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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Interview trailer released 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network I'm concerned. I'm worried. I think we need to -- wellness check on Mikey negatives Mikey deal. You can which check on Mike because I thought I summit absolutely not of a VCU. Thing Mikey can handle is whatever it is. Alcohol or some buddies couldn't handle it out in the hall last night there is a and you have a cast iron stone yet you. Mike he sees that tungsten steel -- So you don't think that now -- all -- one of his attracted by the way it -- patent dispute that -- absolutely bomb get a one hallway that's one of his little -- girls email females. -- -- probably drop but Somalia so yeah attributes of the concert could have been bill late. It's disgusting what might have been Billy -- is an hour ago yeah. Because oldest college basketball with a metric and animals 6 Beers 1 morning and then did some animals. Well as the cleaning lady has her work cut out for. Someday human working conditions. And applicable of these guys think Hart building yet -- the -- -- -- history you know -- graduation nice to -- well also you but also the Josh installed office. 23 years old -- is the first. Suspected peeping Tom to prosecute under the State's new up skirting law. Well but the trouble for this guy. 23 year old as I said he was busted Tuesday night for allegedly positioning and iPad. Under a fellow passengers dress and then beat MBTA bus. He told a transit police he heard -- -- it wasn't illegal to take pictures of the girls. It is not a bad suspense I was wondering why we do and I've had not a phoned in and try to be subtle but he says legal it's legal for a better shot right it just. Slot -- -- -- -- without even any concern getting -- now we we at the time a few months ago that was chairman of the controversy few months ago it was the state quickly. Pass new legislation. Teacup said they responded to reports of up -- to force skills on Tuesday Abell 545. Woman told them that while standing in the upper. Last week she felt something brush under her knees looked down to -- a man's hand between her legs holding an iPad with a camera facing address. And absolve his boarded a route 34 bus and left police said the -- to the women's detailed description of him. Officers stop the boss of Washington Garfield the map and the rest against all but still holding the iPad said. The victim also took a photograph of him which helped we -- -- -- -- Police said his office initially denied the accusations but when asked what the first quarter of videos -- -- would be raises hands and say OK you -- Aware of how easy it is actually -- naked women on the Internet into the thriller. Right imprisoned for these guys there's -- but it if you like catches that's exciting is always settled at a think about what he probably. In a best case scenario if you are successful he possibly could be -- probably just in underpants. Yeah it's right outside it's so that's a turn on summer -- season. Isn't really turns out -- -- just no idea why state but I mean I guess the most successfully could be you find somebody who's not wearing and that it's it's it's just. A bird it's it's actually this wonderful world. Speaking of which quickly before we get to the next story so when you go on your iPad if you Stew brown will be look at these pop ups you able. To pornography -- -- I got this pop up the other day where it's what these girls were trying to talk to you it's an area and I try to click out and I hit it. And we were on -- and from a twenty seconds -- -- I was terrified -- like hello. How real college now a trend accelerated unified. Wanna didn't. I've I've set what it looks like are right she looked great she neck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the periphery. All -- -- get to sort of up to the equipment so we want a deal is give you pace that the ping pong ball trick. She knows she does in this. Well grab my -- this week. For -- we move. Betrayal of the BC Australia for the interview another James. Gibbs wrote. Franco Seth Rogen maybe fifteen -- and this is the end. Pineapple Express just -- apple expressed no BC this is the end and I know -- I look at it looks really Seth Rogen and now I don't hate him. I didn't like knocked up at all. Valued too long it proves that was the funniest movie ever made backtracked on this fifth that it's. OK if you did put his best who either received saw it's it was okay. It's okay this is the interview applauded this -- BC a plot that's their goal is called. The interview. The very catchy name better than you know not no that's not a -- -- do this as a this is a movie about how James Franco Seth -- attempt to assassinate him John who is over the trailer. You are entering into the most dangerous country on earth contaminants people believe anything he tells them. Including that he can speak to dolphins where he doesn't urinate in death case tour will come in -- into pupa. It would be p.'s news oratorical -- explode but he does talk golf. -- stared each other -- they need help this might be the end of that all round. Did you trailer for re affecting negotiate outlook. I might wait for two Compton in AT&T have to let you get any according to analysts Korea the country's government is not taken this comes from slightly on Wednesday said the movie's release will be would be act of of war. If US administration approves supports release of the film we were taking decisive merciless countermeasure. A spokesman for -- ministry of foreign affairs said the statement carried by the state run Korean Central News Agency. According to New York Times North Korean government is already denounced the film Monday through its unofficial spokesman. And says once again this would be an act of war at this film is what they start. I trying to assassinate Rogen and Franco the -- starts in America -- archer had a a great -- British agree global reach North Korea. -- oh million did James Franco opting to act with a have a large military for a -- they just -- yielding give any sympathizers on the sure you don't know they don't to James Franco -- -- about the there was of it was very good and that 127 hours. A -- with -- movie couldn't watch it wants to sit now regret it is but I don't I know what happens. You actually see him like no yeah officer the wanna watch that well I mean it's a great movie as a guy it's it's it's good it's good film off fuel from. I'll tell pastor -- join a war costs. Economics Danny Boyle film -- Danny -- club dog millionaire -- finally. -- -- arteries become sort of Internet sensations of the gentleman who walked in McDonald's the -- -- -- yeah see this so you it's good to queens McDonald's after getting stuck with the blade. Comic delivered that bad news to his daughter -- from a cellphone as he paced around McDonald's. In your party 53 of Jamaican told the post that he was going to go -- think like a -- to. We just 22 year old bartender -- that's a sequel to -- -- command right apartment my fear and through stab at the kitchen knife on Tuesday me in my daughter was posted. Get that me and my daughter was supposed to be spending quality time together he said mr. -- go home we were meeting up that afternoon -- make plans to spoil -- a street fight. In around 10 AM mine near 91 street the first two member fist fighting when another man jumped him. Party level the playing field holding one's back moments later took a sharp sharp pain in his upper back. By the time we realize -- stabbing attack was gone gushing blood -- white -- party called the start of the walked to the golden arches a block away. With a kitchen knife poking out of his acts of outsiders talking my daughters stay calm. Probably log and I should've been that was my little comfort zone. Like I got a cool demeanor as each blank get a cool demeanor was his take he does so good for everybody more south from them that they're. Time is almost done. It's not you know -- that we got in the fight -- animals that was. What I feel bad for those guys I'm not gonna get them. Do we have stops on from the guy who got stabbed in the back. Plus if I couldn't. Yeah fortunately. That it it it. I'm done somebody's got to throw and X ray. That's headlines brought to you by the great the folks at AT and this guy you know from one. In New York Post the big story. Driver loses his hand while trying to lose the cops. Such as the -- -- story. I was running from the cops in and in the G 35 on which can -- -- and a little bit. He was going seventy to eighty miles an hour. And that was a tractor trailer -- a polite. Went right in the back of it. Got decapitated when the backseat. It is Hedman back and I just a little bouncing and did not -- is not a critical condition. I think peace will be back before Victorino well itself -- -- fall. It's so the corruption shows the cops looking in America. And is ahead in the backseat and -- in the front seat pictured. Nada none out machines top out around the you know when I guess that's save them from having to arrest him as true and I don't tase them you don't technically in the union and all of robotic eyes now. No problem. Miles and hours and they have the practice true as like a flat area. And it's like metal thing like just the blade so we just got ball it was removed instantly. Drove an act on the truck he didn't suffer. And a league I don't know probably -- our is 61777. Point 7937 about an hour from now. Sam Kennedy chief operating officer Boston Red Sox will join us -- Lincecum. No hitter last night ESPN has not gotten around -- -- gather all the locker talk you know I -- plan Nigeria so you know they get a priority tiger's teeing off. In an hour and a half an hour. And -- -- should get an interesting piece on no hitters were talked about that we --

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