nations. That go right on past the United States and that are gonna stay there because there's a hunger in -- soccer culture that does not exist in the united say you don't. Have to do this in order to get out of where you -- to a better place. There are a lot of other routes and there are a lot of other sports. Where kids who are subject to those economic terms can get their act gullible lot faster and more easily with a lot of help. Along the way NCAA professional sports in college -- I do understand that there is a fair chunk of folks out there who don't care. And and I am not trying to sell in the sport in the same -- don't try to sell me on NASCAR I won't try to sell you -- soccer you don't like it that's fine. You don't watch it I don't care that's fine and I'm not try to sell you on anything. The game vehemence of the anti soccer crowd is actually. More virulent than the vehemence of the pro soccer crowd the pro soccer crowd has stopped trying to sell you one -- the most part. It's the anti soccer crowd -- shocks. The worst that John Genesis of the war but okay. That -- empty soccer crowd is much more vocal on the pro soccer crowd right now. I don't know all on talent I think at -- Twitter. And -- the the anti soccer crowd. Are the ones who don't seem to be able to handle the fact that a fair chunk of the world is interest that. This right David and I have been an immigrant that record is -- everybody that the anti soccer crowd is it's obvious it's obvious what the thing you know. Hey this is this sport is stupid. Too much diving in this sport. Nothing happens -- not enough goals on and on and on but that's anti soccer soccer crowd right now it's not saying. This sport is the best it's the attention. -- clearly pro soccer you're going to government -- And you're gonna blow off work or take an extra long lunch out to watch it on the big screen. Your pro soccer your tweeting about it. If you're watching it giving Boston. A top four rating for the last game before this went a US Portugal with the top four rating. ESPN. -- soccer our ratings they've ever had more people watching soccer -- -- about pro stock or not. Your being your chest saying are we wonderful isn't great it's just that you're into it you're not really gonna fall for the trolls. We're just. You know trying to get under your skin it has changed its niche -- you're not you're not falling for the the Lance Stephenson types -- trying to blow in -- No you're you're accurate gauge off your game and look I I would also say this. The other thing that's being mocked pretty widely right now is the -- all -- they lost -- got in. Happens all the time in major sports. The Bruins lose the last game of the regular season but because the Canadians lost the Bruins back into the playoffs happens all the time. Now that you -- you move on because of what somebody else does. And yet for some reason it's just. Since some people and friends. -- -- Is a goalkeeper for the New England Revolution knows the game better and -- Jack knows the game really well has called World Cup games. Has called games in Korea and and other places has played at the collegiate level. But Brad -- knows the game really well he's gonna join us in studio and help break down some of the stuff as well. 617 out I'll give you the number but it's fallen 6177797937. As -- telephone number. Dale and -- in Jack Edwards Sports Radio WE yeah.

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