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Pedro Martinez breaks down Red Sox pitching and farm system 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

Pedro "the Ice Cream Man" Martinez joins the guys to talk about Clay Buchholz and his work with the pitchers in Portland

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I have first impression I think we'll homer alone. It's -- straight Pedro Martinez. It's just join us here Pedro is promoting be good humored surely please pick -- event right outside of potential day. Then -- Andy's had chance to take. Photos with the -- humor Manny and Pedro Martinez -- up. Good humor frozen treats additionally they'll be among the first to see the good humor joy athletes which will be unveiled. I consist of the consumer truck could humor -- squad cars they're all over to deliver ice cream throughout the summer here in Boston you remember that. Moment is paid for right did you in fact at the biggest you know it's just the -- thing I don't know -- -- hundred anniversary it's everybody cheered obviously. Huge cheers for Pedro and all those guys. And then they introduced me it's just a slew you know it's like allowed that -- -- That's awesome because when he played bad he just always delicate Louis. Another -- that I hit it well immediately you know when we met up. With what we call them the -- -- And they would dates and booed him like it was louder in the anybody. The Albert's the noble and -- Lot of people war time. State ticked off for a flat out ticked off just -- a Mariners on a two on that Manny got to throw out the first pitch. And Pedro didn't when they just had the celebration a few weeks ago should've been you. Oh boards -- as an Ozzie wore a regular anyway the question was should you throw out the first pitch that day. Well done on and on and you give him a hundred years old greats. Open I was just happy to be out there and be involved in the whole front page -- joins us right now I'm 937 WE I. Page thanks a lot for joining Lou Maloney Christian Fauria and meets -- -- we appreciate gone and we're just talking about your event at prudential. As you got your post career now is no longer playing baseball still is delivering ice cream is our right. Have -- -- look at it. Had that review board eight Portland and we're talking much about that not the ability allows movies make and a total of. Wow and now all the morning it would pay a lot better. If I happen probably Pacman to put in certain they'll -- you remember. Fifth set up. But I'll -- -- broke the ice cream machine so we -- awful because it brought only general grip it and yet remember. -- -- -- does he broke the game that we etiquette about that ice cream machine day. What to tell what you do legal Pataki when you go to out of Portland. Well how much you interact with these young guys. I -- I'm I'm approach. You know mama called up and repeat it -- you know when. And I and I hollered at him and I and I and I think with the -- -- had all kind of thing you know me. Yeah you know a -- were just talking about I've talked about before I don't remember listen up with what you offensively or scored any runs. A great little held a meeting and got on the pitchers -- that you guys got a ball in April shot on every night so we can at least tie. And we just sort of chuckled that have put this team offensively is struggling what was it like for you when he went through stretches like that worst kind of all on usable and have a great night no -- at the offense maybe it was going to be either. Well it happened exactly your responsibility from time to pick up your teammate in. And I mean I cannot and I had you know I look forward looking forward. Or adult moment where my team more desperate doing whatever they could go around and take couldn't. I think a personal and I wanted to go there and all such other the end Schmidt the other team Oakmont type can went quite good. Laxity. Get -- type of bounce back and rest a little bit and and and and -- editing will move followed him to play later. -- You know what it is. -- a reflection of what what we went through last year. We obviously over achieved and we took pride that everybody. Beating Detroit to a lot of people look like impossible. -- it did seem. Well I'll made it happen now what happens is that the extra -- w.'s -- cut. They'll actually get T-Mobile thing. I think you're reflecting on both Baghdad a little tired and and if you played. In the big leagues and played ball you can help that -- -- me fired probably played a tired some of that. The -- did not have enough time to recoup. From from Ben along he's on the long -- last year and I'm going to play out. He has been on the issue where everybody looking up looking in what happened do you look oh great last year and it worked out well what happened locally. Well he's back -- really really well -- and and he actually went Vietnam mild knowing that he was hurting. Well yeah like when you work out really really hard and he's not completely shape. And then you've got it in the next 48 dollars. It that they can be in that happening to the team albeit proposed that we did last year. I think it is protecting right now as a team and you're going for the -- pop in and and you know that thought stretches where they have to travel a lot. It's not everybody's helping. Not -- we had a lot of people -- -- LP pretty much all year this year been different a little bit. People you know -- -- questioning but going down. Well if you acknowledge that it won't do about baseball you know but -- the effect of a long all last. So appraisal real quickly Clay Buchholz made his return pitched pretty good didn't throw a ton of pitches but you know he's he held in there and played great. But what is -- what what he talked about was his mechanics. Now did you see any thing that what calls and it changed the mechanics that looks like. When he talks -- can't talk about fixing your golf swing is it that. That intent and is it in how and what did you see that he corrected last night. Look you applying all in August we will really really packed in and and the mechanics actually. I'd be a mechanic that probably. Were injured landing off the mound lack of landing a plane. You don't wanna believe that the plane dropped really hard because everything Bob is. Bloke you'll actually peaking and landing. -- -- And and flying open and -- pocket well and there. And mechanically yet it was bad but book -- about -- too doubtful right. When he feels like eve -- if you the if you're mine on the prepare and there I think that in -- really help them. You know having a good time to read movement and activity you don't regret -- mine I think help him out. Look I think that little rat honestly. Really help bookie because. Even though they -- Beijing it was blowing it below we will declining. You know been on the possible people and evidently for an well -- they've been duped aimal. Helped him out I get -- very convenient to the -- -- same way he went that night or may be probably be more. To go. Pedro -- is what has once again -- good humored joyfully today noon until two regency and outside of prudential. -- -- understand that you're trying to teach some tricks of the trade when it comes to your changeup to ruby and maybe some other guys with the Red Sox -- got to let me in on the inside a little bit on this. Did you ever have another pitcher in baseball while you're pitching that you trust enough to help with little tips or tricks or because you were still pitching -- give away any of your secrets. What's it like now if you didn't do that to give away some of your hands to other players. You know I'll always open and and and I know who know there's a lot. I'll always be -- for it or not probable -- in the media room looking -- doing comparing all the pictures of me. Looking that great pictures Beijing. Good game then and like eight pro life I will always be and they're good thing and it felt that indicate in Portland. It Serbia kicking game and and I had to compliment I have always pull guys -- my brain. And I said you know a lot of guys. This is what it funny everything you hearing now from me here. It is what you gonna here if you beat down with a couple veterans. In the club out every game that book helps you keep your focus and -- About the game because well we're poking -- we -- -- talking sequences well we're talking. Mental approach will always spoken about the game and it keeps you in the game -- -- if welcome. The -- and -- veteran like it would be coming to remain in Portland and to me is very important that I mean -- A little bit knowledge tidy I have. When you're playing a little bit busy here on the boat guys polite to people. So many things aren't dead in the game. But the mothers do and and and starting rotation normally. You know the bit support I'm not signing that day. I don't really watch in the game looking out of their teammates looking out of their -- in the mount and and -- -- -- the make big immediate or. Or Michael -- got that out there and I used to love really well I'll pull it open to peach. Or -- what I have. He is -- that everybody unique you indictment that would they morning -- -- pretend like had it but I. I want to -- and help and the more similar. That you can be you know. To me it make it a quality if community too promising right I known -- Very similar but not the thing that you lost every element. Trying to improve. He worked the winner we spent a lot of time over the rubber about it that bit of not to ruby. It the biggest problem off the fame over the rover. A little longer and and and and trying not to play open. And also getting in shape pretty he gained a lot of weight while -- will you know and they're very. -- recuperating. And it -- hard for him so he had to drop a little bit of weight then and and getting better shape and and now seen like he is putting it -- You know I'll watch ruby -- beating you see that change -- but it it is filthy and he's got the power arm as well but. Is there a third pitch in there you know I see a guy go through that line and be faced Detroit it seem like it was a two pitch pitcher. That's slider kind of does that have to come around in your opinion. I think he'd get the job the more. State who grow within breaking up I think you are both really good feet to have then the unit he knew -- of the latter remark in. And and he won't -- -- got you know more that more than him but doubt. It because of the I don't -- -- he's not a lot book -- -- is the remote Belmont. That when you go on nine lead them all out battle. -- get him to be that the next beat value and you'll. And sloppy field the better than he built a breaking ball. But he obviously going up you open repeat it and it got on me to repeat it in out of our hands up like that in the big me. Because of that 9798. Well it certainly is not wherever he's got command. I don't know out of control to be better in breaking ball that good but the -- and to promote good. But he is having a good changeup he had and it wrong about him yet but -- -- -- -- The goal. In these men completed the pit. Is going to be a game of confidence. And they're going to be a time where you gonna do -- be playing around and and sweeping curveball and slider. Give me -- corps ball and then I view -- people with a couple on the team yet. -- beat a good changeup that you're down their Portland Henry Owens everything you hear the changeup is is this is nasty now wonder and the curve ball and and the fastball location you see a lot of this kid we've heard a lot of bottom what's your opinion on Henry -- Drawing in our I'm not that -- see a kid that roaring. And pain in your life and and. Your own -- really -- don't know well. I will regret would be. And a penal everybody's really really push in. All the debate team and I don't really -- -- like well Andrea always Williams say they change yet. What are you don't say everything. That being dungy is. Well he's throwing really hard and good changeup the learning how to spot that that can get in all the great -- that Rick Campbell coming in. What I would improvement from one year to the other. The same thing happened we were that there. In in and AAA. Like oh what it going right now it seems like a deep and let done one night on September of last year. When you feel look back. But I -- really really improve what would it be implemented and up on a great job at developing depicting stop in the minor league. I you know a lot of credit to both -- is that that I have been working in the book guy. Routinely. And though I had tuna one hell of a job with the implementation because there's been a lot of haven't. A lot of people doing. A lot of great things we've -- young guys even -- all you can take away department but they haven't yet but they put every day -- -- And and make it up in the book guy and we all went down. -- -- no idea. All the guys in the minor league you know that they're doing great and and they're -- -- I have a real good problem by connecting train. I'm come next year in February. I hate I would that I period good headache. And and then being pregnant with global arms and and the improvement that don't get to making. Pedro lobby forcing -- by Darrell one more time for you to plug your event I put it out there before Thursday today noon until two outside of prudential party -- humor joyfully what else -- and. You gotta be made him -- well well probably do mix. -- In Nadia. I don't know about you never know what -- I'm going to be out there outing on bringing joy to people giving away act game. And beating -- do -- -- to not only what I mean and I remember. -- wanna be out improbably a Magnum immediate boundaries like we have so I get open waffled will result Wellemeyer and he ends up beating all the all the -- in the in the truck. I heard that there's a lot of people expecting to get acting. From me. They've -- oh thank you so much for joining us it was fun having Deion best of luck with the event will talk to again -- we help look at. They give -- my pick in the air and I'm rocking and rolling. I'm the -- man. -- -- It -- movies Cowboys ability and thank you always know I speak that's why did you marches are -- resentment WE EE.

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