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Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy on the state of the Sox and LeBron 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

Sam Kennedy joined the show and said it is too early to start selling off parts of the Sox.

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-- front office report is brought you by noon turf care -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. A French Sam Kennedy Wear several hats that wears them well in the Red Sox and not organization that would be the CEO all the president of Fenway sports management will talk about a couple of subjects the cross over vote he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. Sam how are you. Morning guys could do it here I'll ask you the same question I asked Larry -- two weeks ago and bench Harrington last week how Sam doesn't organization know and determined. When it's time to buy or sell in July is there some sort of mathematical formula that includes games behind games mean remaining money team -- to -- or is it more of an eyeball. Feel organic kind of thing. He had a couple of the more of an eyeball organic kind of thing I think you know probably what 2930 days away from the trade deadline -- can be in my. Baseball experience that the as you get that closer the market starts to develop more and more each and every day and what feels so a desperate right now for us I don't think -- really know much until the market starts to develop a week. Please help the street here on the remaining games for the trade deadline. And I really takes -- -- with the addition of the second wild card so weak teams are in this thing. And so you really want to see what good opportunities look like for -- for several weeks now. Of course we -- pick -- where -- dependent on something this afternoon be completely dead wrong -- that's kind of my opinion. I know goes against the competitive DNA of almost everybody in your organization to be by Domtar to be sellers. In mid tech end of July I think you guys look at it is somehow waving the white flag. But can you also determined or or understand that there may be some value in moving certain people on weren't going to be here next year. And looking of people like bats and and and Vasquez and Ekene for the rest of the season. Yeah absolutely -- -- -- -- the strength of our organization has been over the past thirteen years I was in the -- willingness to recognize that the value can be fun to can be found at different times of the year we've invested heavily in the draft scouting and player development which has yielded some. -- mutually talent and porous on the Red -- initially roster. You know we've also shown the world who want to make a big move that the deadline. You know whether it was the had to deal that then in the end ownership pulled off with the Dodgers. Or some of the -- that the only step back got back in the day so. You'll see -- -- ultimately got really really Smart people crying in baseball operations. And sharing in my case and and the crew organized conspiracy what develops here and listen no realistic. They're there they're very Smart they know they were they have to take a short term approach we try and -- and play baseball every year in October that sort of our organizational. But they're also Smart enough to know that you know -- -- down towards the deadline and there's just a -- noticias. Insurmountable. You know you -- -- trade off some pieces and and try and turn up focused for the long term but. I could say right now it's way too early and and start to talk about that now everyone. Here is. All in on the 2014. Red Sox we owe that to ourselves to that -- have based. And you know -- and we felt we had a very very difficult. Start season. You know -- we played 31 run games. And I think we've on thirteen and seventeen or something like that after 79 in total so it's been excruciating. And the way we club lost some of these schemes and then but hopefully we'll see what started start to hit and in turn things around in Milwaukee where things stand a couple weeks down the road. I'd Sammy and reference to the fan base I was thought it was silly to say the fans won't tolerate a rebuilding. Effort here in trade no way veterans and -- in the kids and that would hurt some of the interest in on -- and aren't the gate. Because it's our expenses -- be really Smart if you're Smart you want to team do what's best -- what's best if your out of the race centralized re load rebuild. How how does that work in the office do you guys agree with me that the fans would. Tolerate something like that -- would -- they would embrace it -- do you think you had to put you have to put on a good show in August and September even if you're out of it. I can actually completely agree review I think fans here are the smartest baseball most passionate baseball they would get completely understand. A move towards the following year with our younger players at that. -- pop up through our system that have been non -- and then coached by. Minor league staff but I do think governments are also Smart enough to know. That while it may feel desperate right now -- you know seven and a half games back it's. It's still early it's June 26 and there is there's time to take it back into this thing I mentioned the -- -- -- dissect a wild card it's. American League east division that is really punched. Together. It's it's tight you know Toronto. This is -- part on top of the pile right now but no let's see what happens again I think the fans would be. Would deal with -- they've demonstrated that thirteen years that we've been here sort of regardless of well -- the team is an August account present at the databases what was behind the Red Sox and that's one of the absolute blessing that we have a working in baseball in Boston the most passionate and they understand. Exactly what's going on. But I think at this very moment in time. While things don't feel. Agreed I think depends also recognize that there there is time to get back into the thing in and hopefully that's what we'll do. By your family sportscast and you run the whole thing that's LeBron -- a group where's he going you know the information much -- what you have just tell us just tell us now we can move on. Yeah well I think I've got to vote as much influence on LeBron James is contract negotiations that they do it on carried John contract negotiate the field. So we can be absolutely zero. Like sports management. That accompanied that is that part of Fenway sports group. I don't handle endorsement deals and and marketing. Partnerships you know for example Boston based company like Dunkin' Donuts partner -- partner of ours is also partner of LeBron and they actually use this. Image and likeness to market their brands throughout Asia. Those -- the toughest things to work on the the off court business dealings. And so you know foreseeable going to be accused he would tell what is happening now been -- following it as good at sports and I have attended the Celtics and all. I'm a bird PG AQ. From the -- Robert Parish that guide -- and those are my guys but you know -- I'd love to see LeBron come to the Celtics this. If they think that you would help when I'm not a long shot put you with the -- don't -- Evernote. -- Sam Kennedy final question from me do you anticipate. Anticipate losing a good baseball man in my case into our friend Mike Dee. It's a great question well he's the former friend Mike the friend yeah yeah I think in the world we wanna do is help anyone in the National League west let alone Mike. Mikey he put up. You know I think he definitely. And well will be a candidate a -- Citicorp's. Listed and who who might need a general manager. One of the things that Larry Lucchino and a bench Harrington should be extremely proud of I agree that that group of space operations employees that they -- they tired and develop it and now we've got extremely talented people on our front office so. He -- the compliment when none other organization. Comes knocking put forget last and we wanted to help out good old Mikey he's so. Hopefully likely to be with -- for a long time but you know we are realistic and recognize. There when you have to count the people other organizations come knocking just part of the. I love you heard last that the guard -- a little crazy this concert yeah as them again I'll be -- Do you expect similar. An atmosphere Billy jolt tonight at Fenway. This guy I hope not we had a a good track record with -- -- -- concert is the proper appeared behavior. -- -- see though that this country music that -- it can't get a little bit rowdy we can become a collegial. Midfielder -- animated with his background and come -- and Friday and Saturday. My my biggest concern right now is is whether. Boring that's -- We were okay with a grain but no lightning please in the forecast. A -- it to -- eager Boston sports junkie who would you like to see Danny draft -- number six would you take a chance on the big -- this damaged yeah I would Hewitt yeah. Right but it thinks he's gonna do no wrong or Sam Kennedy could catch up with the appreciate the time this morning. -- actually hear the old Boston Red Sox the president of the Fenway sports group Sam Kennedy joining us on the AT&T I think we've already set to. Our friends at -- and if not join us on the -- site 93 point seven. Net while the -- the public. Parents of the kids who went to show last year. And finally tonight from Boudreau yells cut to -- Molly picked it. And I'm sure -- be more likely to be apple TV's sure the -- via a Billy Joseph crowd happy I don't think you were here we talked about I have no desire to not seeing quite a yes or no consolation yeah I've seen option so I think. Like I've told -- before he's cut. A hundred songs yeah humor excellent fifth in -- and you know like. SSP one out there and out start the fire terrible terra. Terrible. That she's got away she good good saw. Captain Jack. Great savvy selection Downey select awesome -- right but he's got like big show which -- It's awful. -- -- these goodies W sucks it sucks that I saw without John and had no other original if that that's a fuel locks verbal -- yeah. Amazing how many songs they have combined -- the -- six hour right eight hours right. All right lovers those two yes I -- love on the stage that they did yeah he tries to see he dropped Christie Brinkley for al-Qaeda -- -- -- tonight.

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