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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Over-Achiever Edition 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the USA soccer team advancing past the 'round of death' in World Cup play.

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And Hollywood. More important front you buy AT&T. AT&T -- more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. -- To explain to people I mean clearly. Your music playing right now. My -- when I explain the significance. Of this song. I couldn't. Duplicate or report today. Because we've sort of gone through all of bunch of different permutations well we're talking about. I believe. Young -- I believe we're talking about. Opposites perhaps surprising results and how it happens you hear the lyrics. You know for -- tempers are still 50% still moments of -- -- -- our wealth yet though. Talking about classic examples of teams or players or individuals over achieving. In honor of the US men's national team advancing out of the knockout stage from the group of death. We'll start. In 1985. When -- mass amino led Villanova -- the eighth seed Villanova. Over the juggernaut of George tax cuts. Isn't this visit to this -- considered the biggest upset in the NCAA basketball history that championship. Got a vision this. Way up there remains where there you think about. How they did it how Villanova did it at that believe they're shooting percentage. Either four and a half or for the game that number 78 steps up gave up to 70%. Fact that San Antonio Spurs their -- -- are they were unbelievable. They didn't make. Any mistakes they played that perfect game he had to be perfect to beat Georgetown and work. Towards not a Patrick Ewing and John. At Villanova he did -- me. Hopefully that was the last him. Or -- Your right. -- that's good lie. All right coming up with strike we'll if you don't. There's that but that's that's a pretty cute. Now does the US. Getting out of the group of -- Now now is now now now aware of it if they go on and and and your prediction comes true and the US is in the final four of the World Cup yes then it's it's in that category yet. We predicted four. -- Got bad guys yeah yeah that it. As we are on number two Michael in 2007 isn't gonna hurt a little bit guys in 2007. The giants were the worst team to ever reach the Super Bowl. And they upset the juggernaut New England Patriots. Great day. The back up -- went deep down the left sideline again the game not read it. Pop up. But take offense to you put. Problems sorted out if I were Steve of one and so -- -- -- Remember Clinton and I don't remember at the end of the regular season the talk with whether Coughlin was gonna get fired. You got -- fired. Play the patriots sixteenth game of the regular season patriots won fifty touchdown pass. You know Randy Moss gets the record for touchdown receptions. I think that firing talked with earlier in the year you know the controversy was that game game -- -- was. Shouldn't play all of this started out. If they're going to the playoffs go for the record and -- rest your guys -- -- guys you don't wanna get a hurt for the first round against Tampa -- You know I don't hold back a little bit later guys that was it was a great game. I don't know what the point spread was. I don't remember I've tried to block most that that day out of my -- I think with doubled the post and a -- elevenths a -- but it was a big -- and it was it was at. And that exact moment we've played with people with that ties W. Overpriced box got -- interviewed him right. Put a bullet to hold us. I was sitting beside Michael we -- sitting in the stadium in Glendale. I couldn't get out of the building quickly left I just I could not stand there and watch the confetti and I just I could not get out of the building it. They're actively. I decided I was just standing there watching the world can have been policies. -- an airport all the angry speech by Michael Strahan and I thought all -- techsters. Our first question testers say NC state -- I'll bottle. Now looking to provide. Number and instead of religion and energy module on -- -- of vigorous. Just go -- from New York permanent. History. Leading up to February 11 1990 in Tokyo the odds were so long that only one betting parlor in Las Vegas would take bets on the fight. Mike Tyson was supposed to wipe the floor with Buster Douglas. It's. Dated big bottle it's. It's. Okay. -- And I remember I was and what not what you're set you guys in IK ID 99 are in ninety. A lot of us. -- big games somewhere. And I remember they were listening to it on the bus. And -- bus was going crazy because you know Mike Tyson is getting beat. You know he was that he was great at that time it was perceived to be great. But he is untouchable but he was his training wasn't there wasn't until it. That got it got fat and happy. Was he did a complaint. Its anchor and channels seven. And 1990 Arnett in 1990. And watch it up in the sports office and it's configured now the studio is in the basement back then they -- -- -- And the news department was on the third floor. As soon as the referee waved his arms items were dancing down the steps. I rode past the control republic is bang on the door hard enough to open and I yell I'm Colin on -- I'm. A rundown this there's a relative of mr. -- -- clip like on -- -- And and eight western names yet -- tremendous allies anyway so. I act like -- numbers -- -- to sit on the second easily like 8 minutes past 11 o'clock and islands Bosnia or twelve minutes. And I couldn't catch my. Post election -- -- I don't. We'll have more in sports -- Solomon yes. Bill is tremendous -- lie about what. As everybody at our listening audience Google's case. Yes that was the colonel Bob Sheridan on the call and remember new York and we all know where Mike Tyson is from right. What's wrong or claim that it is technically. Isn't it made it mystic. You believe that. Time now for the AT&T over achiever of the day and we'll bring -- back home to the third 2013. Boston Red Sox winning the World Series you ready. He turns on a -- attitude to home. That's good good good. It's -- world champions. And the good thing. -- The World Series and. Eight years. Relaxed at best. The Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years now the question is are they headed back -- last. I want last night. Thank you -- last a vast the last does that ever happen that -- that would be the trifecta wouldn't. That is maybe one of the most improbable. That in the patriots. Win against the rain clouds that's exactly said how about patriots over the ramp for the patriots were fourteen point dogs. And I came out that the giants were fourteen point dogs against the patriots that it was there. After 2007. I feel pretty good in a Super Bowl. Got beat out double digit favorite here from Virginia do you suddenly become a Red Sox fan in the middle of a race like that. I was actually reflects grown up -- have figured that week when I first came up here with the revolution that put us and I play second base for the Red Sox and a well my first string that he. Now when I first moved -- here actually was living with. The VP of Red Sox operations. -- Steven. When -- first and after the revolution 2007 and with opening day. 2007 I was up the World Series in 2007 so it was an unbelievable. Environment to be NN it was something I'll never forget. So viewers do you -- surprise. When you were told -- US to finish in the final four. To make it to the final four. You don't you don't buy that. Final four in the World Cup. I mean I sure hope that there in the final four but that's a very bold prediction especially with the group that haven't played Belgium and I'm not sure we have to play in Argentina. They're good because I I have our -- when he wants it won't sell well a guy -- -- there with the ball in his voice yet I believe -- that which it -- messy thing you know it -- get -- done for a hundred -- could have done it. Life after death if I. I've -- out. All -- battle like unlike so it is very. But that would need through what will be the most improbable. It would be. Getting by all of them or getting by in Argentina and if you look at those things yes I think that given all. Belgium like -- like I bet your -- -- -- target -- they have unbelievable players in the team. Feel like anything's possible now anybody can beat anybody in a one off there's no points is not that if you get a -- is -- -- is. I think we get by Belgium and if we happen to beat. Argentina and next sucker around. I think this country we'll go ballistic and be on the streets of. Breaking news here projected -- till Wednesday to anchor of CBS news Chicago these days -- -- 56 champions and by the -- like everybody else listening to what I've already Google image you're too. So that's a little what's good. Sensational. Got a pre BE is that he beautiful. There you go saint -- -- and -- hasn't done -- -- have -- and to -- above that. It was look at Mike come outer screen over here can help -- through it right in the states and wanna look at the Uncle Sam post wrote her on Friday. And at that. -- worked. Coming back to break -- wondering just. A couple more to go -- -- at all. I I said it before when we took the break up the are now this is -- gonna come back catch. The thing that drives American soccer fans the craziest as they watch World Cup. Is the -- and the flopping and I think it it in almost runs counter to US sensibilities. Although I found -- interest in going into this tournament somebody said well. You know the US isn't good enough -- diving they don't -- text hope that they don't -- they don't dive enough and yet the statistics of the flopping indicted actually broke this down. The US is like. Eight or nine in the in the World Cup so far and amount of time spent riding on the ground with fake injuries. Why do they do. I don't think you're gonna get it out of the game completely. There's definitely other countries that take -- above and beyond what it probably should be. There's times when I feel like if you get in hockey need to go down. But there's times when. You probably should stay on your feet and cannot make a militants of the penalty area I think the refereeing has been pretty suspect in this World Cup and game today you could do anything. Yeah I mean it was pretty free flowing and I think their free want it to be that way. But he kind of lost control the game towards the second half -- the game was wide open there was two or three times where. So not tackles yes wolf I mean both sides of the ball I'm happy he missed several several those balls and are several of those calls and you know demarcus Beasley I think it was 73 and fourth minute. It's a ball and you try to play the advantage. The Beasley gets hacked down you know but he plays the advantage in Germany comes right back on -- through many calls fell on us the top of the eighteen it was like well you -- called the first fell. That would not happen so the minutes in the game between the referee I thought could be better in this game and in the World Cup but going back to the diving. There's. There's no place for the game but. Calls are going to be made it referees. There's players that are known throughout the world that. Our divers low resources and the one huge diver in the bodies are anybody who got it I mean he says it is a guy who's known yeah. So. It's it's gonna happen it's just a matter of knowing the guys that that tend to go down more easily than others and being able to to take it out of the game and but but here's the thing -- When you're a kid and being an elite athlete as you'll are you're probably playing against older kids in your neighborhood. In your local leagues and and whatever through town through travel through Premier League whatever you played as a kid growing up. Didn't you Wear it as a badge of honor that if some bigger kid knocked you down you've got right up. And I think that runs through the American medical culture in America yeah right and intense right now and it is it is. Harden to bolster American sports fans. The if the bully isn't sticking through the skin I mean what are the what are the one of the reasons is Stephen stamp goes he's revered in Boston is because. Johnny boy chuck whose shot has been clocked at well over a hundred miles an hour. Shot park that ramp up office stamp goes is stick hit him in the nose in game seven in 2011. Stamp goes miss the rest of the second period came back and played in the third member okay then stamp goes breaks his leg. In October this season at TD garden. And twice tried to get up. Okay words -- broken leg here and that's one of the reasons that he is revered because you know what it's like. Yeah if you knocked Stephen stamp goes down you probably either administered a great check or you fouled him and and when guys start. To exaggerate. And when guys start to bleed like that. The -- sincerity. Pervades. The whole aura of the game for a lot of American fans who look and say you know what. That's fake that's not real and that speaks to the integrity of the game is an outsider looking in that and I'd like that illegal employers don't enforce that the result. And our project okay this is we got to figure what we want as a country. What are we wanted to be what it wanted to do business as business is being done or do we want to have the moral high ground. And leave -- leave the tournament in the round of sixteen or not advance out of our group Sam -- wrote a great story in New York time don't know if you saw it. Brad if you try not to read Communist public K well I'll tell you should check out this Sam Borden. Wrote a good story. No matter what the the umbrella is that he's working under. Said the US. Across the world is not known as a great diving operation we don't know what that well. Like Italy God's better than we do Spain guys better than we do Argentina. Belgium everybody else does it. And we see our -- It we'd think it. Acting it's -- okay yeah it's fake but if you're going to be in the World Cup. Everybody else is doing it and the and the officials are gonna acknowledge it. You wanna satisfy jacket -- Are you asking me or institutionally are you asking me individual in this tournament I think we should do -- more. How you've known me for a while yet -- -- how much of my life do you think I have spent trying to. Appease other people not know much exactly like zero what appeared at a competitive tournament. And and the you know that this is being this is being acknowledged that is being legitimized. You can do it or not doing it in you've you don't -- Chances are your competition will -- competition now would benefit from it. I will say this Jack Edwards is a play by play announcer. Who I can remember one time when I was listening to a game said. Exactly. And he gives a crap drag get a player who is on the ice a Roman Harrell Roman camera -- the dive and Jack said get up. And there's a difference for an embellishment and game management I think you know you look at the game a diving can be gained management. Yeah if you wanna get a foul. And -- twenty or thirty seconds off the clock like you're up 10 your team is exhausted within minutes ago in the jungle into what could thirty seconds of -- for the US and and and the am fortunate I have reports from right teacher that's one clip your ankle go down at the trainer on. Ball game. But there's a difference between embellishment. -- I think there's no place for our game and we've been told pretending your heart yeah. And that we've been told from -- alas we have meetings with the -- officials before the season starts that this is one of the items that are looking to try crackdown on the season. So it's because they know that American. Soccer fans don't I just wanna get it out of the game in general. And so it's gonna start with more. You know cards more. More penalties being called if there appropriate or more. Things being taken. With our distract me so we have a review board that reviews every single game after recent games played. If they feel like something happened where someone embellished in the boxer tried to get a called it probably should of gotten. They're gonna get suspended or fired for that for that it altercation. Wouldn't it be easier to just give the official. On the field and and and the assistance by the way. The opportunity to -- the guy who embellishes a total and that they have full right to do they don't but they -- they -- happening and that's by the disciplinary committee has an option to view every single play. That either -- given or should be given in the go back and you know retroactively. Give a fine. They should be able to do that during the game on video review. They should be able to say you know what we saw something needed five minutes ago the guided touchy you went down -- -- -- red card play with -- you would do that yes absolutely it would stop it today. Today they stop it today yes I mean that's a problem. You know there is not awful you know there's interest in -- mongol -- I tell I'll tell you what's interest income RS trustees.

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