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Paul Flannery, SB Nation: Breaks Down the NBA Draft 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

Paul joins the guys to discuss trade rumors surrounding the Celtics and Kevin Love, as well as the rest of this year's NBA Draft Class

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I wanna -- and emotional man. That's what I'm not sure I can. Latch -- this one that's gonna happen for the Boston Celtics to -- the Maloney Christian -- admitted that met -- short show today soccer coming up at noon. There wolf what they game Germany and -- -- and on the play by play right here on 97. Joining us right now is Paul Flannery from SB nation formally here at WEEI. Covering the Boston Celtics. Or talk about the draft tonight Paul how aria under load out area. Thanks -- -- for coming -- with a sites we have very split opinions here between the through three of us I have. A little bit of an in between view from Christian and blew my thinking is they will pull up the Sacramento Kings trade they'll draft six and made the walk away it was Smart and Gordon. Christian thinks they're gonna stand pat at six and seven team because no other moves to be made. -- the optimist of the body or maybe they're trained not to get the number one pick in this time tomorrow Jabari Parker will be holding a press conference in Boston. -- green and white up our chest what are you all Paul. I think what it you'll be right. Yeah he's probably be smaller by say none of -- all that -- that what is happening here. Doesn't this -- as premier is one of the crater one that I can remember amid this is it possible to get straight information that people right now. No I think every scenario is in play which is what people want to hear but you know -- They're not looking to stand pat. You know they're looking to make a move they're looking visited to improve their position improved roster all that kind of stuff. I think they can go in a lot of different ways here but you know you need you need another team needs somebody else to do something that you want. I think that's been the issue in both directions. Paul what it would what's your take here on the Sacramento interest -- -- Josh Smith. Maybe they want Rondo and what are the odds that the Celtics are out of this Kevin Love deal that they move it may -- it's a Mac or more maybe it's Isiah Thomas off their hands and eight. Well yeah I mean I think that they have a look they look let's look back at just respect because. That's -- went to me that from the beginning you know you've heard all these teams are rumored to be you know Kevin -- but when you really break it down there's only a couple of teams still left it right. And -- one -- you know I still think he goes to Golden State I think that they for whatever reason to decide equate Thompson. Is worth trading a franchise player for I don't. I think the picks would be the better play but you know that's for them. But if you know golden ticket they know they could pull back and it until Kevin Love gets traded I think that is. A possibility and their created that say in this is all -- picks but also the willingness to stand in there. And like -- don't have anything that untouchable you know sand lake there's nothing in there that they say well we're not gonna do this because acts. So I think they have until you know remote -- chance to pull that off although I do think it's kind of unlikely at this point. So if they don't get Kevin Love where they go next I think it. Very likely that they've been explore. Trading Rondo trading Jeff Green trading those guys and really go from scratch I'm not sure they're in love with that Sacramento thing to be -- -- you. But yet they've been very persistent about Rondo. Yes of that -- I think that leads to my. You know beliefs that. You're gonna get some fireworks. But it's going to be after the fourth of July it's going to be. Deeper into the summer when they're went free agency starts July 1 and guys to really see what they have to start make some moves. I think that's about the ability because you know you're also we're very likely see -- pretty -- raise in salary cap number which will then allow for more flexibility more freedom of movement. All that kind of stuff and you know I mean like we don't know who's going number one to. So there's a lot of confusion going on around the league as far as like who's going to be able to -- what you know that -- steel furlough -- economic came out of nowhere and that's a pretty hefty price to pay for that guy though they were under the coach Richardson but not for giving a future first round packed. So I think you know when the dust doubles. You're gonna see a lot of movement around the league. You mentioned plummeted Paul -- is our guest here and -- and area from SB nation east over the Celtics here at WEEI dot com. You mentioned no one knows who's going number one. How much of that is because is it fair to say now did they cavs have their sights directly set on and media when the injury came up he fell. Because it now all of a sudden they're talking about line in X and to get him in pearl worked out at some point where. They've had all this time to do it it just feels like they didn't have a plan B once it looked like you had such an entry problem which awhile MB in. Maybe don't like weight gains in -- much is everybody else does. Well I think they were there they were spirited on -- and I would have been zeroed in -- viewed as well I think he was in no doubt about it you know until the medical thing came up I thought he was usually the top guy. You know the defended the plan B I think GM has a plan B but then I think the owner has a different idea about a plan B and that's where you get this sort of you know what are they doing kind of a situation. You know if it was me I'd be taken part in there and have gone back and forth on this one but I think I think Parker should be the play overweight is. But you know if I'm Cleveland I'm thinking in I'm given up -- LeBron dreamed. And I'm thinking how we go to improve this team right now the one that we have with carrier ring and I think Parker's we got there but you know look they are all over the map. All of the Celtics do sit at six if it seems as though can be falls that they will take him there but. -- they take it six in your mind. Why it is indeed there I would take them and the -- that without having seen his medical report -- you know may be a doctor would have a different opinion about that but if he's sitting there at sixty. Say thank you very much. That could have a great day. If I think there I think they're looking at a couple of different guys. You know mark Smart is someone that I think -- like -- and Eric Gordon as well. This -- thing of interest into Israel -- -- of -- and he declined to work out in the -- no work out the lakers and back to meet any thing you know watched Danny take him in you know just just to mess for everybody. But I think they can get a good player if they if they sit tight there idol I. I'm starting to lean toward market mark over Eric Gordon but you know that's I think you're still gonna get a good players they're not a game changing player not a franchise player but a good player. If it's Marcus Smart -- that. Open the door for a Rondo trade tonight. You know it could -- the same time that you know the league is now moving into this deal where you have multiple guards handling the ball. The point guard designation sort of is is disappearing you know Phoenix had a lot success with that. And market -- not a traditional point -- to lead guard. I think he can work really well in a backcourt with somebody like Rondo playing off the ball getting to the basket any bigger. He can guard bigger players though you know I wouldn't get so hung up on the positions here. I so I mean usually when you see a draftees here all the noise that comes out from GM's and coaches and it's usually white noise it's usually trying to three loss from a sense of what they're really trying to do. So I mean Marcus Smart is a name that's been thrown out there -- up with with obvious others Zurich guy that we're not thinking of that could be a shot in the dark that. The Celtics have been looking at that none of us have been paying attention to. Yeah well. You know I didn't. No no -- name has not come up at all and I think there's a reason for that I don't think they're in on the island. But that would be kind of out of the blue even though people are talking to him go to the top five that would be a surprise to me. He's dedicated. Dario -- who is going back to Europe for a couple of years. I think that if you could be interesting if he felt seventeen I think that would be an interesting play although I don't think he will. You know the other guy who's flying up into the Alfred patent the point guard. From small school Louisiana who can really motor you can really people like Camelot to -- That would be the sleeper surprise again. Pilot license is one of the stranger drafts you've ever covered. It's been a little weird for me to watch this to develop because I saw on entirely try to lose on purpose to get one of three guys now what amounts to much of an injury risk the other one is too fat apparently and the other one is a plus when he tries to finish near the -- How did this happen so quickly with Wiggins and Parker and MB did they went from a group of guys that everybody was fighting over to the point they're losing on purpose to now there's too many flaws with the H one -- You know people made fun at any person saying that he wasn't all that into the traffic all the smoke screen but I think he I think he was he was on the island from the beginning I talked to last summer. He was sort of he would he would lead me down that path. You know I had I think what you got hit look at these guys play. Do you start to see the flies and that notion that there's go this was going to be a draft like 2003 where you had three or four franchise players and it was overblown. Which doesn't mean it's been a good draft it's much better than last year mister I mean -- that they're not even in the same ballpark. So I you know I think you can get good players here but I don't think that it. The whole notion of like throwing it sees no way to get what these guys and you and your franchises is and you know and then get Tim -- that's not happening here. Hey Paul thanks a bunch really do appreciate it we're glad you're able to come on and join us and we'll keep tabs in the draft and as I'm sure you'll as well -- we encourage people that. They go to SB nation falling throughout the course the evening brought yet I don't softball planner formally at WEI. Dot com. Joining us here on night 37.

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